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The Awakening


This is a work of fiction, unlike my other stories which are true. I hope you will enjoy this one as much as you have said you liked the others. It really says more about what I wish had happened with my wife than anything else.


It took twelve years of married life, and a slowing of our very enjoyable but slowly dwindling sex life, before my wife reached the point during sex that she would listen to my whispers of how much other men would like to fuck her. At first she just laughed, poo-pooing it as purely my imagination. But as I introduced swinger magazines and porno tapes to boost the heat in the bedroom, I realized that it made our sex even hotter and aroused even her curiosity. What slowly began to emerge was her doubt that another man would even consider her as a playmate. That really surprised me, because that was what had been turning me on for so long. I knew they would, and I found the idea of watching another man fuck my wife turned me on as much or more than the idea of me fucking another woman. As we fucked the nights away, I would introduce the name of one or another of our friend’s husbands into the love play and see how much more heated she would become at the thought. She had many men from whom she could have chosen. All were as fascinated by her full breasts as I, and many of them, at one time or another, had felt them pressed against their chests. But of all the men she knew, her reaction to Charlie’s name seemed to drive her to orgasm faster than any other.

Charlie is a big, raw-boned, guy just over 6’3”. He ran track and was on the swim team with me in college, so he had that long, rangy physique common to those who indulge in those sports. From our showers after the swim meets, I knew he was equally gifted in the cock department. I’m no John Holmes, but I had always found that my seven inches were adequate for most ladies. But Charlie, even flaccid, went a good two inches beyond my length. His facial characteristics were those of a mixed race gentleman from Louisiana – the long, thin aquiline nose, small ears that sat close to his skull and full lips that seemed to be almost always curled in a smile. His hair was always cut so close to his head that there was only a trace of the curls common to his mother and father. They too were a handsome couple, well educated, soft-spoken – a real tribute to their southern upbringing. Oh, did I mention that Charlie was black? No, let me take that back, Charlie was closer to indigo than black. I don’t know where it came from, considering his mother was a coffee colored Cajun lady of quality, while his father although darker, was several shades lighter than Charlie. Charlie’s smooth skin was a dark black, almost the indigo color of an eggplant, a color that many women find appealing, including my wife. After four years as room mates in college, neither of us even thought of the difference in skin color. Charlie was the kind of guy that after you talked with him for a while; you didn’t really remember what color he was.

It surprised me that Lucy was thinking of him although I couldn’t have chosen anyone I could have wanted to do her more. Charlie loved to dance. He never lacked for a date. We had been friends for years, long before I met and married Lucy in my senior year. Oh, I forgot, maybe I should introduce myself; I’m Larry – Larry White. Charlie and I could be brothers, except for skin color. Lucy is totally different. At 5’3” she barely tipped the scales at 125 – even today. But there’s nothing tiny about her, especially those 36D tits of hers that caused me to fall for her in the first place. I love women with big tits and on that 38-22-36 frame of hers, they looked enormous! Of course the blonde hair, blue eyes and even teeth didn’t hurt either. I wound up with her after a fraternity party gone bad where her date was being a total ass. .Now Lucy is no slut, but for some reason she let me fuck her that night. Yahoo! Talk about heaven! That gal could suck the galvanizing off a post, and she wanted to be fucked every way you could do her. I did my best to oblige her that night and as frequently as she would let me until we married. I introduced her to Charlie right after our first date. She liked him as much as I did. Charlie was the original party animal, and Lucy knew it. She fell right in with our friendship and felt as comfortable around Charlie as she did with me, including the light-hearted banter that good friends enjoy.

Charlie, as I said, was a party favorite and seldom lacked for a date. Every time we went to a social gathering, he was there too. He always joined us – that is unless his date or one of the other ladies at the gathering dragged him on the floor to dance with her. He had never married, but I could see there were some favorites that he spent more time with than others.

