The Arrangement Ch. 04


"I'm preparing you for my advances dear Julianne. Although if I'm not mistaken, you are already starting to react to my touch." stated Peter.

Peter moved closer to Julianne, dropping the hand on her collarbone to her thigh. He got down on his knees before her and gently pulled her legs open, telling her what a good girl she was for opening her pretty brown thighs for him. He moved forward between her legs and kissed the center of her exposed chest. Her nipples teased him with their hardness. He reached up and gently stroked them, enjoying the shiver that went through her body.

He was hard and ready for her, but she was nowhere near ready for him. He licked her from the center of her breasts up to her soft neck. He took his time, nibbling the underside of her chin, before coming up to suck on her tempting lower lip. He gently licked the inside of her sweet mouth, reveling in how she responded to him. How she always responded to him.

His hands came up to the halter part of her dress, covering the back of her neck. He undid the snaps that held her breasts away from his view as his tongue continued to explore her mouth. The glittering yellow straps fell away from her torso, revealing the physical display of her beauty to him. Peter paused for a moment, in awe of her, before his desire to touch and taste his addiction consumed him again.

"So beautiful..." he murmured to himself as his fingers gently roamed her soft brown skin. The golden glow under her chocolate skin held him spellbound as he traced the outside of her areolas. He placed his hand on her chest to watch her heavy breasts tilt back for his pleasure. With a deep moan he kissed the top of her exposed stomach, as one hand held a heavy breast. His agile thick fingers pulled and stroked her nipple before his mouth descended on the other.

"Oh..." moaned Julianne.

"That's it sweetheart. Talk to me." Peter said around her nipple

Julianne's hand came up to cup Peter's head to her breast. Her breathing deepened in response to his skillful tongue.

"Fuck, Peter. Oh, oh my God..." moaned Julianne.

"Mmmmhmmm, that's my pretty girl." said Peter between kisses and licks around her nipple.

"Peter, wait. We're still in your car. We need to get in the house still." said Julianne. She was trying very hard to not be distracted by Peter's skilled tongue doing absolute miracles on her nipple.

Peter pulled back from her delicious tit surveying the wetness he put on the glistening hard tip. He rubbed his other thumb steadily over the slickened tip, and watched her squirm before him. He looked her directly in the eye before asking her the question that burned in him.

"Why are you so ashamed of me? Don't you like what I do for you?" asked Peter while watching her hips pump in need.

"I...I..." stammered Julianne before falling silent.

Peter lightly snorted and let the acknowledgement of his words stiffly hang between them. Julianne couldn't figure out what to say. She wasn't sure if she was ashamed of Peter, or herself. She turned her head to the side and stared out the window again, perplexed at the emotional battle she had. Peter however had no such inner turmoil. He knew how he felt about her. He knew what he wanted from her, and he was more than willing to wait to get his prize.

He pulled his hands off her, sliding them down her legs before going up under her dress to pull down her drenched g-string panties. His blue eyes flicked up to her startled brown eyes, watching the question floating in them. He held her panties up to his face, inhaling the smell of her wet pussy encased in the cloth. His arousal was painful at this point, but he could care less. He needed his dessert down his throat.

He quickly slid her ass toward him in the large seat, exposing the pulsing wet folds of her pussy to his view. He pulled her legs up to the bottom of the seat so her heels rested on it, opening her up completely to his eyes. He was unrestrained in his admiration of her beauty and moaned as he brought his face down to her glistening wetness to smell her intoxicating scent. The tip of his tongue traced up her slit and Julianne's head fell back heavily from the sensation.

Peter opened his mouth and fed from her, leaving no part of her pussy untouched by his lips, teeth or tongue. A clever index finger of his went inside her body while he sucked and nibbled on her exposed clit. Julianne couldn't stop screaming her release into the quiet vehicle, not caring if anyone was around to hear the commotion going on in there. Her body clenched and released as sweat trickled down her neck, tracing a line between her sensitive breasts. Peter continued to eat her through many more orgasms before he felt he had had his fill of her soft juicy pink center.

