tagBDSMThe Audition Ch. 03

The Audition Ch. 03


He directed her body toward the spanking bench and then still by the strength of his grasp in her hair forced her forward over its padded seat. The hash marks on her breasts disappeared from view as her chest was pushed flat onto the padding. First her right and then her left arm was secured at her wrist restraints to the metal bar in front of her head. The same was done to her bent legs but at the other end of the contraption. Her ankles and knees were held immobile with Velcro straps. By the time he fully secured his slave, she resembled a woman held prisoner on a perverted upside down gynecologist's table. Her private areas were fully exposed and readily available for anything her Master chose to do.

"Hmmm.. I love the feel of your ass... how soft and smooth the skin is... except for this little spot.." Running his hand over her quivering, full cheeks he placed a forefinger at the small puckered hole in their center and heard a gasp rise from under the bench. He chuckled and pushed his finger past the tight entryway and up to his knuckle. "Does my little slut like it when her Master fucks her little hole?" A moan was his only answer and he chuckled again with a quick pull of his buried digit back into the open air.

"It's too bad my girl doesn't deserve a good fucking right now, isn't it? Perhaps after today she'll remember her lessons more fully and maybe earn the privilege of his cock once again." This last was said in a perfunctory manner as if he were telling her "that's life, hun, get over it" and was finalized with a hard slap to her left buttock. He smiled at the immediate pink print which surfaced on her pale flesh. It had been a very long time since he'd left his mark upon his lover. He missed seeing those small visual reminders of how much she enjoyed belonging to him. And even though the next couple of hours was intended as discipline and not something he enjoyed being made to do, he would in fact revel in making his beautiful wife even more spectacular in his eyes with every raised welt or small bruise she would proudly bear as his willing slave.

Sara's thoughts were chaotic and crowding one after another into her head. She was naked and totally restrained outside... well.. not outside exactly but still not in the safety of her bedroom. Ken was obviously hurt by all the things she'd said about him on facebook and now she'd given him the right to punish her in whatever ways he could think of... and she was painfully aware of how creative he could be. He'd already said something about fucking her in the ass. She could only hope he'd wait until he wasn't so angry. He knew conflicted she was about anal play. She wanted it and yet she was terrified by it as well. What if she yelled out and someone heard her? Why did he bring her out here where anyone could see her?

The chaos was silenced by one very hard spank to her bottom. For whatever reason it seemed to calm her and let her focus again on why she was in this place. It was because she desired it and needed it. Her husband was doing exactly what she felt every good Dominant should do on a regular basis.

In a voice filled with sincerity and love she said, "Thank you, Master."

Ken was surprised to hear the words. It was more than he'd hoped for and he smiled.

"You really can be such a good girl. I'm sorry that we have to do this now but you know I have to punish you and it's not going to be pleasant. But when we're all through here I will show you how a Master also rewards his special girl when she deserves it. I promise."

He leaned over and kissed the already fading handprint while sliding a finger into soft, wet lips to find the little button which gave his wife the most pleasure. He felt her hips trying to push back onto his finger as she moaned and he smiled before he pulled away.

"Not yet, my dear. First we must see to your punishment. Let me explain how we are going to proceed and make sure you are listening so you do not miss anything. You will begin here, on the spanking bench, where you will receive fourteen stripes from my belt. Fourteen stripes for the fourteen messages of disrespect. You will count and thank me for each one, young lady. If you miss one, we will start from the beginning. Do you understand?"

A muffled "yes, Sir" came from beneath the bench and he noticed the cheeks of her bottom trying to tighten as if to form a protective shield which they both knew would make no difference at all. He undid his belt buckle and pulled the long black strap until it was fully detached from his jeans. Doubling the leather, he stepped into place behind and to the left of Sara's bottom. He'd positioned the spanking bench so that it provided a clear path for his full swing. He targeted a spot along the fullest part of her cheeks, pulled his arm back and then swung hard until a loud crack echoed through the garage.

An explosion of breath and a rushed, "One, thank you, Sir!" followed the sound.

He wasted no time and with a practiced eye and hand laid the second stripe directly above the first. The third fell directly below. Each of them was followed by a progressively louder call from the woman on the bench. A count and a thank you were given for each.

At this point, three distinct red lines about an inch or so thick decorated the flesh. He reached out with his free hand to rub over them lightly. The skin was warm under the Ken's fingers but the flesh shivered at this light touch.

Three more stripes followed the first and the patterns started to overlap while the voice counting off became a bit more distraught and out of breath.

Ken continued the pattern of three stripes and then a brief respite until a full dozen made purchase on his wife's very reddened and tender backside. She was openly crying now but hadn't forgotten to count or give thanks for his efforts.

"Very good, young lady. We're almost finished with the belt.. just two more and I'll put it away. Be ready and please do not forget to count them and say thank you. I don't want to have to start over."

