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The Artist and the Engineer


I had just been laid off from my job as an electrical engineer and was not looking forward to the grind of job hunting. Being a woman in a very male dominant field was an advantage and a disadvantage. I could be hired quickly because companies would have quotas to fill, but I often wasn't taken seriously because companies had quotas to fill. Screw it, I'm not job hunting today, I'm having some wine and a good laugh at the Space Wars movie marathon. Obviously science fiction had nothing to do with real science; otherwise they would know 90% of their special effects could never happen.

Fast forward: oooh, why is that damn phone ringing so early in the morning when I'm hung over? It's obviously not a job since I hadn't applied anywhere yet, but I'll answer it just to stop that damn noise. "Yello."

"Jenna?" It was Mark, and old high school friend. I loved teasing him about not having a real degree because he had gone onto UCLA for Theatre Arts, but he must be good at what he does because he works pretty consistently, unlike most Hollywierd flakes. "Oh Jenna, I just tried reaching you at your office but they said you don't work there anymore." Not a surprise Mark called me at the job. It seemed like I was always there.

"Hey Mark. No, bastards laid off 85 people yesterday. What's up?"

"Good, then you're free. Tell you what, I'm doing a movie and I just lost my lead technician. I was told I could get anyone I wanted, so I thought of you. Interested?"

"Mark, there have got to be a million tech wannabees who want to be in the movies, and I don't have experience with this sort of thing. I'm not sure this is a good idea."

Mark turned on his charm voice. "C'mon, you don't have anything better to do, I'll put you up in a great apartment for clients, you will be the lead which means boss lady, and you get to be in a movie. That's bucket list for sure." He paused, "And face it, with the economy being the way it is, nobody can afford to turn down a paying job."

He had a point. It was January, and the big contractors weren't going to be doing any hiring until the start of the government fiscal year in October. "Ok, fine. But this sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?"

Mark sighed," the catch is we need a lead technician fast. I'm looking online, and I want to put you on the 635 pm flight out here. It's a lot of special effects and I've got hot sets with people standing around until I can get a technician. Can you do it?"

It was fast, but sure. I got all the information, made the flight, and got picked up by Mark and some actor/intern whatever. On the way to the apartment, Mark pulled out a bottle of champagne and some papers. We toasted and I signed what looked like photocopies of an employment contract with someone else's name blotted out. Probably not my best decision, but the champagne seemed to reactivate the leftover liquor in my system, making me hammered again at the end of the first glass.

The next morning the little intern picked me up at 5, brought me to the set, and walked me to a trailer. He seemed nervous. "Spit it out kid, I don't like pretense."

He leaned forward and began gossiping like an old bitty. "We are weeks behind schedule, we're way over budget, you probably won't be sleeping in that apartment much because everyone is working at least 12 hours a day, and you'll have to deal with Glenn."

Gave the kid a hard stare then smiled. "I knew there was a catch. I've known Mark for years, and he's pulled lots of scams like this. He wasn't fooling me getting me drunk to sign papers. I just need the work which is why I did it. But who or what is a Glenn?"

The kids face lit up with the opportunity to name drop, like knowing someone who did something was as impressive that you actually did it. "Glenn Hetrick!" I gave him a blank look. "You don't know who Glenn Hetrick is? Omigod he's only the premier special effects artist." The kid started gushing about the guy like he had a crush. Long list of stuff, worked with a bunch of names, a few I recognized, and evidently had gotten to the point where he was famous enough that he was allowed to be a pain in anyone's ass. Oh yay, this was bound to end well.

The kid then gave me a tour of the set, introducing me to everyone. A few were obviously too good to deal with a techie, some were fawning because THE Mark had handpicked me, but most gave me looks of apprehension. "Met Glenn yet? No- that's why you haven't quit yet. Good luck. So you're the next victim." Greeeeaaaattt. I like the other techies. I had broken up with my boyfriend some months back. Actually we just quit calling each other and trying to force a boring relationship. A few of these guys looked like my type: smart, organized, clean cut, stable, not the hard core look-at-how-drunk-and-stupid-I-can-be idiots. They immediately handed me a huge list and I started sorting it out, giving assignments, making decisions, but most of all, evidently being the human shield against the Glenn creature.

3 hours in and we are shooting a scene that I had to rework the generators because the last person who wired the cables must have been trying to start a fire. The actors act, the lights flash, the boom booms, and-

"What the fuck was that?!" A rough voice brought the whole thing to a halt. "Who was the idiot who changed the effects? The light's wrong, the sound's wrong, it's bullshit. Who did this?"

A couple of my techies, who were so glad to see me there, threw me straight under the bus. "Um, our new lead Jenna rewired the generator cables."

"Then Jenna needs to get her ass over here and fix it."

I walked across the set with my little intern, Greg, following me like a puppy. Evidently his function in life was to keep me happy so I wouldn't quit, like the 4 leads before me. "Excuse me?! I rewired that because it was a safety hazard. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?"

