tagGroup SexThe Apartment Complex

The Apartment Complex


She screamed out loud, as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled back. The scream was loud enough so the neighbors could hear, but he didn't care, nor did she. The scream wasn't one of shock and fright, but of shearing pleasure and ecstasy. She screamed out again, as he continued to pound into her from behind. The harder he pushed into her, the more she enjoyed it. The faster he went, the more he enjoyed it. Soon the pressure started to build up, and both of them knew it would be any time. Faster he went, and she urged him on for more. The screaming came again, and this time her body shook as well. He couldn't hold any longer as he slammed into her one last time. The pressure building released itself, and then . . . and then . . . he woke.

"Damn it," San Johnson cursed himself. This was the third wet dream he had that week, and it was only Tuesday. Getting out of bed he pulled his soiled boxers off as he walked into his bathroom. Turning on the shower as cold as he could stand it, Sam stepped under the spray to try and calm down.

Since he had moved into the new apartment complex, Sam was averaging four to five wet dreams a week. He was ashamed that he was having them, but then it was hard as hell not to see the females of the complex sunning themselves by the pool. Granted this was a singles only building and it was built so that the pool was surrounded and could be seen only by the occupants, that did not give the females the right to sunbath partially, or fully, nude nor wear the skimpiest bathing suits.

Most of them were average looking, but damn, some of them had bodies to kill for. One in particular had long flowing brunette hair, a set of tits that had to be D's, and had nipples that never seemed to go down. Every time Sam saw her she was fully dressed, but damn, if he had seen her nude he would probable be having wet dreams every night.

The first time Sam walked through the pool area and saw everybody either topless or totally nude, he was shocked. Here were twenty or so people lying around, or in the pool, and they were acting like it was nothing at all. The first person to come up to him was a very petite, baby face, young lady who didn't look like she could be out of her teens. She was wearing nothing but the bikini bottoms of a two-piece suit.

"Hi. You must be the new one in 314."

"Uh . . . um . . . yea . . . sorry."

Sam didn't know what to do. Here he was talking to this young lady, standing there with her tits showing, and acting like it was nothing at all. Granted her tits were small, maybe a hand full, and she had the face of a fifteen-year-old, but Sam was totally speechless.

"Hey, don't worry. This has been going on since they built this place. The pool is totally enclosed and no one but the tenants here know of this. And if you must know, I am 25 and have been here for a year now. I was just as shocked as you are when I first came here, but it grows on you."

Yea it does grow on you Sam thought, as he felt himself harden.

That was three weeks prior and ever since then Sam has had wet dreams. He had been by the pool many times, and each time it got worse and worse. There was no way to avoid it. The first person he had meet, who had introduced herself as Heidi, had talked with him each time he walked by. She had invited him to a big party that was taking place in the huge recreation room. Standing there in the cold spray of the shower, Sam realized that it was going to be that weekend. Turning off the water, he stepped out, toweled himself dry, put a new pair of boxers on, and then crawled back in bed.

Saturday arrived way too early for Sam. He avoided leaving his apartment whenever possible, staying inside only to clean and try to take his mind off that evening. When the time came to leave, Sam couldn't decide if he should dress nicely or casually. Finally he downed a pair of khaki's and a polo shirt. On the way, Sam had to stop to figure if he was doing the right thing. Wanting to meet the others in the complex, he continued on.

Walking into the entrance of the recreation room, Sam had to stop and do a double take of what he was seeing. People were wearing hardly any or no clothes at all. Sam suddenly felt way over dressed. There was also a couple there who was sexually engaged, and the others were talking as if nothing was going on. Getting ready to turn around and leave for good, Sam heard Heidi call his name.

"Sam, I am glad that you made it."

Looking at her, he was speechless. Heidi walked toward him in a very tight pair of spandex shorts, and was topless. Sam could tell also that she was wearing nothing under the spandex.

"What's with the clothes? You should know by now that you can walk around naked and no one will care. Here let me help you."

