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The Auction Block


First of all my thanks to both ThisKittyKat and wasagadave who were kind enough to answer my pleas for an editor for this piece. In addition to Kat, bless you M'lady for your inspiring words, you truly have no idea how much they meant to me. I am in your debt.

I'm unsure how it transpired. Someone knows someone else, who has a friend who is aware of another. All I knew was that I had received a telephone call. A business like voice saying my presence was required by a Ms. Rebecca Noah, an address and time given. When I asked to what did this pertain I was simply told it was a personal matter and that I would be expected. The line going dead.

I knew the individual. I mean I knew of her. Rebecca Noah was a well known socialite and philanthropist whose name was spoken reverently in tones by those who enjoyed the finer things in life. Try as I might, I couldn't understand why on earth she would desire to speak with me. As I sat there, mulling over the possibilities, I looked around my rather drab surroundings and had to fight back a laugh. Still, I knew my curiosity would get the best of me.

The location was in one of the more prestigious parts of town, the building obviously an expensive property. A doorman tipped his hat to me and asked if he might be of assistance. "I have a meeting with Ms. Noah." With that his eyes lit up. He walked over, putting a key in the elevator, pressing the button for the penthouse and as I rose higher and higher I wondered where this was leading.

There was only a single door, no number, no name, just a solitary door. I looked at it before walking slowly and as I raised my hand to knock a young oriental woman opened it. She gave me a slight bow saying, "Ms. Noah is awaiting you. Please follow me." I did so, the home opulent though tasteful. We finally ended up in a room with a amazing view of the city. A woman standing, her eyes taking in the panorama before her.

She turned, her face looking at me as she spoke confidently to the woman who had escorted me into the room saying, "I will have a glass of white wine Takara."

The young woman made a more formal bow, her voice softly saying, "Yes Trainer, as you wish, so shall it be." She made her way quickly toward the other room as the look on my face drew a bit of laughter from my hostess. She motioned toward the couch and I took a seat. My face still showing the confusion, trying to understand what was happening.

She sat down across from me and I got a good look at her. She was older, perhaps in her forties though she was beautiful. Her long hair the color of midnight, her green eyes almost glowing. While I looked at her, she took me in, her eyes appraising. I opened my mouth to speak but she held up a hand, the beautiful servant returning. My eyes opened wide as she knelt, holding a tray with the glass high, her voice almost like a song. "I pray you find this libation as pleasing to your palate as my service is to your eyes Trainer."

The woman simply nodded, taking the wine and saying a single word. "Dismissed." With that the young woman rose fluidly and took her leave. I couldn't help it, I shivered, having an idea of what I had just witnessed but unsure. My attention was soon redirected elsewhere as I heard my host turn her attention to me. "Gabrielle Samuels, born May 29, 1989, graduating from an obscure community college. Took a job in an advertising agency, more secretary than anything. Unsure of where your degree might take you, unsure of where your life is taking you."

I felt the blush rise to my face, my cheeks burning feeling like I had been insulted in some manner, her words had not been spoken unkindly. She looked at me, seeing the look on my face as she smiled saying, "Let me finish Gabrielle. Let me have my say and then if you have questions you may feel free to ask them. If not and you wish to leave, you may do so. All this will be just a memory."

She didn't expect a response, taking another sip of wine before standing, walking toward the window. "You've had two lovers in your life. Your first a fellow student in your freshman year, a woman who showed you the pleasure that can be found in another woman's body. It did not last long but it did prove your desire for more than one sex wasn't simply an idle thought, it was your reality."

If I had blushed before, now my face must have been fire engine red as I trembled to hear, "Your second was a young man, your junior year, a Top who showed you a taste of the life of a submissive. He wasn't a true dominant, more a boy who enjoyed playing games with ropes, blindfolds, toys and you foolishly thought you were in love with him. In reality you were in love with the possibility the lifestyle might hold for you."

She turned, walking slowly toward me, almost daring me to disagree with her but as my body continued to shiver, she and I both knew the words she spoke rang true. "The young woman you met, who escorted you in is one of many who have embraced their true position in life. It is not a game, it is very real. It is a life that many desire but few have an opportunity to actually experience. I am offering you that chance."

