tagBDSMThe Assignment

The Assignment


I knew when because she had told me, I knew where because she had told me. What she didn't know was that I was going to take advantage of her willing share of information and surprise her. Char and I had engaged in a bit of flirtation for quite some time now and our adventures had become more and more intricate. I would instruct her on what I wanted her to do and she would take it from there, embellishing in only the wonderful ways she knew how too. This weekend however would be a little different, that I knew for sure.

It was Saturday and I had given Char her instructions the day before, little did she know that I'd given them from her hometown's library. I had watched her house all Saturday afternoon, knowing she would have to go out shopping for the late additions I had requested that she use. Sure enough, right around three she pulled out of her driveway and I made my way closer to the house. She was a trusting soul, the back door wasn't locked and I let myself in.

Walking through the house I marveled at her taste in things. The home was beautiful just as she was and I made my way through the kitchen, into the living room and then up the stairs looking for the master bedroom. The bed was a four poster one and I smiled thinking about all the times I'd lain in my own bed fantasizing about her being staked out and ready for my pleasure. Her dresser drawer was full of lingerie and once again I couldn't help but smile as I found piece after piece of items that she had described as she wore them at my urging.

Now, where would she keep her toys? I checked the closet but no luck there. I know, under the bed. Sure enough there was a box which I slid out and opened to find all sorts of fun items that she had purchased at my orders. There were ben wa balls, a rubber ball gag, tape, vibrators and such and I knew that come tonight I'd be able to see them in action, first hand. I had brought my own bag, which I put in the closet and set up my vantage point that I'd use to wait.

A couple of hours later I heard the sound of footsteps and from inside the closet I watched as Char walked in and placed her bags on the floor and then went into the bathroom. The sound of water running soon followed and she came back out into the bedroom and began to undress. Her shoes, jeans and then top came off and I took full advantage of my voyeuristic position enjoying seeing her in only her lacy bra and panties. Those unfortunately she waited until she'd gone back into the bathroom to remove and then I heard her get into the bath.

Waiting a few minutes I quietly opened the closet and crept toward the entranceway to the bathroom. I could see the flicker of lit candles and as I edged closer I could see Char in the tub, her eyes closed as she relaxed, the steam rising from the heat of the water. She lay motionless for a minute or two as I watched in the opening between the open door and the frame itself. I saw her lips open slightly and then moments later her body rise from the water slightly to see one of her hands playing with her nipples. You'll have to pay for that my dear. I remember expressly forbidding you to pleasure yourself before that night.

As I watched Char's hand began to pull, twist and tug at her already quite hard nipples, the other hand must have been between her legs underwater judging by the way her face was reacting. A sharp intake of breath and her orgasm hit her, the water lapping at the sides of the tub. Her mouth was wide open, her back arched almost out of the tub and I could see her fingers, as they rubbed frantically at her clit. Mentally, I put down another black mark and smiled thinking about payback time.

Back in the closet I shut the door and it wasn't long before she came walking out, robed from her bath. She sat down at her dressing table and began her transformation into the "slut", the assignment I had given her for this evening. From my vantage point I really couldn't see her, the table was not in a position conducive to spying from where I sat. Finally, she stood up from the chair, walked over to the bed and dropped her robe. I had to place my hand over my mouth to keep the gasp from escaping; she was even more beautiful than I dared dream. Her hair was wild, her makeup heavy, her breasts were lush; her nipples hard and inviting while her mons pubis had grown back from where I had told her to shave it just a month ago. Another smile and another punishment to be handed down.

She lay down on the bed and I watched in wonder as she took a mirror and lipstick and turned her lips into almost a blood like color. Slightly confused, I didn't comprehend why she had done that while putting on her other makeup until she reached the mirror down and painted the lips to her pussy the identical color. I smiled thinking you are quite the little "slut" aren't you my dear? Her nipples were next and she smiled the whole time she rubbed the bright color onto her sensitive skin. Putting the two items down, she reached down and pulled up the sacks she had brought in and began to unpack them.

