tagLoving WivesThe Arrangement

The Arrangement

byMr Robert©

Tina and I moved to the city a couple of years after we got married.

Our new next door neighbours, William and Margaret, were very similar to ourselves, in as much as they too had only been married a short time, although they had lived together for a few years before tying the knot.

Tina and Margaret hit it off immediately and we soon became regular visitors to each others houses for drinks, meals, barbecues and suchlike.

It wasn't long before it became apparent that it was Margaret who wore the trousers in their house, metaphorically speaking, of course!

I noticed that William very rarely spoke out of turn in her presence and almost always agreed with whatever she said.

It was he who prepared the meals in their house and he did most of the housework too!

I thought this was a little strange.

Margaret was a very sexy and most attractive blonde who attracted men like bees round a honey pot.

She had a most sophisticated manner and always seemed in complete control of whatever she was doing.

At parties and barbecues she was always surrounded by handsome men, all hoping to be her next conquest.

It hadn't escaped my attention that recently, my own beautiful young wife, Tina, could usually be found at Margaret's side, enjoying the attention, and flirting quite openly.

She clearly enjoyed the ribald conversations and smiled shyly and demurely at the more suggestive jokes.

On these occasions William and I were usually kept busy cooking the steaks or pouring the drinks and generally making sure everybody was being looked after.

It was made quite clear to us, by Margaret, that it was our duty to do this and not to, "get in the way," as she so succinctly put it.

Although I found Margaret to be great company, I have to confess that I wasn't one of those men who fawned over her, hoping to get a date.

In fact, I suppose you could say that I was a little bit afraid of her.

The truth is, that, although, in my opinion, I am reasonably good looking, I would have been highly embarrassed if she were ever to suspect that I was not exactly well endowed.

It was a condition that had been causing me increasing concern as time went on.

I knew that I was failing to satisfy the growing sexual demands that Tina, bless her, was trying hard to suppress.

I suppose, being such a close friend of Margaret's, she was more aware of my shortcomings as a husband and lover.

Aged thirty two, I was eight years older than my very attractive wife who didn't hide the fact that she was obviously very impressed by Margaret's complete control over her husband.

William and Margaret were both the same age as me which made Tina the youngest in our little group.

It intrigued me to watch how blatantly Margaret would have nights out on her own, with or without "the girls."

Recently, Tina had been her companion on many of her jaunts and I was becoming a little concerned about what they had been getting up to and who they were meeting on their "nights out."

On returning home, Tina never said where they had been and when pressed, she would accuse me of not trusting her.

I couldn't stand the pangs of jealousy which I, increasingly, had to endure.

William, a really nice guy, just seemed to accept the fact that his wife could do whatever she wanted, whether he liked it or not.

I suppose that I suspected that William knew that his wife was unfaithful, but it didn't seem to upset him. What was obvious, was that William, adored his philandering wife and nothing was going to change that.

Oh well, it was really none of my business, or was it?

I was becoming increasingly suspicious that Margaret was grooming Tina to become just like her.

Then it happened.

Tina phoned me at the office to say that she was going shopping with Margaret and that they would be staying out and having supper at a little Italian restaurant that was a favourite of Margaret's.

She said that she had left a ham salad for me on the kitchen table and before I could ask her anything, she hung up.

Margaret and Tina had been going out quite a lot lately and I was beginning to suspect that Tina rather enjoyed their little "nights out."

Supper, alone, was pretty depressing, especially as my imagination started to take over and I began to ask myself why Margaret wanted Tina to herself that evening.

By 10pm, I was beginning to worry that something was wrong.

There was no way I could contact her.

Neither of us had a mobile phone, so I couldn't call her.

I had once heard of a mobile phone being described as the modern version of a ball and chain and no way did I fancy that.

Around 10.30pm I heard a car stop outside and by the time I got to the window, Tina was walking up the path to the front door.

Once inside she immediately threw her arms around my neck and said,

"Thank you darling for letting me have such a lovely evening with Margaret."

Kissing me she then spun around to display the silky sexy new dress that she had bought at Margaret's insistence.

"Wow." I blurted out, taking in the sexy vision before me. "Have you been wearing that since you bought it?"

"Yes, yes, oh, I know you will think it's too suggestive, but Margaret said, it was about time I started to realise that I was an attractive woman and that I could have men fighting for my favours, if, I loosened up a bit."

"What do you mean," I stuttered.

"Well, she said that it was quite obvious to her and William that I needed to be let off the leash a bit more and lead a more exciting life than I do at present.

She said that I was not realising my true potential as a sexy young woman. I was really taken aback that she knew exactly how I had been feeling lately.

I told her that you would never allow me to have the sort of freedom that she was given by Bill, and she laughed, saying that things were about to change now that she knew about our little problem.

I told her that you would be hurt if you thought that I might enjoy the company of other men."

I stood there not knowing how to react. I wondered what she meant by, "our little problem."

Then before I could speak, Tina told me that Margaret was waiting in the car and wanted to speak to me.

"What does she want to speak to me about?" I stuttered again.

Opening the front door and waving to Margaret to come in, Tina replied, "I'm not quite sure, but I think it's about our relationship."

A few minutes later and Margaret was sitting on the sofa.

