tagLoving WivesThe Awakening of Ellen

The Awakening of Ellen


Not being a writer I’m not quite sure how or where to start this story, or if I can even make it exciting for you guys, but I can assure you that from my side it has given me great pleasure. The events that I’m about to relate took place a couple of weeks after a short vacation my husband and I had in Las Vegas. Now where to start?

Robert and I have been married for 23 wonderful years. We have two kids age 18 and 20 both away at school. We have always been a very active family with Robert and myself using a local gym to keep ourselves in pretty good shape. At age 45 I really don’t have a lot to complain about when it comes to my physical attributes.

I try to stand tall at 5 ft 1 in. My weight seems to be holding steady at 116 pounds with very little flab to speak of. Though my boobs aren’t big, they have very little sag so I feel lucky that I can still go out and not have to wear a bra. As for my rear and legs, Robert claims those are my best assets. Every so often he will ask me to put on a sexy dress, or lingerie so that he can take pictures with our digital camera. Starting about year ago he began posting some photos on the Internet.

Over this past year the photo sessions have gone further, and further, and now usually end up with me naked, and Robert getting me to pose more, and more lewdly.

Although these photo sessions always get me excited and always end up with some great sex, I have never been interested in the posting part that Robert seems to enjoy so much.

He has tried many times to read to me comments from different men who have seen my picture on the Internet but it just doesn’t excite me. In fact sometimes it scares me that someone might recognize who I am so I made it very clear in the beginning that Robert was only allowed to post photos that did not show my face.

When he first started taking these photos, I wanted him to show me which pictures he was going to post so that I would feel comfortable about no one being able to tell who I was. After awhile I stopped having to see the photos because I trusted Robert’s judgment on keeping my wishes. He was very good at taking some great pictures and always kept my identity a secret either by blurring my face or cropping the photo or having me pose so that my face didn’t show.

One night before going to bed I asked Robert what it was that excited him about posting my photos for other men to see. What he said surprised and confused me. He told me that it was very common for some men to want other men to see their wives nude or in nasty poses somewhat like some of the many girlie magazines and porno videos have.

I told him that I really didn’t think it was a very common thing because up until now I had always believed that most men were very jealous and protective of their women.

So that I would believe him, Robert pulled up a website that showed many, many wives posing just as I had done and some doing even more. I was also very surprised at the number of women who would allow their faces to be shown.

Each set of photos would have a place to go and read the comments given by those who viewed the photos. As I said before I was never really interested in these comments when it came to my own pictures but now it was different reading them about someone else’s wife.

Most were very crude but some were actually very well written and complimentary in a sensual and erotic way.

We clicked through a few sets and then Robert brought up a set of photos entitled, “ Wonderful Wife”. As the first photo started coming up I was looking at a woman kneeling on the floor in a short dress with her rear facing the camera. Her upper body was bent forward lying on the floor so that all you saw was the short dress riding up exposing the woman’s panties stretched tightly over her privates and then slicing up through the cheeks of her very sexy rear.

As the next photo came up you could see the woman still with her dress on but she was now draped over the arms of a large chair. Her head was laid back so that you could not really see her face, her hair hanging down to the floor.

Suddenly I felt the heat of embarrassment shoot through my whole body because I realized that the woman in these very erotic poses was me.

I quickly remembered this hotel room in Las Vegas, and all the events before and after these pictures were taken, but that’s another story.

As I focused in on the photo I felt very self-conscious looking at this nasty sexy woman lying across that chair. With one leg over the arm and the other resting on the floor, her legs were wide open, exposing to the world that she had no panties on under her dress and that she had recently been shaved smooth.

At this point I turned to look at Robert and saw that he was very amused that it took me this long to recognize myself in these photos.

I turned back to the screen and watched with both embarrassment and some sort of pride as one by one all the photos came into view.

I was surprised to see in one close up, how erect my nipples were when I was excited. The picture of me running the tip of my tongue under the head of Robert’s cock was when I noticed that I was now starting to become aroused.

There was another of me lying on the floor fully nude except for garters, stockings and heels.

I was truly surprised that I, the prude who had never dated until she was 18. I, who had only had sex one time before meeting my husband, could look so sexual and for the lack of a better word, slutty.

The last two pictures were the same pose but with two different views. In the first I was again on my hands and knees. Robert was behind me holding me by the hips while he had half of his hard cock inserted inside me. Seeing myself in this position suddenly brought back a vivid teenage dream I had concerning doggie style.

