tagMind ControlThe Artifact Ch. 03

The Artifact Ch. 03


It was late morning when I woke up with the urgent feeling that I'd left something undone. I thought for a moment, replaying in my mind the vision I'd had last night and remembered that the artifact had told me to try reading my own mind. I was upset that I'd let myself forget to do that, it might be important and I'd nearly forgotten.

I relaxed and directed my focus into my own mind. I could feel my thoughts being invaded by myself. It was a weird, very subtle feeling. The scary thing was, the longer I did it, the more I was sure that I'd been scanned the previous evening, when I'd seen the man from the limo.

I refocused on what I needed to find out, and looked deep into my own mind. According to what I was able to read, I was quite a shallow fellow, flitting from thought to thought, without any planning what so ever. I pressed harder and was unable to find any trace or evidence of the artifact. I thought for a moment and looked for a seam between solid truths. I pushed in on a laser sharp front; a memory that I knew to be false and managed to punch behind the façade a little. What I saw was a little scary and awe inspiring.

I appeared as a giant marble statue, surrounded by nearly a thousand strong ancient soldiers with swords and spears. They stood between my vantage point and the marble statue without moving. It was very impressive, and had I had a body, it might have even been frightening.

I pulled back and saw the false memory that I'd pierced with my mind being repaired better than it was before. It would appear that I was safe from all but the most determined attack.

I said to the artifact, "I see how well you've protected me."

"This was something that you needed to learn before your confrontation with the pure evil one. You must learn three more things before you face him. I will keep you safe until you are ready." The artifact told me ominously.

Hearing the tone that the guide had used, I paid very close attention as directions were given: as I once had during classes taught by army instructors about small unit tactics, being taught by people who had been where I was headed. What I was told was the least likely thing ever; "Get everyone up, cleaned up, get dressed, get something to eat and then go into the casino and gamble."

The girls were excited when I woke them up. Both of them thought that I wanted to molest their luscious bodies once again. They were right of course, but first we had work to do. I managed to get them into the shower with me and we thoroughly washed each other. I stayed in the shower after I was done to watch Kathy help Julie shave her pubic hair off completely and then left as they continued to do her legs and under arms.

I assume that Julie returned the favor while I went to the sink and very carefully shaved as closely as I could and then brushed my teeth. The girls came out of the bathroom, wrapped in towels a few minutes after me, looking at me puzzled.

I was sitting on the bed, considering what I should wear when the girls asked me, "What are we going to wear?"

The answer came to me as they asked, "Look in the closet and see if you can find something that you like."

Julie and Kathy both squealed in delight as they rushed over to the closet and then cooed in pleasure as they examined the clothes that they found there. They dropped their towels and held dresses in front of each other, choosing something to wear that made them look spectacular.

I was fascinated that neither of the girls seemed to find anything unusual in the fact that they both had brand new wardrobes. Julie and Kathy came over to me carrying their choices to the bed, still wearing nothing more than wide smiles. I smiled back at them, examining their new shaves. I reached out and lightly stroked the new bare areas, enjoying the smooth feeling.

"I thought that you were in a hurry," Kathy said with a sigh and a smile.

"I am," I said as I stood, dropped my towel and began walking toward the closet. "I just thought that I ought to tease you a little bit first."

The girls were both giggling with excitement as we all quickly got dressed.

I put on a knit mock turtle neck, long sleeve shirt with a new pair of khaki slacks and a navy blazer. I opened the briefcase and pulled out a packet of $5 thousand, putting it in my pocket and then put the briefcase in the closet. I knew that the case would be safe in my room, and was unconcerned about the possibility of the cash being stolen.

We walked down the hall toward the elevator. The girls looked fabulous on their dresses. The low back and scoop front clearly showed that they were being worn bra-less. Their skirts fell to mid thigh, and were tight enough in the ass to suggest the total lack of underwear. They both wore matching high heels and were carrying small matching purses as well.

As we entered the empty elevator, Julie looked at Kathy and said, "Your nipples are as hard as mine."