I suspected Charlie would like to fuck Lucy – heck, who wouldn’t. Of course Charlie loved to fuck all the ladies he met and so satisfactorily that he was as frequent a guest in their beds as he was at our parties. What I liked most about him was that he would never tell about his bedroom affairs. It was so obvious though. Once he had explored one of the local ladies – they always came back for more. In some ways it actually embarrassed him. He would become embarrassed about how openly those ladies were flaunting their wares and wanted more of him. Still he would say nothing and was always the perfect gentleman as far as outward appearances went. He had never made a move toward Lucy, although I suspected that he wanted her as much as I. When they danced together, there was always a certain circumspectness about the two of them – until that night.

Sex was Lucy’s life. She had always been at the bottom of any tangle of men when she was single and she made no bones about enjoying it to the fullest. When we married though, it was as if she had turned off the tap. She was a wonderful sex partner to me and our sex life was fantastic. She took my jibes about having male friends in the lighthearted manner that she took everything. Always assuring me that she needed no one else, it was still interesting to me that each time we screwed she was always much more active, hot and juicy when I brought up the idea of a third man joining us. The nipples of her 38D breasts would swell until they were the size of the butt end of a long piece of chalk. They stood high and proud, inviting and encouraging the feel of my mouth on them. A kiss on the nape of her neck and wrapping of my arms around her were enough to make them fill out the heavy bras she wore. I had always kidded her about her “armor plate”, so it came as somewhat of a surprise to me when she finally bought some of the demi-bras from a local shop and modeled them for me. That night was one of our hottest fuck sessions in months. Of course, being a worshiping husband, the next thing I did was buy a dozen more in various colors and throw her other bras out. I caught heck for that. She asked me if I intended for her to be showing her tits to everyone who could get a glimpse down the bodice of her dress. I gave her my usual shit eating grin and told her that’s exactly what I wanted.

That must have been the beginning of what followed. Before long I found her skirts becoming shorter, and her blouses lower cut despite the coming winter weather. She began wearing the tight sweaters that had attracted me to her from the start. Best of all, I could see she was enjoying the snapping of men’s eyeballs as they saw her dressed in that manner. Had I really gotten her to think about a threesome? I didn’t know, but I certainly intended to find out.

Our sex life was even hotter than before when I told her of how she caught the eyes of the men around her even more so now than ever before. She laughed, but I could tell that she secretly enjoyed my observations. She laughed even harder when I told her that Charlie was equally smitten.

It was coming into the winter season and parties were starting to pick up their frequency. Almost at the same time, I began taking her to some of the better clubs in town to dance. I didn’t miss the fact that most men who danced with her were all eyes when they were holding her close – well, almost all eyes, there were some pretty obvious tenting of trousers too. Charlie was not exempt from the attraction. On the rare occasion when he joined us without a date of his own, Charlie managed to get at least his share of my even more popular wife than ever before, with the same results.

The first night that something happened, my wife and Charlie had just come off the dance floor. Lucy had chosen a ball gown for the evening that lifted her breasts until the upper half was exposed. The slit in the gown was to mid thigh. In other words, she looked like a dream. There was a noticeable swelling in Charlie’s trousers that he was trying desperately to hide from me and especially from Lucy. As the slid into the circular booth we occupied, she inadvertently tipped the table and a partially consumed drink spilled from the table right into Charlie’s lap, splashing her skirt also. Being the always proper lady that she was she immediately grabbed a napkin and started rubbing at Charlie’s trousers. The effect on Charlie was immediate and obvious. Even Lucy noticed and blushed as Charlie did his best to hide the now perfectly outlined swelling of his cock as he assured her that he was fine and took the napkin from her hand. I noticed that she watched carefully as he finished wiping as much as possible from his trousers. When she saw me looking, she blushed even more furiously.

“Let me get something from the ladies room, that will stain” she announced, sliding toward me and poking me in the ribs to get out of the booth.

I slid out and watched her hurry off toward the restrooms at the club. Charlie laughed as I sat back down.

“I’m sorry, Mike,” he began apologizing. “I hope I didn’t ruin her skirt with that stuff.”

“I doubt if it will stain,” I told him, “but you sure gave her an eyeful”

Charlie blushed himself as he looked down and realized that the outline of his cock was obvious.

