The Auction


Nina felt they had been traveling for weeks and yet is was just a few days. They had been captured, rounded up and moved from place to place. The older women were taken off elsewhere and the younger ones were heaped into an old train. At each station more were added to the cramped conditions. She felt grubby and her clothes had started to smell.

The train stopped again and they were pushed off by the guards. They were again lined up and an officer walked down the line examining each girl in turn, looking at their faces and making them turn around as he checked them over. He selected some of the women and the rest were ordered back on the train. After he had completed the inspection there were about twelve girls left on the platform. The girls stood dejected with their few possessions as the train once more set out. They had been captured by the enemy from all over the country and were now sick of being carted around.

They were told to follow the officer and surrounded by guards, were escorted out of the station and down the road into the town.

As they shuffled along Nina looked around at her sister prisoners. She was surprised how young they all were none were over twenty five.

After a while they entered the town and were escorted along the Main road. The town consisted of a long main road and a few roads off to the side. The place seemed to be full of soldiers although a few civilians could be seen. Their presence brought a few wolf whistles and cat calls from the troops, which embarrassed Nina as she walked along. She tried to keep looking ahead to avoid the stares of the men. They were finally led into what appeared to be a small school along a bit from the shops and cafes towards the end of the main road. As she walked along she thought she saw in one of the cafes a women standing naked amongst the men, but realised she must be mistaken, it was probably a mannequin. She looked ahead to where they were heading. It had been converted to a camp, with huts having been erected on the playing fields. There were several soldiers milling around in groups in the playground at the back of the school.

The officer led them in through the front gates up the main drive and through a large door into the main building. Inside he spoke to an older woman officer, indicating the girls as he talked to her. He then left and they were left in the charge of the woman and several female guards. She looked them over and then led the women down a corridor and into one of the side rooms.

A woman sat at a bench with various papers in front of her. When they had all entered she spoke to them.

"Welcome to Sparta. I'm sure you are all wondering what is going on, this will soon become obvious. I am also sure you are feeling very dirty so the first thing we will do is to give you all showers to clean up. Through the door over there is the washroom with toilets and showers. Before you go through we will get you to deposit your luggage in a pile in the corner, it will be returned to you later. Also as your clothes are very dirty as you enter the shower room please remove all these and when you have finished we will issue you with more suitable attire. Shoes will also be issued. In the shower room you will find soaps and shampoos, along with towels and driers. Now if you will start we will get on.

Loath that she was to part with her case Nina knew she had no choice. Along with the others she piled her case in the corner and moving to the showers reluctantly began to remove her clothes. She hesitated in front of the guards before undressing as she had never taken all her clothes off in front of another person all her adult life, not even the doctor.

"Hurry up we haven't all day, not shy are we?" The guard remarked.

She was very apprehensive; still she could see they were all women together, so she felt it should be alright. Some of the others had already got undressed throwing there dirty clothes onto a pile by the door, so she hurriedly removed the final articles her now soiled and dirty underwear. Clutching her breasts and covering her crutch followed the group into the washroom.

The room had toilets on one side with open fronts and no doors and showers on the other, neither had , Nina along with other girls rushed into the toilets and relieve themselves, before taking a shower.

As the woman had promised, there were all the cleansers she could want. The others were soon laughing at the feel of the warm water on their dirty bodies. At last they could be clean if only for a while. As they showered several female guards stood around watching them.

They chatted as the water eased their aches, and washed the accumulated filth from their bodies. As they relaxed Nina had a better chance to look over her companions. They were all young and good looking. They came in all kinds of shapes and bodies. There were slim girls with small pert breasts and thin legs to fuller girls with big boobs. None of the girls were fat though. Now they were cleaned they all looked positively beautiful. Nina knew she was regarded as a good looking platinum blonde, she was between the two extremes with a slim body and slightly larger than normal breasts, tipped with small pert nipples. Her pubic hair was almost invisible being so fair, just a pale fuzz which did little to cover her vulva. All too soon the water stopped and they dried themselves with towels provided, Afterward wrapping the towels around themselves for the sake of their decency, and finished their ablutions by brushing and combing their hair. The guards still stood around with a amused expression on their faces grinning and chatting quietly to each other. Nina had the feeling the guards knew more than they were letting on. Their faces had a kind of smirk on them.

"Your attention ladies, come over here."

The head guard, waved them over to her. The girls stood warily in front of the guards their towels wrapped tightly around their bodies.

"In a line, hurry now."

When the girls were lined up the head guard moved over to them and walked down the line. Another guard followed, carrying a small box in front of her. Another guard walked behind. At the first girl the head guard reached into the box and removed a red leather choker necklace, which she fitted around the girl's neck. On the collar was a ring, and a metal tag exactly like a dog collar. To Nina's surprize she realised it was a dog collar. The only difference was that it was lockable and could not be removed with out a key. The head guard then told the girl to remove her towel and hand it to the guard. The girl was going to hesitate but realised she had no choice in the matter. As she let the towel unwrap her breasts and pubes were exposed to the guards again. She stood unclothed in front of the head guard. Who looked her up and down for a moment. She reached up and fondled the girl's breasts squeezing them and tweaking her nipples which instantly erected themselves, much to the girl's embarrassment. Reaching into the box again she drew out with an adjustable rubber stamp. Turning the girl around she pressed the stamp onto the top of one of the girls naked buttocks leaving a number one printed there. The girl was ordered to place her hands behind her back. The head guard then fastened her hands together with a pair of handcuffs.

