tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Audience We've Always Wanted

The Audience We've Always Wanted


Dawn is upon us, and we are ready to devour each other once again. With the beach beckoning to us from our hideaway, we wander out to find the perfect spot and enjoy the sun, each other, and endless hours to care about nothing but us. I'm lounging with my head in your lap, teasing your dick with my tongue and enjoying the sun and your hands on my back. You've decided that I don't need to be wearing my bikini, so it's put off to the side and my body is drinking in the sun and its warmth, giving your favorite parts a golden glow.

As the sun gets higher, my body responds and beads of sweat show on my navel, under my breasts and at the base of my throat. My pussy is enjoying the sun, and gets wetter by the moment with the thrill of lying naked on a beach with my face in your balls and my mouth sucking your beautiful dick. Droplets of cum drip from my pussy as I lick the cum from the tip of your dick and coax more out for a nice treat.

People begin to arrive on the beach in small numbers, many taking note of the gorgeous man lying over there getting his dick sucked by a woman who clearly enjoys doing it, causing them to linger with envy as they find their place to relax. You don't need to turn us more directly towards them because they're stealing regular glances at us and can see as much as you want them to.

An audience makes your dick taste better and your cum even sweeter, and hours pass as you let me continue to suck your dick, massage your balls and show off your property to those around us. My pussy is now dripping wetness into the sand and beads of perspiration forming on my ass roll onto the sand around me.

You tease my pussy with your fingers, burying them in the wetness that you create in me. Your dick is straining against the sides of my mouth, rock hard and teasing me, not letting me make it cum. You decide to fuck me, and your pussy welcomes you, grabs your dick and locks it in tightly. We have an audience now, inspiring a lot of beach-fucking and sun play among our followers. You know how I crave showing off how much I love being owned and we make the most of this opportunity. You fuck your little slut for all to see, proving your ownership and my submission. I suck your fingers while you fuck your pussy, and after you let me lick your dick clean you turn me over to bury your dick deep in my ass.

You kiss the spot on my neck that only you know, sending me to the clouds in ecstasy. You ease my ass open to receive your dick, bigger now than I've ever felt it. Somehow it fits in my ass, every inch of your gorgeous, perfect, harder-than-a-rock dick and it's crystal clear to everyone around us that you own this little whore you're fucking on the beach.

You give me your dick to clean, and I lick every inch of you, cleaning you from tip to base on all sides. I beg you to fuck your pussy again and you graciously oblige. Almost immediately after you stuff your pussy, she explodes in orgasm, releasing a pool of wet that drips from her, covering your balls in wetness. You keep fucking your whore until you can't control your balls anymore, and you erupt like a volcano, filling your sperm whore with gallons of cum in non-stop release.

We lay in our puddle, with your dick resting lightly in your pussy, our legs and arms entwined as we do our best to become one body. A brief nap in the sun, and we go back for a shower and time to rest in the cool, fresh sheets.

Sweet dreams, love of my life.

Yours, always

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