Heidi started to pull his shirt out of his khaki's, and all he could do was stand there and let her. Sam was still not sure how to take in all that was going on. Before he moved here, he kept to himself, and rarely had sex. Sam was by no means a virgin, but he was very picky about who he had sex with. He was suddenly brought out of his trance when Heidi undid his slacks, and pulled his zipper down. Sam was about to say something to her, but she quickly pulled his cock out and dropped to her knees. Heidi started to give him a blow job right there at the entrance.

Sam really did not know what to do now. Here was someone he barely knew giving him a blowjob.

Sam tried to clear his mind of what was happening, but it was impossible to do when someone with the suction power of an industrial vacuum was attached his cock. At the same time, he tried to force himself not to get an erection, but that was also impossible. He had not been with a female in a few months, and within a few seconds he was hard as a rock.

Heidi did not move her head on his cock, she continued on with her massive suction. Sam could not understand how she could do it without moving her head back and forth, but he soon felt the pressure building in his scrotum. A minute later, Sam had all he could do not to scream as a massive orgasm overtook him, traveling through his cock and into the mouth of this human vacuum cleaner. Even after all the wet dreams he had been having, Sam put a good eight shots of cum into Heidi's mouth. Once he was done, Heidi stood in front of him, swallowed, and then told him.

"Welcome to the party. Come on in."

Sam stood there in shock, not moving for a good two minutes before someone brought him back into the living.

"Hey buddy. Your cock's hanging out."

"Oh ... uh ... thanks," Sam told him as he quickly stuffed himself back in his khaki's. He almost turned around and left, but that little voice in his head said the hell with it. Walking into the bigger room, Sam stopped dead in his tracks again, and his jaw hit the floor.

All around him, wall to wall, were people. Men and women of all ages, creed, and nationalities. Either fully dressed, partially dressed, or totally naked, engaged in every sex act known to man. While he stood there, a small Japanese girl that lived on the floor above him walked by wearing a strap on dildo. Sam figured that she must have just had sex with someone because the huge dildo looked shiny and wet. Finally gaining his composure, he walked further into the room.

The first couple he came to was a female with her head between the legs of another female. The one lying on her back must have been enjoying herself as she was withering in ecstasy. The next couple was another female on her knees giving a blow job to the man standing. Even further on was a tall black man shoving his cock in and out of the girl bent over in front of him. Sam had never seen a cock the size of which this man had. It had to have been a good thirteen to fourteen inches long, and four inches thick. Every few strokes he would pull it all the way out, and even then, Sam wondered how this girl could take something that big.

Sam saw everything going on in that room. There were women having every orifice in their body filled, either by a man, by another woman, or by different objects. There was even a female taking someone's fist and a good part of their forearm up into her vagina. Some women were even taking two cocks at a time, either in their vagina, or anally.

Something else that was going on, which Sam had no desire to partake of, was two men going down on each other. He didn't care what other people did, or what they thought, just as long as they didn't try to push their ways on him.

Sam had slowly made his way around the room and started to go around again, he still could not take in all that was going on. This was one big massive orgy. He was not the only one walking around, but he had the most clothes on. He came upon one couple where the female was bent over a bench give a blowjob to the man in front of her. Sam couldn't see her face as he walked up behind them, but she had an ass to die for.

The thought of walking out again flashed through his mind, but Sam said the hell with it and took his clothes off. Even after the intense blowjob he received when he arrived, Sam was rock solid again as he walked up to the ass sticking in the air.

Aiming his cock at her vagina opening, Sam slid easily in. Sliding in and out, he could tell how wet she already was. The female must have enjoyed the feel of his cock because Sam felt her muscles tighten around him. She was tight, but not overly so to where he could not move. When the man standing tightened up, and moaned out loud, Sam continued to pump in and out of the girl. When she stood up as much as she could, Sam saw that it was Heidi he was screwing. Reaching around, he placed his hands on her breasts as she continued bounce back and forth on him. He already had one orgasm that evening, but Sam soon felt his scrotum tighten up as another started to build. Heidi slammed back on him a few more times until she had her own orgasm, and when Sam felt her juices coat his cock, he shot his second load of the night deep into her.