"Turn round."

The girl was now helpless and at the mercy of all.

"You will now be known as one, you have no names here, and remember, obey immediately you are called. What is your name?"


The guard slapped the girl hard across the face. The sound made the rest of the girls jump. After which there was a shocked silence.

"Stupid girl, what did I just tell you? You are number one. What's your name?"

"Number One."

Again the girl was slapped. "Number one what one?"

"Number one, mam!"

"You are our slaves, remember you are nothing less than animals we are always your superiors. You will always obey and everyone is either mam or sir, do you all understand?"

Along with the rest of the girls, Nina nodded. The slapped girl stood naked, her face red from the shame and the slaps.

With out returning the towel, she moved onto the next girl, until after ten minutes or so she had collared, fondled and stamped every girl. Nina still blushed from the feel of the guards hands upon her breasts, her nipples still erected from the brutal squeezing they were given. Now every girl stood in front of the grinning guards fully frontally exposed, handcuffed, each with a different number stamped on their buttocks. Nina's number was twelve. As their hands were pinned behind them they were prevented from covering their nakedness. Nina looked around at the girls all of whom were red with shame. She tried the strength of the cuffs but they were too strong to be broken. What would she do if she could break them? The head ordered the guards to put down the box and towels. The girls were left standing as the guard went over to the desk and picked up the phone. After making the call she returned to the girls looking at her watch.

Nina shivered in the cool air, her skin forming little goose bumps and her nipples remained hard and erect in the cool room. Her stomach had a sinking feeling in it as she stood waiting for something to happen but dreading what it might be.

"Right follow me, guards you come behind and beat any that are slow, we're running a little bit late, still that should whet their appetites!"

The guards laughed at the sergeant's comment.

Nina didn't understand what she meant, but hoped they weren't due for any more humiliation. Why were they being kept nude, where were their clothes? She didn't understand what was happening to her at all.

"Come along."

With which she led the twelve nude girls out of the shower room and down a corridor. The corridor did a right angle turn and led away into the distance, where she could see some double doors. Nina was terrified that there would be people in the corridor to witness her debasement, fortunately it was empty. They quickly made their way along to corridor towards the doors. The sergeant then opened the doors and locked them open. They gave way into a small open courtyard surrounded on three sides by buildings. The girls were reluctant to go out into the open cuffed and naked as they were, but a few swift smacks on the thighs with a cane soon got them moving. Again Nina was glad there was nobody in the courtyard. Everything seemed to be in slow time; Nina felt so naked and vulnerable in the open. They walked quickly across the concrete which felt cold and hard on Nina's bare feet. There was a chill wind blowing and Nina again felt goose bumps rise on her body, she shivered involuntarily. They approached a large green wooden door which two of the guards opened for the girls to enter.

From the other side of the door Nina could hear the sounds of people, a lot of people. As they got nearer to the door the sound grew louder. The girls were quickly ushered down another short corridor where the smell of wood and horse manure struck them. This soon ended and they were led and driven out into a large barn like room with sawdust on the floor. There was a clear round area in the centre of the large room and to Nina's horror around the outside of the ring was the source of the noise maybe a hundred men stood behind an open steel railing. As the girls were driven into the centre of the ring the crowd was silent for a brief moment before erupting into noise. The girls huddled together in a futile attempt to hide their nakedness from the eyes of the men. Nina could not believe this was happening to her, a prim girl from a good background, who had never even worn a swimsuit in public being led in front of all these men naked and cuffed, unable to cover herself. There were lots of wolf whistles as the men ogled the girls, who of course being handcuffed were unable to stop them seeing their breasts and private parts. They were left in the centre by the guards who retired to the side of the ring.

From one side a man came forward carrying a turn of cord and a long whip, the type used in the training of horses, Nina realised at once that this was a training circle for horses.

The man cracked the whip at the girls with a grin on his face.

"Walk around the ring, quick, hurry."

The girls stared at one another, until the whip cracked again, only this time across the back of one of the girls, who squealed. The whip fell again, once twice, before the girls realised they would have to do as they were told. They started to walk around the ring in a group, but this was not what the man wanted.

"One after the other, come on hurry."

By using the whip and abuse, the man finally got the girls in a line walking around the ring. The men loved it as the girls were paraded in front of them and all shouted crude suggestions at the girls.

Nina struggled with the cuffs, but of course there was no escape and where would she go anyway!

Although the girls started off in the centre of the ring, by using the whip, the man arranged the girls right around the outside next to the railing and of course closest to the audience.

"Heads up now, no slouching, walk tall."

Again the man made the girls walk around the room nearly all the girls felt the sting of the whip on their bodies as they struggled to do as they were ordered.

Round and round they went, each girl in her own private hell.

"Faster now." He called.

