tagLoving WivesThe Awakening

The Awakening



Suddenly I awoke from an intense dream. My pussy was on fire and the bed was so drenched I thought I had peed in my sleep. My dream was incredibly real and ever so hot and slutty. I could almost feel the men's cocks pounding every hole in my body and coming all over my face, and even deep into my mouth. It scared me because I am not that kind of woman. I am happily married to my childhood sweetheart, Larry and the thought of having sex with multiple partners never entered my mind. Well, almost never. I remember fantasizing about being gangbanged when I was much younger, but when I got married to Larry, I banished those thoughts from my mind... until today.

As I lay in bed, I could feel the tingling in my pussy. My nipples were hard and sensitive and my throat was dry. I put my hand on my pussy and started stroking my clit and in only a few moments, I could feel another orgasm approaching. I stroked myself faster and faster and in moments, my pussy erupted with a burst of liquid. My hips thrashed and my whole body shuddered with the huge release I had just experienced... for the first time in my life.

I had heard about squirting orgasms from some of my lady friends, but had never experienced one until now. I was, as the line goes, dazed and confused by this sudden turn of events. I could feel something awakening in me and it scared me. I don't want to turn into a slut, but I realized that I could easily release some more of the sexual tension I was feeling by making love to Larry.

He was already up and dressed for work as I slid from bed. I quickly brushed my teeth and drank some water to take away the dry mouth and then walked into the kitchen. I walked up behind him and gave him a hug and let my hands slowly descend to his crotch. I started stroking his cock and felt it get hard quickly. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out then slipped around Larry and knelt in front of him without ever letting go of his now rigid sex. I slipped his cock into my mouth and put my hands on his buns and pulled him deep into my throat.

I had never deep throated him (or anyone else) before, but somehow my body knew how to take him all the way down until my chin was touching his balls. I held him deep in my throat for what seemed an eternity without choking. I could breathe through my nose and his cock wasn't so long that it cut off my air, and having him completely in my mouth felt both intimate and slutty at the same time.

I started stroking his balls with one hand while threading my head back and forth on his cock. In just a few minutes, he started groaning and pounding my throat and I knew that an orgasm was on the way, but what happened next was another surprise. As soon as he shot his first spurts down my throat, I pulled his cock from my mouth and aimed it at my face as he shot load after load all over me. It covered my cheeks, my chin, my throat, and my eyes and even decorated my raven colored hair.

I wiped his cum off my eyes and looked up at my partner with a sheepish grin. He looked down at me with a look of amazement and said, "Wow! What the fuck got into you, girl?"

I shrugged my shoulders and looked away from him and said, "I don't really know. I just woke up from a very intense dream and knew I wanted to make love with you."

"What was the dream about?" he asked.

I hesitated and thought about not telling him or making up something. I worried about telling my husband that the dream about being ravished by many men made me unbelievably horny. I stood up and walked into the bathroom to see myself in the mirror. He followed me with a strange look that expressed both lust and concern.

He looked at my cum-covered face and said, "That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. If dreams made you that horny, please tell me what I can do to help you dream more often."

I turned to look at him with my face still dripping with his cum and said, "Be careful what you ask for, my dear. Let me think about it and we can talk over dinner. You have to get to work and I have to clean myself up. And no, I am not going to kiss you with your cum all over my face."

I gently pushed him out of the bathroom and closed the door then turned back to the mirror to study my face again. I reached down to my cunt and started stroking myself again. I pulled my short nightgown over my head, and with my free hand, I started taking finger full loads of his cum and wiping it on my tits and tummy. I could feel another orgasm building when the doorbell rang.

I thought it must be Larry coming back to demand an explanation, so I walked to the front door stark naked with cum still dripping from my hair and body and one hand rapidly stroking my pussy. Without thinking, I pulled the door open and said, "Come back for another load?" But it wasn't Larry.

Staring at me with a deer in the headlights look was a 20-something hunk wearing a UPS uniform and holding a package. He stared at me for only a moment and then flashed me a sexy smile and said, "How did you know?"

I froze. I was flabbergasted and embarrassed. I felt my face turn bright red and I stammered, "I...I... I thought you were my husband!"

