The Audit


Kathleen Daniels drove her car into the company car park. She had arrived at the Elegance clothing factory in Northdale Yorkshire. She was here to audit the company's books. It was a small firm with about one hundred employees and Kathleen expected everything to be routine. As she got out of her car she checked to see her attire was clean and tidy. Her business suit of grey striped jacket and matching knee length skirt was immaculate. Her golden hair gleamed in the sunlight and her pony tail dangled as she walked gracefully to the reception area, brief case in hand.

The receptionist, Mary Ford, knew at once who the new arrival was and buzzed Dan Stinger, the manager.

"Show her right in Mary," came Dan Stinger's response.

Dan Stinger was in his mid fifties, overweight and balding. He was sitting behind his desk puffing a huge cigar. It was a sight that Kathleen loathed. She neither drank or smoked and hated the smell of cigar smoke in particular and made no secret of that fact to the staff of Carlisle and Dobbs, where she worked. Indeed, she was inclined to take a high moral tone with her fellow staff members as regards their sexual behaviour too. She rubbed them all up the wrong way. She was so self opinionated that she failed to realise that she was loathed by them all.

At thirty-five Kathleen Daniels was very attractive.

She was five feet nine with a well toned body with large breasts and long smooth legs. She ate healthily and exercised regularly thus keeping a good figure. Her large round rimmed glasses seemed to add her attractiveness. Despite all this she was single. She had no time for relationships. She considered them a waste of time.

Dan Stinger didn't get up. Instead he put out his hand. "It's good to see you Ms. Daniels," he said jovially.

"That remains to be seen," responded Kathleen somewhat bluntly as she shook his hand.

'The boys were right. She could be trouble,' thought Dan. Dan gave a slight cough and cleared his throat. "Yes, well let me show you the accounts department."

"Well, that's what I'm here for," she replied.

Dan had been warned beforehand that Kathleen Daniels was arrogant and took no prisoners but even he was surprised at her attitude. Something had to give and Dan Stinger was determined that it wasn't going to be him.

In the accounts department a young woman was busy the computer accounts. Dan introduced her to Kathleen "Ms. Daniels, this is our bookkeeper, Marion Blake." Kathleen simply nodded. She sat down at an empty desk and began to work her way thought the paperwork. For several hours Kathleen scoured over the paperwork in silence. It made Marion nervous. Finally she couldn't stand it and spoke up. "Is everything alright?"

Kathleen looked over at the twenty-two year old. "Haven't you got work to do?"

"Why, yes of course, but..."

"Then I suggest you got on with and let me get on with mine."

The bluntness of Kathleen's answer upset Marion who was a sensitive and kind hearted girl. She said no more and resumed her work. The silence continued all week.

Finally on Friday Marion jumped with a start as Kathleen slammed the book shut.

"How long have you been doing these accounts, girl?"

"Si, six months. Why?" stuttered the anxious girl.

Kathleen didn't bother to respond. She simply took the large book and marched into Dan Stinger's office unannounced.

Dan was on the phone. Her look told him everything. "I'll have to call you back," and put the receiver down. Kathleen in turn, slammed the account books on his desk.

"Mr Stinger, either that girl is incompetent or your firm is involved in wholesale fraud."

"Now wait just a minute..."

"No. You wait. The petty cash doesn't balance nor does petrol receipts for your lorry drivers. The whole thing is a mess."

"Marion Blake is a very honest and forthright young woman." countered Dan, his anger building.

"Oh really?" retorted Kathleen sarcastically. "Your books will need a full and complete audit. I'll be back here first thing Monday morning and I expect them to be up to date."

"For goodness sake, Ms. Daniels, it's only petty cash. It never balances. As regards the petrol receipts, it's only a small sum that can easily be sorted in time."

"Not as long as I'm auditing the books," replied Kathleen. With that, she left the building.

A tearful Marion Blake knocked at Dan's office door. "Come in," shouted Dan with some anger. Dan was moved by the sight of Marion and went over to comfort her.

