tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Awakening Of Gabrielle

The Awakening Of Gabrielle


I don't know why, I thought since it was Halloween that it would be the one night I could be assured that I could find myself lost in the shadows. With all those out and about I would not be noticed, that it would be safe to assume I would be a faceless individual in the crowd. Little did I know that was not to be the case.

My fetish is cross-dressing, to be precise, doing so as a French maid. I didn't have a party to go to or a festive ball to attend but I was determined to still enjoy the evening. I'd spent several hours preparing, from a bubble bath to shaving carefully to dressing, the vision in the mirror now that of a rather sluttish looking maid.

I waited until nightfall, pulling out into the darkness, the cloak of night my safety net. As I passed the small children going about their yearly ritual, the sounds of their laugher echoed as I drove further and further away from my point of origin, the streets turning more gritty, the scenery more bleak. My destination was one of the seedier parts of town, a fetish club which I had heard was hosting a special holiday night and a safe haven. Or so I thought.

Parking, I made my way into the club, pulling my identification and entrance fee from my bra, the man behind the bars ogling much to my pleasure, hoping I looked good enough for such attention. I was rewarded as he looked at the picture on my driver's license and then back at me. I gave him a shy smile and he gave me a wink as I walked in, finding a spot at the bar, sitting down, my already short skirt rising even a bit more.

As time passed my eyes grew accustomed to the minimal lighting, seeing the bevy of costumed individuals, from the mild to the wild and I smiled, sensing I was safe from ridicule, the chance having been worth the wait. I sipped a glass of red wine as I enjoyed the night, the feeling of freedom. The clothing, heels, and makeup all adding to my euphoria. As I took a sip from my drink I noticed a lipstick print on the lip of the wineglass I decided to explore a little more of the club on my way to touch up my makeup.

Walking through the throng, once again I enjoyed a few glimpses and looks that went my way, none in disgust, most in approval and I stepped confidently up to the restrooms before coming to a stop, for a brief second unsure. I stood there frozen like a statue only to feel a hand take mine, my lace covered glove grasped, a soft voice saying, "Come on dear gurl, follow me."

I did so obediently, the submissive part of me quickly rising from within as she opened the door and we were alone as she twirled me, my short skirt and petticoat flowing. I looked at the red headed woman, staring into a pair of beautiful hazel eyes which shone with delight as she smiled and I heard, "From afar I wasn't sure, up close there are a few tell tale signs but most would take you for a lovely gurl, I'm impressed."

I must have turned scarlet as I was treated to her laughter, a musical sound as she said, "You truly are a diamond in the rough, aren't you princess?" My eyes were cast downward as she continued, "Your lipstick is smeared dear, you should always look your best, we should fix that."

As she rummaged through her purse, her voice continued to capture me, speaking confidently yet with purpose as I heard, "A fetish maid such as yourself should always be a reflection of her owners, whether her Mistress or her Master. Lips like yours should tell others that you are not only a domestic servant but a sexual submissive as well. Now, purse your lips like a good gurl."

Without pause, without question I obeyed as seconds later she turned me to look in the mirror, my lips now a much darker red, almost blood like in color as I felt yet another flush rush to my face. The red haired vixen stood behind me, her body encased in black leather, her hands on my bare shoulders, my body quivering at the touch as she leaned in close, her breath warm in my ear saying, "Why don't you join me and Master at our table, he's very interested in meeting you."

It wasn't really a request, more a statement as she extended her hand and took me back out into the club, the eyes now even more turning our way at the two walking hand in hand. As we stopped a handsome gentleman rose, his brown eyes looking directly into mine which quickly lowered as he took his fingers, gently raising my chin as I heard, "My wife was correct, you are a special gurl. What is your name little one?"

I managed a whisper, my voice softly saying, "Gabrielle...Sir" and I was rewarded with a smile as he looked at his companion.

"Manners, a lost art in many these days, you have chosen well my dear."

His partner gave him one of her radiant smiles as he held the chair out for her to sit down, leaving me standing before them as the beautiful woman spoke. "Master desires a dance with you dear gurl, will you honor him with such?" Once again, less question than simple fact as he took my hand, walking me onto the floor, a slow number beginning to play as he pulled me close and my body simply melted into his.

