tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe AO Massage Ch. 01

The AO Massage Ch. 01


At the annual Christmas party last year I got drunk and said some sexually demeaning comments to this guy Derek, in an attempt to impress Marissa. I found him effeminate and assumed he was gay, so while drunk I found him easy to pick on. I am not normally like that and had I not been drunk I would not have taken such a juvenile route to impress Marissa, and when I awoke the next day I was embarrassed and remorseful.

The next time I saw Derek in the office I apologized sincerely, and to my surprise he not only accepted it but handed me a gift card to a local massage parlor. He said "no hard feelings, go have an experience." Derek explained that it was his way of showing me forgiveness, and that I "we would ALL feel better" afterwards. It seemed odd that he would not only be so forgiving so quickly, but also giving ME something.

Two weeks later I was stressed out from a bad week at work and decided to get that massage. At the front desk Jamie had me sign what appeared to be a multi page liability waiver, so I briefly scanned through it while signing multiple pages. Jamie, a physically fit and tan 20 something guy escorted me into a private room, confirmed that I had personally signed the "A.O contract."

In the back of my mind I began to wonder why they were so concerned with waivers for a simple massage but was distracted by Jamie's backside as he exited the room- he was wearing a pair of very skimpy, skin tight spandex shorts that rode up high on his firm round asscheeks.

I could not help but stare at his perfectly formed young globes undulate as he walked away, only to be shocked by the voice of my massager who caught me staring and said "that's a nice ass huh"?

Awkwardly I responded "um I wouldn't know, I wasn't really looking at him." My face flushed red with embarrassment since I am not gay or bisexual, and have never been caught staring at another guy.

He said "sure, my name's Tristan and I will be servicing you tonight." He turned around to close the door and I saw he was wearing a short terrycloth robe that barely covered his ass, his legs were tanned, muscular and hairless.

He looked in the large wall mirror and caught me staring at his ass and said "I hope you think mine's as cute as Jamie's." He then hiked his robe up over his asscheeks! I actually gasped out loud when I saw his completely naked ass with only a thin strip of a black thong between his firm tanned buns.

He spun around and slowly opened his robe to expose his groin and torso to me- he was completely smooth and wearing only a small sheer black mesh thong, virtually see through, which barely contained his plentiful package. His torso was tanned, tight and muscular. He looked very young, probably early twenties.

I quickly broke my stare and said "yeah, I'm only here for a massage".

Tristan softly replied "of course you are" and slipped the robe off his shoulders while looking directly into my eyes. He held up a tiny pair of shorts and asked me to please put them on for the massage. I sat down and self consciously undressed, slipped my underwear off and pulled the massage shorts on. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror- I was wearing a tight pair of light blue spandex shorts that clung to every inch of me!

Tristan stepped in front of me and began to spray some liquid on me from a squirt bottle. He wet my arms, torso, groin, legs, then squirted my groin three more times before putting it aside. I noticed a sly smile on his face but chalked it up to being sexually paranoid. But when I looked at my groin it was absolutely soaked with the oil, making my genitals very pronounced .

Tristan stepped behind me and stared at me in the mirror as he lay his hands upon my torso and began to rather sensually massage the oil into my flesh. Immediately I felt my skin tingling and getting rather hot and he said "it's warming oil, it increases blood flow."

I stared trancelike into the mirror as this young hand swept slowly over my tender underbelly and onto my hip, then passed slowly over my groin as it smeared the warming oil all over my exposed flesh. I recoiled slightly as I felt this male hand invade my most private space, but I did not want to appear prudish. After all, this was only a massage!

I watched silently as Tristan's hands explored my upper body and rubbed me until my skin glistened and glowed. His hands slid down my sides, over my hips, then slowly across my thighs, into my groin area and just on either side of my genitals, where he stopped momentarily to say "can you feel your own heat?"

The oil was absorbing into my genitals and my increased heart rate was bringing blood flow everywhere. Tristan's hands moved up my panties and onto my underbelly again. I stared into the mirror and watched as one hand massaged my tits and tweaked and pinched my nipples as the other stroked around the pantyline.