The whip fell again as the girls obeyed, their breasts swung to and fro, and jiggled around on their chests as the ring master forced them to go faster. Nina could only look at the naked back of the girl in front her buttocks moving as she was made to perform in front of the men. The girl in front was slim, with a gap between the tops of her legs. Nina could see the slit of her sex between her buttocks. In front of her the girls walked faster their shoulders forced back by the cuffs around their wrists. The sounds of the men seemed distant from Nina as if in a dream, but the contrast of the naked girls to the crude rustic barn soon brought her back to earth. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see the men grinning at the girls. She dare not look at the men who reached over the railing trying to touch the girls as they were forced around in front of them.


The whip fell again and now the girls were jogging around the room. Nina felt her heart beating harder and harder from the shame and the exertion. The bobbing of her breasts became wilder and wilder as unrestrained they flopped about on her chest. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the girls on the other side of the ring Their faces red from abuse and exercise. The girls were now running as the man whipped them on. The men whistled and whooped at their antics. For what seemed an eternity the man made them run around the ring in front of the men, until at last he ordered them to stop. Heaving and panting they were forced to line up in the centre of the ring. The man walked across the ring to where the head guard stood.

He briefly spoke to the head guard, who after a few words, ordered the girl with number one printed on her buttock to come forward. The girl froze, but had no choice as the other guards quickly held her by her arms and led her up to the man with the whip. He looked her over smiling as he did so. Reaching forward he clipped the long cord to the collar around the girls neck.

"Take the others to the side, over there."

He pointed to the side. The guards hustled the mortified girls over to the side leaving number 1 with the man. The head guard followed the girls. This was a nightmare thought Nina, soon I will wake up and it will all be over. But it wasn't. Nina and the rest were forced once more into a line.

The whip man released the roll of cord onto the floor whilst maintaining hold on the end. The girl was then again ordered to walk around the room. Nina then knew she was being paraded as if she was a prize horse. The girl just stood there unmoving, as the man again ordered her to walk around the ring. She was weeping openly as the whip suddenly cracked against her back. She squealed at the pained and went to move away from the man. He cracked the whip, forcing her to do as he wanted. She walked around at the end of the cord in the centre of the ring in front of the men. She was of a slim build with medium sized breasts which shuddered on her chest as she moved. Her dark pubic triangle contrasted with her white thighs and belly. The men again cheered as she was led individually around the rink.

"Come on now what am I offered for this lovely piece of flesh. Let's start a thousand, come on now. A thousand surely a reasonable start for such a fine piece of womanhood. Right we have a thousand, do we have two."

Nina was appalled they were being auctioned off to the men in the room and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The bidding continued the girl still forced to walk the floor.

"Going once, twice sold to Major Sturt for two thousand three hundred. Another class piece for the brothel Major!""

The girl was led away struggling by two guards. The room hummed with noise from the assembled men.

"Number two. This fine specimen from the east is another superb piece of womanhood, look at these tits gentlemen."

The auctioneer fondled the girl's breasts in front of the assembled crowd.

"We'll start at twelve hundred gentlemen."

He again led the girl in front of the men parading her before them. The bidding rose slowly as he mentioned her obvious attributes.

Nina was in a state of shock. The auction made her realise she was no better than an animal to these brutes. A prize in the war her side could never win. The minutes followed each other as if in a dream, as each girl was led before the crowd. Finally sold to heaven knows who. To be led away to some unknown destination, for an unknown fate. Nina was well aware what happened to captured women, rape, beatings, slavery.

Finally after the other girls had departed she stood alone, the auctioneer for that was what he was, came over and clipped the cord to her collar before leading her before the men as the others. to stand naked and exposed to them on the sawdust floor, no better than a prize mare. The auctioneer stood by her side.

"Here's the pick of the bunch, a prize worth bidding for. Look at these tits gentlemen."

He grasped Nina by the collar and rubbed his hand over her breasts.

"And her fine white pubes, they are very rare these days.'

Still grasping her collar his rubbed his hand between her thighs. She gasped as he roughly rubbed her sex.

He pushed her away from him and using the whip and cord forced her to walk once more around the ring.

"Who would like this beauty, we'll start at 2 thousand, good 3, thank you, and do I hear 4."

The bidding rose as she was continually forced to parade in front of the men.

"Come along gentlemen, this magnificent piece must surely be worth 20,000."

The room was silent as the bidding stopped.

Nina was desperate for this to end so she could be dressed and hidden from the men's eyes. She thought no further ahead than this, frightened to think of what lay beyond that point.

"Come along, these tits gentlemen, where have you seen such magnificent tits, watch them gentlemen."

Using the whip and the lease he compelled Nina to jog and then run, of course her breast wobble and shake at each step.

"I have ten, twelve, fourteen, and sixteen, that's more like it."

He continued to make Nina run cuffed as she was.

"The legs men, look at those legs and buttocks, not one once of fat on them, long and straight. Imagine the pleasure of what lurks between them!"

"Eighteen, nineteen, do I hear twenty, twenty for this magnificent specimen of womanhood, yours completely to do with as you like. Do I hear twenty?"

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