tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Aroma Of Worked Wood

The Aroma Of Worked Wood

byGeoff Chaucer©

Berkley furniture was a manufacturer of fine hand made wood furniture and Alec Conyers was one of those who did the making. He was fifty years old, tall, and strong with big hands that looked clumsy but were in fact very delicate and skilled with wood. His specialty was work on hand carving table and chair legs and much of that work began with placing a long square piece of exotic wood on the lathe to be turned down to the approximate roundness and thickness of the leg Alec was working on. With the length of wood turning at high speed on the lathe Alec would use his chisels and gouges to shape the pleasing curves and smooth sweeps of the leg, then he would remove the leg and finish the hand work details on it-- carve the claws at the foot or the leaf patterns that ran up it or the gargoyle faces at the top where it connected with the table.

One of the things that Alec loved about his work was that the raw wood had the most delicious aromas as it was worked. The smoke from the chisel held against the turning wood in the lathe was sweet, and the saw dust and chips from the carving held an intoxicating and sensual aroma that could almost make Alec's head spin like opium fumes. He was so addicted to that aroma that he would even take his coffee breaks sitting beside his lathe to smell the wonderful mixture of strong rich coffee as it mixed with the sweet resinous aroma of worked wood.

There was another reason Alec took his coffee breaks at his lathe.

At the Berkley furniture company the plant was down stairs and the offices were on the floor above. There were two ways to reach the offices. There was a steel mesh stairway inside the plant which lead up to an office door, but that stairway was always covered with saw dust so those people who worked in the office and wore nice suits and dresses seldom entered by that stairway. Instead they entered via a steel mesh stairway which ran up the outside of the building. That stairway made a diagonal crossing of the large window situated right behind Alec Conyer's lathe, and it just so happened that his morning coffee break fell just at the time when the secretaries, three of them, were reporting for work. Each day Alec would sit behind his lathe, beneath his window enclouded in the resinous aroma of worked wood and strong coffee and he would look up as the secretaries climbed the steel mesh stair case to the office. Each day he would see flashes and glimpses of smooth legs, shiny stockings, and white and pink and red and black lace panties, and he would sigh at the loveliness of those velvet thighs and imagine himself kneeling between them. Imagine the feel of them against his rough but skillfully delicate hands. Imagine the silky touch of them against his cheeks. Imagine the salty sweet taste of that flesh on his lips and tongue.

The secretaries either did not know or did not care that Alec was there beneath the staircase for they never moved to the other side or held their dresses tight against their legs when they climbed the stairs, but neither did they take even a momentary pause as they went up, only climbed up to their work showing Alec only flickers of themselves as they passed. And life went on like that for years until Betty came to work for Berkley furniture.

Betty Parsons was not a young girl. She was 43 but she kept herself well and dressed nicely. She did not wear much make up, mostly just a little around her eyes to bring out the color of them. There was an unconscious magnetism to her. When Betty walked into a room, men's eyes turned toward her even though there were other, younger women at hand.

Alec felt that magnetism from the first day he set eyes on Betty. She walked up the stairs alone on her first day and Alec glimpsed her long shapely legs from his place behind the lathe. They gathered all his attention, making him forget where he was. Until then he had always been discreet, only looking for the short length of time the secretaries were in his view as he sat, but with this woman he felt he had to see more. He stood and put his face against the window to look longer at Betty. She walked up the stairs with deliberate steps and as she lifted her knee to take the next step Alec could see a tantalizing flash up her bright yellow skirt that kindled a fire in his middle, Fingers of that fire reached down into his loins, causing his manhood to swell, and up into his throat causing his mouth to go dry. This Betty was so beautiful! Her legs were long and slim and she wore high reach stockings rather than panty hose. Alec could see the darker tops and just above those tops the white flesh of her legs, and all beneath the skirt was tinted with the sunny yellow aura of light filtered through the yellow cloth the skirt of which it was made. Alec let his eyes caress those thighs all the way to the top -- to the triangle of lace that swelled as it covered Betty's treasure.

At the top of the stairs Betty turned a little to look back and down and her eyes met Alec's for a second. Alec was both electrified and petrified by those eyes. Having his eyes locked to them sent a shock down him that exploded behind his testicles. His mouth went dry and his knees went weak. It was as though Betty were looking into his guts and seeing all the blood in him flowing toward his engorging manhood.

And then she smiled a smile all full of rich promising sweetness that was gone in an instant and she went into the office.

For several days after that first day Alec did his best to be waiting behind his lathe when Betty came in each day and when she came out for lunch and on many of those days Betty was as accommodating as she had been that first day. She wore beautiful cloths that allowed Alec to study her body as though he was studying an artist's model. Her underclothing, which she always made sure Alec had a chance to study, was always frilly, lacy, and heart-breakingly feminine. It made Alec want to rush out onto the stairs and bury his face between those cream white thighs and worship that barely hidden treasure with a thousand kisses. But at the same time he was afraid that if he made some move to actually meet Betty it would destroy the fantasy they had built for themselves, so he contented himself with worshipping her through the window.

One day Alec was working on a piece of oak which would become the curved and clawed leg of a table. The piece turned in his lathe and he applied his rough chisel to begin the shaping process. The chips and sawdust flew from the spinning piece of wood and the aroma of cut oak rolled up to encloud him.

"I love the smell of worked wood," a deep female voice said.

