tagMatureThe Art Teachers Education

The Art Teachers Education


I hadn't deliberately chosen a girls' school, although it did cross my mind that I would get an easier ride than teaching adolescent boys. Well in one way that would certainly become true. St Winifred's was an established grammar school for girls close to where I lived in North London and I heard it had a good art department. So when I saw the job for a new-graduate teacher advertised I applied for it and got an interview. It went well, the Headmistress, Rosemary, and the Head of Art, Katherine, were very complimentary about my work and they both seemed to like me. This in itself was not an unusual reaction. Though I say it myself I was I good-looking young man, well boy still I suppose, to them. I was a slim, six feet two, twenty three year old, with long dark hair and a well-sculpted face. I also had great teeth. So I wasn't altogether unused to being desired by older as well as younger women. I had had a couple of affairs with friends of my parents and even an aunt in my teens. In fact, having seen Richard Gere in 'American Gigolo' I had considered making a career of sleeping with older women.

They were both in their forties, Rosemary being slightly the elder I would say, around 47 or so and Katherine maybe a couple of years behind her. Impeccably dressed in a tweed suit, silk shirt and pearls, Rosemary was every inch the Head. She was quite tall, with a strong attractive face and an expensive haircut. She had three-inch heels on her black shoes and her stockings (I knew they couldn't be pantyhose) had a glossy sheen. Katherine was in studio clothes, a tee shirt, jeans and trainers with her hair in bunches. She was the shorter of the two. She had thick black hair and wore little or no make-up but that hardly mattered because she had terrific skin. She also had very large breasts, unsupported and unhindered by a bra.

After the introductions we sat down at a coffee table with some low chairs so that they could look through my work. Although I'd mostly done conceptual work at College I knew they'd want to see more mainstream stuff, so I took along a lot of life-drawings. I'm quite a good draughtsman and both women were obviously impressed. The drawings were mainly of female models and the conversation was 'adult' enough for the women to allow themselves the odd risqué comment.

'Good grief! I thought my bum was big enough' remarked Rosemary on seeing a study of a mature model.

Katherine giggled and said "Well I don't think I'll comment too much on her cleavage."

I could see that they were enjoying my slight discomfort but I was happy enough to recognise how older women get off on embarrassing younger men and use it to flirt with them. I was all too appreciative of the potential pleasures that their behaviour foretold.

At the end of the life drawings were a series of studies of a young male. They weren't finished drawings, just loose sketches of different anatomical features including the model's well-hung genitalia.

'Oh, I like these. I like these very much, don't you Katherine?' said Rosemary in a kind of cracked whisper.

'Yes, yes I do, very much." Katherine replied, shifting her position in the chair and she peered forward, offering me a view down the front of her tee shirt. 'They're beautifully observed.'

Rosemary adjusted her position too, squirming to face me directly and then moving her legs slightly apart to reveal her stocking tops and suspenders.

'He's jolly beautiful, you don't have his phone number do you?' she laughed heartily.

'I do actually' I grinned 'That's me. I did them with a mirror the other night because I didn't think I had enough stuff. I'm glad you like them.' It was my turn to enjoy their embarrassment. 'Which do you like best?' I smiled at them as they exchanged fleeting grins and Katherine ran her tongue across her lips.

A few days later I received an offer of employment through the post, which I accepted. I wrote separately to both Rosemary and Katherine, thanking them and saying how much I was look forward to getting to know them better.

As I said, St Winifred's had a very strong art department with five members of staff, of which I turned out to be the only male member. As well Katherine, there was Penny, Barbara (Babs) and Marta who was Polish. They ranged in age from around 25 to 35. Katherine introduced me to them in a staff meeting on the first morning of the term.

Penny, the youngest of them, said 'Nice one Kat, he's lovely. I need to brush up on my life-drawing later Mark, are you available?'

The rest of them burst into laughter and I remembered that Katherine had asked if she could keep my portfolio to show the rest of the staff while they were deciding who they would give the job. So there I was with four women that I hardly knew but who already had a very clear image of my cock.

'Maybe we could do a threesome.' Chipped in Marta in a very low and deeply sexy Polish accent. Babs just winked.

'Right,' said Katherine in a bored and businesslike way. 'You've had your fun with the new boy, now off you go and do some bloody teaching.' With loud groans they each set off to take their classes. 'I'll show you around' said Katherine.

