tagMatureThe Aunt Who Shaped Me! Ch. 04

The Aunt Who Shaped Me! Ch. 04


Previously- Bindu and I had an amazing day together having fun and exploring each others body whole night. We had sex almost in every possible position, and did whatever we pleased to, wanted to! We fucked each other uncountable times. I slept having her one big milky boob in my hand and another tank in my mouth sucking it whole night, while Bindu held my dick in her hand whole night!

We got up and again had a goodbye intimacy. After that we went home and Bindu went back to Mumbai. From that day onwards I was left alone in the world of pleasure, in the world of bodily frustration. Obviously I kept contact with Bindu but it was nothing compared to her presence, nothing compared to the feel of her pussy engulfing my dick, her milk tanks feeding me and I fondling her boobs and kissing her all over the body.

I was so damn frustrated by the situation. But as they say 'zendagi migzara', life goes on, happened with me. After about a week I buried myself in my studies. I had to prepare myself for the entrance exam coming in about a month. I kept everything else aside, even Bindu also. I started exercising early in the morning and started studying. I used to study whole day just having meal breaks in between. But all this was merely enough to keep myself away from the thought of Bindu. When I used to be done with all the stuff and went back to sleep, Bindu was all over in my mind.

Whenever I had her in my mind, I was zoned out every single time. Even when she was in my imagination, she used to tease me, remind me of the day we met and our bodies felt each others heat, the day we were unable to be apart from each other, and the night we could sleep without holding each other's penis and boobs! Sometimes I had my orgasm just by thinking about the moments we spent together holding each other, fucking each other and loving each other.

Days went by, and my exam came just away a week. I was studying hard. I left my village and got back to Mumbai for the exam. I was prepared for the exam. I took exam. And I just nailed it.

Few days later results were out and I got a prestigious college in Pune. I was so happy. My parents threw a small party for me. We had fun together. But now came the real situation.

We did not have relatives in Pune. My dad had no friends in Pune, even my mom had no friends hailing from the city of Pune. My dad and mom were not happy to keep me in hostel as they were aware of hostel ragging. So they were after for a paying guest scenario. One day (Thursday) we were discussing about how to manage all the things, from PG to college and maybe an internship too. But the main concern was about my stay in Pune for next five whole years.

While we were discussing, mom got a call. She picked up her phone and went to kitchen and came back after 10 minutes. Here me and my dad were about to take admission in hostel as no other option was left for us. We were not getting any PG house as almost every PG house which was recommended by college was full. And even college was going to start coming Monday, that means we had only 4 days to decide what to do further. I told my dad, "Dad I will join hostel for sometime, until we get a PG house, I will confirm the hostel admission."

I picked my phone, dialled the hostel number and was about to hit the call button, but, my mom came and told me not to call anybody. Her face was beaming with joy.

Dad asked her, "What happened?, If we did not book the hostel right now, he wont get any place to stay there!"

Mom said, "Now there is nothing to worry about! I have got a place for him to stay in Pune which is very close to his college too." Mom was relaxed while talking yet excitement could be felt on her face.

"What do you mean you got a place?" Dad asked with a curious look.

Even I was curious to hear the answer.

My mom said," Do you remember my friend Bindu?"

Dad said, "Of course, how can I forget her, her husband died in an accident and her child and even her family died after her husbands death. Poor woman. But what about her?"

"She now lives in Pune. She just called me casually. She was asking about everybody. When I told her about our son's admission in Pune and the accommodation issue, she told me that if he want he can stay in her house. She already has an extra bedroom which is not being used. His college is even close to her apartment. Top of that she will be getting company f someone and we wont have to worry about him much."

Dad thought for sometime and said, "its a good option, isn't it? If she doesn't have any problem, I guess, you shouldn't be having any problem living there." He was looking at me for an answer.

I kept quiet. When I heard Bindu's name, I was damn happy in my mind. Everything flashed in mind again. I lost in those memories.

Dad again asked, "Any problem?"

I said, "No, not at all."

"Very well then, I'll call her and tell her that you will be coming there tomorrow only." Mom smiled. And she went back to kitchen. She called Bindu and told her that I will be living with her.