"Mr Stinger, I'm an honest person. I've never done anything wrong in my life."

"I know that Marion. Don't distress yourself. I'll take care of everything. I promise. Now go home and get some rest. Enjoy the weekend and don't worry about anything. Trust me. Everything will be alright."

With that assurance Marion left for home. As soon as she had gone Dan picked up the phone and rang George Buckley, a partner in the accounting firm and personal friend. "Hallo George? You were right about Ms Daniels. I'm afraid she reacted badly to some minor discrepancies. It's nothing I can't handle but I need your help."

Dan looked out the window of his office that faced the factory floor. He signalled Teddy Robinson, his supervisor, to come to his office.

"Teddy, I have a little job for you and the boys..."


That same evening Kathleen Daniels drove into the driveway of her two storey house. She got out of her car after retrieving her brief case. Just as she put the key in the door a hand grabbed her mouth, muffling her screams. Her briefcase crashed to the ground as she struggled with her assailant. She soon saw that there was more than one as several hooded figures came into view. One of them taped her mouth and another bound her arms and legs and she was bundled into a van that was driven swiftly away.

In the van, Kathleen was on her back looking up. Her hands were tied very tightly in front of her, as were her beautiful legs. Struggle as she might, there was no escape. She could see four hooded individuals in the van with her. As Kathleen struggled one of them spoke, working his hand along her legs and feeling the fabric of her black sheer tights that enclosed them ."Don't worry baby. We'll soon be there and you'll enjoy yourself. I promise." The others laughed. He continued up her legs. When reached her pussy he began to feel through her tights and knickers. Kathleen began to scream through gag as well as kick. The masked man in the passenger seat looked back. "Now boys, don't upset our guest. There's plenty of time to sample her delights and plenty to go round." There was a chorus of laughter and the fondling stopped.


At last the van came to a halt and the hooded man in the passenger seat spoke again. "Well, we're here boys. Careful with our guest."

The back doors swung open and a struggling Kathleen was carried into some sort of warehouse. It was clear that there had been some preparation and planning because in the dead centre of the warehouse was a large bed. Kathleen was forced to stand up with two hooded men keeping tight grip of each arm.

One of the hooded men released her hair from its pony tail. Kathleen, in a futile protest, shook her head, which only served to speed up the flow of the golden tresses of her hair falling and settling on her shoulder.

The hooded man who had been the front seat passenger in the van slowly unbuttoned her grey business jacket. When the last button was opened the two men restraining Kathleen eased the garment from her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor, revealing her short sleeved cream blouse that was buttoned all the way to her neck. He slowly and teasingly began to undo her blouse. Kathleen continued to struggle and scream through her gag. Each button opened revealed its own portion of Kathleen's full black slip. At the very moment that the last button opened, she could feel the zipper on her skirt being pulled and both garments sank to the floor almost at the same time.

Kathleen's screams became fanatical. She suddenly stopped when the hooded man produced a sharp industrial knife and began brandishing it menacingly in front of her face. Her fear kept her silent.

Suddenly, he pulled her slip forward and using the knife, sliced through it like soft butter. At the same time there was a slight strain on her back and a similar operation was performed there. The two parts of the ruined garment fell to the ground simultaneously exposing Kathleen's lacy low cut black bra and matching knickers that were shrouded in sheer black tights.

The hooded man speak to her. "Well, Ms. 'Prim and Proper'. Who have you got the sexy underwear on for? Your boss? Maybe a girlfriend?"

The others laughed in chorus.

When her bra was removed, releasing her huge breasts, it brought wolf whistles. "Wow, look at those tits," shouted one of them excitedly as her nipples hardened upon contact with the air.

Her tights and knickers were quickly discarded and she was carried to the bed and dumped onto it. Kathleen was spread eagled by four of the men.

The leader dropped his pants and when Kathleen saw his huge hard cock she began to cry.

"Aw, don't cry baby. It'll be fun."

Once again there was a roar of laughter.