When he was done, Sam pulled his cock out of Heidi, but she wasn't done. Kneeling in front of him, she sucked his cock into her mouth and started to clean him. Sam knew that he wouldn't be able to get hard again, so he enjoyed Heidi's talented mouth clean him of both their juices.

Once she was done, Heidi stood and kissed him on the mouth.

"Welcome again," she told him.

Sam mind was a blur of all that was going on. Here was this big orgy with everybody doing everybody. All he could do was walk around, drink some beer, and watch.

Once each person was done, they just walked on out, naked as the day they were born. Once Sam decided it was time for him to go, he walked out the same way.

The next week went by in a blur. That Friday he was off from work and decided to run into town. When Sam got back, he noticed a moving van backed into his parking spot. Pulling in front of it, he got out to yell at whoever rented it. Rushing around the back of it, he ran smack into a cardboard box.

Natural instinct had Sam reach for the box; whoever was carrying the box though went flying backwards. Hearing a feminine cry, he looked around to see who was carrying it.

Lying on the ground holding her hand was a pale skinned, average looking redhead. Although her hand was scratched, it looked more painful than anything else.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"Yes, I suppose. Although I am having second thoughts about moving here now," she said.

Sitting the box on the ground, Sam helped her to her feet.

"Second thoughts! Why are you saying that?"

"Well, not long after I arrived, some girl walked by with just a pair of shorts on. Then after that, some man came by with no clothes on. If my parents were here they would make me pack back up and leave, and I can't afford that right now."

"Your really not suppose to be taking up parking spaces like this, but let me park my car and I will give you a hand."

After moving his car, Sam returned to help her move. He found out that her name was Tiffany, and this was her first place. They continued to move boxes and furniture through the muggy afternoon. Before long, both Sam and Tiffany were sweating under the strain. That is when Sam noticed something else about her. The sweat had managed to start soaking through her shirt, and he could see right through it.

Tiffany's breast fit her figure, but what really stood out were her areoles. They were the smallest that Sam had ever seen. Her nipples looked like they could possible pass for pimples. Trying to keep his eyes in his head, Sam continued to carry boxes in.

When they were finally done, Tiffany turned to Sam.

"I really appreciate the help Sam. What do I owe you?"

"Nothing Tiffany, nothing. I was just being neighborly."

"I owe you something. How about dinner?"

"Well ... okay, but give me an hour so I can shower and change."

"An hour it is. I will see you then."

An hour and a half later, they were sitting in a local Italian restaurant. Tiffany, Sam found out, was the middle child, and only daughter of a minister. Of course being the only daughter had its benefits, but she was also a self proclaimed hellion growing up. She got her way when a child, but in her teenage years, she got into all kinds of trouble. Skipping school, parties all night, lying to her parents, and what finally ended it all was when she was caught in a compromising position with a neighborhood boy.

From then on, her parents kept a tight rein on her. Tiffany couldn't go anywhere without her parents, and she was basically told that if she didn't straighten up, she would be on her own and they wouldn't pay for her college.

"So now you know why I was so upset when I saw those people earlier," Tiffany said ending her conversion.

Sam tried hard to hide his laughter, but he couldn't.

"What's so funny Sam?"

"Well ... I don't know how to tell you this."

"Just tell me please."

Sam collected his thoughts before he proceeded.

"You are going to see a lot more of that Tiffany."

Her fork stopped halfway to her mouth, and she held that pose with her mouth wide open. If her complexion could grow paler than what it was, it did.

"The whole complex there is for singles." Sam continued.

"Yes I know. That is what drew my attention there." Tiffany managed to say.

"Well, no one from the outside can see in, so the tenants there walk around however they please. Whether it is half naked, fully naked, or however they want. I can also say that if those two people upset you, don't go by the pool."

Sam could tell that Tiffany was visible shaken. Her hands were trembling, and her eyes clouded over as silent tears started to flow down her cheeks.

"Tiffany. I am sorry if I upset you, but I wanted to tell you the truth about the place. There is also one other thing you should know about."

