tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Audition Ch. 03

The Audition Ch. 03


(The story so far: Norma Doughtery has gone to B-Grade movie studios Panogram Films to audition for legendary studio chief Fred Stern. A veteran film producer Stern has already convinced Norma that her dreams of becoming a star in late 1940s Hollywood can be accomplished with his help. Unprepared for his blandishments and his well-practised ways in getting starlets to undress for him, Norma has partly succumbed to the old man's dirty needs. Now she is about to find out what happens when she falls onto his casting couch, barely dressed and vulnerable to exploitation)

"Oh no! Don't put your...your...oh, please stop!"

Norma squealed her protest hoping in some way she could penetrate the lust-fogged brain of Panogram studio boss Fred Stern. The young actress was willing to do her best to become a signed contract star with his movie company, and she'd be compliant enough when it came to taking off her clothes, wriggling around on his lap, even sucking his fat and hard old man penis, But this was wrong. So very very wrong.

"I can't have you put your manhood in me," Norma pleaded "I've never cheated on my husband. Never ever."

Stern grunted and ignored her, sliding his purplish cock's head closer to its goal. His free hand was searching for more bare female skin to tease, to tickle, to tantalise. Norma's nipples had already been tickled and twisted, licked and sucked. Now he grabbed her long blonde locks and tugged backwards, exposing more of her neck. Greedily he clamped his mouth over her throat and nape, kissing with mad abandon.

"Uhhhhhh. No no no no no NO!" Norma cried out, her repeated chant of saying no having nil effect. "I can't let you put your penis in me," she moaned in fear and loathing "Mr Stern I might get pregnant. You haven't got a rubber."

Fred Stern lifted his sweat-covered face, his cheek jowls a little grey from the exertion. His reply chilled Norma to the core. "Won't be the first actress I knocked up honey. And if you do happen to do 'catch' in this 'audition' maybe Panogram's very own medical staff can help you with your 'problem'. Otherwise...well I guess you might have to return to hubby with no acting career and a belly full of another Fred Stern Jnr."

Norma's wail was barely human, and again for a second her attacker thought he might be brought to a shuddering halt by his secretary Miss Sneevely. But like so many times before, when one of his auditioning wannabe actresses felt they were about to have their pussy's stuffed by his dick their cries for help, their fearful yelling went unheard or ignored.

"Okay Norma, stay still for a second so I can line you up properly."

The flailing crying figure underneath him didn't comply but that was no great barrier to Stern's desires. He brought his erection into what he considered the right place to start fucking his blonde star, as she would now be a fully fledged member of his bevy of screwed actresses, then with a shove of his sizeable ass brought his cock into hard contact with her soft damp flaps.

"Ohhhh nooooo!" came Norma's lisping sigh of regret.

"Unnnnghhhh. Take it babydoll! Take it deep!" The gin and cigar soaked voice of the elderly Jewish movie mogul was insistent, but not nearly as much as his hard on which began its stab into Norma's married cunt. "That's it! Uhhhhh...who's your daddy...UHHHHH."

"Stop it please Mr Stern. I don't want to!"

Her attacker ignored her barely audible plea, his mouth clamped hungrily on her left boob, his penis gradually delving deeper, stretching her, and painfully gaining inch by inch greater depth inside her semi-dry twat. His fingers had helped a little with opening her up, making her a little damp. But with little lust boiling away inside her body Norma couldn't find the lubrication to make the cock inside her less invasive. Even the saliva and pre-cum that had moistened his prick earlier was not enough to halt the soreness spreading from her pussy with Stern shoving his cock further inside.

"Feeding your pussy now sweetheart. Uhhh...oh yes. Just love a piece of married wannabe famous tail like yours." Stern grappled with Norma, again and again pushing up into her, then dragging his manhood back till his cock was almost totally withdrawn. "Ferchrissake you're as tight as a goddam mouse's ear honey!"

"You're hurting me! Don't...I'm begging...don't."

"Oh come now Norma, you knew it was going to come to this hmmm? Wearing that sexy outfit, walking into my office with your full ripe boobs and ass that you flaunt at all the guys. Uhhh," Stern grunted as he pumped up again into the starlet's cunt "You thought you'd cock tease your way into the movies...well, my dear...uhhh...fuck...you might get part of that deal but only after you let old Fred Stern fuck you till you cum."