The black spandex peasant blouse fit her like a second skin, her nipples threatening to poke out of the stretchy material. It snapped at the crotch and I noticed how she took her time settling it into place until finally she got it closed. A new pair of black lace thigh high stockings were next as she smoothed them into place and then a short black skirt showing off her legs to their best advantage. Long dangling earrings and a black velvet ribbon fastened into a choker and tied around her neck was last, or at least so I thought. It was then I realized with a bit of fright that she didn't have heels on and she was moving towards the closet to find them.

Panic set in and I didn't know if I was far enough back that she wouldn't be able to see me but I watched as she stopped with her hand outstretched to open the door only to shrug her shoulders as if saying he'll never know. I let out a huge sigh while at the same moment reveling in her disobedience. The toys came out from under the bed and she laid them out neatly, one by one as she planned her evenings decadence. Once everything was in place, she reached back into her bag and pulled out the compact disc I had instructed her to buy. It was the music from the film, 9 ½ weeks and as it began to play the first track "I Do What I Have To Do To Have You" I was assured that the sound would drown out any movements I would have to make.

With everything now in place she picked up the roll of black tape and began to bind her ankles as I had requested. I had changed things a bit telling her I wanted her to experience things slowly so nothing else was to be tied at this time. She placed the ball gag in her mouth and tightened the buckle in the back, pulling her hair out and smoothing it. Then the blindfold and finally she laid down on her bed with her feet at the top and her hands at the bottom outstretched as I had asked so that they went through the bars of the bed and stuck out on the other side. I opened the door to the closet and crept out, the music muffling any sounds.

The handcuffs had been ready from earlier that afternoon and as I looked down at the beautiful woman lying on the bed and smiled broadly as I brought the cuffs down and quickly closed them around her wrists. As the song played going, "Are you happy now that you fantasize" I knew I had just interrupted her fantasy as her body leaped off the bed and her wrists banged against the bars. Her head turned frantically from side to side and I loved every moment of it as she opened her mouth to scream, only a muffled sound coming forth.

I sat down on the side of the bed and turned the volume down on the CD player until it was just background music. Her chest heaved with the realization that there was someone else in the room and since she had heard the sound of my voice before I made sure to speak with a rather thick southern accent so that I could carry of the Charade for quite some time. My hand traced from where the cuffs held her securely down her arms and then onto her chest where I let it trail over one of her nipples. She jumped as if she'd been bitten and it brought forth yet another smile.

"You've been putting on quite a show for me these past few weekends haven't you?" Her head turned toward the sound of my voice but the blindfold was securely in place, she couldn't see a thing. "I wouldn't leave that window open if I were you, especially when you're doing things like this. You don't know just who might take that as an open invitation to something as sweet and juicy as you are. Why, they find you all laid out like this, helpless and everything, who knows what they might do" and with that I let my hand slip from her breast down to between her legs.

She stiffened doing her best to keep my prying fingers from finding their mark but I just leaned down and said, "I know this is what you like. Like I said, I've been watching from the very first time and I don't think you're really in any position to stop me. You've laid all these neat gadgets out so nice for me and I've even brought along a few of my own. We're gonna party all night honey cause I know you don't invite anyone over on Saturday nights, do you?" She once again looked up at the direction of my voice and slowly shook her head no, her legs relaxing slightly.

My fingers slipped in between her lipstick laden lips and found a pool of cum waiting. "Why, you really do like being all tied up. I bet you've just been waiting for somebody to find you like this, haven't you?" Her head shook violently from side to side, her muffled answer drowned out by the gag in her mouth. "Now, I don't want you thinking you haven't done a good job here trussing yourself all up but I like to see things a little differently." With that I opened my knife and as I leaned down to undo her ankles I said, "This here knife's really sharp so I wouldn't make any sudden moves if I was you."

Char had told me many times of her fantasy of being dominated and I wanted to bring that true for her. I knew in order to make it happen I had to convince her both physically and mentally so I wanted her put in the most stringent bondage she'd ever been in. The knife shredded the tape but I quickly grabbed one of her ankles and began wrapping more tape around it. I then took the ankle and bending her leg at the knee placed it against the back of her thigh and taped the two together. The other ankle and thigh soon followed and then I went to my bag and pulled out a length of chain.