My mind was simply awhirl, the words I'm hearing leaving me with far more questions than answers but they would have to wait as she continued. "You heard Takara call me Trainer. I am all that and more, I am a Master Trainer. There are others and I would choose one to train you Gabrielle. Your body will be theirs to use or if they see fit abuse. They will teach you every aspect a slave needs to please an owner. From use as a domestic servant to perhaps a pleasure slave or more, all based upon what talents we discover you might have."

She took another sip of wine, watching me closely as she took notice how I had begun to squirm a bit, the words arousing my intellect and my body. She snapped, "Sit still young lady, now." It was natural, my blue eyes quickly lowering, the young servant watching from nearby, a slight smile playing on her lips recognizing the classic pose.

The dark haired beauty continued saying, "If you can not control your own body then you are in need of more than simple training. I'm not sure this would be right for you. Perhaps I have made a mistake, please excuse me", and with that she left the room. I sat there, shaking my head, wondering what had just happened.

It was only a minute or so later that the oriental beauty walked in, sitting down beside me, a shy smile on her face as she spoke softly. "Trainer can be very direct at times Miss but I was like you when I first was found. A bit lost, unsure of myself and what I truly desired. She helped me realize that in service I found not only my true calling but my hearts desire. I was trained by Jonathan, He is her protégé, a man I owe so much to. I am honored to serve the Master Trainer until I am to be sold."

I looked at her in disbelief, my voice straining to say, "Sold?"

She nodded saying, "Once you are properly trained you are put on the auction block. The high bidder wins your contract which lasts for a year, the owner having an option for a second year. The Trainer gets a percentage as does the auction house but the remainder of the money is put into trust for you. Thus, if you decide to leave service, you have a nest egg to return to whatever profession or perhaps in some cases, the retirement you desire."

The silence hung in the air as she said softly, "May I ask you a question Miss?" I nodded as I heard, "When you entered into your play with the gentleman that Trainer spoke of, what about it did you enjoy the most?"

I thought about it, closing my eyes, remembering as I replied, "I enjoyed the loss of control. Of serving someone without question, my pleasure or at times my pain his to determine. I...I miss that", tears forming in my eyes, never realizing until this moment how empty my life had become. How my work wasn't fulfilling. I wasn't living, I was simply existing.

I gasped, the beautiful servant falling to her knees, her head on the floor, kneeling as the dark haired owner walked back into the room. "I will deal with your punishment once our guest has left Takara." I began to speak, to explain but the look on the older woman's face told me perhaps it would be best if I were to curb my tongue so I did so. She stopped in front of me, looking down and I couldn't help it, I was unable to maintain her gaze.

"In reality I should be thankful that the girl chose to talk to you Gabrielle. I can be a bit brisk in my comments and she has a way with people. The words she spoke were true and your answer though brief tells me what I need to know." With that she handed me a card, a single name Jonathan and a telephone number on it.

"What has transpired here tonight can be continued by your taking this, dialing that number and moving forward. Or, you can choose to discard it and as your years and life pass you by, be left to wonder what if. Takara, please insure our visitor leaves safely and then return to me."

The trip down the elevator was a quiet one. As she walked me to the door, she gently took my arm, stopping me, her hazel eyes shining as she said, "Please know this Miss. Jonathan is an incredible Trainer, he is demanding but he is fair. If you truly desire this, he can make it happen for you. Ms. Noah by giving you his number has shown great faith in you, feeling you will make not only a wonderful slave, but one whose owner will be proud to call their own." With that she surprised me, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek, then whispering in my ear, "If you accept, you are now my sister and I am proud to be yours."

What I missed after my leaving was Ms. Noah speaking aloud saying, "Well, what do you think? Is it possible?

The blue eyed gentleman who walked out from the darkness strode over to the woman who once again was taking in the lights below. He stood beside her, his words carefully chosen. "We have just a little over two weeks to auction and we have promised we will have not one but two to offer. With our reputation on the line, I'm afraid it leaves us little choice. It has to be."

