The Artifact Ch. 03


We were lingering over coffee, after our desserts when I saw Wendy walking over to me.

"Hello Jack," she said as the girls looked curiously at her, "Bill and I are eating dinner over on the other side of the restaurant and when I saw you, I thought I'd see if you were able to help me with my problem."

"Kathy, Julie, this is Wendy. Wendy, this is Kathy and this is Julie." I said as I made the introductions. "I met her last night and decided to help her out of a jam."

I could tell as I watched Wendy shake hands with the girls that she was on the verge of tears, so I told her, "Let's take a walk over by the rest room."

When we got to the alcove by the rest room entrances, I pulled out the large envelope containing the twenty thousand dollars I'd won earlier and handed it to Wendy saying, "It's more than you lost, but enough for you to put the down payment on your house. I started out with a hundred, I just need you to pull out a hundred and give it back to me."

Wendy took the envelope from me and then began crying as she fished out a hundred dollars. She handed me the money and began crying in earnest as she threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly. I looked into her mind and saw that she didn't think that I'd be able to help her, and had still thought that her life was over. Her tears were tears of relief.

I had the girls take her into the rest room to get herself together and repair her makeup. I went back to the table to finish my coffee and wait for the girls. When they finally reappeared, Julie told me, "Wendy and Bill are going to take us to meet her sister. I think you'll really enjoy it."

When I heard that, I was surprised: but let myself be pulled from the table. I paid for our meals and waited outside the restaurant until Wendy and Bill joined us a moment later, and we were all introduced. We all got into their sensible car and took a short ride off the strip, headed to a topless club where Wendy's sister worked.

I wasn't all that enthusiastic about looking at stranger's naked boobs, particularly when I knew that it was unlikely that any of them were as nice as Julie's, let alone Kathy's, which in my opinion were God's finest work ever. I could tell however that both the girls were excited.

"I've always wanted to see what goes on in a place like that." Julie told me quietly.

"Me too," Kathy said. "When I was working as a waitress, a lot of truckers used to tell me that I should work in a club like that. They told me that I'd make a lot of money and the thought of it always makes me so wet."

Kathy discretely pulled her skirt up just high enough for me to see the wet spot on her panties. I was chuckling as I noticed Bill looking in the rear view mirror, trying to see what Kathy was doing.

The parking lot was less than a third full when we pulled in. Kathy and Julie's excitement kept my mind occupied as we walked into the club. Coming from the dazzling light outside, into the dark of the club, it was a couple of minutes until my eyes adjusted.

The club was massive. There were two large bars with stools, one against either side wall. Next to the end of the bars there was a small, semi-circular stage, with a stripper pole in the middle and seats all the way to where the stairs led to the stage on either side. There was a large mirror in the back, and ample lighting to highlight every womanly curve that was revealed during the show.

On the far side of those small stages were busy waitress stations. Scanning the tables and booths, I estimated there were only one-hundred twenty or so men. I figured that they could seat at least four times as many as were currently here. I looked at the back corners where they had another small stage.

The back wall had a wide hallway that matched up with the aisle way. There was a sign for both restrooms and exit near both hallways on either side of the large center stage. There was a catwalk to another circular stage twenty or twenty-five feet out toward the center of the room. Chairs were packed tightly around the stage as a talented dancer managed to pull tips from nearly all the men who were sitting there. Even if those were only ones, I figured that by the time she worked her way around all the stages she would make at least a hundred dollars.

I looked at Julie and Kathy, smiling as I noticed their expressions. Julie was in awe of the spectacle and Kathy was turned on. I wasn't surprised by either reaction. I glanced over at Bill and Wendy, Bill was gawking at the stripper on the center stage with his mouth open, and Wendy was looking around for her sister. I finally noticed her waiving at a girl coming out of one of the hallways.

We'd been seated at a large booth, and received our drinks by the time Wendy's sister Sarah worked her way over to us. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but Sarah certainly wasn't it.

