tagBDSMThe Awakening

The Awakening


The time has come to explore my sexuality, to seek out and find someone to help bring me forward to realize my destiny. As I look into the most opulent green eyes I have ever seen, my heart leaps and my cock hardens, and I wonder if she will be the one. Will she be the one to awaken my life, the one to bring fourth my true feelings and fire the long dormant lust that sleeps in my soul or will she be just the beginning of my quest.

We met through the commonality of erotic stories, mine vanilla as driven snow, hers dark and forbidden and centering on what I once thought as the unexciting arena of the human sexuality.

We have talked many hours about her likes and dislikes, what really turns her on and makes her cum the hardest and what warms her heart and creates the strongest bonds to her soul.

I take her into my arms and kiss her neck tenderly as we remove each other's clothes. My hands touch smooth searing flesh as its uncovered, beautiful breasts, capped with perky nipples begging for attention. A robust perfectly shaped ass awaiting a vigorous spanking, shapely legs stretching up to a perfectly trimmed pussy that is already dripping its dew in anticipation.

My hands cup her breasts as I kiss her succulent lips, my thumbs lightly scraping over her nipples as they harden to my touch. I push her to her knees, where she cradles my balls in her small hand with the perfectly painted nails before she takes the tip of my manhood into her hot, wet mouth and begins tonguing me to hardness.

As I become harder, she begins to suck lightly as her full voluptuous lips travel along the length of my hardened cock making my knees weak in the process. My hands intertwine into her hair, holding her steady as I begin to fuck her mouth as she moans gleefully at the treat she is being fed. As my cock starts bumping against her throat, she opens and inhales me into her deepest region as I drive into her.

I am in ecstasy as I feel the moaning along the length of my cock as I enter and leave her throat. I feel the cum begin to boil deep in my balls, and know that I cannot hold out much longer, and she knows this also and begins sucking harder and swirling her tongue along the underside of my cock until I thrust forward entering her throat, and holding her head tight as I spew my hot cum directly down her hungry throat.

As I release her, she pulls away gasping for air and mewing as her tongue lashes out to capture what little cum has escaped her hungry lips. I reach down and grasp her nipples and pull her to a standing position by the hard little nubs to bring her lips to mine where I kiss her passionately again to thank her for what wonderful service she has given me.

Pushing her onto her back I latch on to a nipple, sucking the hard nub into my mouth and swirling my tongue over the tip as I massage the side of her breast. She is almost purring as I move to the other breast and begin to slide my other hand up her thigh to her overheated sex, finding it wet and open to my touch.

As my finger effortlessly enters her, she clamps down on my finger, her vagina squeezing it tightly. My lips travel down her body, kissing and licking a trail to her pussy where my tongue first circles her outer lips, full and rosy in color showing her excitement, and then moves to her smaller inner lips. Her purring is accompanied my her hips jumping at the touch of my tongue as it dances around and over her passage of love, lightly circling her clitoris causing her to gasp and raise herself to try and apply more pressure to her aching clit.

I suck her clit into my hot mouth, stretching, pulling the sensitive organ as I apply small barley touching rapid flicks from my tongue. She "Ooohhs", She "Ahhhhhssss", and then as the announcer says, "Ladies and gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES!" I get the rhythm right, her hips come off the bed, and her hands grab my hair trying to pull me closer, tighter to her as she begins to moan and shake her head side to side as the pressure builds in her loins.

As my tongue flutters ever so lightly over her clit she builds closer and closer to the edge, the edge that will fulfill her and set her free, she is shuddering in anticipation, moaning out my name and desperately trying to get me to push her over into a glorious orgasm. At that precise moment that she begins to cross over, I stop.

She squeals, and moans "NNOoooooo, I am so close, please" as I pull her on top of me and she starts running her slick pussy over my cock saying " Please FUCK ME! PUT YOUR COCK IN ME BABY PLLLLEEEESE". I tell her she has approval to use my cock and she rises up and places it to the entrance of her sopping pussy and starts to lower herself, "OOOOOooUUUmmmmmm" as she slowly slides down my hard shaft, its width filling her wider and wider until she touches bottom and begins to hump her hard clit into me. I reach up grabbing a nipple in each hand to twist and pluck at the beautiful wonders as I begin to pound into her amid squeels and moans as she rises back up to that elusive plateau of orgasm again.