As a man turned and stepped up, Greg leaned over and whispered, "That's Glenn, in charge of special effects. Good luck." He wilted back behind me.

I looked this Glenn over; you must be kidding, HE is a special effect. He almost tall, and had a thick meaty body like a laborer or parolee. He had on some kind of heavy boots and black jeans that involved chains, and a shirt that was spray painted on that showed huge gothic, tribal, whatever tattoos on his arms. He also had thick leather bracelets and a belt that looked like it was a gun belt prop and some other heavy jewelry, and that's where he stopped looking normal. He had earrings and face piercings, with a goatee that was shaved down to some sort punk style, and good lord, the eyeliner and his hair. His eyes had eyeliner and his eyebrows had been shaped to give a predatory stare, and his almost black hair had bleach spots and was being worked into dread locks. Wow, that explained a lot.

"Who told you to do that? It completely blew the shot! I had it done that way for a reason. You don't change shit without my say so." He took a step up to me, obviously used to being the bully.

I had been working in a male work environment for years, I knew this trick. I stepped up to him. "Who told me to? The law did, Ohms Law and Watts Law. I am a certified electrical safety supervisor, and it was a safety hazard. Sorry we didn't get your precious shot, but we also didn't get cooked. So back off and tell me what you need and I'll do it safely, or you can have your little diva tantrum and go with what you got."

He looked hard at me, then at the clock. "You got 45 minutes to fix this. That's how long it's going to take me to re-rig the scene." He barked at Mark this time, "You brought her here; you said she could do the job, now you explain it to her and make sure she doesn't screw it up again."

Glenn walked off and Mark scurried over. "Jenna, I probably should have told-"

"Told me what Mark?! That I was going to be dealing with some Hollywierd asshole that thinks you can defy the laws of physics to meet his unreasonable expectations? Ya think?!" I gripped my head with my hands. "Just tell me what the mutant wants so we can get this done."

Mark explained it, me and my crew redid the wiring. We took an extra 40 minutes finding another generator and cables, then mirrors and reflective plates also had to be brought in, all of which made the mutant a bigger asshole. We did get the scene perfect, and then had to shoot it 3 more times because it wasn't the right perfect, and finally moved on. That first day was 2 months ago.

Since then, Glenn and I have developed a special relationship. He's overbearing mutant asshole and I'm stupid meddling cunt. As it turned out, that wasn't our first fight; that was big wet sloppy kisses compared to the subsequent knock down drag out screaming matches we've had. I'm usually a calm rational person, well spoken, clear headed, and professional. This guy brings out a raving bitch in me I didn't even know existed. After seeing me go bat shit crazy, none of the tech guys would touch me with a 10 foot pole, provided there was even time. 12 hours was a short day, and after 2 weeks I gave up and completely moved out of the apartment and into the lot trailer. At first it seemed like a good idea, until I realized Glenn was living there too. It was impossible to get away from his growling gravelly voice, and it seemed like we were constantly bumping into each other or having to step over each other. If I was running a cable, he was right there to bitch it was in the way. If I went to get coffee, he had just taken the last cup. He used to do things to deliberately piss me off, now I tense up just at the heavy stomp of his boots, and he's always trying to stare me down across the sets. I couldn't even get away from him in the shower, because we both had figured out that 2 am was the only time you weren't being rushed. I'm trying to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet, but the dreadlocks and tattoos evidently were highest showering priority with the way he banged on the door. Prick.

We get the scenes done, even though I swear he's made it a mission to make the shots more and more impossible, but I'm not giving him the satisfaction. I make it happen, until today. Its 1 am, I had just gotten back to my trailer after re-wiring a freaking spaceship, when there in my trailer were the latest changes with his most farfetched wacko ideas yet, and enough is enough.

I slam open the door to the special effects shack where he's been living. "Have you lost your damn mind?!" I toss the script at him. "What the hell! You want enough shit firing on the desert shot to give someone a seizure, but no fucking equipment, even though in order to do this, well need enough crap to run a Death Star."

He poked me in the shoulder, "You're the engineer with the fancy education; you figure it out. That's your job."

I poke him back and shout back, "My job is to make sure this movie is safe, not to cater to some testosterone engorged diva who's divorced from reality!" Damn I'm hot. My face is turning colors because I've never been this hot or angry.

"You're an arrogant bitch who doesn't know jack shit about movies. Your idea of effects is flipping a light switch on and off." He wasn't just shouting, he was snarling. "So shut your fucking mouth and go do your damn job." Bastard actually grabs my wrist to shove me out the door.

I dig my claws into his arm so he'll release my wrist, but his grip is like steel. "Don't you dare talk to me that way. I'm not taking that from anyone, especially some idiot with fishing lures hanging out of his face!"

He steps up to me, bully asshole trying to tower over me again, and shouts down to me "Well I've never met any stupid bitch who likes anal sex the way you do with that giant stick up your ass!"