We danced as one, my heart hammering in my chest as he lead me easily, nimbly with my head tucked into his shoulder as I heard his voice speak over the music. "My dear, it is simple to see you are not only a submissive in manners but also in your actions, a rare trait, one which my partner and I greatly desire. We have long looked for a maid such as you for our home, one which would give us her service, both domestically and in the ways of the body as well. Somehow I sense fate has brought you here tonight to us, wouldn't you agree?"

I could only shiver as I heard the words, barely able to nod my agreement as the dance continued until I felt the presence of another, a tap on his shoulder. With a bow, he turned me back over to the hazel eyed beauty who took the dominant role, leading, her movements confident as her voice whispered in my ear, "I am Mistress Janette, he is Master Anton and you, if you desire dear gurl, will be our charge. Our Gabrielle, our maid, body and soul."

I heard the soft whimper which escaped my lips, my legs buckle but she held me tightly, her hands roaming freely, taking liberties as she felt my arousal as once again I heard her laughter, the sound intoxicating as she saw my head drop, my submission deepening with every passing second.

When we returned to the table, I once again stood as her husband pulled the chair out for the lady. His voice was not unkind as he said, "I propose a simple test my dear, to assure us that you are truly desiring this life and to be in our service. I will ask only once, you will answer either Yes Sir or No Sir. If the answer is yes, you will do as I or Mistress command you to do. If the answer is no, you will leave us and we will consider this matter finished."

With that he leaned over, his voice whispering in the woman Janette's ears, her eyes began to sparkle and with a mischievous look, she began to look around the room until her gaze fell upon a single man, seated across the floor. With that she looked at me, giving me my instructions and as I listened, I felt myself begin to shake but by the time she was finished I said the only thing I could, my voice soft, "Yes Sir" as I turned and walked over to where the gentleman in question sat.

I stood before him, my eyes lowered, having had a quick glance to see only his dark hair and his piercing blue eyes and I waited patiently until I heard him say, "You have something to say to me gurl?"

Working hard to keep my voice steady I said, "Yes Sir, my prospective owners asked that in order to show them my potential that I come to you and offer to service your pleasure if you will be so inclined as to honor me and them."

His eyes raised slowly, his voice calmly saying "You are under consideration of Master Anton and Mistress Janette?"

"Yes Sir", as he smiled over at the couple who raised their glasses to him before looking at me.


I quickly knelt, slipping under the tablecloth, thinking how only a few short hours ago I would have never envisioned this, my hand trembling, working to free him as his blood engorged manhood, even without arousal was impressive to say the least. A drop of his pre-cum glistened in the dim light and I allowed my tongue to flick across it, bringing a shiver from his body, encouraging me.

What I lacked in experience, I made up for in eagerness as soon I was working feverishly, gagging a bit as he grew harder and harder in my mouth, his hands finding my hair, working my mouth as I allowed my hands to move behind my back in surrender. It was like having a decadent dream come to life, almost surreal in nature. With little warning, his body shuddering, my mouth quickly filled as spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum filled me to overflowing, a bit escaping, dripping down my chin and onto my uniform.

I cleaned him gently, putting everything back in its proper place before feeling the tablecloth rise and hearing, "You will come out from under there and you will crawl behind me." I did so, knowing my face and dress left a reminder of what I had just done as I followed like an obedient puppy as he walked over to the table where the two dominants sat before stopping looking at me and saying, "Kneel".

I obeyed as I heard him say, "I thank you both for your most generous gift. She pleased me greatly and she showed honor upon your house by her manners and in her use. She is raw but has a natural talent." Both of them nodded before he turned to me saying, "Gurl, if you are chosen to serve, know that both Master Anton and Mistress Janette are well respected among those who live this lifestyle and to be offered an opportunity such as you have been given is rare indeed."

I managed to keep my voice level as I replied, "Yes Sir and I thank you for allowing me to be of service to you." He nodded, bowing to Mistress, shaking Master's hand before returning to his seat.