"I think yours are harder," Kathy replied, smiling back at her.

The girls were pinching each other's nipples through the thin material of their dresses and giggling wildly: while I was leaning against the rear wall of the elevator car and smiling widely. The elevator door opened two floors below and a couple got onto the elevator with us. The embarrassed looks on Kathy and Julie's faces as they let go of each other and moved into my side was so funny, I began to laugh heartily.

As we rode down to the lobby, the dark glare projected form the woman was only exceeded by the jealous look of her husband. I managed to keep my expression mostly neutral as the woman's expression began gradually to change into desire. When we reached the lobby and exited the elevator, the woman pushed the button to take her husband back up to their room. I hadn't intentionally tried to influence her attitude, but in reading her mind, I found that she was surprised that she was horny. I figured that her change of attitude must have come from me. I looked back as the door was closing and saw her flowing into her husband's arms, knowing that the day would be better for them both.

I was hungry as we were seated in the coffee shop: I was seated in the middle, with Julie and Kathy on either side, snuggled in close. Our waitress dropped off our menus and went to get us our coffee.

As the waitress came back to our table and began filling our cups, I looked at her closely. She appeared to be in her very late fifties, or early sixties. I confirmed that by looking into her mind. Clara was sixty-one years old. She'd been married to her husband Ben for thirty-nine years. Ben was ill, and had probably less than a year to live. For the last five years, Ben's illness had rendered him impotent. Before Ben's illness, the two of them had enjoyed a passionate, exclusive, loving relationship. Clara, despite having her five year enforced celibacy, loved Ben, and would never betray him. I decided to help her with my special power.

I locked eyes with Clara over top of the menu, and began stimulating her very subtly. At first her face reflected confusion and then her rising passion brought color to her cheeks. The girls looked up and noticed the expression on her face. Without words, I shared her situation with them to let them know why I was doing this. Both Julie and Kathy kissed my cheek as I kept my gaze locked with Clara.

Clara's orgasm was small, quiet and came almost as a surprise to her. It both satisfied and scared her. She picked up the coffee pot and hurried away, without speaking. I sent a calming thought to her quickly retreating back as she hustled away.

As she left my line of sight, I noticed a man walking toward me. When he reached me he pulled out a large, ornate Celtic cross on a heavy silver chain. Before he began speaking I read his mind to find out what he was thinking. His name was Salvatore Colacecchi. He had inherited the cross when his father died a few years before. Sal had gambled away all his money and needed to sell the cross to make it home and to feed his family.

I listened politely as he began speaking. "I made a mistake, and started gambling again. I'm trying to sell this cross and was hoping you might want to buy it."

I reached out my hand to take and examine the cross, as I reached into his mind to fix his problems. The cross was intricately engraved, and quite heavy. Even though it was tarnished, I realized that it appeared quite valuable. I had no real use for it and was about to give it back to him, when I heard the artifact tell me, "Buy it, and be generous."

"How much do you want for it?" I asked

He looked at me with desperation in his eyes and replied, "It's probably worth two or three grand, but I'll sell it for five hundred."

His eyes looked down at the floor as he waited for my decision. I made him wait for a few seconds and then I said, "I'll tell you what, you promise to try to quit gambling I'll give you a thousand for it."

Sal stammered out a yes as I reached in my pocket and counted out the money. "Thank you sir, and may god bless you."

I put the cross on and scanned everyone nearby who might have overheard and made them forget the transaction, including the girls. I heard the spirit of the artifact say, "You're beginning to learn."

I was smiling as our waitress came back over with another waitress. When Clara stopped at our table she said, "This is my friend Sally, she'll be waiting on you, I'm leaving for the day."

Sally was eighteen years younger than her friend. She was divorced and had a much harder edge to her personality, but despite that, she was a MILF.

I felt guilty as I realized that I'd not helped Clara at all, and what's worse I'd made her feel bad. As she was leaving I made it so when she woke up the next morning to come to work, she wouldn't remember the incident and would think that she'd left work due to a headache.

