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Poppy was up early, even though it was a Saturday. She had so much to do before she left the house. She'd already picked out her clothing last night, after hours of agonising over every item. She had laid out the little make up she had on her dressing table. She'd even had a practice with it, knowing how long it was since she had last used it.

She was glad she had allowed herself so long to get ready. Normally she was the type of girl who got up, threw some clothes on, brushed her teeth, and headed out. But not today. Half an hour in the shower, ages brushing her long brunette hair, making sure it was just right, so long in front of the mirror, trying to get her make up perfect.

Today, for the first (and almost certainly only) time in her life, Poppy was going to be a life model.


It was all Sarah's fault. Sarah had been Poppy's best friend since school, and they told each other everything. A few months ago, Sarah had told Poppy something that had shocked her - she had volunteered to do some life modelling.

"You mean - naked?" Poppy asked, sure she had misunderstood.

"Yeah," Sarah said, a little nervously.

"In front of a load of people?" Poppy asked incredulously.

Sarah was almost as shy and reserved as Poppy - although the two of them had been on holiday together plenty of times and shared a room, even Poppy had never seen Sarah fully naked. The two of them would always get changed in the bathroom.

"No, just one guy," Sarah replied. "He's called Toby."

"Where?" Poppy asked.

"In his flat," Sarah said.

"So you're going to go to a strange guy's flat, take all your clothes off, and sit there and let him draw you?" Poppy asked, sure this was some kind of joke.

"Yeah," Sarah said. "I know what you're thinking, but he's a friend of a friend, he's OK."

"But why?" Poppy had asked, still thinking Sarah was winding her up.

"I just think it would be nice, I'm so insecure about my body, and I just thought it might help. I still only let Jake have sex with me with all the lights off, and it would just be good if I was confident enough to, you know, show off for him a bit," Sarah explained.

Poppy felt the usual jealousy she did when Sarah mentioned Jake. Neither Poppy nor Sarah had had boyfriends at school, and they'd both only had short relationships since, never long enough for either of them to think about having sex. But a year ago Sarah had met Jake through a dating site, and things were going great for them.

Sarah had started sleeping with Jake a few months ago, and shared all the details with Poppy. Poppy would go home and fantasise about having sex, imagining that she was Sarah and that Jake was there, doing the things to her that Sarah had described. It was weird, and she'd never told Sarah she did this.

Poppy had never thought that Sarah would go through with posing as a life model, but she did. She came back and described the whole thing to Poppy. The guy had been lovely, made her a cup of tea, got her comfortable, and drawn a really great picture of her. He'd given her a copy, which Sarah offered to show to Poppy.

When she did, Poppy could feel herself going bright red with embarrassment. It was only a drawing, but it was fantastically detailed, the guy was obviously extremely talented. He'd spared no detail, and Poppy could now see all the parts of Sarah's body she had never seen in real life.

If the artist was to be believed, Sarah had a fantastic pair of boobs. Poppy had always been jealous of Sarah's boobs - both had been pretty flat chested in their early teens, then Sarah's had suddenly got huge whilst Poppy's had settled at a B cup. But seeing them bare, even only in the drawing, made her even more jealous.

What really surprised her was Sarah's bare crotch. The artist had added not a single hair, and had added just the slightest mark at the point of the triangle her closed legs formed, which looked to Poppy as if it was Sarah's cooch just peeking through. The two had discussed girls shaving their private area before, and both had been against it.

"I know, I know," Sarah said, when she said Poppy looking. "It's just... I got embarrassed about Toby seeing me with pubes. I know it's silly..."

That night Poppy went up to bed early, as she always did when she was planning on playing with herself. She undressed and climbed into bed naked, pulling the covers over her. For some reason, even though she lived alone, she still felt the need to cover herself up before she touched herself.

She spread her legs and put her hand between them, feeling her cooch nestled in her thick untrimmed pubic hair. She started to rub gently, starting as she always did with the lips, denying herself her clit until she was more aroused to tease herself. She immediately started to relax as the gentle pleasure started to warm her body.