He paused for a moment, thinking about what he had observed. How my eyes had lowered, my shallow breathing as she had spoken to Takara about a punishment to be received. Most importantly, the wistfulness in my impassioned words to his last pupil. The reminder of the past and the tears which he knew would fall again for him. He couldn't help but smile. Oh yes, it was more than possible.

That night my sleep was filled with dreams, with visions and by the time the morning came my body was covered in sweat. I was entangled in the covers, my own bondage as I gasped, my eyes flying open, my back arching, my body trembling as an orgasm overtook me. My eyes were wild as the dream had been so vivid, so real. I finally felt my heart begin to calm, my head fall back onto the pillow as my thoughts were as jumbled as the sheets around my body.

Work that day was horrible. I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't focus, the card in my purse constantly calling to me. I wished I had someone to talk to, to discuss this with but I didn't. No one could understand, certainly none of my so called "vanilla" friends. By the time I arrived back in my meager apartment, looking around at what little possessions I had I sighed, pouring a glass of wine. I went to the bathroom, turning on the hot water, putting some cheap fragrance into it as I undressed.

I soaked, sipping at the libation, as I couldn't help it, my mind beginning to wander. I let my fingers slip under the water, my eyes closing, picturing my body writhing in rope, my mouth gagged, a lash from a masked individual caressing my back as I let forth a muffled scream.

The water sloshed from over the side of the tub, the wineglass shattering on the floor, my orgasm the most powerful I had ever felt. My body rode it like a wave and one wasn't enough. I gave in to the temptation until finally I tried to rise from the tub. My legs were unable to support me as I lay there and trembled on the floor.

It took almost an hour for me to get control, a robe clutched around me. My teeth were chattering as I couldn't seem to get warm when I returned to my bedroom. I looked at my purse, sitting on the end of the bed and I got the card out. I turned it over and over, my hands trembling. Finally, I picked up the phone and dialed.

The voice was warm in tone saying, "This is Jonathan."

For a moment I panicked, a soft whimper escaping my lips, unable to speak only to hear a warm laugh and I felt myself blush. "I take it this is Gabrielle. How are you M'lady?" Once again only silence was all I could manage, so lost was I as he calmly said, "A woman of few words. A remarkable and rare individual."

I couldn't help it, I giggled like a schoolgirl as I heard his warm laughter again. "That's better, laughter will serve you well. I will meet you tomorrow, for dinner, at the Trainer's home and we will discuss much. Good night mon petit." With that the phone disconnected as once again I felt my heart begin to pound.

The next day I called in sick. It wasn't a lie. I could barely manage the simplest of tasks, my mind running wild wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into. When the phone rang at around four p.m. I literally jumped. I picked it up, only to hear a comforting voice. "Gabrielle, this is Takara, I wish to tell you that a vehicle will pick you up at six. It will bring you to the residence and dinner will be served promptly at seven. Do you have any questions Miss?"

All I had was questions but at the moment my mind couldn't think of a single one. I could almost feel the smile on her face, her kind eyes as her voice lowered. "When you enter, you will call the Trainer M'lady, you should refer to Jonathan as M'lord, showing respect. They will not expect you to lower your eyes to them as of yet but I'm sure by the time the evening is complete, you will know. Wear something simple but still classic. You are a potential slave, be proud. I look forward to seeing you tonight."

I was dressed and downstairs at six precisely and I saw the driver waiting, tipping his cap as he opened the door to the limousine. I felt like royalty as the dark vehicle made its way through the dimming light of dusk. He opened the door again when we got to our destination and I soon found myself like Alice in the story, back in my own Wonderland. Takara favoring me with a smile, her eyes dancing. She squeezed my hand, escorting me into the same room as yesterday, this time though not one but two awaiting me.

It was the older woman who spoke saying, "Allow me to make the introductions. Gabrielle this is Jonathan, Jonathan this is Gabrielle." The man who advanced upon me wore his hair long, longer than the norm these days, an auburn color, his eyes midnight blue and his smile kind.

I surprised even myself, lowering my eyes saying softly, "Good evening M'lord, good evening M'lady."