As I thrust into her, she takes my hands from her breasts and brings them to her neck, I know what she wants, what really gets her off, but she has gone too far, guiding me without permission, and she knows better, I lean forward, pushing her onto her back while keeping my cock firmly planted in her pussy and viciously slap her left breast and causing it to crash into the other as her eyes go wide in astonishment, she gasps and then moans as I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock very hard.

As a bright red tracing of my hand forms on the side and over the nipple which has hardened and distended in relation the warmth spreading across her skin, I give the other breast the same treatment, causing a mirror image of the first hand print as I yell "Bitch! You do not want to incur my full wrath! You ask for permission to guide me first!" Reaching down I grab her hardened clitoris and pull it away from her body, twisting and squeezing it roughly as I return to slapping her breasts with the other hand.

She moans and grits her teeth at the rough treatment her clit and breasts are enduring, but I can feel her vagina spasm along the length of my cock, she is about ready to cum and I lean forward, kissing her lips and whisper "You cum without permission and you will be sorry!"

Moans turn to whimpers as I continue to torment her clitoris, tears have formed and stream down her face and her pussy continues to spasm and clamp hard on my cock. I reach over and grab some clothes pins and clamp them on her nipples causing them to turn bright red like little cherries as I continue to slap her breasts, the clamps now twisting violently as my hands hit them. I know she hates these little wonders with a passion, but she knew better and must be taught a small lesson.

Her teeth are bared with the pain and from trying desperately to keep from cumming, as I begin thrusting into her steaming pussy again. Pulling her by her clothes pins I fall backward again and she regains her perch atop my hard cock as my hands grasp the cheeks of her butt and begin to raise her and then slam her back down hard on my cock.

She takes my lead and begins to ride me like the stallion she is, rising and slamming my hard cock into her sopping pussy with urgency as my hands travel up her body, cupping her breasts and eliciting a whimper from her as I twist the clips briefly before moving my hands to her neck again.

My hands encircle her lovely neck and begin applying pressure, I can hear her breathing become labored as I close off her air slightly, then I begin applying pressure to the carotid artery to stem blood flow to the brain. Within seconds her eyes roll back into her head and she increases her thrusting, and I remind her "Remember! That cum is MINE and you will not cum without my permission!". I begin pounding up into her, relaxing my hands slightly as her beautiful green eyes begin to focus again, she begins whimpering to me "Ooooooo please let me CUM, I need to sooo bad, Uummmmmm, Ohhhhhh, PLEASE" Tightening my grip again, I tell her "yes baby, you can cum, you can CUM NOW"

As I feel her pussy start to clamp down I continue squeezing her neck, her eyes roll back into her head and she begins shuddering. I then wait a few seconds until she starts to go limp, as I release her neck I remove the close pins and begin pounding her pussy for all I'm worth. As she begins to come around, a massive orgasm overtakes her body, she begins wailing at the top of her lungs, "Oooohhh god, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oooooooooooooo YESSSSSSSSSSSSSsss"

Her hips are matching my thrusts as we slam into each other, her pussy has clamped hard on my cock and I can feel the pulsations along the length of my cock. Then I see her hands go to her nipples, the tingling has started as blood begins to flow again, her eyes begin to go wide as I take one final thrust and begin cumming, Uuuuugggghhh my scalding hot semen splashing against her cervix as her nipples regain FULL feeling and then ANOTHER HUGE ORGASM starts to overtake her body.

The tingling from her nipples is almost intoxicating as the blood returns and her ultra sensitive nipples regain their ability to transmit feeling, and then she can feel his semen, hot and jetting against her most private spot as the tingling in her breast starts to increase exponentially and becomes a searing white hot pain. Pain that radiates out from her nipples, cascading over her body and heading directly to her clitoris as her oxygen starved brain tries to comprehend all the signals it is receiving.

Her moaning increases in pitch as I release her neck and move down to cradle her sensitive breasts in my hands as her hips begin to slam her clitoris against my pubic bone and her head is thrown back as she wails out the beginning of the hardest orgasm her body has ever experienced. Slamming her clit against me, she screams "OoooooooIIIIiiiiiiEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and when I feel she is at the peak, I grab her hypersensitive nipples and twist them violently.

Her body is convulsing as she screams in pain and orgasm, and as the massive sensations overload her body she collapses onto me as the orgasm and pain push her over into unconsciousness.

As I cradle her head and wait for her body to finish its orgasm, I smile to myself, my first step has been taken. I have let a long dormant part of my soul out for a little stroll and it has returned satisfied and triumphant. I feel that now having experienced a taste of what it has been missing, my true soul will need to be fed an ever-increasing range of experiences to be satiated, and I wonder where that will lead.

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