"For pity's sake...uhhhhhhhhhhhhh...please stop Mr Stern. Oh please! I just can't bear it honestly. Oh oh my...you are so bad! Uhhhhhh." Norma's cries were insistent but had no effect. She was mortally frightened of the pervert raping her that he'd leave her womb soaked in his semen, the fertile ground ready for his seed. The young wife had already one scrape with an unwanted pregnancy when she'd let her husband fuck her a couple of months before they married. That turned out to be just a scare, a slightly irregular bleed. Now she was literally shaking from the terror of being bred by her boss, the perverted bastard stabbing his hard prick again and again up into her vagina. "I can't let you do this to me Mr Stern!"

"Too late honey, you already are."

Norma sobbed a howl of anguish and continued begging. "Oh please sir, please don't. It's not right. I only came to you for...for...uh, for a chance to...oh no...a chance to act in your movies."

Stern failed to reply, but repeated his assault on the young woman's violated vagina. His flabby old butt bounced up and down in rhythm with the feverish fucking he inflicted on his new starlet. The bulbous and fat prick he wielded probed into Norma's taut twat, grazing her pussy flaps and clit hood on the insertion, and then dragging back along her inner walls as he withdrew almost to the tip. Then he plunged in again, his weight keeping Norma from doing more than wriggling like a butterfly pinned on a wheel.

"Oh for the love of God I adore screwing the crap outta you baby."

"Please stop! I don't want this! I don't!"

"Take it like a good girl and maybe...uhhhh...maybe I'll give you a raise before...oh fuck yes...you even get to....ohhhh...shoot a movie."

"I can't! No! No! Please!"

Norma's begging, her face twisted in a lewd contorted rictus, her legs writhing like stocking covered snakes kept Stern eager to conquer the final vestiges of the married woman's honour. His scrotal sac was heavy with pained balls, but he had only been using the cute young vamp for his dirty desires for about 10 minutes. Stern liked to put in a good half hour at least when auditioning new talent. Gradually he drew back, his back arching as Norma felt the prick that had been buried deep in her cunt retreated.

"Thank you. Oh Mr Stern, thank you, thank you." There again was the tear-soaked lisp that made the Panogram studio boss horny as all fuck, but Norma was unaware that her gratitude wasn't going to last. The pervert who had been raping her wasn't done.

"Get on the floor kid. Now! And on your goddam hands and knees!"

Norma was ready to protest, to scream her indignation, when Stern grabbed her by her right wrist and tugged her down onto the thick rug which lay under his casting couch. Her almost naked body was unprepared for the strength behind the old man's tug, and with barely enough time to put a bracing hand out in front of her Norma tumbled down off the couch. Sprawling and winded the young married actress realised her ordeal was far from over.

"Bet you wondered how I did that hmm kid? You see," Stern paused, his stout semi-nude body holding Norma down, "I used to do some wrestling when I was younger." His words were more rhetorical than part of a conversation, as Norma was breathlessly struggling against the studio chief. "And I did a few vaudeville acts and state fairs way before you were even a glint in your daddy's eye as a professional wrestler." He paused, flexed his age mottled arms around Norma's waist and pulled her into an on all fours position. "Course never wanted to do this with the other wrestlers I knew back then kid!"

In a fluid movement which surprised Norma, partly because of his age and partly because she wasn't braced for it, Stern shifted so his lower torso and groin were now parallel and behind the starlet's tuccus. His right hand shot to her blonde locks, grabbing some of her hair and pulling firmly. His left slapped her perky bum hard.

"Spread 'em!"

"Oh no! Not more!? Please Mr Stern, I can't take any more. Let me go...please?!"

"Do as I say."


"Hurry up."

To reinforce his perverted demand Stern twisted Norma's curls and slapped her ass again. Harder. And in a rapidly descending haze of pain and shame Norma complied. She slowly shifted so that her stocking knees spread, exposing her pudenda and the sweet but sore cunny that Stern needed so much. Norma's reddened ass was pushed up and her knees were splayed wider, and with the grace of a horny old perve Stern quickly repositioned himself between them.

"Let's fuck you doggy style hmm baby."

