tagInterracial LoveThe Awakening of Amy Ch. 02

The Awakening of Amy Ch. 02


Amy finally admitted that she enjoyed seeing black men fucking white wives, but still insisted that it was the fantasy of it that turned her on and she had no intentions of ever doing it herself.

Now that I was aware of her secret stash of porn and her big black dildo she no longer hid them. Amy had taken to leaving them all around the house. She had got a collection of around one hundred interracial porn mags and had downloaded in the region of almost two hundred hard core porn films on the subject. I had played some part in it all by encouraging her to follow her fantasy, to truly enjoy the eroticism of it all.

Her frequency of masturbation had increased enormously and it wasn't unusual for me to arrive home and find her on the sofa watching her porn with legs wide open and cunt full of black cock dildo. Whenever I found her like that I would face fuck her or replace the dildo with my cock telling her what a dirty fucking slut wife she was.

Our sex life really took off, gone was the prim and proper churchgoing innocent wife. To the outside world she remained the conservative church going wife that everyone knew, but in reality she was a different woman.

Amy was now happy to do things she had always refused before, she now enjoyed sucking my cock and had even begun to enjoy my cock anally. Her lingerie drawer was full to busting with all manner of sexy items, basques, quarter cup bras, stockings and suspender belts, the hottest and tiniest of panties and thongs with several pair of crotch less panties. Her clothes wardrobe now had several micro minskirts, see thru sheer blouses and she had bought three wicked weasel bikinis that just about covered her nipples and pussy slit. She openly watched porn and masturbated in front of me, she had also begun to talk dirty and discuss sex in terms that I would never have thought possible.

As the weeks and months went on Amy became more and more caught up in her fantasy world and was in danger of being completely overwhelmed by it all. I began to worry that she may need some counselling to get herself back on a more even keel. She needed guidance and advice on how to handle her heightened sex drive and her fantasy of big black cocks. One night after I had fucked her we talked about it all and she was willing to see a psychotherapist to talk about it and see if she did in fact need some help. My own personal opinion on the matter was that she really needed to move from the fantasy of masturbating about black cocks to actually taking one to see if it would help ease her craving for interracial porn. I had asked her many times to think about taking a black cock but she still insisted that she would not become a white slut wife for black men.

I eventually found a therapist called Dr. Rennard and booked an appointment. We arrived at the office and it was a very exclusive type of practice. Amy looked gorgeous in her summer dress and seemed to be very happy that we had made the decision to see someone to help her.

After waiting a while the receptionist showed us into the consulting office of Dr. Rennard. When we entered the office I was surprised to see an elegant looking lady in her mid forties behind the desk, she introduced herself and we exchanged pleasantries.

Dr. Rennard or Claudette as she preferred to be called told us to go through what we wished to talk about. Amy was very nervous and went scarlet when I explained that she had an overpowering fantasy of black men with white wives. Amy was shuffling in the leather chair she sat in as I explained our problems. Claudette told us both to relax and said our problems were quite common place among married couples. She came from behind the desk and sat facing us both, she was dressed in a smart business suit dark hose and black heels, a wedding ring clearly on display on her left hand. She was a very good looking woman who had obviously looked after herself and kept in great shape.

Claudette asked Amy what made the fantasy so compelling for her that she needed to masturbate so much. Amy told her it was the size of the black guys penis and the colour contrast between him and the white woman. She also stated it was the taboo nature of the sex between them, something she found totally disgusting to be happening. Claudette stated that Amy seemed to be repressing her desires for the physical act by using the masturbation as a substitute, she also said that Amy would find that the fantasy would consume her if she wasn't careful.

Amy asked if there was anything that could be done to help her, Claudette explained that she had helped several other couples with similar problems by arranging a guy to fulfil the woman's fantasy, thereby releasing the mental block that was causing the increased reliance on masturbation about the subject. On hearing this Amy flatly refused to allow any such act to take place, she became quite hysterical and Claudette had to embrace her to calm her down. She explained to us that we would go through the process of watching some porn on the subject, and then she would be able to assess Amy by her reaction to the different scenarios. Amy was to act as if she was at home when the porn was on to which she agreed.

Claudette went to a cupboard and placed a dvd in the player, Amy was sat on the sofa in front of the TV with Claudette by her side taking notes. the first dvd was of a woman being fucked by a black guy, very run of the mill but Amy began to breather faster. The second one was of a woman who was in her house and had a guy doing a job for her. The guy came onto the woman and she told him she wasn't interested in black men, very much like Amy, however the guy was insistent and it became clear that the woman was going to take his cock whether she wanted it or not. This pushed Amy over the edge and she lifted her legs onto the sofa and let them drop open to reveal she was naked under her dress. Claudette was busy jotting things down, observing Amy. The guy in the film took hold of the woman and threw her on the bed, he lifted her legs up and tore off her thong. She begged him not to fuck her but he released a monster cock and drove it all the way up her, the woman struggled but not for long, after a few thrusts she began to respond to his fucking, then begged him to give to her hard.

By this time Amy had let her hand go between her legs and was openly masturbating in front of her therapist, shout at the guy on the screen to fuck the married white slut. Claudette had by this time put her pad and pen down and was watching the film and staring at Amy who was now in sexual frenzy.

Claudette sat open mouthed at the lewdness of my wife and she had started to breathe heavily as she observed Amy, my cock was rigid as I sat there silently watching them. Amy threw a glance at Claudette who was staring at her and said, "why don't you join me, you look like your ready to play with yourself, looks like you may be a slut too." On hearing this Claudette said nothing but stood up and dropped her skirt, standing there in just her lace top stockings and thong, she began rubbing her clit whilst watching Amy who reached over and ripped her thong off her to reveal Claudette's smoothly shaven pussy.

Claudette shouted at Amy, "fucking do it bitch, you need black cock don't you?"

To my astonishment Amy told her that she wanted one, she then looked at me and said, "I want a black cock to fuck me."

My cock was now out and I was stroking it watching them both masturbate to the film and each other. Claudette went over to Amy and got between her legs and lapped at her soaking pussy whilst Amy kept shouting that she wanted a black cock.

The guy in the film was really hammering the married slut with his cock and pulled out to unload over her face and tits. Amy was having multiple orgasms on Claudettes tongue and I went behind Claudette and drove my cock up her hot wet cunt. I lasted only seconds before flooding her with a huge load of cum, I then pulled out and got under her cunt and licked her as she brought Amy to more orgasms. Claudette shouted she was gonna cum and I buried my tongue in her pussy as she orgasmed.

We lay there, quietly as the film finished, eventually Claudette got up and told us she would arrange for a friend of hers to come to our house to fulfil Amy's fantasy. I asked Claudette if she had fucked other clients like she had done to us and she said it was only the second time it had happened and it was the sight of Amy being so engrossed in the sex scenario and so openly lustful that had gotten her so turned on that she felt it necessary to get involved for her sake. Amy apologised for the things she had said But Claudette said there was no need to, it had turned her on too.

We talked about the next step and Claudette told us she would arrange for the guy to come over to us, Amy asked what he was like. Claudette told her he was a great guy and was extremely well hung at around ten inches, Amy looked at me open mouthed and I smiled knowing she was going to get what I had always wanted her to have.

To be continued...

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