A trembling Julianne fought to catch her breath once Peter pulled away from her. Her legs ached from the extreme position she was put in. Peter helped her put her thick thighs down by rubbing the circulation back into them. Peter leaned in and kissed her on her forehead before putting the straps of her dress back on her. He located her panties and put them in the back pocket of his dress trousers. He climbed out of the vehicle and held his hand out to a still trembling Julianne.

What Julianne saw when she exited the vehicle astonished her. Each row of fluorescent lights coming to life brought to view the vast underground garage filled with all different sorts of american and european vehicles. From motorcycles to classic roadsters, Peter had a collection of cars that looked as big as a football field. He watched her take in his hobby, noting her awe at his abundant display of wealth.

"Are you ashamed of me?" asked Peter quietly as he stared at her.

Julianne's head snapped to his face. His face was stoic, but there was something in his eyes. His eyes subtly struggled with some other emotion to be nonchalant. She couldn't see what the other emotion was because it was safely locked away behind the full mask of nonchalance.

"Peter, I..." started Julianne after a moment's pause.

"It's a simple yes or no question Julianne. Are you ashamed of me?" he asked again, still staring at her.

"It's not that I'm ashamed of you. A part of me is afraid of you." she said quietly.

Peter nodded his head in acknowledgement of her statement. He said nothing, knowing that his silence would cause her to say more to explain herself. He didn't have to wait long.

Julianne continued, "I'm afraid of feeling for you. I'm afraid of losing myself to you and this amazing life that you live. You are a mystery to me -- an enigma. I don't know why you want me, but you do. You incorporate me into your 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' life, and it's just a lot for me to process. Your garage alone probably costs more than I could ever hope to make in a lifetime. I've always worked, and since I accepted the terms of this arrangement, I haven't worked -- at least not in the traditional sense. I don't have an office to go to, or a job to fulfill my time. I go where you tell me to go and then we have amazing sex. I can't help but feel cheapened by that.

"In order to function, it's just easier if I can pigeon hole you into the friends with benefits -- except for the fact that we were never friends. It is hard for me to imagine that you see me beyond the physical. To be honest, I can't see myself much beyond the physical for you to be attracted to anyway." she finished twisting her fingers the entire time.

Peter stood for a moment taking in her words. Inwardly he was upset, but he looked over at her and smiled before asking, "Have you ever had a yoni massage?"

Julianne looked at him, completely perplexed by his question. "What is that?" she finally asked him.

Peter smiled and said, "You're about to find out." He took her hand and lead her to the elevator up to the main part of the house.


"Turn around for me please." instructed Peter to Julianne. The trek from the garage to his bedroom was long and silent, filled with doubt and uncertainty. Julianne looked at him with her brow furrowed before doing as he instructed.

"Beautiful..." he whispered while admiring her skin and figure as she turned. Julianne hesitated for a moment, before turning completely around.

Peter reached up and undid the clasps on her halter dress, and helped smooth the material down her dark body. When he was eye level with the base of her spine, he placed a soft kiss on the flesh of her ass. He admired the contrast of his pale fingers as he touched and rubbed her ass.

Standing back up, he quickly stripped off all his clothes. He stepped close to her and noticed the shiver that passed over her when she felt the wet tip of his hardness leave a cooling trail of his arousal on the back of her thigh.

"Turn around." he whispered into her ear. It sounded both harsh and sexy at the same time. Julianne had a hard time stifling the moan that came from her throat as she turned around. He watched her spin in front of him, and trained his piercing blue eyes on her uncertain brown ones.

"Lay down sweetness." he said to her through his sexy smirk.

Julianne subtly nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. He quickly placed a pillow underneath her head before it hit the mattress of the bed. She watched him look down on her and instinctively pulled her thighs together and covered her breasts with her arm. She had no idea the amount of temptation she provided him. He stood still, erection proud and gently dripping on her closed thighs basking in the erotic sight of her covering her modesty from a man who knew her treasures intimately.

It was in that moment that his eyes faltered.