Carefully adjusting her tight, figure hugging skirt, she made herself comfortable.

Looking at me straight in the eye and patting the seat beside her, she said, "Jamie, come here and sit beside me.

Tina, I think you should go upstairs to bed, this may take some time and I don't want you to be upset at what I have to say to Jamie."

Tina bit her lip before kissing me gently and as she climbed the stairs to our bedroom she looked back and said quietly and with feeling, "Please understand, darling, I do love you, very much, very much indeed."

Noticing that I was flustered, Margaret wasted no time in coming to the point.

"Jamie, I know you love Tina, but how much do you love her?

She loves you, she told me that, and I believe her.

Do you love her enough to let her enjoy the company of men who could satisfy her frustrated, sexual needs?"

I was aghast.

"You see, she told me all about your little secret.

Jamie, you know, you aren't the first man to have a tiny penis and a lack of control when making love.

Tina said that both of you were virgins on the day you were married, is that true?"

Flabbergasted and stunned at what I was hearing, I could only nod my head in the affirmative.

Margaret continued.

"If it is true, then I must say that it wasn't very commendable that you didn't think it was important enough for you to tell her of your inexperience.

In fact I also think that you should have confessed to having a particularly small penis.

You have deliberately and deceitfully entrapped your lovely wife into a marriage where sexual satisfaction is virtually impossible, at least for her.

Listen, Tina needs to be able to enjoy sex for sex's sake and feel satisfied, and you are not capable of doing that for her.

She needs someone to give her what she needs and not to feel guilty in the process. Sexual satisfaction may not be everything in a successful marriage, but it is a very, very important ingredient.

You must agree to let her decide, whether or not, she would like to have sex with another man of her choosing. It's as simple as that!"

I just sat there, speechless.

I am sure my mouth must have been wide open in disbelief at what I had just heard.

The tension which had been building up in me just erupted as I stood up and in a loud voice cried.

"No! No! No! I could never agree to that, never! I won't have Tina cheating on me. She is my wife, not someone else's whore!

Please, never ever make that suggestion to me again!

I want you to leave, now!"

Grabbing my arm, Margaret pulled me back down on to the sofa beside her.

Speaking softly, she said.

"Calm down Jamie, Tina is not a whore and there is no way that she will be anything other than a good wife to you.

Just admit that you are unable to give her what she needs and as a good and loving husband you will accept her decision whatever that may be. Think about it, she's not going to leave a loving and understanding husband who allows her to play around whenever she feels like it, is she?"

Shaking my head, unable to comprehend what was happening to me, I was about to object to the way Margaret was treating me, here in my own house, when she continued.

"What you must do, is first of all, control your stupid jealousy.

Then you must convince Tina that you would not object to her finding a suitable lover to give her the sort of attention that you are so obviously unable to provide her with.

You must never ever let her suspect that you do not want her to have a free hand in flirting with men who she finds attractive.

She has to feel confident that you love her so much that you really want her to find someone to satisfy her needs.

I can assure you that if you really do love Tina, you will soon be grateful for the pleasure that she will get from other men.

In fact I predict that you will very soon be begging her to take many more lovers, because although it will be extremely painful for you, you will soon look forward to savouring that special mixture of pain and pleasure that you will begin to experience from her adventures."

My heart was thumping as I tried to digest what she was telling me.

Here was my wife's best friend telling me that I was a rotten husband and lover and that Tina deserved better, at least in the sex department.

Feeling completely confused, I could not quite understand why I should find the possibility of Tina cuckolding me, more than a little exciting, and yet, at the same time, filling me with feelings of deep jealousy.

I knew that I certainly didn't want to risk losing Tina, I loved her too much for that, oh, God....

Margaret must have realised that she now had me, where she wanted me, and that was, under her control.

She even got me to promise her that I would convince Tina that my fantasy had always been to see her enjoying sex with other men, as I was so disappointing in that respect.

I was to convince her that it excited me so much to see her happy and satisfied and that I looked forward to this next chapter in our marriage.

She must never realise that I was so jealous and that I really hated the idea of her being with another man.

She had actually ordered me to overcome my stupid jealousy!

Sharply, she said.

"Just one other thing Jamie, who is it that makes breakfast in your house?"

"Tina does, why?"

"Well from tomorrow that will be your job, you will make breakfast and serve it to your lovely wife in bed, do you hear me?"

Standing up, Margaret said that we should continue the discussion the next day in order to let me ponder on the subject.

I didn't speak, I couldn't, and I didn't even say goodnight as I ushered her out of the house.

Seething, and trembling from shock I slowly climbed the stairs leading to our bedroom.

Incredibly, Tina was fast asleep, blissfully unaware of the unacceptable position that I now found myself in.

My mind was in a turmoil as I undressed and lay down on the bed beside my beautiful wife.

I must have lain awake for hours trying to understand how my whole outlook on life had been so cruelly challenged.

Somehow I must have eventually fallen asleep, drained of any self respect and fearful of what the morrow held in store for me.

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by Anonymous07/12/17

Beyond stupid

Bitch slap Margaret and tell her to never talk to either of you again. File for a divorce. He's already lost Tina. This was simply ugly and unfinished. A bad combination.

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