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The Assassin


He lays in the dark room on his bed watching his television waiting for the call he already knows will come. He thinks to himself about how ridiculous the movie is. They don't even portray the life of an assassin correctly. If he ever did the things the actors in the movies did he would already be dead. Not that he had never gotten injured or close to death.

He runs his hand over the scar on his arm and then to the bullet wound on his chest and down to another on his stomach. The one on his chest is the closest he has ever been to death. It was the one that taught him to always wear his bullet proof vest.

It just barely missed his heart when it happened. The darkness still haunts him to this day. He turns his focus back to the movie just in time to see the main character do a matrix type move to avoid a bullet. He laughs to himself. That never works.

The moans from the next room over was penetrating through the sound of his movie. She didn't even sound like she was honestly enjoying herself. He wants to go to the next room and show him how to truly please a woman however he doesn't have the time because it is now his phone decides to finally ring.

He lifts the phone to his ear. "hello." he says into the phone. He never says his name just in case it is not someone who he wishes to know it is him.

His boss's voice answers back. "I have a new job for you. You may not like this one but I know you are the only one I trust to get it done but in return you will get fifty grand."

The assassin sighs into the phone. "so what's the catch? For that price I either know it will be difficult or that I wont like who it is." The moans grow louder from the room next door making the assassin hard. He tries to concentrate on the conversation with his boss.

The boss doesn't address his question directly but the next words out of his mouth told him all he needed to know. "Her name is Marissa Bennett."

He cuts his boss off, "you know I don't do women. We have women working for us to do those. Why would you bring this to me and not to one of them?"

"They do not have the skills they will need for the job as I said before you are the only one I trust to do it. So will you or wont you?" the boss has an edge in his voice. The edge that makes everyone shake in fear. Everyone but him of course. He is not afraid of the boss. Nothing scares him. He knows he is a monster, a killing machine, that's all that matters anymore.

"Fine I'll do the job but I'm not happy about it." the boss continues to go into the details he will need to know for the job and then they hang up.

He gets up out of his bed and pulls a black tank top over his bare muscled chest. He pulls the bullet proof vest over the tank top. He pulls on a tight black shirt on and starts putting on all his weapons. He puts his knives in multiple place over his body. He has one on his ankle, the opposite thigh, on his waist and one on his ribcage.

He loads the cartridges of the guns and puts them in place as well. The biggest slung over his shoulder and the hand gun on his hip. All that can be are equipped with silencers so he wont be heard as easily. He pulls on his shoes and ties them and leaves his house and goes into the garage.

He climbs into his car and backs out of the parking spot in the hotel parking lot. He pulls out on the rode and speeds off. He drives past the restaurant his boss told him about and parks behind the building on the other side of the street.

He climbs on a dumpster and jumps to grab the edge of the roof. He silently walks across the roof and gets down below the small wall. He pulls the rifle off his back and he feels his phone vibrate. He checks his phone to see his boss has sent him the picture of the woman.

He opens the message to see a slender blond with a face of an angel. His breath catches in his throat as he looks at her beautiful face. She looks perfect in every way. How could he kill this woman? He puts his phone away and grabs his rifle again.

He looks down the barrel of the rifle and through the scope. He scans the crowds in the restaurant for her. His expert eyes sees her almost immediately. He tightens his finger on the trigger and then he sees her laugh. The laughter fills her face and brighten her eyes taking his breath away.

He shuts his eyes and focuses on his breathing before opening them again and taking aim. Her graceful motions and beauty stop him from shooting. He puts his gun down unable to pull the trigger. He grabs his binoculars off his belt and finds her again.

He sits there watching her and time seems to float away. Thirty minutes... and hour.... He sways as he watches her captured by her amazing beauty. She disappears into the back of the restaurant and he snaps out of his trance he fell into. He looks around embarrassed hoping no one has seen him.

He quickly leaves the roof and climbs back into his car trying to regain focus. He takes off his rifle and tosses it into the back seat along with the knife on his rib cage. He locks his car and walks across the street to the restaurant parking lot. The parking lot is packed with cars as he starts to search for hers. The car that matches the license plate number given to him by his boss was in the right side of the parking lot close to the restaurant.

He quickly picks the lock and climbs into the backseat and waits. Shortly after he got comfortable he hears voices outside the car. The key s jingle as the door is unlocked and a blond woman climbs inside. He lays thee silently as she starts the car and drives into the night.

There is a short drive before the car pulls into a garage and she shuts the engine off. Once he hears the garage door shut he takes the opportunity and grabs the knife from his thigh and holds it to her throat. She lets out a soft gasp of surprise. "please don't kill me," she begs the assassin, her voice shaking with fear.

Her voice was as beautiful as her face. It sounds more beautiful then anything he had ever heard. His grip on his knife loosens. She quickly grabs the knife from his hands and gets out of the car before he could stop her. He slaps himself mentally. He quickly climbs out of the car after her.

Instead of running she stands there in fear. Her face clearly said she had no idea what to do to save her own life. She still held the knife tightly in her hand like her life depends on it. The image of such a beautiful being holding a knife made the assassin hard with excitement. She looked so amazing with her graceful body clothed in an elegant dress holding a knife.

He quickly disarms her and the knife slides across the floor of the garage. The feel of her soft perfect skin against his rough scarred skin sent a throb to his dick. He didn't want to kill her he wanted to be inside her. He wanted to hear her beautiful voice moaning for him.