A wave of guilt threatened him. This beautiful woman was the embodiment of everything he desired. Smart, sexy, and looked exactly like his first love. Yet she laid down before him, in all her glory, shielding herself from him. From his eyes, his hands, his body. She was symbolically shielding herself from him in more than just physical ways. The visual confirmation of how much she was at a disadvantage in this relationship became profoundly clear to him in that very moment. She was completely vulnerable not because she wanted to be, but because he designed it to be.

A sigh of longing and approval crossed his lips. He knelt down on the plush carpet in his bedroom and rubbed her closed thighs. Julianne looked down at him over her crossed arms. She waited for his next command with a hitch in her breath. Seeing this, Peter slid his hand over her stomach, noting how she instinctively pulled away from him before settling into his touch.

Knowing that he was waiting for her to open herself to him, she slowly spread her legs to Peter's transfixed gaze. Peter watched the unsettled rise and fall of her stomach after his lingering gaze to her womanly parts. He tried to get her to calm down by removing his oozing erection off her calf.

"Breathe with me, please." asked Peter as he took a deep inhalation and watched her battle whether or not to do the same. He exhaled fully, still waiting for her comply. On his next inhale he noticed and felt her stomach rise and do the same. Within minutes they were breathing together -- deep yogic breaths. Peter gently smiled down at Julianne, keeping careful to not brush himself against her. So much of their arrangement had been at his discretion -- what she wore, how she looked, and where she ate. It was time for that to change.

Once Julianne was fully relaxed he stood to retrieve some candles and massage oil. An odd shiver ran through Julianne when she looked at the scented candles. They weren't the sexy musk and bergamot scented candles, but lavender vanilla scented candles. Peter noticed the apprehension and kicked himself for his stupidity for not remembering how their first night together started out with scented candles, rose petals and $100 bills. It was not lost on him how much he cheapened her and made her worry.

He knelt down, keeping his bouncing arousal away from her body, and poured some of the jasmine scented oil in his hands before picking up a foot and massaging it. The fine bones of her foot cracked, and her calloused feet softened in his hands.

"I'm sorry to visit a painful memory for you. I just wanted you to relax." said Peter to Julianne quietly.

"I know. Thank you for the apology though." said Julianne after nodding her head.

Peter smiled while massaging her ankle. He moved his hand up her leg, all the while noting how she visibly relaxed into his touch. Her deep breathing continued in a much less forced way. He repeated his actions with the calming oil and massage with the other leg.

"How do you feel?" he asked her.

"Hmmm....I feel good. You have magical hands." replied Julianne, with a giggle at her joke before she cupped her hand to her mouth in a delayed act of self censure.

Peter smiled, truly smiled at her and asked her to turn over. Julianne complied and heard Peter's breath catch slightly at the jiggle of her ass. He was tempted to pull apart her cheeks and plant his face in her ass, but controlled his raging hormones enough to continue the massage. He took his time massaging her bare back mostly because he was enamored with the way the oil glistened on the large expanse of skin there. He massaged her down to the back of her knees before hovering over her to ask her to turn over.

Before she became completely settled on her back he slipped a towel covered pillow under her generous hips. Their eyes connected as he poured more oil into his hands and began a slow massage of her chest, being careful to not linger on her taut nipples. He did this while on her right side before moving down to the top of her abdomen. He moved himself to in front of her closed thighs.

"Spread your thighs for me again sweetheart." stated Peter as he watched her comply to his request.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, curious to her own inquiry.

His steady gaze was deeply unnerving. It was all the more disconcerting with the playful smile and his masked eyes. She could never get a proper read on this beguiling man. Her chest tightened briefly, unsure of what he would say, or how he would react, before shaking off her fear and countering with a defiant look of her own. He watched her, the fear, the defiance, everything. It was suddenly clear to him. She was a woman who was deeply hurt in her past. A part of him mourned for her, and the slightly frosty look in his blue eyes softened.

"Give you something you need." he responded simply. His eyes brokered no response to the contrary. She laid back, and offered no resistance to him spreading her to his view.

He placed his right hand on her belly again to initiate the deep relaxing breathing technique from earlier. Once her breaths were deep and even, eyes alert to his every move, he continued with his new mission. He poured a portion of oil on her mound, allowing the oil drip around her outer lips. It was just enough to cover the outer portions of her pussy. Her breath quickened while her hips writhed at the feeling of the oil slithering down her exposed center.