“Damn, I didn’t mean to do that…,” he started.

“I know you didn’t” I assured him, “but you really had her attention there for a minute.” I thought for a moment and then continued. “And this is as good a time as any to say something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time. Lucy is fascinated by you. How do you feel about her?”

He looked at me with suspicion and caution in his eyes. I could see what he wanted to say was not what he would say – at least not now.

“I love her,” he admitted, then hastily added, “she’s like a sister to me. But I don’t want anything to come between the three of us. She’s your wife and I know you love her.”

“Your right, I do,” I admitted with a nod, “but I’ve been thinking for a long time now about how I would like the two of you to get together.”

Charlie’s eyes could have been knocked off with a stick. He stuttered and stammered for a minute, trying to think of something to say. Nothing came out.

“Unh-hunh,” I nodded, “that’s what I meant.” Lucy and I have been talking about a threesome for a long time and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see doing her than you.” I continued when I saw his eyes come alive. “And I’m going to tell you something that I hope you’ll never mention again, at least to her. I think she’s ready for it to happen.”

Charlie was truly shocked now. He continued making odd sounds, but then realized what I was saying.

“Are you sure, man? I don’t want to horn in on something like this and risk our friendship.”

“I can’t think of a better way to make the friendship even better, Charlie. Now all you have to do is get her hot and we’ll get this going tonight.”

I barely had finished the sentence when Lucy appeared at my side and motioned for me to come out of the booth so she could slide in. I did. She held up a cloth with something on it that smelled far too strong for just wiping a potential stain away and gave it to Charlie.

“This is all the cleaning lady had,” she murmured with her apology for spilling the drink. She watched then as Charlie took the cloth and began lightly stroking his still wet trousers.

“I think it will dry faster if we dance,” he managed to croak as he saw Lucy gazing again at his outlined boner. He edged toward the end of the booth and held his hand out to Lucy.

The number they danced to was a slow, belly rubbing one that was a favorite with the ladies, Lucy included. I watched as Charlie took her into his arms and held her close, moving seductively to the music. At first, he held her lightly as always, but then as they appeared the second time, I could see he had her much closer – so close that I knew she couldn’t help but feel that rigid bone of his against her belly. I saw her smile at him and watched him pull her closer until his leg was between her thighs at each step. She looked over toward me. I couldn’t tell whether she could see me in the dim light or not, but I smiled regardless.

By the time they had finished their second dance together, Charlie’s eyes were looking straight down the cleavage of Lucy’s dress and his hand had slipped from her back to her tight, rhythmically moving ass. She was so close they could have made a single person. I smiled, as much to myself as for their benefit. I knew that this was going to be the night!

The rest of the dance was a continuation of the same thing. I danced once or twice with Lucy, kissing her and fondling her to keep her excited. I told her repeatedly how I enjoyed seeing her and Charlie together. Those remarks caused here to look at me with a hint of suspicion, but I just kept pushing the issue while I kept her libido stoked as high as I thought possible. I even danced with some of the other ladies on the floor whose husbands I knew would have no objection. At one point, when I was only a few feet away from Lucy and Charlie, I saw a flicker of movement at Lucy’s breast as Charlie suavely stroked it. I was surprised to see Lucy stand on tip-toes and kiss him.

When we were next seated together, Lucy excused herself saying she had to get up for a moment to “cool off.” I laughingly told her not to cool off too much and got a dirty look for my attentions.

When she came back a few moments later, I couldn’t help but notice that her breasts were somewhat flatter than before beneath the bodice of her dress and that the dress had been pulled down tightly on her hips, exposing more of the swell of her breasts. I let my hand slide over them as I handed her into the booth.

The combination of alcohol and warmth generated by the dance and Charlie’s proximity was beginning to tell on Lucy. She didn’t think I noticed it when her hand dropped below the level of the table top and onto his thigh. Charlie felt it though and immediately looked questioningly at me to see if there would be any objection. I made sure he saw me smile and nod. Soon my wife was leaning closer to him, almost asleep. She stiffened slightly when I suggested a last dance before going home, but smiled when I told her that I thought she should have the last one with Charlie.