Kathleen resigned herself to the fact that there was nothing she could do to stop him invading her pussy. All she could hope was that it would be swift and that he would be satisfied.

Gently, the man began to probe her bush until he found her pussy lips and pushed his cock in deeply. Initially his movement was slow but gathered pace with each stroke. The others clapped and his movements developed in sync with it.

Kathleen was no virgin but she had always been the dominant one and never with so many eyes on her. Nonetheless her body began to react and gradually they both developed a mutually satisfying rhythm. Kathleen imagined her lungs would burst as they increasingly consumed air as her breathing became deeper. She could feel her love juices beginning to swell up. She also could tell that he wasn't far from cumming either. At last, as she felt the explosion of his cum and her own orgasm, Kathleen sighed for both relief and though would never admit it, sexual joy as well.

'At least,' she thought, 'It is all over.' To her horror and dismay however she was wrong as all six men pounded her besieged pussy until they were completely spent.

Exhausted and sick, Kathleen just wanted to sleep. Once again her hopes were dashed as the hooded leader turned to another hooded figure. "Get her ready. She's got a night's work ahead."

"Ok, dad."

To Kathleen's amazement, it was the voice of a young woman, perhaps nineteen or twenty.

As the hooded young woman knelt beside Kathleen she began to apply a damp cloth to her pussy and gently clean it. Kathleen was totally at a loss as to what she was doing. It was only when she applied the cream and produced the razor that Kathleen comprehended all and she began to struggle violently.

The young woman grabbed Kathleen's hair and held it tight. "Stop struggling, you stupid bitch, or I'll end up cutting you." Her words were both a warning and a threat.

Kathleen sighed through her gag and simply surrendered to her fate.

Expertly, the young woman shaved away Kathleen's entire bush leaving her pussy bald, something she would never have dreamt of doing.

The young woman got up. "Enjoy yourself, dear," she said sarcastically.

Kathleen was then dragged to her feet and led to the other side of the warehouse. Despite not having her glasses she could see the strange sight in the wall of two circular holes as well as a smaller one further down. It only registered with her what they were for when she was shackled tightly to the wall and her large breasts protruded perfectly through the gaps. Her freshly shaved pussy filled the other gap. Kathleen shivered as the cool evening air struck her exposed assets. To her amazement she thought she heard carnival music outside and then she heard a male voice on the outside. "Roll up, roll up, ladies and gents. Fifty pounds for a fuck, twenty pounds for a suck and seventy-five pounds for rectal pleasure."

There was a roar of both male and female laughter.

"Thank you sir," Kathleen could hear and suddenly she felt a mouth engulf her breast and her nipple being sucked. Soon it was the same on her other breast as well. At that same moment her pussy was being gently licked. In spite of her predicament, Kathleen felt a certain pleasure and moaned through her gag.

Soon this pleasure was replaced anger and rage as she felt a huge cock being driven deep inside her pussy and she was pounded without mercy. Two cold hands gripped her bare hips. Kathleen had never had anal before and now her virginal arse was being plundered for someone's pleasure. All she could do was scream through her gag and as with all her other protests, it was to no avail. The same pattern continued through the night as different "customers" sampled her assets.

At last it all came to an end. Exhausted, sore and sick, Kathleen simply wanted to sleep. She was released from her bonds and fell to the floor. She could feel she was being dressed in something but didn't care. She soon fell asleep.


"Let me alone," cried Kathleen as she felt someone roughly shaking her.

"Wake up, Miss. You can't sleep here."

It was a mature male voice.

"What?" said Kathleen as her eyes opened to the blinding morning sun. She looked up and saw this man in his fifties wearing a park keeper's uniform.

"Oh my God," she screamed as she realised where she was. She jumped up and was about to run when the man turned and spoke. "Is this yours?"

He was holding a small handbag that Kathleen didn't recognise.

"No," responded curtly but for some reason she took it anyway and headed in a hurry across the park leaving the park keeper bemused and puzzled.