Once again I was rewarded with his laughter, not mocking but sincere as I heard Ms. Noah sigh. "I see Takara has been busy", her maid blushing but a slight smile playing on her lips.

Jonathan replied, "I find it delightful", as he extended his arm and I took it, feeling my arm shake as he smiled. "It's alright to be unsure Gabrielle, but I promise dinner will be exceptional, the Trainer will be on her best behavior" as he winked at her, "and I shall not say anything to make you blush, for now." Of course, I blushed as he held out my chair and Takara walked in, pouring a small amount of wine for the lady of the house to sample. With that dinner began.

He was a man of his word, the dinner delicious, the presentation by the beautiful oriental woman who served it making the meal even more so. As the night moved on, I found myself back in the same room I had first took my first surreal step into this world. Jonathan stood close to Ms. Noah, his eyes almost dancing as she looked at me saying, "First of all, I'm glad you joined us this evening dear. Though I punished my servant for speaking out of turn, she has always been good counsel and I did listen to her."

I heard nothing that sounded like a question so I thought it best to sit in silence as Jonathan smiled saying, "Gabrielle, I know this must be a bit overwhelming to say the least. I have asked the Trainer for permission to speak to you in an informal manner, to allow you to express yourself without repercussions. You have no formal training, it is not fair to you but we need to know. We need to be sure you are aware of the path which might lie before you."

My voice was soft but I did remember, "Yes M'lord", and once again I got that smile, finding it hard not to smile back.

"Very well, let me describe what will transpire if you decide to move forward. Please save your questions until I have finished Gabrielle."

I sat there listening. "You will quit your job, you will turn in your lease to your apartment, you may bring a few personal items with you but you will need nothing but the clothes on your back during the initial period of your training. If you have bills, they will be taken care of and then repaid when you are purchased into service. You will be allowed two weeks a year of vacation. Time spent with your family or friends. You are permitted to tell them of what you are doing if you desire. Some find it easier to tell perhaps a small white lie."

He walked over, looking down at Ms. Noah as she nodded her approval but this time when he turned, his eyes were different. A bit more, shall we say, bold. "Takara, present yourself, now." The young woman immediately moved fluidly from the kitchen, into the main room, kneeling, her knees slightly apart, her hands palm down on her thighs, her back straight, her eyes lowered. "I want you to tell Gabrielle precisely what I told you the first night we began your training."

The figure who knelt spoke softly but easily, as if reciting a mantra. "I am not your friend, I am not your lover, I am not your Master, I am your Trainer. I will teach you what it will take for you to find an owner, one who will cherish you, who will desire you. I will train you. If you do so well, I will praise you. If you do not, I will correct you. I will help you to understand what type of slave you truly desire to be."

His voice was warm, like liquid honey saying, "What type of slave are you Takara?"

"I am a domestic servant and pleasure slave Sir."

"Tell Gabrielle what that means."

"I can effectively run a household, whether it be staffed or if required, on my own. My body is for my owner's use, I am trained to please both men and women, using my body for their enjoyment. I welcome their praise or their correction if I displease them as that is their right and their gift that they give to me."

I couldn't help it, I shivered, a move not lost on my two hosts as they exchanged a glance as he said, "I understand you spoke to Gabrielle last night without your Trainer's permission. Is that correct girl?"

Her head dipped a bit lower as she replied, "Yes M'lord. I was punished for my actions as I should be."

"Show Gabrielle how you were punished" as with that the young woman slowly rose, turning her back to me and raising her kimono. I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my lips, the lines of the cane leaving marks which still glowed red. My eyes opened wide until she once again lowered the beautiful garment and turned at me smiling.

Jonathan then spoke but this time his voice was kind saying, "I'm going to ask you a question Takara. As I told Gabrielle, there will be no correction, I simply desire your honest opinion."

She turned, lowering her head to the gentleman asking, "What would you ask of me M'lord?"

A momentary pause and then I heard, "After you spoke with Gabrielle, what kind of slave do you see her being? Oh, and I do not desire the traditional whatever kind you might desire M'lord. I want, respect and value your opinion as the Master Trainer does. Feel free to speak."

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