And my packing started. I packed my clothes, files and other study material. Took my laptop and camera. Dad booked my ticket of the train for the next day. Mom gave me her address, we checked it on google. After everything was done we had dinner and went to sleep.

That night I was fully excited. I could not sleep. I was recalling the past things. Bindu's thought was filled in my every cell. I was fantasizing about her and was thinking about "what will happen when I will see her and will we be able to do the things we did with each other some time before?" All these thoughts were making me enthusiastic and a bit nervous too. I slept late that night thinking about her only.

The next day I woke up early. I got freshen up and got ready. Had breakfast and headed to railway station. My mom and dad greeted me. They were not coming with me as they had some important stuff to do. And even I told them that I can manage my stuff now, I'll go by myself.

I take their leave and went straight to railway station. Train was already on platform. I stepped up in the compartment and sat on my coach. The train started pulling and I left my town. I was sleeping whole journey. When Pune arrived I took my bags and stepped down to platform.

I took an auto and went to a hotel. I was so hungry after five hour of travel. I had my lunch in the hotel and again took an auto and headed to Bindu's apartment. I went to her apartment's door and rang the bell. After two or three moments door was opened. Bindu came before me. She saw me, and noticed that nobody was there with me. She came out of the door and hugged me tight.

Trust me it was awkward but still gave me a feel of completeness after a long time.

I asked her "No plans to get me inside the house?"

She laughed and took me in.

She showed me My room. It was neat and cleaned. The room had a big bed, a closet and a study table. The room was well lit and had a big window providing the view of nearby buildings. The bathroom was connected to the room itself. The room was set like this- when I enter in the room, i had bed in front of me. Closet was on the right-back of the wall. And bathroom door was on the right side of the room just at distance of some feet away from the bed. As soon as you exit from the bathroom you have bed in front of you.

So now I kept my bag in a corner and threw myself on the bed. I was staring at the ceiling fan, a little exhausted. I heard a knock on the room's door. I opened the door. Bindu was standing with tea and some cookies in her hand. She came in the room.

She said, "Eat something, you will feel better."

We had our tea.

Bindu then told me to take shower so that it will make me fresh. I was about to do the same. So I took my towel and went to bathroom. I put on the geezer and started taking hot shower. The hot water running over my body, made my body refreshed and energetic. All the travel sickness went away. I was humming a song and tapping my feet on the bathroom floor. At a point my enthusiasm went too par that I survived a fall.

I stopped the shower and dried myself with my towel. I rolled my towel along my waist and got out of the bathroom. And for my surprise Bindu was sitting at the edge of the bed facing me, without any cloths on. I could see her dirty intentions on her face. She was sitting in a very sexy position. She had put her left leg on her right one. Her pussy was shaved. Her whole body was waxed.

She had kept her hands back and at ease. Her big breasts stood proud. It felt like they have grown a little too big, and want me to kiss and suck them. She had left her hair loose. God! She was such a beauty that day.

Watching her naked made me hard under my tower. My erection could be seen over the towel. She showed her right hand towards me and made a sign with her forefinger to come at her. I was hypnotized by her beauty, went to her. I was staring at her body, from her hair to her nail. From her lovely boobs to her amazing pussy.

She held my right hand in her left hand. She removed my towel with her other hand. Now even I was naked in front of her, with my weapon fully loaded and ready to burst.

She pulled me towards her. She unfolded her legs and made me sit on them. She put my hands on both of her boobs and made them squeeze.

She said,

"They spent just two days with you, and still look at them, how big are grown them!"

"They made me so uneasy since I have came here, like they always want you to hold them and play with them."

"Now that you are back, they want you to take care of them"

"Darling do whatever you want to do with them, and teach them a lesson , so that they will never ever behave again like this."

There was a sexiness in her words. I sensed it and said, "They have got the man to handle them, they have got the man to whom they belong. Now pleasure is all mine to have them!"

By saying this, I squeezed her big milk tanks so hard. I was squeezing them with both my hands. Both of her boobs started lactating. I sprayed the milk on my chest and stomach. While I was squeezing her boobs, I kissed her on lips. The feel of kissing her gave me the exact same feel of the day where we had left. We did French kiss for a long time. While kissing Bindu took my penis in her hand and put a condom over it which she already kept beside her.