Without missing a beat, he said, "He's a lucky man. I saw him heading up the street with a giant shit-eating grin. He gave me a big smile and even flashed me a thumbs up as we passed. So I guess I will have to take his place."

With amazing confidence, he stepped into the house, closed the door, unzipped his fly and pulled out the biggest cock I have ever seen. Now I haven't seen all that many cocks in my sheltered life, but his was certainly huge and it kept growing as I stared at it. I looked at his smiling face, then at his massive cock and felt my pussy heating like never before. As if in a trance, I dropped to my knees and kissed the head of his cock. It twitched as I kissed it, and a tiny bubble of liquid seeped from its tip.

I took the first few inches into my mouth and felt my cheeks stretch. He gently rocked his hips in an invitation to take him deeper, and I pushed my head further down his dick. It started pressing on the back of my throat and I could feel my throat relax. I didn't have to do anything. It's as if my throat remembered what to do and how to invite his cock even deeper.

He started pulling out and pushing inward in slow rhythmic strokes. With each stroke, I could feel him go deeper and my lips got closer to his balls. I started adding to the pressure of his stroke and speed up his rhythm as his cock sunk deeper and deeper down my throat.

"You are amazing, girl! Nobody has ever taken me as deep as you have, and I have had lots of blow jobs."

I pulled him out of my mouth, looked up at him and said, "How many?" Then I returned to sucking him even deeper. Amazing both of us, my lips were soon at his balls, and my tongue was able to lick his nuts with each deep stroke. As he fucked my mouth, my pussy was getting drenched. It started shouting to me, "What about me?"

I pulled his cock out of his mouth, stood up and turned my butt to him and said, "Fuck me hard, kid. Do it now."

He didn't need to hear any more. He pushed me towards the back of the couch, bent me over and slid his pussy stretcher into my cunt. I was so wet that he didn't have to inch his way in. In just a few strokes, he had impaled me to the full length of his sex, and started pounding it into me.

I could feel another orgasm building in my pussy with each stroke. As it built, I could feel the pressure in my cunt building to a massive explosion. Just before I erupted, I rolled off him and onto my back on the floor as my cunt let go with a stream of nectar that flew most of the way across the room. I drenched the back of the couch and even managed to stain the curtains. My body was shaking uncontrollably as the stream continued in multiple massive pulses. The shaking continued for several minutes as I lay panting on the floor.

"You are one hot bitch, lady" my fuck buddy said to me. "Your husband is one lucky guy!"

I looked at him with a glazed expression and said nothing. My fingers played with my clit as my eyes took in the whole of his amazing cock. "How long is it?" I croaked. I could barely speak, but somehow I needed to know the size of the weapon that had just assaulted me.

"It's 9 ½ inches long and the same size around. I hope it didn't hurt you." His eyes had a mixture of pride and concern as he stroked himself. "Ready to finish me off yet?" he asked.

I slid myself to a kneeling position and wrapped my hand part way around his cock. It took both hands to fully circle it with little finger length left over. I slid it slowly into my mouth and learned the taste of my own pussy juice. It was rather pleasant and I found myself wanting to taste more of it... and of him.

I accelerated my pace until I was traveling up and down his cock, bouncing my lips off his belly with each stroke. Before long, I could feel him start to twitch and he grunted, "Cumming... don't stop!"

I was in no mood to stop as I started pounding him deep down my throat. In moments, I could feel his load leaving his balls and headed out of his cock, but this time instead of pulling out, I kept pounding. I felt a rush deep in my throat as he unloaded. I pulled back a little so I could take him in my mouth and taste his cum and he kept on throbbing as my mouth filled. I tried to swallow it all, but a few drops slipped out of my mouth and lined my lips. I held him in my mouth as his dick kept twitching. Slowly I slid him deep into my throat and back out again as his cock softened and drained its last drops. I looked up at him and he smiled at me and then winked as he pulled his cock from me and stuffed it back into his pants.

"Thanks, sweetie. We will have to do this again sometime," he said with a wink. "Duty calls," and he left.