Before Sarah had started sleeping with Jake, Poppy hadn't masturbated that often. It had just been an occasional thing. There was a time of month, the last few days, when her hormones made her a bit horny, and she would usually have a bit of a play with herself a couple of times.

But since that time that Sarah had described to her in detail exactly how she had lost her virginity to Jake Poppy had found herself naked between the sheets far more frequently. She was starting to get really good at it. She'd even had her first ever orgasm a few weeks ago. She'd told Sarah, of course, but left out the fact that she'd been fantasising about riding Jake cowgirl at the time.

Poppy's lips swelled and moistened as she gradually rubbed them harder, her whole body starting to become aroused. She imagined herself walking into an artist's studio, drawings of nude women adorning the walls, the guy sat there with his pencil and paper, her undressing in front of him, him admiring her body.

Poppy let her fingers find her clit, loving the boost of pleasure that always came from giving in to the ache and touching her pleasure button. She had got a lot more confident and experienced with playing with it recently, and it rewarded her handsomely. Her arousal meant that the idea of being naked in front of a strange guy seemed not only doable, but enjoyable. She loved imagining him looking at her completely exposed body, seeing the bulge start to grow in his trousers.

She imagined being handed the picture of her naked body, the permanent evidence of her exposure, all of her private parts captured in permanence. Perhaps the artist would take the drawing to bed, start to fantasise about it. She imagined him slipping out his cock, starting to thrust it in his hand as Sarah had described Jake doing to himself. Her thinking about him thinking about her...

Her whole body was warm and tingling, her lady parts aching with pleasure, insatiably begging to be rubbed harder, faster, all over. Her hand was out of her control now, working her clit, sliding down her wet lips and back up again, and on her clit again now, close, so close, his cock was in his hand and...

Her whole body shut down with the pleasure, her mind blank, her hand still rubbing, his lips so sensitive, every nerve ending tingling. The orgasm filled her and she held onto it for as long as she could. As her pleasure slipped into comfortable wellbeing, she felt sleepy.

Her senses returned, and she remembered she was in the house alone, with nobody to give her a cuddle and kiss. Sighing she got out of bed, had a pee and cleaned her teeth, then climbed into her pyjamas and went to sleep.


Poppy hadn't thought about the artist again until a couple of weeks ago. It was the last day of the month, her prime time for needing a bit of sexual relief before she went to bed, and sitting watching TV she could feel a twinge between her legs calling for her to take an early night.

When she got between the sheets naked, her mind wandered around, looking for something to focus on. Prior to Sarah starting to sleep with Jake, Poppy hadn't usually fantasised when she touched herself, but now it felt weird to masturbate without thinking of something at least vaguely sexual or arousing.

Jake had been away for a few weeks so Poppy hadn't been hearing stories of Sarah sleeping with him, and accordingly she hadn't been having much between the legs action herself recently. It was weird to think how closely linked her own arousal had become to Sarah and Jake's sex life. It wasn't a good thing. She needed her own boyfriend.

Her cooch reacted in the way it tended to do these days when it had been neglected for a while and was already moist in anticipation by the time she could get her hand down there. The waves of pleasure that even her gentle initial rubs gave her told her that her sexual parts were delighted to be back in action again, even though it was yet again a solo session.

With no Sarah and Jake scenario to imagine, her mind returned to the idea of posing nude for that artist. In her fantasy, it didn't seem so bad. It wasn't like she knew him, and it wasn't like she ever had to see him again. To him she would just be a body to draw, another work of art for his collection.

She felt her bare boob, her nipple hard. Guys loved boobs, but she always kept hers covered up. Why shouldn't she get them out and let a guy see them, enjoy them? She was insecure about her boobs, but he might like them, get more benefit out of them than she did. How exciting to have her boobs out and nothing covering them for once.

She let her clit join the action, her hand sliding easily as her juices moistened her. She imagined where he was now, maybe in his bedroom, fantasising over some other girl he'd drawn, maybe Sarah. He'd had those huge boobs of hers out on display for hours, taken his time over picking out every detail. What guy wouldn't wank over those breasts?