The last photo was a close up of me being taken from behind by Robert’s wonderful cock. The picture was from Robert’s view looking down on my fully exposed rear and smooth lips wrapped around the head of his hard cock.

It was that last photo when I actually felt myself getting wet between the legs. This was the first time that I had consented to let Robert take pictures of us together.

Before I could give Robert my reaction, he quickly clicked to the comment section for my photos. Amazingly we both read every single one. For the second time I found myself both surprised and confused.

I was surprised at how many men were looking and then commenting on my pictures. There were even two comments from women. I had never in my life had anyone say to me some of the nasty things these men were saying, and yet the confusing part to me was my reaction.

I was fully aroused and wet. These perverted men had gotten to me. I couldn’t believe that as I read I was actually imagining hung8 sucking on one of my hard nipples. I could almost feel blknight sliding his huge cock into me from behind. I even imagined sucking on the cock of 1hotcpl while his wife used her tongue on me from behind.

I can’t remember when I had ever felt so aroused without having been touched. If it weren’t for Robert being there I surely would have taken things into my own hands in front of that computer.

As I was reading, Robert who was standing behind me began to lightly press himself up against my back while rubbing his hands up my arms and shoulders and then back down. I could feel his stiffness through his boxers and the thin nightgown I was wearing. It seemed to me that this whole scene had excited him just as much as it had me.

While reading the last comment from a man who said he would love to have me suck the cum from his cock while my husband took me from behind, Robert must have pulled his cock from his boxers.

I could now feel a hot, hard cock rubbing up my back, through my hair, and then along side my neck. As I leaned back into him, Robert slid himself across the back of my neck and over to the other side. I felt him push forward and then his cock was sliding against my flushed cheek.

Robert must have been really turned on at this point because he was beginning to leak his hot juice along my cheek as he rubbed.

Just as I finished reading, I felt Robert’s cock slip across my cheek, and push all the way to the side of my mouth. It was at this moment in time that my whole sexuality began to suddenly change.

As I felt Robert touch my lips, I closed my eyes and suddenly I was being seduce by some faceless perverted stranger.

When this man pulled my face around I had no choice but to open my mouth and allow him to slide his hard cock past my lips.

As he slid the head over my wet tongue, I couldn’t believe I was actually trying to taste his juice leaking from the tip.

Here I was, a woman who had never thought of any man but my husband, trying to get my first taste of cum, and from a complete stranger.

The stranger suddenly pulled my chair around so that I was now facing him as he began to pump his hard cock into my mouth. Before long he had grabbed me by my hair and began to fuck my mouth as if I were some slut that he just paid for to use any way he wanted.

At this point I actually was that slut. I was the slut who now had her hand pushed into her panties, trying to peak at the same time some stranger was going to unload his cum into her hungry mouth.

I was so amazed when this stranger’s cock began to grow bigger and harder. He began to fuck even faster and all I could do or rather all I wanted to do was tighten my lips around his nasty cock so that I would not lose one drop when he shot off into my mouth.

Suddenly the stranger arched his back and froze while letting out a deep animal like moan. I felt the head of his cock swell and then he blasted my tongue and throat. He began to wildly fuck my mouth again as shot after shot of his thick cum was filling my mouth then sliding down my throat.

He was fucking so hard that he slipped out of my mouth and before I could get him back in, I felt his cum hit my cheek, nose and lips.

When I felt this stranger actually shooting his nasty cum all over my face I lost it. My whole body began to shake as a wave of pleasure over took my entire being. I had never in my life had an orgasm that ripped through my whole body the way this one was doing.

In the middle of my orgasm I felt another blast of cum hit my lips and open mouth. With my eyes closed I was suddenly imagining that there were two cocks shooting their dirty cum into my mouth and over my face. This took me to another level of orgasm. I couldn’t stop from moaning and felt myself gushing all over my fingers and panties. I have never in my life felt so nasty and out of control. I have also never felt so much pleasure.

As I began to come down from the greatest orgasm of my life I opened my eyes.

Robert was there slowly stroking his cock, allowing the last bit of his juice drip down the front of my flimsy nightgown.

As I was slowly coming to my senses I began to feel so dirty and guilty. It wasn’t the fact that I had just given my husband a blow job, or that I let him orgasm in my mouth, but that I had been unfaithful behind closed eyes.

