The Art Class


Later that week I got a phone call from Cathy's mum Laura, we had a pleasant chat exchanging niceties but I was intrigued as to why she had called, there was no mention of the previous weekend and despite our intimate fun we didn't have a great deal in common.

"Laura, is there anything I can help you with?" I asked eventually.

I was a little busy with some engineering reports and had a deadline to make so I didn't really want to spend all day chatting on the telephone.

"Well actually there is something," she replied hesitantly, "I have a request, I run the local Women's Institute here in the village and we have a weekly art class. I wondered if you would be interested in posing for us?"

I smiled to myself; I knew where this was going.

"Ok I think I could do that, what do you want me to wear?" I asked pointedly, there was a short silence.

"Nothing," she said, "I want you to pose nude for the class."

This was what I was waiting to hear and my penis began to respond.

"No problem, I can do that, how many are in the class?" I asked

"Usually about ten, all women," was the response from the other end of the phone.

A week later at the agreed time I drove down to the village hall, I wore a short towelling robe and a pair of flip flops having decided that driving there naked might be stretching the boundaries too far. I pulled in to the village hall car park, Laura was waiting for me at the side entrance to the hall and as I was about to get out of the car she came over.

"Thank goodness you are wearing something, I was worried you might come completely naked," she said.

I grinned at her.

"I almost did but decided that modesty should prevail," I replied.

As I climbed out of the car she looked at my rather short robe "Hmm not all that modest, it hardly covers your bum," she said grinning and following her in to the hall I was shown to a small changing room.

"One moment," said Laura standing in the doorway "I'll just get Miss Adams, she is the art teacher I'll introduce you to her before you go into the main hall."

As Laura left I slipped off the robe and waited for her to return with the teacher. A few seconds later she reappeared with a young woman at her side, she was medium height, very attractive with short blonde hair and very trim body. I hadn't expected someone so beautiful, and I could feel basic arousal starting to stir in my loins.

"Nigel this is Carol, Carol this is Nigel," said Laura.

I stepped forward and shook hands with her.

"I see you are all ready to start," said Carol as she looked me up and down.

"Hmm nice, I like the hairless look, let's get started then," she said as she beckoned me to follow her into the main hall. I glanced at Laura, she had a big grin right across her face.

"You'll have problems," she said quietly, looking directly at my penis as she said it.

I walked naked into the hall to be confronted by a room full of women all sitting at painting easels, the place was full and there were a lot more than the ten of them. They fell silent as I walked in and all eyes focused on me, Carol broke the silence.

"Everyone, this is Nigel, he is our life model for tonight," she said.

"Hi everybody," I said a little nervously to which the whole room responded with a communal hello. Laura sat down at her easel just a few feet away from me and Carol pointed to a small podium covered by a large sheet on which there was a chair.

"OK Nigel," she said, "If you could stand on the podium and strike a pose by the chair facing forward."

I stood facing the class; I struck a pose with my left foot on the seat and rested my left hand on the back of the chair with my right hand by my side. Carol looked at me critically and then made some minor readjustments to my pose. I was struggling to control myself as she adjusted the positions of my legs and arms and at one point she actually brushed against my penis. At last she stood back and looked appreciatively at me.

"OK that's a good pose," she said with a smile, "Hold it there".

Hold what I thought to myself naughtily, I knew what I would like to hold.

As I faced my audience, I could see a few familiar faces, as well as Laura, there were Mrs Glenn, Maureen, the lady horse rider I had met in the lane and the three MacKenzie sisters; the words 'set up' flashed across my mind. In addition to the usual middle aged ladies I also noticed four younger women in the front row all wearing short summer dresses looking at me intently as they started to sketch. One of them in particular kept smiling at me and as I watched her she slowly parted her legs, oh shit I thought to myself, she was doing it on purpose and soon I could see that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Her neatly shaved pussy was clearly visible, and her smooth lips were open and inviting, she knew what she was doing and the inevitable started to happen. Slowly my penis began to stiffen and grow, I couldn't do anything to stop it and very soon I was fully erect, then slowly but surely the head of my penis pushed out of the foreskin and I was totally exposed. Carol noticed this and as she moved around the room giving individual advice I could see a smile on her face. As she discussed technique with one of the younger women on the front row, my penis was so hard that it was gently bouncing up and down.

As the blood pulsed into my penis I began to recall the incident in the barn when I was a teenager, remembering my involuntary ejaculation as I was tied to the pole, I could feel it happening all over again. I glanced quickly around the room and I could have sworn that every pair of eyes was focussed on my erect penis, some of the faces looked a little shocked but the majority were smiling. The excitement was building in me, I was going to ejaculate any second, the exposed pussy on the front row was now wide open as if beckoning me to enter, almost smiling at me.