I could see the family resemblance between the two women, but where Wendy was plain, Sarah was beautiful. Her face was delicate, ethereal, and angelic; however, her body was built for sin. A look or a smile from her would make a gay man have second thoughts about his lifestyle. Although her manner of dress was fairly conservative for this location, I could tell that she would look as phenomenal out of her clothes as she did in them. I was stunned when I finally got around to looking into her mind. Within a couple of seconds, I knew one of the things that the artifact had wanted me to learn.

What I saw in that brief span of time will take quite some time to write out. I'll tell it as I heard it, directly from Sarah's mind.

Sarah's story:

Daddy was always larger than life. He retired from the Air Force as a Major General. He shot down twelve Germans in the Second World War, and three MIGs in Korea. He was older than momma when they got married, and it took a long time for them to have their first baby. From the time she could talk, my big sister Wendy told momma that what she wanted more than anything was a sister. Wendy was eight years old before I was born.

Momma was nearly the age some women have grand children, so Wendy often took care of me. Daddy died when I was eight years old. I don't remember much about him except for his smile, and that he always had time for me. His pictures and all of his medals were on the wall of the living room, right across from the sofa, so momma used to tell me stories about daddy all the time: how everyone looked up to him and wanted his respect. That's what I thought of when I saw this man Jack for the first time.

When I graduated high school, momma decided to retire and move to Florida. "Phoenix was too hot," she said, "besides, there are a lot more people my age down there. I've talked to your sister, and she wants you to come and live with her while you go to college."

I was always pretty ignorant about sex, but I wasn't a virgin. In high school, I went out with a guy. He took me to a movie, bought me a hamburger and then took me parking. For him, sex involved putting on a condom, pulling down my panties and sticking it in me. It hurt a lot, and I bled heavily. He came within a few seconds and just drove me home without talking to me. I didn't go out again in high school.

When I moved in with Wendy, I knew that things would be better. I knew that she loved me and would take care of me; even though she was a little bit controlling. Wendy had a double size bed that we slept in together.

The second night I was there I woke up because the bed was shaking and Wendy was breathing hard. She stopped breathing for a few seconds and then started gasping for breath. I thought something was wrong, so I asked her, "Are you okay?"

Wendy was startled, and looked at me, "Have you been watching me?"

"I woke up and wondered what you were doing," I answered.

Wendy got up to her knees, dragged the covers down and to my surprise, pulled my 'jammie-bottoms down. I was too shocked to stop her.

"So now it's my turn to watch you... start rubbing." Wendy ordered.

I didn't know what she meant, but she jammed my hand into my crotch and I began to rub. It was really slimy down there. It was even more exciting than the dream. Before long, I was highly excited.

Wendy told me, "Take off your top."

I was so turned-on; I just did what she said. When I was totally naked in front of her, she had me resume rubbing. She began instructing me to open my legs wider, shove one or more fingers inside myself, raise my hips, whatever was the most humiliating thing she could think of. Within a couple of minutes, I had a massive orgasm. The first one I'd ever had while I was awake.

The only other orgasms I'd ever had, was when I had the dream. Ever since I was about twelve years old, two or three nights a week, I'd dream that I was naked in public. In the dream, the more people who saw me, the more turned on I'd get. Most of the time, I'd have an orgasm and wake up. The more humiliating the situation, the harder I'd cum.

After this experience with Wendy, I made the mistake of telling her about the dream. From this time on, nearly every night Wendy made me masturbate in front of her. At first, it was in the bedroom at night before we went to sleep; but before long I'd have to get naked in the living room and masturbate while we watched TV at night (she didn't like watching the commercials).

By the end of my second year in college, whenever Wendy was home, I was naked, usually on the floor with my legs spread and my pussy wet. When Wendy had her friends over, she let me stay in our room until they left, until that night.

Wendy had a couple of friends that she went out with from work. About once a week, she'd go out with her friends. They'd go out, have a few drinks and try to pick up guys: but on that night, there was a different agenda.

I decided to shower, and went into the bathroom. When I got out of the shower, all of the towels were missing. I finally decided to put on Wendy's robe and go into the room and they were all three sitting on the bed waiting for me.