With that Master Anton stood and seconds later Mistress Janette did the same, her hand reaching down for mine. As I rose, this time she lead me toward the door. The night air embraced us, a long black limousine awaited, her husband already inside. A driver held the door open as Mistress ushered me in, placing me between herself and the handsome brown eyed gentleman. The vehicle pulled out into the evening, as the two dominants spoke to one another as if I were not there.

I sat, my hands clasped in my laps, my head slightly bowed until I felt my head being gently turned, a mouth claiming mine, a tongue demanding entrance as the scent of the man filled my senses. At the same time I felt a hand with long fingers, with perfectly manicured nails reach up under my petticoat as I moaned into his mouth with the feel of her hands on me. Her touch was skillful, constantly taking me to the edge but never over as he kissed me deeply, his mouth finally leaving me gasping for air as he bit gently at my neck, nipping at the tender flesh until I was literally shivering with the feelings which were coursing through my body. By the time the drive ended I was left breathless, my legs unsteady as the driver extended his hand and helped me out.

The home was more a mansion, a forbidding presence as I felt the familiar hand take mine and lead me inside, following behind the Master of the house. We walked down a long corridor, leading to a library, two chairs placed in front of a fireplace, which, with a switch, blazed to life. One of them took the chair to the right, the other to the left, leaving me standing, like a child before parents, awaiting a scolding or whatever might follow and I wasn't left in suspense for long.

It was the gentleman who spoke first saying, "Your duties here, in addition to your domestic chores are to serve both Mistress Janette and I in any way we might desire you. Your pain, your pleasure will be controlled by us and you will learn that the word no will never be a part of your vocabulary when it comes to replying to either of us. Disobedience or speaking out of turn will be dealt with quickly and punished accordingly, is that clear Gabrielle?"

I nodded my head only to have Mistress stand, a quick open handed slap across my face leaving me reeling as I heard her say calmly, "When a question is asked of you by one of your betters, an answer is called for. Now, answer him you worthless slut."

My voice quivered in reply, "Yes Master Anton, it is very clear."

I stood shaking as Mistress walked slowly around me as if inspecting an animal one might be considering purchasing. She finally came to a stop, turning to her partner saying, "This one will need proper training, her manners may be acceptable but she is rough around the edges. We will fix that."

Master simply nodded as he said, "The hour is late, perhaps we should prepare quarters for our new acquisition, don't you think my dear?"

She smiled coldly, taking my hand as I was pulled out of the library, down the hallway to a door which held a large lock, the key appearing from a necklace around Mistress's throat. The stairs were precarious at best, a winding staircase which when we came to the end was cold, quite a bit colder than upstairs had been as I shivered, though I'm not sure if it was from the lack of warmth or a bit of fear.

"On the table, on all fours, now", and I knew better than to disobey, quickly doing as I was told as I heard, "Hands behind you" and my trembling fingers reached behind me and seconds later I felt a set of leather restraints go in place, the sound of a lock clicking shut as I gasped, bringing the sound of laughter forth, this time more wicked than musical in tone.

My ankles were next, another lock as both my wrists and feet were then pulled up, connected to a o-ring, forcing me into a hog tied position. As I opened my mouth to cry out, it was quickly filled, the ball gag being pushed firmly into place and then cinched around the back of my head. I was none too gently pushed on my side as I felt my ruffled panties being pulled down and I whimpered against the gag as I felt something being pressed up against my rosebud.

It took only a few seconds for the anal plug to be put in place, the rounded base insuring it would not slip nor move as my panties were pulled up and I looked up to see Master advancing, a pair of nipple clamps in his hands. My eyes opened wide as he allowed the clamps to bite down on my tender flesh as I writhed helplessly in pain.

Mistress meanwhile moved to stand next to him, pulling up the front of my skirt and to my despair, my body was betraying me, my arousal evident as she shook her head saying, "This just won't do." She went over to a cupboard, reaching in before returning to stand alongside the handsome gentleman, her eyes on mine as she reached out, taking hold of my "clit", stroking it as the pre-cum flowed freely as she smiled saying, "Does that feel good little one?"

