tagNonHumanThe Atilia 172 Ch. 01

The Atilia 172 Ch. 01


Part I

"Is there a reason we have to travel during the day? If it gets any hotter, I'm going to melt."

"Humans don't melt, Kira."

"This one might."

"Over saturation might cause an effect not unlike melting, but --"

"Shut up, Llygl."

The two were walking a few paces behind the rest of the party. The caravan leader, though hardly immune to heat, was determined to travel during daylight. Daylight, on Hast, was all the more intense for the three suns. Though only one of them was the primary heat source, the other two didn't help any.

"Come on!" Oslo bellowed from the head of the caravan. "Dusk is only an hour away, and we must make it to the next town."

Kira wiped sweat from her brow and squinted. "But why?" She grumbled.

"I'm sure he has his reasons. He's not known for being illogical,"

"Neither are you," Kira pointed out, glowering at her companion.

"Quite true, it's not in my nature."

"It is in your nature to be irritating."

"Actually --"

"Shut up, Llygl."

Oslo glanced back. The caravan was moving slowly because of the heat, but everyone except for two lingering parties picked up their pace at his urging. The last two were an unusual pair. The short, slim dark haired girl, pretty, but willful, and her companion, a Ykuse. The Ykusee were typically tall and extremely strong. While highly intelligent, their devotion to logic and mathematics made them infuriating to deal with, and impossible to get into a relationship with. Not only that, Oslo mused to himself, but their women were decidedly unattractive. What made the males appealing as body guards and companions were the same qualities that made the females unappealing. ... To Oslo, anyway.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, and despite Oslo's concern that they be caught in the desert after dusk they made it to a rather large town on the outskirts of Erstet, (one of the largest cities on Hast), with enough time to settle in and get a bit of dinner before nightfall.

Llygl yawned, catlike, and gazed into the fire. They'd set up camp within the walls of town, but only just. The caravan party was able to keep to itself, yet still benefit from the protection of the large, guarded wall.

"I don't see why it's such a big deal," Kira was grumbling.

"Perhaps he's afraid of the dark. It's not an unusual phobia among your kind."

"You say that as though me an' Oslo grew up together or something. The only similarity between him and me is genetic."

"Yes.. I know," Llygl looked puzzled at the suggestion that he would think otherwise. Kira glowered.

After a brooding silence, she suddenly smiled at him. Llygl had learned quite early on that a smile from Kira meant absolutely nothing good, and so, he regarded her warily.



"I have a really good idea."

"That seems unlikely."

"You haven't even heard it."

"I probably don't want to."

"That isn't very logical, is it? It could be a really brilliant idea, you know." She grinned toothily at him in the semi-darkness.

"Alright." He sighed.

"We've paid Oslo to get us safely to Erstet, right?"


"Well, we could be there in a couple of hours if we head out tonight, instead of waiting until morning."


"Come on Llygl... we'll save the money we'd have paid him tomorrow, and we won't have to deal with the sweltering heat. He probably travels during the day to make the journey last longer so he earns more."

"While I strongly doubt that, your argument is compelling." Llygl conceded, miserably.

"Yes! So let's pack up and head out." She began gathering her meagre possessions and stuffing them into her pack.

Oslo, ever the shrewd businessman, had a talent for sums and liked to keep a crude tally of his future profits in his head at all times. Upon returning to the small camp after a few drinks at the local tavern, his brow furrowed for a moment when he realized he was short two heads. Yet, after a moment of working out who was missing, (and probably figuring out why), Oslo smiled a very small smile.

Part II

"This is SO much better, isn't it?" Kira was smug. She would be skipping, if it weren't nearly impossible to skip in a desert.

"Yes, worlds of difference." Llygl rolled his eyes.

"I didn't know you could be sarcastic."

"It comes from being your companion lo these many years."

"Months. It's only been months."

"It feels an eternity."

The two travelled mostly in silence for some time, before the sound of hoofbeats pounding sand reached their ears. Llygl stiffened, and turned, but a loud buzz and a flash of electricity felled him instantly. Kira didn't have a chance to scream before she too was knocked out.

"Well, well, what have we here?" A dry, whispery voice rasped in the darkness.

"Appears to be a female human and an Ykuseeman." A crisp voice replied.

"A Ykuseeman? And a human? Oh, excellent, Loki, excellent." The raspy voice purred, (an utterly disturbing sound).

"Shall I prepare them, sir?" Loki asked.


Kira moaned softly. She tried to move, but found she was bound with soft leather to a cool table of some sort. She blinked, but it made no difference. The darkness was everywhere.

"Loki, it appears one of my pets has awakened. Shall we begin?"

"Of course, sir."

"Take this down.." There was a pause, and the sound of paper rustling.

"Ready, sir."