"I didn't say you could wear my robe," Wendy said as she came up to me and stripped me naked in front of her friends.

I nearly came right then. Being naked in front of strangers was such a turn on that I was immobilized. I could feel my juices beginning to flow as Wendy told me, "Get on the bed and show them what a horny slut you are."

I was beginning to cry silently as I lay down on the bed and spread my legs, exposing my sloppy wet pussy. Tears were rolling down my cheek as Wendy told me, "Go ahead and show us how quickly you can cum."

My humiliation fed my libido so much that it didn't take a minute for me to masturbate myself to completion. My orgasm seemed to go on for at least a half an hour; but it was probably just over a minute. After cumming in front of her friends, I was even more humiliated than before.

I didn't think it could get any worse until I heard Wendy say, "If you think that was something, pinch her nipples on those big floppy titties and watch her cum again."

Her friends giggled as they each grabbed a nipple and began pinching, pulling and stretching them. It felt like there was a direct connection between my nipples and my clit as Wendy had me masturbate again. Lisa and Jenny were talking back and forth between their selves, ignoring me and humiliating me even further.

"Do you feel how hard these nipples are?" Lisa asked Jenny as she pinched and pulled hard for emphasis.

"Her nipples are hard, but I can't get over how big and floppy her boobies are. Watch this," Jenny said as she grabbed my nipple and began pulling and shaking my tit for her friend.

My humiliation peaked as Lisa matched Jenny's actions, and they all began laughing at me. I began to cum, over and over again. I'd never felt anything like it before and I crave it like nothing else.

I was still cumming as Wendy told her friends, "She's probably a lesbian now, and I bet she'd eat your pussy if you want."

I spent the rest of that night, and at least once a month for the rest of the time I lived with Wendy being humiliated by her and her friends. Despite the fact that I loved it, I knew that if I didn't get out of there, I would be sucked down into despair.

I know that Wendy loves me, and that only reason that she treated me that way was because I wanted it so badly. She never touched me inappropriately, or had me touch her. She only stayed in the room to keep me safe. When I graduated, I worked near her for a few months, but soon decided to move here, to Las Vegas.

I needed a job right away, so I took a job here serving drinks. I've never stripped, but I think about it all the time. The only time I can cum when I masturbate is when I imagine that I'm naked in front of a room full of people.

The funny thing is that I make more than all but two of the strippers: I don't even wear revealing clothes but everyone tips me a lot. I make five times more money than I could at any other job I could find, so I stay here; but lately I begun to want to find someone to share my life with.


Sarah hadn't even stopped moving before I had formulated a plan and began to implement it. I quickly scanned the people throughout the club, and sent home four of the women and eleven of the men, who for one reason or another would not be able to handle what would come next.

Wendy introduced us and I began working on Sarah to help her resolve her issues. I took control of the situation saying, "Your body seems to be at least as good as any dancer here. You need to get naked now."

It was either her desire, or my tone of command, but tears began streaming out of her eyes as she began slowly unbuttoning her blouse to comply with my order. Julie and Kathy were in shocked disapproval at what I was making her do until I let them see into Sarah's mind. When they saw that this was the best way to make her happy they both got up and began stripping her even quicker.

Wendy, despite her personal discomfort, knew that what I was doing was the best way to make Sarah happy. Bill was frozen in place, speechless and shocked as he watched his beautiful sister-in-law stripped in public. He'd always had a thing for her, and had jerked off to thoughts of her often, but he never thought that he'd ever actually see her naked.

I saw the waitress glance over at our table, and then do a shocked double take. She then began hurrying around the club informing the other waitresses and dancers that Sarah was finally taking off her clothes. Within a few minutes, nearly a dozen women and half again as many men were standing around her watching her be disrobed and making comments about her body.

Julie and Kathy had taken off her blazer, her blouse, her belt, her knee length tight skirt and were releasing the catch on her bra as tears flowed frankly down her face. Sarah looked at me as her breasts were exposed to the appreciative stares of the crowd. Sarah was being displayed for her audience in just her garter belt, stockings, high heels and panties.