He continued watching her, coaxing her to breathe steadily by setting the example. Once her breathing returned to normal, he took his other hand and began to massage her mound and outer lips. A soft groan came from her at his unusually firm but gentle touch. He focused his breath to be open and flowing because the image in front of him had all his senses firing off.

Julianne hummed and sighed at Peter's touch. Everytime she began to feel her breath quicken he would stroke her stomach and slow his hands to remind her to relax. Peter made sure to take his time, even after her happy little clitoris made its debut to his hungry eyes. He closed them for a moment to revel in the sensations assaulting his senses: the slight stubble on the soft skin of her mound; the feel of her few soft feminine hairs sliding between his fingers; the scent of her arousal punctuating the air; and sight of her juices finding his fingers and mixing with the oil present on her skin. He realized that while he was inundated with the immediate need to sink himself deep inside her willing body, that this moment was about her, and her healing.

After some time Peter opened his eyes to watch what she was doing. Her hips pumped slightly in his hand, while hooded eyes peered down at him over her sucked in plump bottom lip. He took the right outer lip between his thumb and index finger and gently squeezed, rubbing the fingers up and down the lip. She released her glistening pink lip from under her teeth, and breathed deeply from her belly at the feel. Renewed moans were Peter's reward. Oddly enough it was more erotic and sensual for them to look into each other's eyes as he massaged her.

He repeated the same movement with the other lip for more time, watching her alternate between calm and extreme pleasure, before returning to the opposite side and stroking her inner lips in the same manner. Peter moaned inwardly at the amount of fluid greeting his busy fingers making them more slippery. He made sure to neither touch her clit, nor sink his fingers in her willing body. Instead he kept a steady pace.

"Do you like this touch? Shall I go softer or harder?" asked Peter in the the sexually charged atmosphere.

"Perfect." sighed Julianne.

She could feel her insides quiver in anticipation. She hoped that an errant finger would pump inside her tensing pussy. Yet when her eyes opened after closing at the pleasure, what she saw startled her.


His eyes were focused on her own. He intently watched her body, but the focus on her eyes told volumes. With no words spoken, he laid himself bare in front of her. How he was so powerful, and so visibly vulnerable to her drew her attention immediately. His eyes told her that he wanted nothing in return. Those constantly cold blue eyes told her that he had no intentions of hurting her as she had been hurt by others and his past actions. He wanted to do so many things with her, beyond what they experienced already.

He wanted the opportunity to show her his love for her.

She blinked at the realization of the promise in his eyes and her breathing changed from sexually charged breaths to near hyperventilation. He knew what she saw in his eyes, and rubbed a circle into her stomach with his palm to remind her to steady her breathing. Once she gained control of breathing, she realized the full gravity of the situation.

Peter could see the battle in her uncertain brown eyes. The want to give into her desires versus the need to protect her heart almost won out. He continued watching her as one hand steadied her belly while the other hand massaged her inner lips. Her body felt relaxed and charged at the same time. She closed her eyes, feeling more exposed as he watched her.

'Why?' she pondered. 'Why is he doing this? Why is he showing this to me?' I can't possibly return it. How could I return something like that?' she thought in rapid procession.

"It's ok, Julianne. All I have for you is time." he said patiently.

Her eyes flew open, ignoring the tears that streamed from them while she questioned their relationship and her ability in her head.

"What are you talking about?" she whispered in an uncertain tone.

"Shhh.... Just relax. Breathe." he said in response as he rubbed her belly.

She watched him again, but the challenges and questions were absent from her eyes. However, uncertainty remained there. She wasn't sure if she was hearing his thoughts, or if he had actually voiced an answer to her questions.

He gently pulled his fingers away from her lips and placed the index finger of the same hand directly on her exposed pulsing clit. Julianne's hips bucked up from the immense pleasure and more tears spilled from her eyes -- tears of pleasure. Her back arched beautifully for him as he insistently rubbed the pulsing bit of flesh back and forth in a clockwise and counter clockwise motion.

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