As she hurried along she realised that the dress she had on was not hers. It was green, glittery and way too short. It was low cut and her ample breasts were exposed. Another thing she realised was that she had nothing underneath. At least she was close to home. The park was only two blocks away from her home and hopefully no one would recognise her.

At last she came to the main road that led to the lane where her house was situated. A car pulled up beside her. The driver opened the window and Kathleen bent over, naively thinking he was offering a lift.

"How much, love?" he said, as he peered at her exposed breasts.

"Get out of here, fucking pervert," she screamed and flung the bag at the car.

"Look who's talking," replied the man as he drove off.

'Oh my God, he's right,' thought Kathleen. It was only then she noticed that she was dressed like a call girl. She hurried along the road and felt some relief when she got to the lane of her home.

Amazingly the key was still in her door and her brief case was on the ground where she had dropped it. She ran upstairs to the shower. She stripped rapidly and showered for what appeared to be hours. She scrubbed and scrubbed in a fanatical effort to somehow to cleanse her violated body. She stayed in her house, refusing to go out or answer her phone. That night she couldn't sleep as she debated whether or not to go to the police. In the end she decided not fearing what it would do to her reputation.


On Monday morning, Kathleen dressed in her alternative business suit of navy blue jacket and matching skirt with white blouse. When she arrived at the company car park she sat for a few moments in her car to compose herself and her rebuild her badly damaged confidence. Finally, having summoned the courage, she alighted from her car and headed to the door of the office.

"The old man wanted to see you the moment you got in," said Kevin Blakely, a junior trainee.

"Oh," responded Kathleen, as she put her brief case on her desk and headed for the office of James Carlisle, the senior partner of the firm. As she did so she noticed giggling behind her but ignored it. She knocked at the door.

"Come in," came a gruff response.

"You wanted to see me Mr Carlisle?"

"Don't bother sitting down. You won't be here long enough. Clear your desk and get out," said James Carlisle angrily.

His bluntness shocked Kathleen.

"You-you're firing me? Why?"

"Because of this." Carlisle slapped a copy of the local newspaper on his desk. The picture was very clear. It should Kathleen dressed in the skimpy dress and bending down to what seemed to be a punter in the car. It was then she realised that the whole thing had been carefully stage managed, even the "punter" in the car. The headline "Accountant by day. Hooker by night" was the killer punch.

"But, Mr Carlisle. I can explain..."

He cut her off. "Do you want me to have you escorted out off these premises?" he responded as he went for the phone.

Kathleen Daniels knew she had lost as she went to her desk and began to clear it.

"Hey Kathleen. How much an hour?" Kevin Blakely asked.

There was a roar of laughter from behind him. It was too much for Kathleen. She threw everything down and ran from the building. When she got to her car, she drove away from Northdale with tears in her eyes, never to return.


A few hours later Dan Stinger was sitting in his office enjoying his customary cigar when his buzzer sounded. "Yes, Mary?"

"Kevin Blakely is here from the auditors, sir."

"Show him in."

When Kevin came in, Dan extended his hand. "You're very welcome Mr Blakely, though I thought Ms Daniels was doing the audit," he said innocently.

Kevin blushed. "Well, Ms Daniels has resigned from the firm for er, personal reasons."

"I see," responded Dan in pretended surprise. "I'm sure Mr Buckley advised you of the situation?"

"Oh yes sir. No worries there. All you have to do is make out a cheque for the balance and we'll call it quits. He pressed his buzzer. "Mary? Will you show Mr Blakely to the accounts department, please? I'm sure you'll find everything in order."

"I'm sure I will," replied Kevin politely.

When Kevin left the office with Mary Ford, Dan Stinger released a laugh of triumph. He called Teddy Robinson to his office. "Well done Teddy. A very good job." he stuffed an envelope full of cash into the inside pocket of Teddy's work coat.

"Thanks boss. Believe me when I say it was a very great pleasure for all concerned."

Both men laughed heartily.

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