tagHow ToThe Art of Giving Head

The Art of Giving Head


I doubt there is a man alive who does not thoroughly enjoy getting a great blow job! With 30+ years of cock sucking experience behind me, I would love to share some of my sexy secrets with you, on the art of giving head.

Like most sex acts, there are an infinite number of positions you can assume in performing them. With this particular technique, I recommend your man be standing in front of you, facing you, while you kneel or squat on the edge of a low to medium height bed or sofa. If he begins to feel a little weak in the knees as the act progresses, he can simply lean forward against the bed for support.

You should take his hard cumpole very gently into both your hands, placing all ten fingers on the shaft, not touching the head or tip yet. Slowly begin rubbing his skin softly, by moving your hands back and forth in opposite directions, as you would twirl a stick in your hands to start a campfire. Remember, start gently -- no hard squeezing yet!

As you continue these finger-stroking movements, open your mouth wide in order to fully cover the cock's head without touching any part of it. When the entire head is inside your mouth, slowly close your lips over it as you start sucking softly. Utilize every area of your mouth -- tongue, cheeks, teeth, and roof -- to make direct cock contact! Continue this touching/sucking technique for about 10 minutes.

Glide the tip of your tongue back and forth, along the section where his shaft meets the head and forms a v-shape on circumcised penises. If your man is uncut, then you should do this tongue action around the ridge of his foreskin, being careful not to lift up the foreskin too much with your mouth. That area is extremely sensitive on uncut cocks. He may also enjoy a bit of nibbling, but be careful not to bite down too hard! The combination of the sucking and licking and nibbling should have him squirming a bit!

Begin twirling and twisting your tongue more firmly along that v-spot, while lowering your hands further down his shaft, continuing to touch him with all your fingers. As you slide the shaft deeper down your throat, lower your hands to tenderly touch and caress his balls. You should also be running your tongue up and down the ridge on the underside of his penis, where the canal-like tube fills with cum all along the length of his hardness. You can flick your tongue back and forth across this ridge as you work your way up to the head again.

When you reach the head on one pass, try smacking your lips and making kissing noises, while suctioning up any precum that has leaked out from the top of his rod.

Each time you slide his dick back down into your throat, you should push it just a bit deeper, deeper, deeper, until the tip is pressing against the soft part of the back of your throat. At the point where he is deepest in your mouth, you should be sucking furiously and rapidly, keeping your tongue in constant motion. If his cock is too long to fully fit down your throat, you may use your fingers on the part of his shaft that is exposed, jerking him off in harmony to your sucking action.

Throughout the entire blow job, enhance his pleasure by continually moaning, groaning, and making humming noises in your mouth and throat, sending hot vibrations up and down his cock!!! To excite him even further, speak to him now and then. Tell him how much you love to suck him off and say how wonderful his cock feels in your mouth when it is rock hard and throbbing.

Teasing him orgasmically is another little trick that should drive him into ecstasy. Each time you feel he is nearing ejaculation, release his rod from your mouth for just a second or two -- then resume rapidly by plunging him deep into your throat again.

Here is a little secret I learned, in order not to choke or gag on his fluid when he shoots his load: Just before he explodes, thrust his whole length to the back of your throat, letting the head press firmly into the back of your mouth at the base of your tongue -- his juices will then shoot smoothly down, barely leaving a taste. I find it helpful if he tells me just when he is about to cum, so I am sure to have him deep-throated at the right moment.

As a hot and sweet finale to the act of giving head, savor a few drops of cum, letting them lie on your tongue and dribble out the corner of your mouth. Plant a deep, loving kiss on his lips, letting him get a taste of that which you have just sucked from him! Mmmmm, good to the last drop!!!

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