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Nineteen year old Lilianne was an aspiring young artist. Always a studious bookworm, Lilly, as her friends called her, never had much time for boys. She had never dated a man, let alone been intimate with one. Her only exposure to nude men had been in online porn, and sex ed videos. Throughout her school years Lilly had fantisized about attractive young men from her class, only admiring them from afar, and wondering, "If only?" However, all that was about to change. Unbeknownst to her, her passion for art was about to forever alter the course of her love life.

It was the start of Lilly's second year in art school. This was the semester that Lilly would be taking figure drawing. Lilly made her way to her figure drawing class, anxious over the anticipation of finally seeing the hot nude men, she had always fanticized about. Just the thought of it made her nipples hard, and her genitals moist.

Lilly entered her classroom and by pure luck, managed to snag the last seat in the front of the class. Anxious of what was about to come, Lilly's legs started twitching violently.

"Are you okay?" the boy next to her inquired.

"Yes, I'm fine," Lilly replied. "I'm always a bit nervous on the first day of class."

Suddenly, in came the teacher.

"Good morning class," the teacher said. "My name is Mrs. Anderson, and I will be your figure drawing instructor."

Mrs. Anderson proceeded with the usual first day of class routine, of learning names and going over the syllabus. However, Lilly tuned her out for most of the time, as all she could think about was those hot male models who would soon be standing in front of her.

"We will be drawing our first model next Friday," Mrs. Anderson said.

"Next Friday?" Lilly blurted out.

"Is there a problem?" Mrs. Anderson asked.

"No, no problem," Lilly replied. "I'm looking forward to it."

"That's it for today," Mrs. Anderson said. "You're excused."

Lilly left the class disappointed that she would have to wait one more week to finally see her first penis.

A week had past and Lilly was once again on her way to figure drawing, this time more anxious than ever, as she knew this would finally be the day. Lilly arrived even earlier this time, to make sure she would snag a front row seat. As Lilly settles in, Mrs. Anderson walks in.

"Good morning class. This morning I am proud to introduce our first model of the semester. Please welcome, Lydia."

NOOOOOOOOO!! Lilly couldn't believe her ears. At this point it seemed like Mrs. Anderson was deliberately screwing with her. All she wanted to do now, was get through the day's class, and hope that next week would finally be the day.

Week three of her semester had arrived, but at this point, Lilly had low hopes about seeing the nude man of her dreams. She came to class and once again sat in front row, but this time she was calm and relaxed, anticipating that Mrs. Anderson would introduce another female model.

Mrs. Anderson walked into class.

"Good morning class. I am excited to tell you that today we will be drawing our first male model."

Lilly's heartrate immediately jumped to three times its normal pace. This was it.

"Class, please welcome to the stage, today's model, Curtis."

The curtain lifted, and there he was, Curtis. A 6 ft. 3'' hippie with long dark hair, and a full goatie. He approached the podium, directly in front of our young artist, Lilly. He reached for his bathrobe belt, undid the knot and dropped his robe. There he was, just a few feet from Lilly. She couldn't believe it. After nineteen years, she was finally looking at a naked man for the first time. Curtis was covered in thick dark chest hair, and a line of hair lead from his abdomen down to his thick, uncircumsized penis, which was partially obscured by a patch of dense, dark pubic hair. Lilly felt her nipples get hard, and her moist pussy open up. In her eyes, he was flawless. At this point, she was more focused on getting that penis, then actually drawing it.

After nearly two hours, Mrs. Anderson called out, "Okay! It's time to go class! A special thanks to our model for this week. Next week we will introduce a new model!"

Curtis turned around just long enough for Lilly to catch a glimpse of his firm hairy buttocks. She knew she would never see this man or another like him again. This could be her only chance, but so many thoughts ran through her head. "What if he has a girlfriend? What if he thinks I'm ugly?" But Lilly knew if she didn't act, she would regret it for the rest of her life. At that point, Lilly decided to take a chance. She waited outside the classroom for Curtis to come out.

"Hey! Curtis, right? I'm Lilly!"

"Oh, nice to meet you Lilly," Curtis replied.

"Hey listen, this might be too much to ask, but I kind of didn't finish my drawing, and I really want to keep a straight A in this class. Do you think you could come up to my dorm later, so I can finish drawing you?"

"Sure," Curtis replied. "You seem like a sweet girl, and I would hate for you not to get that straight A. I can come by this evening around 7:00."

"7:00 works great! Lilly replied! I'll see you then."

Lilly couldn't believe it, and had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She jumped in excitement and yelled out a loud, squeaky, "YES!" as confused students looked at her awkwardly.

"Um... sorry." Lilly said.

7:00, Lilly is relaxing in her dorm, when she hears a knock. She opens the door, and sees Curtis.

"Curtis? You're actually here! Please, come in! Would you like a cup of coffee or something to eat?"

"No, I'm fine," Curtis replied. "Let's finish that drawing."

Lilly sat in front of her canvas, as Curtis began to undress. Before she knew it, she was once again staring right at his hot naked pose. Lilly once again began to feel aroused, and after just a few minutes she couldn't help herself and said, "You have a beautiful body!"

Curtis blushed and said, "Why, thank you, but I don't think you're allowed to say that to me."

Lilly put her brush down, and stood up. She walked right up Curtis and put her hands right on his chest, "We're not in art class."

Curtis slowly leaned in and began to kiss Lilly on the mouth. They locked hands and began to French kiss. Lilly slowly released her hands, and began to run them down his back and hairy buttocks.

"I'm sorry, I've never done this before," Lilly said.

"Shhhhh. Just relax," replied Curtis, as he put his index finger on Lilly's red lips.

He laid her down on the sofa, and slowly began to unbutton her shirt, revealing her blue bra. He removed her shirt and put it on the ground next to her. They then embraced each other in a Lotus position, and Curis began to unhook her bra. She pressed her perky, erect nippled breasts against his hairy chest. She gently peered down to see Curtis's 7 inch boner, pointing straight towards her face. The two stood up and Curtus slowly began to kiss Lily's breasts and belly. He slowly unbottoned and unzipped her jeans and gently pulled them down. He began to kiss her pink underwear, before slowly pulling it down, revealing her thick, brown pubic hair. He slowly put his mouth up against Lilly's wet pussy, and began to lick as Lilly held his long hair. She could not believe this was happening.

After a couple minutes, he began to work his way back up, kissing her stomach and breasts, eventually working his way up her armpits. He gently began to suck on her long, brown armpit hairs.

After another 2 minutes he gently laid her back down on her coach. He lifted one of her leg's up in the air, and gently inserted his 7 inch penis inside her hairy pussy. He began to slowly thrust in and out, and Lilly could feel his foreskin sliding back and forth inside her. Lilly began to moan as Curtis slowly sped up, and began to nibble on her toes. Lilly was in a state of shock! She tried to moan again, but no sound was coming out. As he began to thrust faster and faster, Lilly's leg slipped knocking over her easel. Suddenly, Curtis pulled out. "Why'd you stop?" Lilly inquires. Next thing she knows, her chest and belly are covered with Curtis's semen. Lilly was a virgin no more.

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