And Sarah had done it; she'd actually done it for real. Taken all her clothes off, sat there naked, kept her hands out of the way, let the guy admire her body at his leisure, capture the shape of her nipples, the shadow of her boobs, that feminine v that disappears between her legs, hiding the very parts Poppy was now rubbing so furiously, that a guy would so love to get his hands on, get his cock inside.

Poppy's whole body was now focussed on one task, pushing herself over the edge, giving herself a fantastic orgasm, a wash of pleasure. Her hand worked her clit furiously, giving it no option but to push her closer and closer, not giving herself any relief from her arousal. Her breathing quickened, images flashing through her mind - the artist was looking at Sarah's boobs, no Poppy's boobs. He ran his eyes down her body, towards her crotch, and she did nothing to stop him...

Poppy released her hand from her clit, seconds away from her climax. Her whole body ached and complained in protest, her clit demanding that she return her hand immediately, given herself completion. But she just laid there, the frustration building and filling her body like never before, every ounce of her aching to go back to rubbing herself. It took all her power to keep her hand by her side, to keep her legs slightly spread rather than trying to rub them against each other.

As her body slowly calmed down, the pleasure and frustration sweating themselves out of her body, her genitals finally getting the message and ceasing their urging, she made her resolution. No orgasm, no more masturbation even, until she'd posed nude for Toby. When she came back from posing for him, she'd come up to bed, get naked again, and work this all out of her system.


So this was why Poppy had found herself on a Friday night sat on her sofa, bottomless, legs spread, with a pair of scissors and a mirror in her hand. Sarah had had the whole thing removed, every last hair. She wasn't going to do that. Her bush was a part of her body, and she didn't want to be bare down there.

Besides, she was worried that if she was her lady bits would peek from between her legs, as Sarah's had done. The idea of sitting there and realising he could see her cooch, even just a tiny bit of pink, was too embarrassing for words. Sitting there with him staring directly at it, not allowed to cover it up, watching as he carefully marked it on his drawing - she'd die of embarrassment.

But she was feeling really self conscious now about how hairy she was down there. She'd never had to think about it before; no one had ever seen her pubes but her. Her bush had always been safely concealed under her clothing. But now she was going to not just show it off, but have it carefully examined. At least she could make it look neat.

She spent ages and ages trimming, trying to get it just right. She had no idea what a neat lady bush looked like, having just let it grow as it wanted up to now. She assumed that most girls removed all the hair anyway, so seeing a girl with a crop of curls down there would probably be a novelty to the artist anyway. She just hoped he didn't see it as a problem.

After spending such a long time focussing on such a private area, and with her mind on her naked posing the next day, Poppy slipped her clothes off and was about to get under the covers naked, knowing that her cooch had already started to get moist and was asking for attention. But then she remembered her rule.

Disappointed she slipped on her pyjamas and got into bed, taking ages to fall asleep because of the frustration she was feeling. Tomorrow, she told herself. Pose naked, then you can touch all you like.


Poppy knocked on the door nervously. This first bit was going to be the worst. She couldn't believe she was thinking this, but the quicker she could slip off her clothes and start posing naked in front of him the better.

It seemed to take ages for him to arrive, but eventually the door swung open. Oh shit. He was hot.

"Hello, you must be Poppy?" he smiled. He had an amazing smile.

"Um... yeah," Poppy stuttered, too shy even to look at him.

Sarah hadn't told her he was hot. It shouldn't have been a problem, but Poppy was always nervous in front of guys she fancied, and the idea of spending hours alone with him, with her completely naked and him fully dressed and staring at her body, sounded excruciating.

"Hi, I'm Toby, come on in," he said, stepping back to allow her to enter.

You promised yourself you would do this, she told herself. Just get on with it. She went in.

Toby led her into the living room and made them both a cup of tea. They sat there in silence for a few minutes. It felt so weird; it was so normal, having a cup of tea, except that in a minute or two he'd be asking her to take all her clothes off. In any normal situation, that would be a cue to leave immediately and probably to call the police. But today she'd do as she was asked.

"Thanks so much for coming and posing for me," Toby said. "It means a lot."