"Subject number 47b acquired outside of Erstet, ..." There was another pause. "Start her on Atilia generation 172."

"Yes, sir." Some scribbling, and then silence.

Kira tried to speak, or make some noise, but she found nothing came out. As she swallowed, she felt a metal ring around her neck. Someone left, while another person, (probably Loki), began opening cabinets or boxes. Kira's ears strained as she tried to predict what would happen next. The table she was on began to move slightly, and she realized it wasn't exactly a table. The surfaces her legs were resting on parted, gently moving her legs apart, and up, so that her knees were bent. The surface under her back rose as well, so that she was vertical. Her knees were parallel to her chest.

Someone hummed softly under his breath. Kira jerked when she felt the cold slimy blob touch her skin. Someone laid it gently on her stomach, and she squirmed when she felt it move. It wasn't heavy, but it had weight to it, and became warmer as it moved. It oozed down her belly, and slid over her pubic bone. She twisted as best she could, trying to get it to fall off, but it didn't. Someone touched the metal ring at her neck, and suddenly she could hear herself gasp. The Thing sat and pulsed above her spread lips, its wetness seeping into her, and mingling with her own.

"Wh..what is that? Take it off. Stop it." Kira shivered and struggled, pulling at her bonds.

"Hmm? Oh, that's just Sulilia generation 1900."


"It lubricates." The crisp, businesslike tone of voice made Kira shudder. "It likes it when you do that."

Kira moaned as the Thing seemed to suck, oozing slimy wetness all at the same time. Her hips writhed, and the suction increased. It wasn't really touching anything, just cupping her sex, oozing, and sucking gently.

"That should do it." The voice said cheerfully. The blob was removed, and Kira's pussy throbbed. Someone rustled paper once more, and muttered. "Atilia... Atilia... 164... 67... here we are, 172."

Kira sucked in her breath as something plopped softly on the surface supporting her. A small chittering noise, and she could hear something moving on the metal.

"What is that? What is it? Get it away from me!"

"No need to be afraid. The Atilia 172 is completely safe."

"What IS it?" Kira squirmed frantically.

"The Atilia 172, commonly known as "the worm," is a creature bred for sexual play and pleasure. It, along with Sulilia 1900, made Pleasure Corp. successful in 9 galaxies, and next solstice, we'll have made large profits in over 5 more."

The Atilia was rubbing its head around Kira's pussy, chittering happily from the wetness.

"The Atilia 172, not only feeds on female lubricant, but it also feeds on the excretions from the Sulilia 1900, which in turn feeds on heat. Sold as a set, they are ideal for both vaginal and anal stimulation."

The Atilia, after moving its head in slow circles around Kira's clit, moved lower, towards her entrance, making her shiver.

"The Atilia's mouths are tiny. The sensation of an Atilia feeding, as you've probably noticed, is a pleasurable tickling sensation, ... almost vibration, really, though that feature isn't strictly available in the Atilia 172."

"Mmm! I don't want this!" Kira's hips bucked and she moaned, her tunnel grasping and aching, even as she struggled against the Atilia.

"It's not exactly intelligent, you know. It doesn't understand you don't want it. It's just hungry." The voice explained, patiently.

"Make it stop! Please.." Kira sobbed.

The Atilia chittered excitedly as it felt Kira's pussy spasm. It eagerly slid its head into her tunnel, squeaking with glee as it tightened. The Atilia wriggled itself into Kira's tiny canal, squeezing itself between her walls. The squeaking and chittering were less audible, now.

"Ah, I expect we're getting to the next feature of the Atilia, now."

"Oh fuck!" Kira's hips thrust desperately.

"Right. The Atilia is basically a worm. Worms move through a series of muscle contractions, getting thinner and thicker. The Atilia simulates a thrusting sensation by moving back and forth, as it knows this movement will result in more of your delicious vaginal fluids, which, for the Atilia, is on par with a thick, juicy steak."

Kira moaned, sweating, as the Atilia's movements became more powerful. It wriggled itself up and down her canal, going from thick in one place to thick in another. It didn't thrust, it rippled. She gasped, her heart pounding, as the ripples became faster and harder. There was a gleeful chittering squeaking noise coming from inside of her, and she clenched her fists.

"Oh fuck.. oh fuck... oh .... no.. stop..."

"It won't stop until you climax."


"There really isn't anything I could do if I were inclined to stop it."

"Oh god.."

"Perhaps... it would help if you just imagined the Atilia was a particularly attractive person. Rather, part of an attractive person."

"Mmmm! Shut up!"

Kira's moans and gasps became more intense as the Atilia moved furiously inside of her. Her pussy spasmed hard around it, her back arching. As her body relaxed, she realized the Atilia wasn't moving. It slid wetly from her, with a soft plop on the table.

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