That hand then slipped beneath the waistband and sensuously stroked the upper pube region before pulling out. Tristan dropped to his knees behind me and I watched his warm young hands massage up and down my legs, rubbing the warming oil into me until I shined. When he looked away I quickly grabbed my cock and moved it to the left side. It was warm and getting thick.

He rested his face on my left asscheek as his hands slid up and down my inner thighs, several times brushing my testicles and perineum. When I look at myself in the mirror I realized I was becoming aroused- my cockhead and shaft were now clearly visible beneath the tight shiny material, my balls appeared full and pronounced. Blood was surging through my genitals and I was horrified and embarrassed!

Self conscious and not wanting this guy to see me in this state I said "let me get on the table now." Tristan stood up and in a single move, he scooped me up in his strong arms and carried me over to the massage table, placing me down gently on the edge and stepping back. I quickly scrambled to lay down and hide my seemingly uncontrollable erection.

When I lay down on the table I felt my penis very hot and thick beneath me, it was now pressing into the panties soaked with that oil! I felt this constant burning sensation as the oil absorbed into my genitals, dilating my vasculature and swelling me against my will!

Tristan hopped onto the massage table with his knees on either side of me. He pulled the waistband of my shorts down exposing half my asscrack, and I felt his groin press down on my upper thigh,. I felt a very warm and thick bulge. He dribbled oil all over my lower back and cheeks and firmly massaged it into me. I was very uncomfortable with this young male exposing my ass and taking liberties to kneel over me and press himself into my body.

Tristan went on to expertly massage my shoulders and spine and lower back, occasionally focusing on my lumbar area. I melted beneath his strong young hands. At that point I did not even complain when I felt his oily fingers make a pass down my crack, deeply between my firm cheeks.

By now my cock was almost painfully hard, and I had to occasionally wiggle my groin back and forth. I had never been even slightly aroused while in the presence of another male before, and I hoped he would not find out how erect i was.

Tristan worked his strong hands up my sides, into my armpit area then slowly back down over my hips, then all over my upper and inner thighs. I felt uncomfortable at being aroused but just let it go. I was confident in my sexuality and knew I was one hundred percent heterosexual. I felt his fingers slide beneath the shorts that barely covered my cheeks and he asked me to "lift up so I can take these off".

I said "no, we should leave them on."

Tristan said "okay" then proceeded to pull at the material until I felt it rip from the waist down to the perineum, completely exposing my asscheeks! I felt oil dribble onto my asscrack then his warm hands upon my cheeks, pressing into then, parting them, sliding between them and exposing my virgin hole.

I just lay there and pretended it was part of a regular massage, I was uncomfortable but did not respond. But now his fingers were sliding over my tender hole and onto my perenium, then back up very slowly over my virgin asslips, where he paused and worked his oily fingers on my hot ring until my lips parted for him!

He was molesting me so I yelled "hey what're you doing?" and got very tense. Tristan pulled my cheeks apart and pressed his face between them, then his mouth to my asslips and proceeded to kiss and suckle! I felt his wet tongue run up and down my asscrack and heard the sounds of him kissing my cheeks.

Then I felt his pointy tongue enter me and I completely freaked and began to thrash and fight to get off the table, although I did not want to move because I was hiding that throbbing erection. Tristan instantly threw himself on top of me, pulled my arms behind my back, handcuffed my wrists then pulled a wide restraining strap across my upper body. He tightened it and secured my torso to the table, pressing my throbbing erection into the oily slippery panties.

I thrashed my legs to get free, so he pulled straps over my lower legs too. I demanded to be released but he placed a finger over my lips saying "shhh baby this will be great, just what you requested" then lay his entire body down on top of mine, grinding his thong clad genitals into my asscrack and pressing his muscular form into my oiled and helpless body.

As I writhed beneath my attacker and yelled for help I could feel his manhood increasing in size, swelling up between my asscheeks. He said "I hate to use these but you might fall so I'm obligated to keep you safe as we do it".

I said "wait, while we do what, why the hell are you attacking me like this?" then gasped as his fingers moved slowly, deliberately over my pussy hole, pressing firmly and parting my lips. With his warm oily finger just inside my virgin entrance I inhaled deeply to keep from passing out. My body shuddered with fear and repulsion at being violated. I had no idea what was happening. I hated not being in control.