Tiffany slowly raised her head, as her tear filled eyes looked at Sam.

"Once a month, a majority of them get together and have a big orgy."

With that said, she propped her elbows on the table and buried her face in her hands. All she could manage to say was, "They are going to kill me, they are going to kill me."

"Are you going to be okay Tiffany?" Sam asked her.

In a muffled voice, with her head still in her hands, Tiffany said, "If my parents, or even my brothers, find out about this they will probable crucify me. If not that, they will put a chastity belt on me and stick me in a convent."

Sam reached across the table and pulled her hands away from her face, holding them in a soothing way.

"When I first moved there I was just as surprised as you are. It took me awhile to get use to it all, but I finally did. As far as your family goes, I will help you figure something out."

"Thank you Sam, thank you."

They finished their dinner by changing the subject, and then left.

The next day Sam decided to go for a swim. After taking a few laps, he got out to rest on a lounge chair. Not too long afterwards, a shadow passed in front of him, and a strange female voice asked him.

"Excuse me. Would you mind helping me?"

Opening his eyes and letting them adjust to the sun, Sam saw that is was the brunette with the D's.

She was standing there in a blazing red string bikini that left little to the imagination. The suit was composed of approximately a square foot of fabric. A small patch was over each breast, and another covered her pubic area, the rest was string. You could put the suit in a pack of cigarettes, and have room left over for smokes. From what he could tell, she also didn't have any tan lines, and those nipples were sticking straight out.

"I need someone to put some lotion on my back, and right now we are the only two here."

On shaking legs, Sam stood and took the lotion without uttering a word. Whoever she was, she laid face down on the chair next to his and untied her top.

Sitting back down before his legs gave out; Sam put some lotion on her back and started to rub it in. With the way his hands were moving, she had to know that he was as nervous as hell. Sam got all down her back, never venturing too far below the waist, nor over to the side in fear of touching the massive tits that were crushed under her. When he was done, he swung back over onto his chair.

"Down further, if you could please," she asked.

"Um ... okay," Sam finally managed to say.

Squeezing more lotion out, he started to rub it into her ass. Ever so lightly touching her, his hands moved in circles. Very slowly Sam moved; he didn't want her to think that he was groping her beautiful round ass. When he was done there, Sam moved down a little further.

Her legs were pressed together, but not tightly. When he started at the top of her thighs, Sam could feel the heat radiating up from her crotch area. Damn, he was going to have to get back in the pool before she noticed his rock hard cock. When Sam felt that he had done enough, he stood and rushed back into the water. He was in so much of a hurry; he didn't hear the thank you from her.

Sam started to swim more laps. He had to get his mind off of her before he shot his load in his trunks.

After about an hour of swimming, Sam was tired enough, and calmed down enough, to get back out. Climbing up the stairs and turning to his chair, he stopped in his tracks. She had turned onto her back, and those beautiful mountains of hers were pointing straight up into the sky.

Before his cock could harden again, Sam quickly toweled off. Before he could get done though, she turned toward him.

"I said thank you earlier, but I don't think you heard me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't, your welcome." Sam wanted to get out of there. He turned, but a hand quickly grabbed the bottom of his trucks.

"I would like to thank you my way," she said without letting go.

"No ... that's fine." Damn he wanted to leave.

The second hand grabbed his cock through the trucks, instant hard on. Before Sam could say anything, she let go and quickly pulled the front of his trunks down. The hand went back to his cock and started to pump it.

Sam was practically standing on top of her, and this bombshell was jacking him off.

"I like the way your hands felt on my ass."

Damn, that did it. His cock was aimed down, and the first thick rope of cum shot out and landed at the top of her tits. Part of it also ran up her chin and across those red lips of hers. She aimed his cock a little lower, and the rest of the cum went across her chest.

When Sam was finally drained, she let go and started to massage his cum into her skin. She also licked up what cum she could from her face.

"Um ... skin moisturizer," she moaned.

Shoving his cock back into his trunks, Sam turned and ran to the building. Rushing through the doors, he almost ran into Tiffany again.

"Oh Tiffany, I'm sorry."

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