Sally was looking at us smiling with a hungry look in her eye as she took our breakfast orders. As Sally turned to leave, Kathy asked her, "This is a little early for the morning shift to leave, when do you get off?"

"As often as I can Honey; as often as I can." Sally replied as she walked off to turn in our order. We were still occasionally chuckling when she finally brought our meal.

After we finished eating our meal, I pulled out the rest of the money that I brought with me. I peeled off a thousand dollars for each of the girls. As I handed them their money I told them quietly, "You are both going to go gambling. I'll help you win ten thousand dollars each. Just do what I direct you to do and you'll win."

It was a measure of the confidence that they had in me, that they believed, without question, that I could perform this impossible task. I paid for the meal, tipped generously and led the girls to go buy chips.


The girls and I wandered through the casino after we got our chips. They each had a thousand, while I started out with a hundred. I knew I was looking for something, but I had no idea what. I was finally drawn to the roulette tables.

The girls both stood closely to me, with their arms around my waist, as I observed the play and the bets. After watching for a few spins of the wheel, I instructed the girls without speaking out loud. Julie would bet odd or even, Kathy would bet either black or red and I would bet on first third, second third or third third; whichever third which had a number which would satisfy both their bets.

We won steadily; with every spin of the wheel. The head man of that area was sure that we were somehow cheating, and would have shut the table down if I would have let him act; however, I kept him from doing anything so that we would continue to win. It was ridiculous how easy it was to win the money. Each of the girls won their ten-thousand, and I won twenty thousand before we quit.

As we left the table, I felt the subtle tingle letting me know that I was being scanned. I reached out with my mind and protected the girls, modifying their memories so that they would match the cover story that the artifact and I had designed. As we headed over to cash out our chips, my adversary walked up to us.

I looked into his face, seeing his dead eyes. His eyes fastened on the cross I'd purchased earlier and he said, "You seem to have done pretty well. Where did you win all those chips?"

"We were playing roulette at that table over there," as I glanced over my shoulder, "but it looks like they shut that table down."

His intense gaze focused in on me as he said, "They really don't like to lose. When they lose too much they shut down the table. I'm surprised they didn't shut it down earlier."

I noticed that his gaze dropped down to the cross I'd purchased earlier as I said, "I didn't know that. I've never been to Vegas before. I really don't know much about gambling except a little about poker."

His eyes traveled back up reluctantly to my face, "That's an interesting cross." He put his finger out to touch it. I let him feel the power of four of the entities through the cross. "Where did you get it?"

"It's been in my family forever. My grandfather was going to give it to my dad, but he died while I was in basic training. Grandpa died just a few weeks ago. I got this in the mail just before I got out of the service. It's my lucky charm."

He looked at me and finally asked, "How much longer are you going to be in Las Vegas?"

"Just a couple of days, I really just wanted a little R and R before I got home." I told him.

"I was going to invite you to a private poker game in a couple of days. The buy in is one hundred thousand. If you win, you'll walk out with a half million dollars," He said, trying to tempt me. He pulled out a business card, wrote down his suite number and handed it to me. "Call me if you change your mind."

I thanked him as I felt him pushing on me to get me to change my mind. I shook my head as if I was confused. "I'll call you if I change my mind," I told him, acting as if his manipulations were effecting me, as I put his business card in my pocket.


I was surprised to see that it was lunch time already. I'd cashed out all of our chips and was discussing with Julie and Kathy what we should do next when Kathy said, "I'm hungry."

"Me too," Julie added.

I was a little hungry as well, but didn't care what we ate, so I let the girls take me back to the coffee shop. We ordered and were waiting for our food when I gave the girls their money. They managed to fit the cash bundles into their small purses.

We ate quickly, and went back up to our room. The door had barely closed before they attacked me. Clothes flew as they quickly stripped me and pushed me on to the bed.

We spent the afternoon in bed, pleasuring each other over and over. I introduced a new element into our activities. Kathy and I moved out of the way and watched Julie as she masturbated. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. I concentrated on Julie's expression, which was at first, mostly embarrassment, changing into excitement and then resolving into pure lust.