Before I could say anything Robert quickly turned away and reached for something on the shelf. When he turned back he had our camera in his hands. I now realized his intentions and wasn’t sure that I really felt like having him take pictures of me this way.

As the flash went off I suddenly thought about the fact that Robert would most likely be posting these photos on the Internet. I again felt myself flush with shame, because I now wanted to have other men see how nasty I could be. I now wanted to hear all the dirty things they would do to me.

As Robert was taking pictures I could see that his cock was still hanging out of his boxers. He actually never went completely soft and was now starting to get aroused as he was taking the pictures. He asked me to open the top of my nightgown, then took photos of the cum that had run down my chest and over one nipple.

He was taking pictures of my face from different angles, which I’m sure was covered in his cum. With each flash of the camera my guilt was melting away and turning quickly to lust. Robert wasn’t far behind with the evidence of his hard cock poking through the front of his boxers.

He asked me to slowly run my tongue over my lips and I willingly obeyed, giving him all the opportunity he needed to get some great shots of me licking up the cum which was left around my mouth.

He had me stick out my tongue and then put his cock to my mouth for another picture. There was still some cum oozing out of the tip which made for a great shot as it ran down over my extended tongue. He took pictures of me sucking his cock. He took pictures of his cock smearing the cum over my face. It was hard to believe that so much cum had been left on my face, chest, and even in my hair.

By this time I was so hot again that I made Robert stop with the camera as I stood up and bent over to lean against our computer desk. Robert quickly moved in behind me, pulled my wet panties aside and slid his hard cock all the way inside me. For a woman who has never actually felt sexy in her life, I was in heaven. I couldn’t get enough of Robert’s cock.

He started out slowly pushing deep inside me then pulling almost all the way out. With his hands on my cheeks I could feel him pulling me open so that I was totally exposed to his view.

As Robert began to pump faster I again closed my eyes and let my lust take control.

Behind closed eyes I could see a reflection in the glass of our computer screen. It was a large black man that was behind me pushing his cock so deep inside. His huge hands were spreading my ass apart so that he could watch his shiny black cock slide deep into my hungry hole.

I could hardly believe how wet I was. My juices were actually running down the inside of my legs. For the second time tonight I was building towards another orgasm and the feeling was incredible.

As this man fucked me from behind, I began to panic as I felt him slide his finger over my exposed ass. I had never had any form of anal sex with my husband and now here I was helpless to what this depraved man was doing to me.

He kept rubbing my own juices over my hole making it very slick. I found it hard to believe that this was actually feeling good. This man’s finger was so long and thick that it felt like another cock sliding between my cheeks rubbing up against my ass.

The black man started pumping even faster now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he filled me with his cum. Between his thick cock and the teasing of my ass I knew it wouldn’t take much longer for me also.

Suddenly I felt his thick black finger slowly push into my slick hole that up until now had never been entered. The first shot of pain was incredible as his finger pushed further into my virgin hole.

He never stopped his fucking, and quickly my pain started turning to pleasure as I accepted that I was his slut to use any way he wanted.

I was now being fucked in both my holes.

It was this last thought that took me over the edge. I now had two big black cocks fucking me at the same time. One was pushing deep into my pussy, and one was ravaging my virgin ass.

I came so hard that I actually felt myself let loose a small scream which I have never done in my life. Again my body shook as wave after wave of pleasure would shoot from my pussy to my ass and then back again.

As I was coming down from this second orgasm I opened my eyes and saw a flash of light go off. I realized that Robert had been taking pictures of this whole scene.

He had pulled his finger from my ass and was now racing to his second cum for the night. Just as I felt his cock start to swell Robert pulled out of my pussy and began to shoot his load of cum. His first shot exploded across my back up into my hair. Then he aimed his remaining cum over my exposed ass and panties.

The whole time I could see the flash of his camera going off and I found it hard to believe that he could actually be taking pictures and cumming at the same time.

When Robert had finished he pulled me up to him and looked at me with so much love that I almost started to cry. We both knew that we had just crossed into another dimension of our relationship and nether of us knew where it would lead.

What I did know was that I loved my husband with all my heart and I knew that he felt the same. I also knew that nether of us had ever been so aroused in all our years together and was not sure where that would lead us.

Even with all this uncertainty Robert and I went to bed still madly in love after 23 years of marriage, eagerly looking forward to what our future held in store.

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