I punch his chest. I can't believe how enraged and hot I am. It feels like fire ants are crawling on my skin. "Fucking asshole! Go to hell!" I lean and shove him with my whole body weight. I can't breathe I'm so hot and angry and this guy is right in my face. I can't take it!

Glenn's eyes fly wide open as he roars and lunges at me. He pushes me against the wall, grabbing my wrists and pressing me with his weight. I snarl back at him, fighting him. It's so freaking hot, and all I can see are his eyes and I can't even breath because his face is right there, stealing the air. I claw and bite from rage, and dammit, now I'm biting his tongue!

His hot skin is burning me through our clothes, and he is biting my tongue. It's so hot I somehow manage to pull my shirt open as we bite at each other's mouths. The fire and rage are too much, we both are tearing at our clothes, clawing each other wildly, and-

OH MY GOD! He's in me! He's stabbing his cock into me! He can't! I hate him! I'm not ready! Oh damn, I'm so fucking wet and lord, his cock!

His dick is thick and meaty like his body, powerful, and merciless. As he kisses and bites into my neck, I give a small scream. He's panting and stares into my eyes. "You ok?" He looks like he had to fight to speak. I realize my legs are wrapped around him and I pull him into me tighter.

"Don't stop so I can come." He gives a growl, and keeps pumping into me, working that thick cock in deeper and deeper, and oh, damn I've never been stretched like this. I scream again as I manage to actually come. Now I'm clinging for dear life, that wasn't an orgasm, that must have been a seizure! I had never felt anything that violent and intense, except...

Glenn was moving us over to the couch. Somehow it seemed that we were still fucking as we crossed the room. When we get there, he pushes me so hard that I'm almost flying, and before I've completely landed, he's between my legs again, holding one leg up around my thigh, and fucking me like a crazed freight train. Him entering and stretching me again, followed by the incredible deep pounding, was too much, I screamed out another orgasm. As I'm bucking against it, he leans forward so he can grab me where my throat and chest connect, and the angle, dear god I've never felt anything like this! I was somewhat rotated and tilted, so his hard thrusts are almost diagonal, and as the pounding rhythm continues, we are grabbing and pulling each other so the thrusts go even deeper and are constantly changing angle. Holy hell, I feel him up in my ribs, and while part of me worries how sore I'll be, the part moaning out yet another mind shattering orgasm is winning.

I grab at him to pull him down, and he pulls me up, until our faces are close enough to share breath again, and we're kissing. It's not kissing so much as devouring. What the hell?! I feel his tongue and a metal rod through it. It wasn't disgusting like I usually thought, but the hard post gave his hungry kisses a stimulation I had never felt. I grabbed at his dreadlocks, surprised that the hair was mostly soft and clean, and he pulled out of the kiss to stare at my eyes, like he would stab into me with his gaze like with his cock. He was panting and growling deeply, and then before I knew it we were kissing and biting on our jaws and necks. I began the spasms of yet another orgasm as I felt his teeth sink in hard enough to leave a bruise. This is so insane; it's more like a rape than anything but damn he feels so good I can't stop cumming!

There's a noise in the room, it's us calling out each other's names and filthy encouragements. "Oh god Glenn! Fucking amazing Jenna! Your pussy is so sweet. Oh yes, yes, harder, more harder! Take it Jenna, and get ready to suck it! Damn Glenn, please! It hurts don't stop, don't fucking stop hurting!" The way I've been coming, it seems like its letting this brutal bastard go even deeper than would normally be possible.

Incredibly, impossibly, his stare is even more intense, and his violent motions are getting erratic. I realize he is getting ready to come and HOLY SHIT!!! That monster cock beast is getting bigger, fucking bigger! I beg him to come, not to end the assault on my searing pussy, but because I want to be completely ravished, fucked so hard that thinking about it years later will make my pussy sore again, and hungry.

I had sex with other men before, it was usually nice, and their orgasms were the signal that soon I could go to sleep or back to reading my book. But Glenn, this crazy mutant who had pushed me for the last 2 months, was now taking me beyond what I thought was possible for an orgasm. It started, grew, exploded, hit me in waves, burned me from the inside, shot out to all corners of my body, and just didn't stop! I had read about orgasms, but not even the wildest fiction described a multi-dimensional event like this. I wondered if I was having a stroke, but didn't care, this is how you should die. As he peaked, and then crashed, and my orgasm became me being pushed down stairs to gradually skid to a stop, and I saw colors in my mind. They seemed to flash over images of the sets with Glenn always there, and I could see patterns. His presence had been so disturbing because my body knew what my brain didn't, I was wasting time not having him naked and inside me, and the colors, I saw something with the colors I didn't realize. Our shared orgasm was finally subsiding, like waves drifting out at low tide.

It finally ended and Glenn practically collapsed on me. His weight was almost suffocating, he had to weigh at least 200 pounds of solid muscle. We panted, and gently stroked, we didn't want to get up, but both of us were having tiny spasms that were painful but a little sweet also. We stared into each other's eyes. Somebody should say something, but what can you say after that?

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