With that, Ken landed the thirteenth stripe right across the sweet spot where Sara's ass cheeks met her thighs. It was called the sit spot and considered one of the most agonizing places to feel the sting of any tool of spanking. As he'd expected it to do, Sara's body jerked against all her restraints as she let out a shriek. He allowed her a few seconds to catch her breath and was very pleased to hear a weak call, "Thirteen, and thank you, Sir."

"One more, baby... just one more."

There was no mercy as the fourteenth and final belt stripe fell just below its predecessor. Another shriek and tear-filled response meant it was over. Sara's body heaved with sobs against the pads and bars of her chaired prison cell while Ken watched and rubbed softly over her battered backside whispering words of comfort until she settled once again.

"You did very well, my pet, and now the first part of your punishment is over. While I'm getting ready for the next piece I'll explain how the entire event is going to happen. Since you chose to disrespect me in public fourteen times in seven days we are going to use those numbers in your discipline. You've already seen how the fourteen will be used to count out the length of each part. The number seven is how many parts to the discipline there will be."

Ken knew his wife had to be mentally screaming to learn that she would be suffering through seven different methods of punishment but he took no further time to soothe her. Instead he'd gone to the refrigerator and removed a freshly pared finger of ginger from a bowl of cold water. He brought it and a small plastic bottle of lubricant to stand again at Sara's exposed and now bruised bottom.

"The first component was the belt and now we face the second."

Sara heard his words as she felt once again his finger probing the small puckered hole in her backside. She strained to hear him over the flood of fear that was surging now over her entire being.

"I believe you need some time... fourteen minutes to be precise... to think about what you've done, young lady. Consider this your corner time but with a slight difference than ordinary corner time. For the next part of your punishment you'll be reminded of how bad little girls' bottoms are made to burn. Now push like you're going to the bathroom, young lady, and this will go in much easier."

She didn't have time to react. He was pushing something into her anus and it was something that felt huge. She remembered holding the ginger roots in her hand at the grocery store just hours ago. It seemed like a lifetime now. They were so big and rough skinned and she'd wondered what he wanted them for. Sara had never heard of figging. Now she was experiencing it first-hand.

Sara grunted and bore down as she'd been instructed and in an instant she felt full in her bottom... like she needed to go to the bathroom very badly. Then he was talking again.

"I'm setting the kitchen timer to fourteen minutes. During that time you are to come up with the exact reasons you are being disciplined and ways in the future you will change your behavior. If you cannot do that when I the time is up then we will repeat this part of the discipline with a fresh piece of ginger. Do you understand, young lady?"

She did understand but she didn't know why he might think she'd fail. The full feeling was unpleasant but it wasn't nearly as bad as the belt so she should easily be able to concentrate and come up with the perfect things to say to please him.

Sara could hear the continuous clicking of the timer as she tried to get her thoughts in order. She was sorry for saying rude, very negative, and sometimes totally untrue things about her husband. And she was very sorry she'd done it so that it wasn't even a private conversation.

The fullness seemed to be getting worse and Sara was starting to have trouble completing a thought. She tried to wriggle her bottom to see if it would bring a little relief. But it wasn't just the fullness she felt any longer. Now there seemed to be a small burning sensation too. She hoped Ken knew what he was doing by using the ginger inside of her body. What if it caused some type of allergic reaction? Owww.. it was really starting to burn her now.

From a few feet away, Ken watched his wife's bottom begin to twitch and squeeze and release as he also heard small grunts and groans coming from her mouth. He walked to the bench and bent forward until his lips nearly touched her ear. His words were mere whispers.

"In case you are not aware, ginger, as it's used in figging causes a burning sensation to the area it comes into contact with... in this case that would be my very bad little girl's behind. And you have nine minutes left to finish your apology."

Sara wondered how her body could simultaneously shiver with goosebumps at his message and burn like white hot charcoal on the grill from the satanic root implanted firmly in her ass. Not that it mattered except that she had no desire to relive this hellish creation of her Master's imagination. She had to keep focused on what she would say when he released her but it was so difficult to concentrate. Actually there was one thing she found easy to focus on. She'd realized that whenever she squeezed her butt cheeks together the burning was more intense so she lay quietly, slowed her breathing, and set her mental powers to keeping her bottom as relaxed as she could manage. That helped a little. Now she could at least form coherent thoughts. She only hoped she had enough time to get it right.

Ken checked the time on his cell phone and then switched to camera mode. Carefully he aligned the shot to capture the full glory of the red welted and ginger plugged bottom before him but also careful to avoid any features which might lend a true identity to the owner. The flash popped several times but he could tell by her lack of reaction that Sara had not noticed. He noted the time once again and then stepped to his wife's side.

"I am ready to hear whatever you have to say, young lady."

Continuing to breathe like she'd learned to do in yoga class, Sara began. "Sir, this girl is so terribly sorry for the way she showed you so much disrespect. Every word I spoke against you was meant to poke fun of the man I should be worshiping. I did it out of anger and frustration... and sometimes I think just because everybody else thought it was funny. But when I heard you reading them I just wanted to cry and take them all back. I'm so sorry, Master. I won't ever do it again no matter what happens between us I won't go and announce it to the world. I promise I won't. Please forgive me."