Drool escaped my gag as I nodded my head as she continued, taking me to the edge, to the very brink before taking the base and squeezing as hard as she could. I saw stars as my erection disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and to my horror she pulled out a sharply studded chastity cage which she put in place. Slipping my balls through the restraining ring she then showed me the gold lock which she put in place, making sure I heard the sound of it as the cage was completed. As I had been promised, my pleasure was no longer my own, insuring an erection would no longer be possible without extremely painful ramifications.

With that I was unceremoniously pulled from the table, half carried, half drug over to an animal crate, pushed inside and yet another lock to insure there would be no escape was put in place. The last thing I remembered, the last words I heard was her saying "Sweet dreams dear Gabrielle, your new life begins right now" and as their footsteps echoed on the concrete and then the stairs, I heard the door close, the lock turned and the room was plunged into darkness.

The night felt like forever, my mind awhirl with everything that had happened. Yes, I had indulged my fantasies like many but I had never dared dream they might actually come to life, be a possibility. As I squirmed against my bonds, I felt my mind slipping further and further away, finding that place that I had heard of but never actually found. Sub space where when the mind is lost then all is lost and as the seconds turned into minutes, then the minutes into hours, I sank further and further down.

The next morning, a stranger, a man entered the room, the lock being removed from the cage as I look at him dressed in his own uniform, a butler as he pulled me from the cage, undoing my bonds but not removing my gag yet. His voice was kind saying, "I'm going to remove the nipple clamps Miss, the pain is going to be...severe, that is why I'm leaving the gag on." With that he did and my screams would have echoed through the chambers as I fell to my knees as the blood rushed back into the sensitive areas.

I trembled, my body shivering as he waited on my muffled screams to become whimpers before the brown haired, blue eyed stranger reached down, removing the gag, drool escaping my lips as he said, "I am William, like you I serve Master and Mistress as their butler and in any other way that they require of me. I have been instructed to show you your duties and you will show me the same respect that you show your new owners or you will be punished, do I make myself clear?"

As I knelt, still trying to come to grips with what was happening I nodded only to have him lean down, his eyes looking into mine as I heard him say softly, "When someone asks you a question, you will answer promptly and with respect. Yes Sir. No Sir. Failure to do so will not reflect well on you or on Master or Mistress. I do not wish to have to punish you this early in your training but I advise you to listen closely to me and do as I ask, so I will give you one final chance. Do I make myself clear?"

My voice soft but quick, I replied saying, "Yes Sir."

I was favored with a smile and an offered hand which helped me rise to my unsteady feet. He took me, leading me back up the stairs and down a hallway to a room, not large but not small either, my eyes growing wide to see not one but two cages as he gently moved me along to the bathroom, saying, "Do you need assistance in bathing. We need to get you cleaned up quickly and into a fresh uniform, we have duties to attend to."

"No Sir", as he nodded, closing the door as I turned on the hot water and within seconds began to clean myself, washing my body, shampooing my hair and by the time I stepped from the shower and dryed off I saw my clothes were gone.

As the door opened and I grabbed at a towel to cover myself. William's frown told me that what I had done was not agreeable as he told me, "Your body is no longer yours to own or show. You will often find yourself on display, sometimes clothed, sometime not but it is no longer up to you, the sooner you come to that realization the better it will be for you." With that he held out his hand and I gave him my towel, my face blushing a scarlet red.

Once again I was given a smile, his voice soft saying, "I was like you when I first was entered into service dear. It is a myriad of emotions which you are experiencing but if you will allow me to guide you, I promise it is one which will bring your wildest dreams and your greatest fantasies to life. Mistress and Master can be kind as well as cruel at times but in all respects, they care about their slaves as you will learn to care about them."

My voice again saying softly, "Yes Sir."

He motioned toward the door and as I entered the room there were new clothes laid out as I heard, "We really do have to hurry, time draws short as he held up the corset, slipping it around my body and began to tighten the laces. It was only about 15 minutes later that he declared himself done and I saw in the mirror a visage like none I had ever seen before, my waist cinched tightly, an hourglass figure with a very short uniform, my petticoats and ruffled white panties almost visible, my stockings and a touch of alabaster skin above them showing. My heels locked in place, the key tucked away in his pocket for now.

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