I was in a trance with conflicting feelings running through my body and my mind. I had made a shambles of my marriage vows, fucked and sucked a total stranger, had the most intense orgasms of my life and taken two different cocks deep in my throat. And the morning was still young. I felt a glorious sense of release and a deep feeling of guilt. I wanted more but felt utter shame about what I had done. My body was alive and my brain in turmoil.

I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. The woman looking back at me was in her mid-thirties with an attractive face, chestnut brown hair that fell to just below her shoulders, nice c-cup breasts with erect nipples. She was about 5'11" and weighed 146. She had long beautiful legs and a well formed hour glass figure. Her pussy was covered with hair and her hair was covered with cum. All in all, a very pretty woman who didn't really look like the slut she became this morning.

I stared at the image in the mirror and realized that I liked the feelings I was having about my body and that I wanted more. I looked at my hairy bush and decided to take another stretch outside my comfort zone. I stepped into the shower and soaped myself thoroughly but only rinsed my hair lightly. There was something decadent about leaving the cum in my hair.

I picked up the razor and shaved my arm pits and my legs... and my twat. A bald pussy smiled at me as it emerged from its hairy hiding place. I played with my clit and then stuck one finger then another into my cunt and masturbated myself to a gentle after-shock orgasm, then got out and dried myself off. I found a simple print dress that buttoned up the front and put it on. Some simple sandals completed my outfit. I examined myself in the mirror and unbuttoned a couple buttons on both the top and the bottom of my dress, just enough to show some cleavage and some leg.

I grabbed a big floppy hat, my sunglasses and my purse and headed out the door. I got in my car not knowing where I was headed and found myself headed out into the country to a large nature preserve with lots of walking trails. I parked the car at one of the trailheads and started walking through the woods. The sun beat down on me and amplified the warmth still radiating from my pussy. As I walked, I unbuttoned a couple more buttons to let the summer air caress my body. After about 15 minutes of walking, I came across a simple bench looking out over a small tree-covered valley. I sat on the bench and let the sun soak into me. One-by-one, I unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on my dress until it was wide open and I could feel the sun soaking into my body from top to bottom.

My hand drifted to my pussy and started gently stroking myself and I drifted off into a semi-dream state. As my fingers twiddled with my twat, I could feel yet another orgasm starting to build, but this time I was in no hurry. I let it build very slowly for over 30 minutes until it was finally ready to erupt. I reached deeply into my cunt with one, then two and then three fingers and found that spot that was the gateway to a massive orgasm and then erupted in a giant squirt that flew upwards in an arc and watered the plants a dozen feet away.

As my body convulsed with the huge release, I heard a woman's voice say softly, "Sweet. That was very sweet." Startled, I grabbed my dress and pulled it around me and looked for the source of the voice. Standing in the trail about 10 feet away was a beautiful woman about my age, but only about 5' tall. She had a small body but disproportionately large breasts. She was wearing very tight shorts, hiking boots and a sleeveless t-shirt that was cut off just below her boobs. The effect was very sensual. This lady clearly enjoyed her body and wanted others to admire it too.

"That was totally awesome," she said to me. "You made me so hot that it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and just watch. May I sit down with you? My name is Penny. What's yours?"

I was still shaking from the combined effects of my orgasm and my surprise and shock at being seen in a very personal act, but Penny was so warm and open that I felt myself relaxing just a bit.

"I am Megan, and you surprised the heck out of me," I said. "This has been a day full of surprises."

"Well, seeing a beautiful woman masturbating next to the trail and squirting what looked like a record breaking cum shot is not something I see every day, so I guess you could say I was a bit surprised too. Want to tell me about your other surprises?"

I looked at her as I buttoned up my dress wondering if I should tell her about my day. She seemed safe enough but I was hesitant to open up to a complete stranger.

"I hope you don't mind, but I feel the need to relieve myself," she said as she stood up and dropped her shorts. Underneath she was wearing a bright red thong that had only the tiniest patch covering her cleanly shaved pussy. She leaned back in the bench and started stroking her pussy with one hand and her breasts with the other. She looked directly at me as she was pleasuring herself and asked, "Want to join me in another round?"