There was no mistaking the sincerity in her voice or the tears that were dripping from her face onto the floor below. Phase two was over and Ken finished it off by gently pulling the ginger from Sara's tight red hole which was not quite as puckered as it had been before. He watched it slowly tighten, running his hand between her spread thighs to the other opening which craved his touch and giving his wife a brief respite from her training. He pleasured her for only a minute or so but stopped when he spotted the signs of an upcoming orgasm. He was amused that even when being the object of such abuse, his little slut was still dripping wet and ready to come almost instantly at his touch.

"Alright, little girl, I think that's enough fun for you since we are only a third of the way through your punishment. And don't think I didn't hear that sigh. If I'm boring you we can always step it up a notch."

Her reaction was immediate. Apology made and forgiveness sought. Additionally, she threw in how grateful she was that he was giving all his time and attention to help her become a better slave and even a better wife. Again, he captured the sincerity in her voice and smiled. He loved her all the time but seeing how willing and even eager she was to allow him to lead her... that took his love to a new level.

"Time to move on, young lady. This will be your last task to overcome in that particular position and all you have to do is repeat your earlier actions. Count and then give thanks to your Master for each stroke of the brush."

Damn, she thought. She hated that wooden brush. Well, to be truthful, she loved it when he used it to brush her hair before bed. He did that sometimes when he was feeling romantic or better yet when she needed to be held and comforted like his little girl. She wondered if he chose it as an implement this afternoon to remind her that she needed always to behave like his good little girl.


"One! Thank you, Sir!" She didn't mean to shout but she'd been lost in thought and the slap surprised her.


"Two...thank you, Sir." Her response to the second stroke and the ones that followed came through gritted teeth. The pain of the brush over the already imbedded pain of the belt was intense enough to bring real tears to her eyes with each contact. By the final hit Sara was crying openly but she never asked for her freedom. She did not plead with her Master for his forgiveness in hopes of early release. Instead she accepted each stroke by the tool in his hand as a symbol of her repentance for how badly she'd treated him. His slave was learning her lesson and it was a lesson she hoped she would never forget... not because she feared further punishment but because she never wanted to display that level of disrespect for the man she loved ever again.

She barely noticed as Ken undid each of her restraints and lifted her from the bench. His very hard cock was pressing through rough jeans into the welts and bruises criss-crossing her naked buttocks and she realized he'd sat her upon his lap and was hugging her trembling body. Sara relaxed and leaned into his warmth until she finished crying. Her tears marked his shirt like his stripes marked her body. Finally, she quieted and looked up into his face.

"This girl loves you so much. You are my husband.. my lord.. my Master. And I'll never do anything like that again. I'm not saying that so you won't finish my punishment either. I want you to finish it, Sir. I need you to finish it all... everything you planned for me."

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"Good girl. And you shall get your wish. Since you seem to be feeling a bit calmer now we can get started but you can sit here on my lap until I finish telling you what you are required to do next."

She nodded and leaned back in to his chest preparing herself to hear the worst. With his words she decided she'd not been wrong in that perception. This was going to be worse than the spanking bench.

"I think we can both agree that beyond the fact of you disrespecting your Master you made it much worse by doing it in a public way. I'm not so sure, however, that you realize the full extent of how public humiliation can make one feel. And that is the lesson, young lady, you are now going to learn.

You are going to sign on to your fetlife account and give a full accounting of your bad behavior and the punishment that followed. You will have fourteen minutes to complete the post. If, when I read it, you have left out any detail then we will begin your entire discipline session over again."

He shifted in his seat and then lifted her chin with a finger.

"And one more thing, little girl. Take a look at the laptop there. Do you recognize the picture?"

Sara's face blanched and then turned beet red with embarrassment. Reflected in the screen of the computer was the image of her naked ass. There were red, hot looking welts on each cheek and running down the backs of her legs and something brown and bulbous was poking out from the center of the crack. It was the finger of ginger. He'd taken a picture of her while she was strapped down to the spanking bench. At least her face wasn't in the shot.

Ken had paused while his wife took in the magnitude of the photo and then he said what he knew she was already thinking.

"You will post this picture along with your story and finally you will promote both in whatever ways are possible on that site. I want as many people as possible to see how badly my little slut acted and also underestimated her Master. You have fourteen minutes before I read your work."

He rose forcing his wife to stand, retrieved a small round stool and placed it in front of the laptop.

"Sit. The timer is set. You may begin."

It only took a few seconds to sign in to her account and get the page set up to write her story. She decided to upload the photo first giving herself a minute to outline what she was going to write. There was no way she was going to leave anything out. She wasn't sure she could handle reliving the punishments she'd already taken and at the same time failing him yet again. She was determined to get this right and make him proud.. even if it meant that who knows how many unknown or mostly unknown people across the world would now know what her beaten, figged ass looked like. Tomorrow she might be afraid to go outside without thinking people were looking at her strangely and knowing what she'd done but she couldn't think about that now. She had to write.

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