Tristan pressed his finger past my anal ring and entered me. All the muscles in my body froze in shock. I could not believe this was actually happening. Why was this massage therapist sexually assaulting me? I managed to blurt out "you're raping me, you bastard" as he worked a 2nd finger into me. "Why would you do this?"

Calmly he said "you paid for the AO massage but you're struggling and might fall off the table, so the restraints are for your safety. I don't know if you're pretending that I'm about to rape you, since some guys fantasize that, or if you want me to rape you, but as you know from your signed contract once the massage starts, it must be finished."

My hands searched in vain for the strap buckles, fumbling around in a desperate attempt to free myself. My assailant grabbed my asscheeks then spread them very wide apart, exposing my oiled hole to him. I heard myself say "uhhhhhh" as Tristan inserted an anal douche and squirted ounces of lube into me.

Tristan hopped off the table and stood before me, his crotch eye level. I looked up to see his manhood beneath his mesh thong, and he was fully aroused. His huge purple cockhead poked out above his waistband, dribbling precum from the large pink slit. His shaft was swollen hard and veiny, and two very large testicles hung loose from either side of the thong.

He asked me if I wanted to suck him now, or wait until later after he'd been inside me? I shouted "fuck you." Silently he peeled off the thong until his enormous cock bobbed naked before me, jutting straight up from his body and reaching up to his bellybutton. He was completely hairless from the neck down, his young supple skin moist from the oils.

With complete self confidence he stroked the length of his stiff cock several times until it glistened and twitched with excitement. His massive erection was only inches from my face and the oil highlighted the numerous large veins that adorned his thick pink shaft. He pressed his cockhead against my lips and said "go ahead, I know you want to taste me."

I managed to turn my head away from him and told him he revolted me. Then I spit. As he slipped a condom onto his cockhed he said "I want you to see me put this on, it's part of the contract." Then he said "I know you're very resistant to me right now but I have to admit you really turn me on, and I think you feel the same about me, so I know you'll have an awesome orgasm!"

Tristan hopped back onto the table and slid a firm pillow beneath my groin, hoisting my ass upwards and exposing my helpless pussy to him. He pushed my legs far apart, dribbled lube onto his weapon and pressed his warm cockhead to my slit. I yelled out "NO stop this shit NOW" then yelped as I felt him penetrate my virgin opening. My eyes popped open and I gasped for air as he gently forced his meathead deeper inside me. I said "oooohhhh uuuuuhhhh" as my anal walls stretched around his girth.

I was strapped helpless to the table, and I was being raped by a young male.

I lay motionless as I felt his thick cock slide deeper into me, inch by painful inch. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was humiliated and overwhelmed. What the hell had I gotten into? How did this happen?

The rapist continued to force himself into me, each centimeter of his cock causing me significant pain as my virgin canal was forced to stretch around his very thick penis.

Finally I felt Tristan's gigantic balls laying warmly on my perineum and I knew he was fully inside me. He gently massaged my asscheeks and lower back, pulling my cheeks apart and making repulsive comments about how sexy my tight ass looked with him inside me.

He began to slowly withdraw his cock and I moaned a deep "mmuuuuhhhhh." He stopped and inserted himself until he was ballsdeep inside me again then began slapping my ass really hard.

His groin pressed me firmly into the table and I became fully aware of my throbbing prick beneath me as it twitched with each slap I received. It was a combination of perverse painful pleasure- being dominated and sexually forced upon yet somehow experiencing feelings of arousal.

I was overwhelmed with the feelings of his gigantic cock completely filling my bowels, of being tied to the table and forcibly penetrated, and of my hot pulsing organ! I did not even lose my erection when he entered me, and I was repulsed with myself for this forbidden response.

I continued to struggle against my handcuffs and shout for release. Tristan asked why I was resisting, or was I "acting out a fantasy?"

Loudly I shouted "you're raping me and you ask me why I'm mad?" Again he reminded me that I had paid for the AO Massage, and that this is it. I finally asked exactly what the "AO Massage" meant?

He replied "as if you don't know, it's for 'Anal Orgasm.'" I know you read and signed the contract, but as a reminder you agreed to pay me for anal sex that does not stop until you orgasm from me fucking you! Your gift certificate was specific- you requested the Anal Orgasm."

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