I looped the chain under the bed and around her legs spreading them apart as far as they would go and then locking them down with a padlock attached to the chain. Taking two clothespins I peeled back her hot pink pussy lips and pinned them to each side. The scream that would have escaped if it hadn't been for the gag and the way she tried to move only to find herself immobile from the chains told me that I had begun the process to take her to where she had never dared go alone. I watched her as the pain began to subside into a dull ache and saw her clit now open, beating almost as fast as her heart.

"My, that is one sweet pussy you got there. Look at them juices flow. Girl, you just gotta have this don't you?" You knew better to deny it, the proof was there for anyone to see. Your head bobbed up and down in agreement as I began to flick at your clit with my finger, teasing you, torturing you. Your handcuffed hands kept banging against the bed as you writhed with the madness, so close, so very close. I watched as your clit enlarged, knowing that was the first sign of your orgasm and quickly pulled my fingers away. The chains kept your legs apart so you could not apply friction and the feelings began to slowly wane, much to from what I could tell your consternation.

I watched as you tried desperately to recapture the wave but helpless as you were, you were not able to. The moans and groans from your mouth almost sounded like a plea for me to put you out of your misery, to take you over the edge but I wasn't ready for that yet. "I'm sorry baby, I just think you need some more stimulation." With that I laid down between her legs and began to lick gently at first and then rougher against the pinned walls, coming closer and closer to her clit with each flick of the tongue, agonizingly close but never touching it. I looked up and saw the tears of frustration coming from under the blindfold; the madness was taking hold.

I had positioned the two clamps on each side of her so that I could reach them even while continuing to tease the helpless woman. Picking them up in each hand I opened each and positioned them over her rock hard nipples. Once the clamps were in place I knew she would be off on a journey like never before and I wanted to help her on the way. Stopping, I counted to five and watched as she slowly tried to regain her composure. I let the clamps snap shut and buried my face in her pussy, my tongue grabbing onto her clit and began to suck directly on it. Her back came flying off the mattress and if not for the chains holding her in place she would have thrown me like a rag doll.

Spittle flew from the gag, her screams barely muffled now as the unexpected pain and delicious pleasure I was giving her all mingled into one uncontrollable feeling. My face was being bathed with stream after stream of delicious cum, her orgasms rolling one into the next, never stopping, never allowing her a moments rest. I hoped in her world of enforced darkness, unable to speak or resist she was finding that heaven and hell, that very fine line did exist. I know that for me, I was becoming drunk from the nectar that continued flow from this amazing creature. Slowly, ever so slowly she finally began to return to me, I felt her body begin to relax and I let my pace begin to finally lag.

I reached down and unzipped my jeans, freeing my hardened member. Moving up between her chained thighs I positioned myself at her gate and began to slide up and down. Knowing that she would need the impetus, the combination of pain/pleasure again, I quickly removed both clothespins and as the blood began to rush back into her labia I rammed my cock home. Once again she was off, her mind having given up control and her body simply a vessel for her insatiable lust. I meanwhile was not far behind, the evenings proceedings being what they were I was now as lost in the moment as she was.

Her body convulsed in her crescendo and that was all I could take. I screamed with an animal like fervor and begin to spurt stream after stream of hot sticky cum into her as our pleasure mixed as one. I continued to thrust in and out, my desire running rampant until finally I collapsed in a sweat soaked pile next to her. As I lay there trying to catch my breath I could see her still tremble, shaking with the final dregs of her own desire.

I waited until she had calmed down enough to think that she might be able to comprehend my words before saying, "Did I not instruct you to wear heels this evening my slut?" Her head turned slowly and I lifted the blindfold so that she might see my blue eyes dance. Focusing slowly, she saw who it was and she nodded yes. "Well then, I do believe that will call for punishment, don't you agree?" Once again, a nod but this time her eyes were beginning to shine and with that I said, "By the way, I do hope you haven't made any plans for the rest of the weekend. I believe you're going to be quite tied up."


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