Kathy was breathing as hard as Julie after the exhibition. She lay down beside her after Julie's breathing got back to normal and began her own show. Julie reached out to caress her breast as Kathy built her orgasm, one hand rubbing her clit as the other thrusting two fingers deeply into herself. Watching as she became more and more vocal with excitement, I noticed that I was stroking myself as well. When Kathy came, every inch of her body seemed to flush and quiver, from the top of her head and bottom of her feet to her juicy pussy.

I moved right beside her, pointing myself at the two girls as I continued to stroke myself. Kathy and Julie were both fascinated, as they watched me.

"I'm going to cum on your tits," I told them as my point of no return was reached.

They got closer to me and each other as jet after ropey jet flew out of my highly excited cock and splashed onto their ample chests. When the last few dribbles had come out they were rubbing it into their skin, as if it might be a magic breast growth cream. I lay down beside them, and after a couple of minutes we began to talk.

"I don't remember ever being so embarrassed and excited at the same time before." Julie said. "I know that I've never cum that hard from masturbating before."

Kathy added, "I've never seen anything so hot before. I almost came with you without even touching myself. When you finished, I had to show you too: but the best was watching Jack."

"I've never seen a man do that before," Julie said.

"Every man does it," I said. "If you ever run into a man who insists that he doesn't, you know one thing about him right away," I added with a smile.

"What?" Julie asked.

"He lies," I answered with a chuckle.

The girls laughed with me for a few seconds, and then Kathy said, "My boyfriend use to tell me that he didn't jack off; but he used to cum in the cups of my silky bras that I had to hand wash, so I knew every time that he did it."

As they continued to talk, I realized that they were including me in girl talk, as a measure of how much they valued and trusted our relationship. I'd done nothing supernatural to encourage this kind of intimacy, so I was touched by it.

I listened to the two women talk for a time when Julie finally said to Kathy, "Honey, your boobs are all white and flaky. Jack's cum finally dried."

"You just want to suck it off, don't you?" Kathy said to her with a smile.

Instead of answering, Julie leaned over and began licking the crusty dried cum from Kathy's chest.

"What does it taste like?" Kathy asked her curiously.

"In between dried caviar and licking the salt off of fish jerky." Julie responded. "I've got some here that you can try."

I continued to watch as they cleaned each other off with their tongues. At first, I thought that they were doing it out of desire for each other; but when I looked into their minds, I realized that they were doing it to tease me. I decided that it was time for us to get ready to go out for the night, so I got us all into the shower.

I came out of the bathroom, after a very pleasant shower and was unsurprised to find that the room had been totally cleaned, our clothes were hung up and unwrinkled and my shoes were shined. The girls came out shortly and we all quickly dressed, ready to go out to dinner. I made sure that I wore the cross, although I didn't expect to run into anyone who would need to know I had it. It's always good to be cautious.

One thing about the casinos that I never expected was the food. Casinos make money on gamblers. Even the most addicted gambler needs to eat; but doesn't want to waste money or time away from the action. Casino owners had figured this out and built several restaurants into their buildings.

A gambler, who has a hungry wife, is dragged away from the casino to take her to get something to eat. If the best, cheapest restaurant around is twenty feet from the tables, and he can get a table quickly, he can be back losing money in less than an hour.

The girls and I went to the buffet. For only $.99 each, we had an amazing, all-you-can-eat meal. Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, baked, fried, roasted almost everything: there were even small shrimp cocktails. In addition to the meats there were dozens of side dishes, salads and an entire table of desserts.

I watched the girls eat what seemed to be 3 thousand calories each. I've never seen women eat like that before. When I was in the service, I was told that a c-ration box that had three meals contained thirty-six hundred calories. They told me that the only reason that we never seemed to gain any weight was the fact that burned off the calories so fast humping the boonies. I figured that I was exercising Julie and Kathy so much that they need the extra fuel, that's why they were eating so much.

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