He pushes her up against the wall and grabs his knife from his waist and cuts a large slit in the front of her dress but does not cut her. He drops the knife to the floor and runs his hand inside her dress and up to her pussy. It excites him when he realizes she is wearing no panties. He rubs his rough fingers across her clit making her let out a soft moan even through her fear.

She looks surprised to enjoy his hand on her even through the fear. He pushes a finger inside her tight wet pussy as he earns another moan from her. He digs his finger deep inside her pushing into her so much he starts to lift her off the floor.

He takes his finger out of her and picks her up carrying her to the door. He opens the door and takes her to the couch. He gets on top of her and pins her down with his body and continues to finger her pussy. Her mouth open and lets out more moans of pleasure.

The lust builds inside him as he watches her body heave in pleasure. It was no longer clear if it was the fear or the pleasure that keeps her where she is. He pushes another finger into her tight pussy. Her pleasure doubles as he works his two fingers inside of her.

Sweat starts to glisten her body as she moans. He then slides his fingers back out and reaches down to the knife in his ankle. He brings the knife to between her breasts and slices it down careful to cut the dress but not her skin.

Her body is perfect. Every curve invites him in. He starts to wonder what she could have done to have the hit ordered on her. He pulls his shirt over his head and takes off his bullet proof vest. He watches her lay there as he removes the tank top and lays the holds for the knives and his hand gun at the end of the couch.

He kicks off his shoes and slide his pants off his legs and stands nude and unprotected in front of her. He climbs on top of her with her shredded dress still under her. He grabs his erect cock and massages himself slowly with his hand making him rock hard.

He kisses her lips as she watches him in fear. She knows he is a killer. She can guess at what he has done and could do. He bites her long neck making another throb pulse through his dick. Even her scent draws him in even more.

He pushes the same two fingers back inside of her making her moan again. He feels her hand on his cock. She massages his cock up and down the shaft. He lets a moan out as she goes to work obviously knowing what she's doing. As he goes deeper into her pussy her back arches and her breasts push into his chest. Her hips begin to rock back and forth with the movement of his hand in her pussy.

The smell of her juices start to intoxicate him. The sweet scent is so inviting. He pushes his fingers in deep and curves the expertly to hit her spot. She moans loudly as she cums onto his hand making her scent even stronger sending another throb to his cock.

He places the head of his throbbing cock to the entrance of her pussy that's soaked in cum. His cock was much more than she had ever taken. They both knew him going into her would stretch her pussy. His cock is extremely long but he knew she was going to take every bit of it into her pussy. Without any more warning he thrust into her hard.

She cries out in pain. Her sounds of pain were almost as beautiful as her voice. He pulls back out and thrusts back into her pussy deeper and harder than he had the first time. Another cry of pain escapes her but this time it was mixed with some pleasure. He continues to fuck her. She pushes her hips into him wanting more.

However hard he fucked her she still enjoyed it supplying his cock with plenty of juices to fuck her with even more force. Her moans grow louder as he continues to stretch her pussy to better accommodate him inside of her. With one loud scream of pleasure her pussy shoots juices onto his cock. Her body tenses up in an orgasm as she cums onto him. Once she is done cuming she tries to catch her breath.

She digs her nails into his back as he continues to fuck her. She fit perfectly against his body and the softness of her skin was enough to drive him crazy alone. She kisses his neck as another orgasm begins to build. Her soft lips on his neck sends a shiver down his spine making him thrust into her completely for the first time. Her moan is one of overwhelming pain and pleasure.

Her hips push into him instinctively, her body begging him for more. She grows louder as his cock pleases her pussy. He forces her to go through more orgasms until she is very nearly raw. He allows his load to explode in her pussy with a groan of his own.

He stands up and looks at her in amazement. He cannot figure out what it is about her but he has to have her. The passion of the sex confuses him but he loves it all the same. He walks from the living room in search of her bedroom.

He grabs a robe from her room and brings it back to where he left her on the couch just to find out that she was gone. He notices the knife that was on the floor is now gone. Laughing to himself he turns around to find Marissa holding it tight with the point towards him.

He stares at her with a soft look on his face, "Beautiful, you have two options. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is you put the knife down and put on this robe. Then I will take you home with me and you will me mine and I will be yours. The hard way is you try to fight me and you end up dead." He chuckles to himself about the idea of her trying to fight him.

Her grip on the knife slackens slightly as she considers her options. She can accept him as a killer and let him fuck her and have amazing sex the rest of her life or her life ends now. She looks at him with hatred in her fierce eyes. "So basically either I'm dead or I will wish I could be dead?"

"Sweetie, you will love the life I can give you. You wont want to be dead." He holds out a welcoming hand to her. She drops the knife on the floor and walks over to him taking his hand.

Her voice almost dripping in poisonous hate she replies, "I'm not your sweetie. I will never be your sweetie but I don't want to die today so I accept."

He hands her the robe and watches as she puts it on and ties the rope around her waist. They walk back to her car with him in the lead, collecting his clothes and weapons on the way. He climbs into the drivers seat as she walks around to the passenger side and slides gracefully into the car.

The ride back to his vehicle was silent. At his car he wipes the vehicle clean of himself and they leave her car behind and take his car back to his hotel. Once they are inside he flips open his phone and calls his boss trying to think of how to explain it to him.

His boss picks up and asks, "Is the job done?" The assassin tries to explain what happened in a rush of words. The boss starts laughing and says, "I told you that you were the only one I could trust to do the job right." and he hangs up.

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Very nice indeed.

Short but sweet. *****

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