This time I didn’t see them in the crowd at all until they were once more heading back to our booth. I didn’t miss the fact though that Charlie was holding Lucy’s hand and didn’t disengage it even when she was sliding into the booth. I had ordered one more round for each of us, even though mine was only ginger ale.

Lucy still had her hand in Charlie’s resting lightly on his thigh. I could tell that it also was barely touching the throbbing cock beneath his trousers. I watched with an inner smile as it curved more toward the inside of his thigh.

“Time to go,” I announced at just after two a.m. Charlie and I began sliding from the booth at opposite ends. Lucy started out to follow Charlie but was obviously having some difficulty in maneuvering. Charlie reached for her hand and instead caught one breast as Lucy slipped forward slightly. Neither made any comment about it, but I saw Charlie’s smile.

“It looks like Lucy is about out of it,” I told Charlie as we got to our car, “And, since I’m the one who drank the least, I think you’d better leave your car here, Charlie. We can pick it up in the morning.” He offered no objection, and helped Lucy into the back seat where he joined her.

The ride back was uneventful, at least for me. I wasn’t surprised to see Charlie tip Lucy’s head up and kiss her as we passed between the streetlights lining our route. What aroused me more was the sight of her pulling his head down to kiss his full lips and inhale the aroma of the scent between her breasts. Lucy was obviously not as much out of it as I had thought. As we got closer to home and lost that illumination, I could hear muffled conversation occasionally from the back seat but could see little. Then, just as we turned into our driveway and the remote sensor picked up our car, turning on the light at the garage door, I saw Charlie’s hand inside Lucy’s bodice, and his mouth covering hers. I took my time shutting off the engine as we slid into the darkened interior, before opening the door and flooding the interior of the car with light once more.

“Charlie, I’ve got to hit the cat box. How about you help Lucy to the bedroom while I’m tied up. She’ll want to change if we stay up.” I wasn’t surprised this time to see Charlie smiling. He knew exactly what I wanted him to do.

I took my time in the bathroom, almost enough to have shaved and showered, before I came back out and went down the hallway to our bedroom. Charlie was sitting on the edge of the bed, with his hands pressing Lucy’s breasts up over her bodice, taking first one nipple in his mouth then the other as she held his head close to her chest.

I cleared my throat before opening the door wide. It didn’t change anything. Lucy held Charlie’s head to her breasts as his hand slipped up the slit in her dress and into her crotch.

“Is this what you wanted?” my slightly inebriated wife asked as she saw me coming toward her. “You’ve been pushing Charlie on me all night, and I get the impression you wanted him to do something that we’ve talked about.”

I nodded and smiled at her, although her attentions had already returned to Charlie. I think even I was surprised though when I saw her reach down and begin unzipping his trousers.

“I’ve been feeling this all night,” she said softly, “now I want to see it”

Reaching inside the fly of his trousers, my wife extricated her prize. There was a sharp intake her breath as she felt Charlie’s pride bending and then snapping out of the opening. I too was surprised. Charlie was a thick as the end of a pool cue, with an enormous plum shaped head that was already oozing pre-cum. The seven or so inch length exposed obviously wasn’t all he had for my wife. I watched as she got down on her knees in her gown, high heels and stockings, then spread his thighs and lowered her mouth to his growth. Charlie’s hands cupped her head and followed it as my wife’s mouth went wide and deep onto the exposed flesh. Charlie gasped, then rose slightly and pulled his trousers down to expose himself fully to my lovely wife who now grasped his thighs and pulled him toward her, trying to take all of the nine inches or so of hot cock into her mouth.

When she saw she couldn’t take all he had to offer, Lucy began sliding her lips up and down that long licorice pole, spreading her lipstick over the thick veins standing on that enormous schlong, moaning with pleasure as her lover pressed her breasts higher out of her gown and into his hands. I wasn’t surprised to see that Lucy no longer had the bra on that she had started with that night remembering feeling the softness of her breasts when she had pressed against my hand at the club.

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