St Winifred's had started out as a small stately home and the art block was separate from the main school in an old stable building. Katherine took me through the various lower floor work rooms dedicated to different arts and crafts – painting, sculpture and ceramics and so on. As we walked along she would occasionally touch me on the arm or shoulder and the intimacy between us began to grow. Pleased at these early signals I allowed her to pass in front of me as we mounted a narrow staircase to the upper floor. That gave me a fine view of her denim-clad arse and after a couple of steps I reached out and gently touched it. She stopped with a slight murmur and then reached back with her right hand feeling for my crotch. I moved in to her and she hooked her fingers under my balls and rubbed her cupped hand slowly up and down the length of my rapidly expanding cock. Her left hand reached for my right and brought it up inside her tee shirt to her bra-less breasts. Her nipples were lengthening and hardening fast. As I began to kiss her neck she turned around and gave me a full-on French kiss.

'Time I introduced you to the stock cupboard' she laughed.

The stock cupboard was quite a large room, full of the stuff you'd expect, cans of paints, stacks of paper, broken equipment and so on. It had an attractively chemical smell of turpentine and thinners. Towards the back of the room was a very large circular window and sitting rather theatrically in the pool of light that it created was a battered leather sofa. Katherine moved over to it and pulled off her tee shirt and then slipped down her jeans. She moved back towards me with her magnificent breasts swaying from side to side wearing just a black thong.

'Rosemary's going to fucking kill me.' She giggled 'She made me promise to wait my turn, said it was the Head's job to give you head. But luckily for me you made the running, so all bets are off, aren't they? But just do me a favour darling, make her think she's been the first to blow you, will you? Well come on then! I haven't got all day. I'm teaching in an hour so and I want to be brought off at least twice.'

'I'm sure we can manage that.' I said, pushing her gently down onto the sofa and hooking a finger around the thong. As she fell backwards the thong slid down and over her thighs. She raised her legs and I gave it the final yank and waved it with a conjuror's flourish. She applauded with mock delight and then spread her legs widely, hooking them up to the side of her head. I went down on to her perfectly smooth, proud mound and gave it a 'hello' kiss. 'Mmmm? I had you down as a hippie chick with tufty armpits and a full bush." I said stripping off my shirt.

'Ughh no!' She rejected the thought utterly. 'Bushes are far too hot and sweaty and they only get stuck up with cum. Besides, I do like a bit of rear entry and who wants to fuck a hairy arse? Oooh! I see you weren't exaggerating in the sketch that is a nice cock, bring it over here, little boy, so I can eat it.'

She'd been busily herself with her hand all the while, so by the time I reached her on the sofa she was already lubricating freely and she offered me her sticky fingers to taste and then bent forward to take me in to her mouth, swallowing me whole.

'Lovely!' she grinned smacking her lips, flicking the head with her tongue and then sucking hard on my balls. I spread her the length of the sofa and knelt down into a soixante-neuf, with me on top and her beneath. Her outer lips were already engorged and puffy but I rubbed them hard and quickly as if to make them burst.

'Oooooh yes!' she gurgled through a mouthful of me. Reaching in, I winkled out the inner lips and took them to my mouth, sucking them in and probing for her clit. It wasn't hard to find. It was easily the biggest I had encountered. It was like a mini-cock. I sucked it hard, not releasing it for about a minute.

'Oh fuck!' she moaned 'Oh fuck!' and she sank her teeth into my cock so hard that I thought she would bite through it. Instinctively I jumped off.

'Oh I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?' she whimpered. "I couldn't help it, I was just in ecstasy. Oh shit! Oh yes!'

I was so excited that I'd barely noticed the teeth marks embedded in my shaft. I speared her cunt with it, giving her the full length in one poker thrust and bit into her breasts, sucking on her swollen teats with same unrelenting suction as I had applied to her fleshy clitoris. And then I fucked her; fucked her as hard as I'd ever fucked a woman while she provided a soundtrack of abandoned squealing.

'Oh yes! Oh yes! That's it baby, bring momma off. Good boy! Harder! Oh yessss!! Make me come honey, make me come!! Oh! Fuck yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!'

As she convulsed into her climax, I could feel mine coming. 'In or out?!' I demanded urgently and loudly, holding it back with sheer willpower. 'In or out?!!!'