"Ok everyone, I think Nigel needs a little rest, let's take a ten minute break," said Carol, which raised a few giggles from the younger members of the class.

Carol walked over to me and whispered in my ear.

"I thought perhaps you needed rescuing," and looking down at my throbbing penis said, "Shall I get your robe".

I just shook my head and smiled.

As I sipped a coffee and chatted with Carol my penis softened, but I was still in a state of semi arousal.

"Don't worry about what happened," she said, "It is quite normal for our male models to get aroused".

I smiled back at her.

"Well you saved me just in time because in another few seconds it could've been embarrassing," I said feigning embarrassment.

"Oh I see," she said, "It was that bad then".

Just then Laura joined us.

"Nice pose, were you close," she said quite bluntly.

I grinned back at her.

"Yes very," I said.

After an embarrassing silence Carol spoke.

"Err Mrs Anderson tells me you live a completely nude lifestyle on your croft."

"Yes I do," I said, "You must come up and visit sometime," at which she gave me a shy girly grin.

Back on the podium again I resumed my pose and Carol had thoughtfully placed my robe nearby; in her words "In case I needed it". I glanced around the class and noticed the four younger women on the front row, as I watched them they each started to slowly spread their legs, and very soon I could see four bare pussies smiling at me. It was a conspiracy and very soon my penis was fully erect much to their obvious pleasure. I tried hard to calm down but my eyes kept drifting towards the exposed flesh of the four young women and my penis just throbbed harder.

I could see Carol making her way around the class and every now and then she would look at me and smile. I was getting such a buzz standing naked in front of this class full of women and my penis felt as if it was getting bigger and harder by the second. I wasn't sure if I could hold out much longer, it was getting too much and I felt precum dripping from the exposed tip of my penis. One of the young women on the front row had now stopped sketching and was just staring directly at my penis open mouthed. Carol noticed this and came over to me.

"Are you OK, maybe you should take a break," she said to me in a low voice.

"I'll be fine," I replied weakly.

I knew I couldn't hold out much longer and as Carol turned back to the class I could feel my penis starting to throb harder, my stomach muscles tensed and as I couldn't hold back any longer I clenched my buttocks as I ejaculated jets of hot white semen from the tip of my pulsating penis.

The first splash landed just behind Carol and as she turned to see me continuing to ejaculate, the younger women on the front row started to clap and cheer quickly followed by the others. Carol had her hand over her mouth as she stared at me, my penis was still erect and semen dripped from the tip.

"Sorry," I said trying to look embarrassed, "I just couldn't help it."

Carol stared at me in disbelief.

"My god," she said, "I didn't know a man could do that without touching it, I'll get you some tissues."

As she left the room all four women on the front row gave me the thumbs up, and closed their legs. Their mission accomplished I thought to myself.

The remainder of the class was uneventful and although my penis was fully erect for the whole time I didn't have any more surprise ejaculations, much to the disappointment of my audience. I think the ladies in the front row were hoping for a repeat performance but I decided to ignore their deliberate flashing and concentrate on the job in hand. In any case I wasn't sure if Carol or some of the others would appreciate a second cumming, it might look too deliberate.

When the class was over I got down off the podium and remaining naked I mixed and chatted with some of the women who'd stayed behind. Amongst them was Mrs Glenn who made a point of coming over to me.

"I haven't seen you in the woods recently," she said.

"I've been busy helping a neighbor," I replied.

"So I hear," she said with a knowing smile and whilst no-one was looking gave my penis a gentle squeeze and left the room.

Laura came over, she was laughing.

"Looks like you have made a big impression on Mrs Glenn," she said.

I gave her a dirty look and then jiggled my semi erect penis at her. Just at that moment I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Carol.

"Nigel, thanks for being such a brilliant model, you were certainly a big hit with the class," she said, and as I felt her hand slip down to my bum she gave me a gentle squeeze.

"Any chance of seeing some of the sketches?" I asked.

Before everyone had gone home she took me around and showed me the endeavors of the class, as I looked at some of the sketches I realised that some of these ladies must have been fantasising, there was no way my penis was that big.

It was time to go; everybody had left and only Laura, Carol and I remained in the hall.

"I'd better be going," I said.

"Here you'll need this," said Carol as she held out my robe.

I looked at it and shook my head.

"No," I said, "Why spoil such a nice evening," and threw the robe over my shoulder as I walked naked to my car with Laura and Carol at my side. Just as I was about to get in to the vehicle, Carol put her hand on my bum again.

"I would love to take you up on the invite to come to your place," she said with a smile.

"Sure thing," I replied.

She looked at me thoughtfully.

"How about tomorrow?" she said "I have the day off."

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