"Oh nooooooo! I can't...."

"Stop whining kid," and with a lustful snarl Stern leaned forward, his dick against stabbing at Norma's abused pussy. The circumcised glans was again battering at her bruised and slippery flaps, bumping and grinding into her clitoris. Norma yowled and sighed, agony perhaps intermingling with some physical stimulation. However the Panogram studio boss ignored his latest acquisition's crying and shuddering, concentrating on burying his prick deep within Norma's hot cunt.

"Fuck you get me so goddam horny sweetheart," groaned the old man "I can make a motza with your sexy fucking body in my fucking films. Uh yeah." Stern reached under with one hand, pulling the young woman's belly up and back to him so she was even more engaged with his invasive thrusts. His other hand let go of her flaxen locks to tug cruelly at her right teat. The stubby fingers twisted and tweaked her nipple till it was cherry red. And all the while Norma sobbed and protested, her poor pussy violated, her eyes red with tears.

"I hate you Mr Stern!" she spat out with pure hate "You are a filthy fat old pervert!"

"Oh am I?"

"Yes. You are a lousy fuck you bastard!"

Stern laughed and then pulled his erection from Norma's aching vagina.

"You know I think you need more than just a belly full of my seed Norma," Stern said with a dark throaty growl "I think you need to learn some respect for your new boss."

Norma sighed, relieved that her pussy wasn't being used any more by the gross old man who was raping her. But her eyes went wide, and her shoulders sagged when she felt something utterly unlike any sensation she'd ever felt before.

"You see Norma," the still thick voice of the old Jewish film magnate continued, "in this town studio heads are king. Little whiney sex kittens like you who think they can cock tease and get away with it need to serve guys like me." Stern took his slippery fat hard on and shifted it so it was now aimed at the cleft between Norma's slapped ass cheeks. "And when I don't get all I want from girls who take my film contracts, well I like to make sure they learn a lesson. And, I think it's time you got yours."

As the older man finished with his threatening promise he nudged the purple, blood engorged head of his cock up into Norma's butt crack. The slippery hot head nudged against the hidden fold, till in a moment that would haunt Norma forever he found what he was aiming for. Stern was going to take his prick and take what no other man had done to poor Norma ever. He was about to ass fuck her, popping her anal cherry.


Norma squealed out in horrified disgust but her words had no effect. Looking down over his fat stomach the studio chief watched as the starlet's ass wriggled and shook, trying to dislodge the erection threatening to rape her. With hands that were as quick and as controlling as an octopuses' tentacles Stern reached for her hips, somehow also giving his unwilling partner a slap or two on her ripe bum cheeks. Norma called out to him, to God, to anyone to save her from such vile behaviour. "Don't you dare, please, PLEASE!" she called out, throwing her head around in frantic twists. However her attacker was not to be denied, to be deflected from his kinky needs.

With determined, perverted lust Fred Stern began to push forward. His penis was steel rod hard and the engorged head started to throb as he began to dig inside Norma's anus. He was meeting more resistance than he expected, however he knew that to just slam it into the squirming woman would possibly cause real damage, as well as bring his 'audition' to an early end. He liked to savour the sensations of probing into the starlet's asshole, gradually easing more and more of his erection against the pliant rubbery flesh. Sweat beaded on his wrinkled brow and his back ached just a little with the effort. And all the while Norma sobbed and protested.

"You gotta stop now! Please stop! I don't like your thing THERE!"

"Just relax sweetheart...breathe in and push against me. The sooner I get up in your butt the sooner the pain will go." Stern mused to himself "As if...when I'm done she won't be able to sit for a week."

"You're hurting me!" Once more Norma wailed, trying to get the wicked studio boss to halt. She couldn't understand that every impassioned cry, every wail for help or for him to stop made Fred Stern all the more eager to exploit her. With a nervous yelp, feeling the old man's dick finally pushing up into her butt she called out a last hopeful plea.

"I've never had a man put his thing there...please stop Mr Stern. Please...I'll let you use my pussy." She bent her head in defeat, her tears splashing onto the carpet. "Just please stop hurting my bottom."

Unfortunately for Norma Dougherty the warped old studio boss was far from finished, and he was eager to force her into utter compliance with his pornographic desires.

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