"That's OK," Poppy said, wishing she could think of something more interesting to say.

"Have you any life modelling before?" he asked casually.

"Um, no, first time," Poppy replied.

"OK, well it's really not as bad as people think," Toby said. "After the first couple of minutes it will just feel normal, and you'll wonder what you were worrying about."

"Yeah," Poppy said, trying but failing to seem convinced.

"Are you nervous?" Toby smiled. That amazing smile.

"Yeah, a bit."

She decided to tell him.

"I've never been naked in front of... well, anyone, really, before," she said, looking away from him.

"You're a virgin?" Toby asked, sounding a bit surprised.

It was a very personal question to ask a stranger, but she had invited it.

"Yeah," she said, still not looking at him.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Toby asked.

"Um... yeah?" Poppy said, confused.

"Me too."

Wow. How on earth had a guy like that failed to sleep with a girl? Poppy would have thought they'd have been queuing up for him, that he could have a different girl every night if he wanted.

She sneaked a glance at him, but he was looking away now.

He looked back at her.

"Well, thanks for making your first time in front of me," he said.

There was a pause. It was time.

"Do I just... take my clothes off here?" Poppy asked.

"No, you don't have to undress in front of me," Toby replied. "Go and undress in the bathroom, wait until you feel comfortable, then come back in here and we'll go into my studio."

Toby pointed Poppy in the direction of his bathroom. As she headed off he said "Poppy?"

She turned to face him.

"I know this is a big thing for you, so if you don't feel totally comfortable being naked, just keep your undies on and I'll draw you like that. Not all my models pose naked."

Poppy nodded and continued down the corridor. Once in the bathroom she closed and locked the door. It felt a bit silly given that she was going to be going out without her clothes on anyway, but for now she valued the last remnants of privacy.

It felt weird enough stripping off in a stranger's bathroom as it was. She took off her jacket and draped it over the side of the bath, then pulled her top off, exposing her black bra. She'd gone out and bought new undies especially, just in case she had to undress in front of him. She stepped out of her shoes and removed her socks, then unfastened her jeans and let these fall to the floor, picking them up, folding them carefully and piling them on the floor on top of her top.

Poppy turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She thought about what Toby had said. She didn't have to get naked. He could still draw her if she was posing in her underwear. Why did he need to see her boobs and pubes? She could just walk out there now, start posing for him, and forget about all the embarrassment of being naked.

But no. She'd come here to pose naked. She'd put on these undies this morning to remove them. If she didn't go out there without a stitch of clothing on, she hadn't kept her deal with herself, and her clit was permanently out of action. The bra and knickers had to go. She reached behind her back and let the clasp go, then let the bra drop from her chest and arms. She added it to the pile of clothes.

Knickers were last. If Sarah had done it, why couldn't Poppy? Time to lose them and go out there and stick to her end of the deal. She dropped them as quickly as she could before she had a chance to change her mind, and added them as the final item on the clothes pile.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Pretty small boobs, firm enough though, and cute nipples - she'd always thought she had cute nipples. She was slim enough, though could still do with losing a few pounds. Her pubes looked well groomed, which was a change. Well, it would have to do.

Taking a deep breath Poppy flicked the lock on the door and walked out into the corridor. Moving as confidently as she could she walked down the corridor towards the living room. As she walked in he turned to look at her. His face lit up with a huge smile when he saw that she completely naked.

"Wow," he said. "You really didn't have to... but thanks!"

He ran his eyes slowly up and down her body, making no attempt to hide the fact that he was doing so. It was Poppy's natural reaction in these circumstances to cover her body, but she knew that wasn't appropriate. She'd just taken her clothes off for the sole reason of showing her body off to him; in fact, it was the whole reason she was here.

"You're beautiful," Toby told her.

Poppy could feel herself blushing.

"Thanks," she said, not looking at him.

Toby led her through into an adjoining room, which was obviously his studio. The walls were covered with his drawings; everywhere Poppy looked were incredibly detailed, almost photorealistic naked bodies. There were plenty of boobs, but lots of cocks too. The models ranged from people around her age up to much older people.

Poppy looked around in wonder.

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