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The Auction


My hands are bound. I'm blindfolded. I've been stripped of all my clothing, picked up and placed in a tub. Her hands are soft as she washes every inch of me. I try to speak to her, but she only tells me to be quiet and not to speak unless I'm spoken to. She continues bathing me. She helps me up and dries me. She brushes my hair to a soft shine. She whispers "good luck" and kisses me softly. I hear the door close and the lock click. I'm alone again and wonder for how long.

What seems like hours have passed, before the door opens. His hands are coarse, but his touch gentle. His voice soothing, "Stand up and lift your head." I do as instructed and he snaps a collar around my neck. He attaches the leash to it and forces me back on my hands and knees. Tugging on the leash, I have no other choice but to follow him.

He leads me down a long hallway. My clean-shaven pussy glistens as my excitement of what is about to happen overcomes me. He grabs my hair and forcefully kisses me, his tongue probing my mouth as his hands caress my breasts. My nipples harden ore than ever before. He rubs my clit teasingly but doesn't let me cum. "You will bring a great deal of money to my Master sweet girl."

I'm taken into a large room and I hear the auctioneer start to speak, but I can't make out his words. There are at least two sets of hands rubbing my body. One hand on each breast, three fingers in my cunt and two rubbing my sensitive clit. The other hand caressing my ass and teases me. I can't control myself any longer and start to scream out. My body shakes as I cum hard. The cheers of the crowd are drowned out by my cries of passion.

"SOLD!" I finally hear the auctioneer say, then, I'm picked up ad lead out of the room. The crowd cheering loudly. I'm lead to the bathing room where I am washed again, preparing me for my owner. "You were so wonderful out there. You were the highest priced slave bought today." With that she kissed me.

She led me to another room where I waited for my owner. Suddenly, my blindfold is removed and I see for the first time that I don't have a single owner – but two, a man and woman. They explain that they are married and always wanted a slave, so when they heard of the auction they decided to see. She said she was taken with me right away and smirked as she grabbed her husband's cock through his pants and said that he enjoyed my performance as well.

My master removed the auction collar and replace it with a jeweled one. My mistress removed my cuffs and attached a leash to my beautiful collar. Promptly, I went to my hands and knees to crawl. Mistress swatted my ass and we went home.

Master and Mistress's home was beautiful. Mistress lead me to what was going to be my quarters. The only furniture in it was a large basket filled with fluffy pillows and blankets. "This is where you will sleep when not servicing your master or mistress. Occasionally, you will be allowed to sleep on the floor in our room." I smiled and rubbed my face on Master's leg. I was there pet and their slave and very happy.

The only time I was allowed clothing was when I was cooking and that was an apron. I loved Master and Mistress and they loved me. Mistress was always very demanding, but Master was loving and kind. My time alone with Master was always wonderful. I never forgot my place as slave. I accepted it and wouldn't have it any other way. But at times, Master would tell me that he wanted to treat me as his wife, instead of his slave. Those were special times. It was only then that I wasn't a toy.

Mistress, although harsh, was loving as well. She was the disciplinarian of the two, and she didn't have to have a reason to punish me. Her simple wanting to was reason enough. One time, when Master was away for a few days on a business trip, Mistress decided that it had been awhile since I had been punished fully. She removed my beautiful collar and replaced it with my "punishment collar". It was a plain leather collar with four rings on it. My wrist and ankle cuffs were also put on me. She had an old fashioned rack built just for my punishment sessions. Master was never present for these sessions. He did not like it. I would never admit it to him, but I loved it! His form of punishment was to put me over his knee and spank me until I came. I loved that too!

Anyway, back to my punishment. I was laid on my back. My arms over my head and attached from the rings on my cuffs. My legs spread apart and ankles attached in the same manner. There was a space in the rack at my ass that could be removed and me turned around for a good spanking. This day, Mistress used hot wax on me. I whimpered when the wax first hit my tender nipples. She continued covering my breasts with the hot wax. When she was satisfied, she moved to my pussy. I closed my eyes and wished she wouldn't. I screamed as the hot wax hit my pussy. She continued. My body shaking and moving about. She too a sharp knife and started to peel the hardened wax off me. I remained perfectly still, knowing one wrong move and I would be cut. After the wax was removed, she poured ice water on me to clean me. The difference in temperatures left my body red and my nipples very hard.

She moved to me and buried her face in my pussy, eating me, driving her tongue deep into me. I'm screaming in ecstasy when she suddenly stops. For the first time, I open my eyes in time to see her thrust a large strap-on into me. She fucks me hard and fast until we both cum. She walks over to my head and pushes the dildo into my mouth for me to clean. Tasting my own juices on it makes me cum once again.

Mistress removes the dildo and climbs on the rack. Lowering her pussy over my face, she allows me to eat her, rewarding me with her wonderful juices that flow from her.

Master returns home to his wife's cries of passion as she cums again. He kisses her deeply, muffling her cries, as I continue sucking her nectar. He quickly removes his pants and moves to my legs. Thrusting his cock into my already used pussy. Mistress cums again as she feels my body react to Master's fucking. She rubs her pussy all over my mouth and face. Master cums inside me for the first time since I've been their slave. His hot cum filling me and he quickly bends down and starts to suck it out of me. Mistress, seeing this, cums again.

A short time after that, I start to get ill. Mistress has a doctor come look at me. After examining me, he informs her that I am pregnant. Mistress squeals in delight and hugs me. She whispers to me to show my appreciation to the doctor. I smile knowingly to her and get on my knees before him. Undoing his pants with east, I take his cock in my hands. In no time he is hard. I start to lick the head, little flickers with the tip of my tongue. Then running my tongue along the shaft while massaging his balls. He starts to protest until I engulf his cock with my mouth, swallowing him. My tongue continuing to lick as I suck. He explodes in my mouth as I hungrily swallow.

After helping him with his pants, I stand up and kiss Mistress deeply, sharing some of the doctor's cum with her. I kiss him and express y gratitude with him over the good news. He just smiles and tells Mistress that he will be over often to check on me. She looks over to me and we exchange wicked glances as I lick my lips.

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