I was mesmerized with her brazen openness and could not take my eyes off her. I sat transfixed just watching her. She put on hand on my leg while stroking her pussy with the other and gently stroked my thigh. I could not resist her strokes, and truth be told, I didn't want to. What I wanted was to kiss her boobs and even her pussy. Startled with this awareness, I felt another flash of guilt, but her gentle hand on my thigh brought me back to the present moment.

I looked her directly in the eyes as I reached down and unbuttoned the bottom buttons on my dress so that she could touch my skin. One by one, I opened each button until my dress fell wide open again. Her strokes moved to my inner thigh and then to my pussy and then to my clit. I felt a flash of electricity as my clit felt the first touch of another woman. I leaned back and spread my legs to open myself to her. We smiled at each other as she knelt in front of me and gently kissed my clit. Her tongue was magic. She seemed to know exactly what my clit wanted. We maintained eye contact as she licked me and I felt my body beginning to tingle with the early signs of yet another orgasm. Apparently she could sense this because she stopped her tongue caresses and stood in front of me. She reached for my hand and placed it on her pussy. She gently guided my fingers into her cunt and taught my hands to pleasure her. I could feel her moistness growing and wanted to help her find her own orgasm, so I pulled her to the seat and knelt before her. I spread her legs and dropped my head to her legs. Although I had never had any form of sex with another woman, my body knew what to do as I kissed and licked her inner thighs and slowly centered my attention and my lips and tongue on her wide spread and totally bald pussy. I started licking her lightly at first and then more rapidly. I placed one finger in her cunt and found the spot that seemed to light her fire. My first finger was followed by two more as she started rocking her hips.

"Fist me, Megan. Stick your whole hand in my cunt." She said as she spread her legs wide and pulled them up to her shoulders. I pulled out my three fingers and then entered her with my whole hand and started fucking her with my hand. In moments, her hips were bucking and she was moaning as she pulled my hand out and pulled my face to her wide open cunt. I stuck my tongue in and she erupted with a huge flow of her love nectar that drenched my face, my hair and my whole torso. I opened my mouth to drink from her fountain and managed to get several big gulps before she pushed me away and let her body thrash with the post-orgasmic release.

"Holy shit," she said. "Holy shit. Holy shit, she said over and over again as she slowly came down from her orgasm. "You surely know how to make a woman happy," she sighed. "Where did you learn that?"

I looked at her with a sheepish grin and shrugged my shoulders. "What?" she asked. "Aren't you a lesbian?" Her question landed on me very hard because I had never even thought about making love with another woman. Like the rest of today's events, it just happened.

"I don't think so," I replied. "You are the first woman... the only woman I have ever had any sexual contact with, and I am very conflicted and confused about all this?"

"You're kidding me, aren't you?" she queried.

"No, not at all. In fact before this morning I had never fucked anybody except my husband, I had never taken a man deep in my throat and swallowed his cum and I have never had a squirting orgasm. It has been a day of firsts, but it has me rather dazed and very confused about myself."

"Girl, you and I need to talk," Penny said as she stood up. "Button up and let's go have a couple drinks and get to know each other."

We dressed silently while we stared deeply at each other and then walked out of the park hand in hand. As we got to my car, she turned to me and pulled my head to her lips and gave me a full bodied passionate kiss, and I found myself reciprocating with passion. "What have I unleashed," I asked myself.


I followed Penny back into town and she led us to a trendy bar and restaurant where we had a lunch and a few (less than five) Pina colodas. As we talked in rather hushed tones about today's adventures, I learned that Penny is a 34 year old mother of two, divorced and with occasional visitation rights. Apparently her husband caught her in bed with her husband's best friend, not once but twice, and that put a bit of a frost on their relationship. I also learned that Penny weighed 107 pounds, 7 of which she wears on her chest. And yes, they are natural, and very intoxicating. Ever since puberty, she has been a sex magnet for boys and girls alike and her boobs act like giant search lights saying "Look at me! Don't you want to play with me?"

For many years, Penny was embarrassed by the size of her breasts, but as she made it into her mid twenties, she came to see them as a tool she could use to her advantage. She loves sex and she had seduced many men (and women) to get what she wanted, and now was quite well off and happily single and bisexual as well.

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