'In baby, in!' she sighed, her breasts still rippling with orgasm. 'I love a man to come in me. And there's nothing sexier than having a man's cum drooling out of you through the day, while you're teaching perspective drawing or running a staff meeting.

So I let her have it full bore and then collapsed into her pillowing tits. I was pretty fit in those days but I'd given it all. But within a few minutes she announced that she was good to go again.

'But that would be awfully greedy of you Katherine, wouldn't it? Came a voice from across the room. 'I really think it's my turn now, don't you? As we sat up and looked around there was Rosemary silhouetted against the huge window.

As she stepped forward, Katherine made a mock apology. 'Sorry to go on for so long Darling but I wanted it to last forever. He's very good.'

'So I've seen.' Rosemary laughed, as she stepped forward to reveal that, apart from her pearl necklace, she too was completely naked. Her hand toyed with her shaven pussy. She followed my gaze.

'Sorry Darling, no bush for me, either. Katherine's quite right they do get very hot and sticky and they tickle so when you're eating them out, don't you find Kat?'

By now Katherine had left the sofa and was standing next to Rosemary. They kissed and fondled each other with the languid passion of longstanding lovers.

'Absolutely, Rosie, absolutely. How did you find us?' she giggled, biting lightly on Rosemary's nipples.

'Well I knew you wouldn't be able to help yourself so I came over to see what was happening and Marta said you'd gone on a tour. Tour of your arse, I thought, and headed for the stockroom. You were too busy to hear me come in. So I just watched and sort of joined in.'

She motioned to her still moistened vulva and then grinned as she raised three fingers to Katherine's lips. The Head of Art licked them with slow relish as her fingers strayed down to gather her own honey for the Head of School's enjoyment. The realisation was growing stronger in me that I had landed an excellent job with first-rate prospects.

'So no arse-fuck just yet for you, my Love.' said Rosemary in mock reproof. 'You've got a free period this afternoon haven't you? You can use my office for your anal delight. I'll be with the Chairman of the Board of Governors. It's our regular monthly session. He likes me to 'instruct' him, if you know what I mean? Suits me, I love leather and whips and if it gets me a new science block well so much the better.'

'I'll stay a little and watch if that's OK?' said Katherine. Her question was addressed more to me than Rosemary. She seemed to take her permission for granted. I nodded with a grin and stood up to do my duty to the Head. She had smaller breasts than Katherine but a better proportioned body overall. Her skin was smooth and her body was well toned. I turned her around to get a good look at her. For a woman of nearly fifty her arse was nice and firm.

Katherine read my mind. 'Nice arse for a Granny, isn't it?' she said archly. Rosemary strode over to her and slapped her arse with a sharp crack and kissed her hard on the mouth. 'You're not so young yourself bitch' she laughed. 'Now get your knickers on and do some work while I test out this junior member of staff for a few Key Performance Indicators.'

Katherine stomped her feet in mock annoyance and then came over to me and taking my cock in hand, she rubbed her ample tits against me.

'2.30 in Rosie's room lover. Don't be late and don't wear him out Rosie. I want it good and deep.'

But Rosie wasn't really listening. She'd gone down on her knees and was giving me even deeper throat than Katherine had. The whole thing, cock and balls disappeared and then reappeared drenched in sticky spit. When I couldn't stand it any longer, I raised her to her feet and realized that she was still in her high heels. She slipped them off and smiled and I held her to me, kissing her and feeling her smooth body while she played gently with my cock. I nuzzled the nape of her neck and whispered in her ear 'How am I doing boss?'

'OK, I think' she said 'but I won't really know until you've slapped my arse till it's raw, called me a dirty, fucking, cock-sucking whore; fucked me up against the wall and written your name in cum across my tits, will I? So you'd better get started.'

Twenty minutes later, after as full on a fuck as I could give, I inscribed the letters M-A-R-K in glistening sperm across her breasts. She smiled up at me and reached down between her thighs.

'Open your mouth.' she said and as I obeyed she drew the letter R-O-S with a sticky finger down the length of my tongue and then I-E along the shaft of my cock. 'So now my tits and cunt are yours and your tongue and lovely cock are mine' she sighed. 'Crikey! Is that the time? I'm supposed to be doing a scripture lesson with 4B in five minutes.'

To be continued.

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