Sarah's emotions were whipsawing between fear that I would tell her to take off her panties and an even greater fear that I wouldn't. A wet spot quickly grew on the gusset of her briefs as I watched, stretching out her uncertainty.

I looked up into her eyes until the tension was nearly unbearable for her and then said, "You need to take those panties off before they get so wet that they're unwearable."

Julie and Kathy stood close beside her to make sure that she didn't fall as she pulled her now soaked panties down. The girls grabbed her elbows to steady her when she came as she straightened back up.

Two thirds of the people in the club were standing around her as I had Sarah lie on the table and masturbate for the group. I heard a zipper being pulled down as Sarah's next orgasm began.

I noticed that a couple of the girls had begun jacking off the guys beside them as they watched Sarah, mesmerized. Suddenly, half the people in the club were stripping as they paired off. Too much was going on to follow as the entire place became the largest public orgy since ancient Rome.

I moved out of the line of fire as half a dozen men let their cum fly all over Sarah within a couple of minutes. I looked over at Wendy and Bill and sat that his pants were around his ankles, while Wendy bounced on his lap, holding her panties. I told Wendy, "I'm going to take care of Sarah; you don't have to worry about her anymore."

I saw gratitude in her eyes as I turned to go. After eight orgasms, an exhausted Sarah had a hard time pulling herself to her feet. Julie and Kathy had picked up her clothes and purse as we prepared to grab a cab back to the hotel. Walking outside, Julie and Kathy were still carrying Sarah's clothes when the taxi pulled up.

The cabbie's eyes bugged out as we all piled into the back seat. I paused for a moment before I climbed into the cab, and sent a significant amount energy toward the club ensuring that a good time would be had by all, for the rest of the evening. I got into the cab, having done all that I could to keep everyone in the club safe for the evening.

I let a grateful Sarah put on her blouse and skirt for the walk through the hotel lobby, but made her carry her underwear in her hand. A close look at her would reveal the blobs of only partially dried cum in her hair, and the shiny patch on her cheek that was there for the same reason. Knowing that there was a high likelihood of being caught in an embarrassing situation was ramping up Sarah's libido; however, I used my abilities to keep anyone from noticing anything amiss. We made it back to our room without incident.

Sarah had spent much of the last several years alone and was deliriously happy that we all cared for her. Now that we were alone in the room, the desire to be publicly humiliated changed into much simpler submissiveness and desire to serve.

"I want you to cum for us again," Kathy told Sarah after we'd spent two hours satisfying each other.

"You know that you want to," Julie said as she and Kathy pulled her knees apart to display the spectacle to me.

I helped Sarah by ramping up her shame at showing us once again. Kathy and Julie watched closely as Sarah completed the task. I kept her from cumming for so long that her orgasm was one of the best she ever had.

Sarah was exhausted, trying to recover her breath when Julie and Kathy both turned to me and Julie asked, "Can we keep her?"

Kathy was nodding as she added, "Please...? We'll take care of her. She needs us."

I thought about it for a moment. On the face of it, it was ridiculous, they were relating her to a stray puppy; but when I scanned Sarah, I saw that she wanted to come with us more than anything else. I looked at her until she cast her eyes down toward the floor and finally said, "Oh, alright; but you'll both be responsible to make sure that she behaves."

All three women launched their selves at me, hugging my neck and kissing me. I took a few minutes getting them ready for bed. I needed to talk to the artifact, so I sent them to bed and had them go to sleep. Sarah was happier than she'd been in years, drifting off to sleep between Julie and Kathy.

I went into the bathroom and waited, knowing that the artifact wanted to talk with me too.


I sat down, closed my eyes and waited for spirit of the artifact that I knew would come. I've never been a patient person, but I've always been able to compose myself and wait as long as needed when it was required.

I realized that I had been in a meditative state for nearly an hour when I sensed the old man coming toward me. I waited until he began talking, taking my cue from his previous behavior.

"It is good to see you again, my lord," the old man said with tremendous dignity.

I nodded patiently as I waited for him to continue. He began smiling as he said, "You have learned much,"

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