Alec looked up to see Betty dressed in a dark gray business suit standing on the other side of his lathe. A pearl gray satin blouse with a high collar showed beneath the open coat.

Alec was caught speechless for a moment. He swallowed hard and managed to say, "Yes. So do I."

"I envy you being able to be around it all day," She said and turned away. She was out of ear shot before Alec could think of anything more to say. He began calling himself an idiot and fool and tried to get up the courage to go after her, but he could not do it. He was so afraid the fantasy, which was so perfect, would collapse if he pushed the reality of his life into it. As things stood the fantasy was perfect.

At last he gave up thoughts of going after her or of speaking to her any more. He contented himself with worshiping her through the window, but thoughts about what she had said danced through his mind. The smell of worked wood. . . .

A few days later Alec sat behind his lathe at lunch time and when Betty came out onto the stairs and sat down he almost dropped his coffee. Betty was wearing the same yellow skirt she had worn that first day, and she wore the same high reach stockings, but the triangle at the top of the thighs was not covered with any man made material. At the top of those thighs Betty's Delta of Venus was covered with nothing but silken pubic curls. The sight drove the very breath out of his lungs! Her femininity was completely exposed to him and it was so beautiful it made him want to cry. The shapely swelling of the outside lips was like the folded flesh of a delicate orchid, open to the touch of butterflies. The coral pink inner lips were a little swollen and they pushed the outer lips open to show themselves glistening with feminine honey. The Clitoris was like a rare pink pearl set atop a wrapping of rose petals. And all, all was gilded with the golden light shining through Betty's yellow skirt.

It was so beautiful! She was so beautiful! The sight of her opened sex was so worship inducing, so awe inspiring that Alec had to close his eyes for a moment to let his mind absorb the sight, but when he once again opened his eyes she was gone. Like a goddess showing herself for only an instant before returning to paradise Betty had shown him the deepest most mystic secret of her worship and disappeared.

The glimpse of the valley of paradise Betty had given him was a gift more precious than any Alec had ever received, and it called for some return offering worthy of it. But what? What? Then he remembered. She had said she loved the smell of worked wood. That would be his gift!


Alec spent days looking for what he wanted. At last he found it. A piece of aromatic sandalwood. A wood so precious that its scent was used in perfumes, so precious it had almost been destroyed by greedy men who wanted the aroma so much that they cut down forests of it to ship it to the far corners of the earth. Alec found a piece in a small art shop. It was not very big but big enough for what he wanted.

Alec spent hours hand turning and carving and shaping and rubbing the sandalwood so that it would be smooth as glass. And what should be its shape? What shape would be perfect for worship of the goddess? He made it into an aromatic carving of an erect male member.

When the carving was finished Alec made a special case of heart cedar and lined the case with deep scarlet velvet cloth and wrapped the box in expensive gold paper.

The next day Alec went up the inside stairs to the office before any of the office workers had come in. He found Betty's desk and left the gold wrapped box sitting in the middle of the desk blotter. He left no note or signature. He swallowed hard, wondering if he was doing the right thing but the sweet ache in his heart told him that for good or ill this was something he had to do. He hurried back down to his lathe and went to work.

When the buzzer for early coffee break sounded Alec got his coffee and returned to his lathe. He was just in time to watch Betty climb the stairs. She did her characteristic pause to let Alec admire her legs and he smiled wide knowing what was waiting for her. She went in and Alec could only stand with his loins throbbing and his mouth open looking up toward the door. When the buzzer that signaled the end of coffee break went off he was still standing at the window enraptured by the memory of Betty.

He waited impatiently for the lunch break and when it came he seated himself in his usual place to wait for the goddess of the stairs to come out to her worshiper. . . .But the minutes ticked by and Betty did not come out. Soon the lunch break was over and Betty still had not come out.

Oh god I have offended her Alec thought. She'll never come out and let me look again!

He was crushed. How could I have been so stupid! Why didn't I leave things alone?

After a few moments of waiting he opened his lunch box, unwrapped the sandwich in it and without taking his eyes off the stair case he began to eat. The other secretaries came out and three or four men came out with them but Betty did not come. Alec was heart broken. His sandwich lost all taste and he looked down to begin to re-wrap it. Some sound called his attention from wrapping and he looked up to see another secretary from the office coming down the inside stairs. She was carrying the gold wrapped package. She made her way to the lathe by the window and when she reached it she extended the box to Alec. "Betty sent this," she said.

Alec took the box. "Did she say anything? Send any message?" he asked.

"No. Just said to bring this to the guy at the lathe by the window."

"Oh. Well, thank you," he said.

The girl smiled at him and turned away.

Alec sat down on his stool and looked at the package. It had been opened. He could tell because the paper was a little torn and wrinkled. He sighed and tore the paper the rest of the way off then opened the cedar case, and when he did the aroma of sandalwood rose up, but that heady aroma was mixed with an aroma of ancient seas and crushed violets more mouth watering than the finest caviar. Tied to the sandalwood phallus with a white silk ribbon was a folded piece of paper. He unfolded it and found the words, "This is wonderful, but flesh would be better." It was signed Betty and inside the folded message was a tiny curl clipped from her Delta of Venus.

When the end of the work day buzzer sounded Alec busily shut down his lathe and prepared to go home. There was a glow in his middle as he thought of Betty and his gift and it took his mind off what he was doing.

"I do adore the aroma of worked wood," a well recognized deep feminine voice said. Alec looked up to find Betty standing across the Lathe from him. She held out her hand to him.

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