She swiftly put my dick in her pussy. As my dick went in her pussy, she made a loud moan. But I kept kissing her. I lip locked her. Took her lips in mine and started sucking them, peeling the nectar out of it and sucking it. I was still squeezing her boobs. And yet my dick was moving in and out of her pussy. In short, this time each and every part of our body was exploring each others body.

I was hitting her at a slow pace but still with strong strokes. This time we both did not lasted so long. We both had our cum together. Then I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking on them. I drank milk out of them. I almost made then empty. When I sucked on her tits and emptied them, Bindu felt relaxed.

Now we both lied on bed. Only in ten minutes we both were ready for another session. This time I took her ok me. She was lying on her back ok me. I inserted my dick in her pussy from her behind. I started stroking her from down. Even she was responding and co operating me. Oh yeah, mmm, aaahhh, etc were coming out of her mouth. Her verbal response was driving me crazy. It gave me more energy to full her badly. This time I increased my speed and even the strength of strokes.

We both were enjoying the play. I held her boobs from behind and started squeezing them. She was feeling great when I grabbed her boobs in my hands and was fucking her down at the same time. After a long session we both had our climax and dozed off together.

When we woke up we had another many rounds, all of which we enjoyed a lot. We did missionary, we did 69, we did doggy style too!

Bindu took off till my college started. We both had great amount of sex those three four days. In those days she birth Kamasutra book for us, by reading which we leaned many more positions which lead to improvise the quality of sex we had, and the pleasure we had with each other.

But when my college started Bindu and her sexual needs never came between me and my studies. Surely we ticket each other whenever we wanted wherever we wanted and the way we wanted. But where she was doing her work I never disturbed her and while I was studying she never disturbed me.

But whenever we wanted each other none of us resisted took each other. We loved being loved by each other. From the day one itself we started living in same bed room. We started sleeping together naked. There came a point from which we started fucking each other without using condom. Obviously she was on pills.

I regularly drank milk from her jugs. Whenever we used to sleep her tits used to be in my hands and my penis in her pussy. This way we used to show our affection towards each other. This is what lead us to a bonding which never let us down in any phase of life. Surely we were not meant to be life partners but we definitely weren't less than that.

I had full fledged access to her body and so did she.

On weekends we give each other our maximum time in which we dick each other most of the time. Bindu taught me a lot of tricks about woman and how to please them. She made me pro at the art of sex. She even made me pro at the art of living. She cheered me up in my studies. I was really good in my studies and always stood in toppers list.

Whenever we used to be at home me and Bindu mostly used nothing to cover ourselves up. She used to be naked whenever home and I used to be in my short pants without wearing under wear. So whenever we had mood to dick each other we used to grab them from behind.

I used to grab Bindu's big melons and used to squeeze them. Then insert my cock from behind her and stay fucking even when she was cooking. When she used to done with her work I too her in my lap and used to fuck her. Man, those were the best moments in my life.

When Bindu used to feel turned on she simply used to come from behind and grab my dick. The very next moment my pants used to be on the floor and dick in her pussy.

We never rejected each others needs and rather respected them.

We celebrated each other for almost next five years. And when I got job, I took it in Pune and opted to live with Bindu. Now that she is 43 and I am 25 I still fuck her with the same enthusiasm and passion we had in our first meeting. Her body still attracts me the same way it used to do before. Her body fulfilled all my needs and so did mine. Even at this stage we fuck each other whenever we want, the way we want.

We never talked about marrying each other. But we were there for each other whenever we needed. Our this little secret remained with ourselves until I told you guys here. I hope you guys enjoyed our little story. If you like it please comment down below. And with that said I declare that The aunt who shaped me is now officially being ended. Thanks a lot! B bye! Love Bindu!

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you're very talented and I would love to read more stories by you

Seriously, please don't let this be your last story

I can imagine how well you could handle themes like maid servant or tution teacher or something similar.

finally it's your decision and I respect thatmore...

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I am looking for a mature man! I have a profile on another site - http://bit.ly/2P5OuBN - I am a very cheerful person. If you like me, I will enchant you and more than once!:)

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Good bye

This will be my last story on literotica. But I will be a member of this site. If you want to contact me you can DM me through my account. And please give your feedback about the story series

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