tagBDSMThe Awakening of Julia Ch. 02

The Awakening of Julia Ch. 02


It was the next day; Julia awoke later than usual to find out that her husband had the day off. He'd finally had to poke her to wake her up. He came into the room and gently nudged her. "Honey, you

She yawned and groggily rubbed her eyes. "Not yet check back in five minutes."

He playfully pushed her and proceeded to open the blinds, finally she groaned. "I'm up! I'm up!"

He smiled and walked over to the bed, "What would you like for breakfast?"

She thought for a moment as he hovered over her, "I want waffles and eggs," she finally said. He smiled and walked out of the bedroom. When he finally cleared the room, she lay back in bed and took a quick five minute nap before he got back.

It was another boring day for Julia before the doorbell rang. She went and peered into the peep hole and saw the mysterious stranger from before. She felt a blush rise in her cheeks as she opened the door. "Why, hello there again," he smiled, "may I come in?"

She hesitated briefly, and then motioned for him to come in. As he walked by, she got a whiff of old spice aftershave. She moaned softly to herself and and sat down across from him when he dropped onto her couch.

"I just wanted to come see how you are?" She looked down, but didn't say anything. He smiled and continued, "After our encounter it occurred to me that I never told you my name."

She finally looked at him. "I didn't think you even remembered me you left so fast."

He nodded, "My name is Dra's."

She looked at him puzzled, "That's an unusual name."

He moved closer to her, "Yes, it is. I've only had it for a few years." She continued to look puzzled. She moved back as he closer to her and leaned in and sucked on her neck she tried to push him away, but didn't want him to stop.

"I still have marks from the last time." He didn't listen and kept sucking and she moaned ever so softly. Finally, she pushed him away, breathing heavily.

He grabbed her hand. "Come along, let's continue this upstairs." She was unable to speak as they headed up stairs. He pulled her into the room and pushed her up against the door, lifting her up by her legs. She kissed him as he easily lifted her up and moved her over to the bed. She ripped his overcoat off and he smiled, stripping down to nothing but his pants. He pushed her down to her knees and dropped his pants down over his ankles. She licked her lips, looking up at him as he shoved his massive cock in her face and she grabbed it barely able to grasp it. She opened her mouth and looked up at him before she shoved it in her mouth. She gagged before relaxing her throat and taking nearly all of it, sucking hard. He grunted and groaned, thrusting his cock deeper in her mouth. She gagged a little bit more before pulling back off his shaft. She continued sucking, biting, and softly leaving teeth marks. She pulled her mouth off his shaft with a popping noise, and in return, he picked her up by her hair, grabbing it hard.

She moaned, grabbed his wrists as he picked her up and looked in his eyes. He stared back and tugged her dress off over her head. She breathed hard as he pushed her on her stomach on top of the bed. She presented herself for him, and he dropped to his knees and pulled her forward so her pussy came closer to his face.

While he attacked her clit and pussy for everything its worth, she moaned out "god yes!" He took that as a sign to continue and shoved his tongue in her hole, vibrating it. She grunted and curled her fingers into the sheets, and moaned, "I am about to cum."

He stopped and ordered, "You will wait."

She was surprised, but kept moaning, "I can't hold it back" and it drenched his face. He licked up her pussy, cleaning it up with his tongue and got to his feet, grabbing her hair so she'd arch her back

and smacks her ass hard!

"I told you to wait. Next time you had better listen to me." She could do nothing but moan as he lined up his cock and shoved deep and hard inside of her with one quick motion. She squealed and could feel her eyes roll into the back of her head. She fisted the bed sheets and became his personal fuck toy.

She moaned. "May I cum, please...?" He ignored her and kept pounding inside her for a few seconds.

"You may cum, now." She grunted and groaned as the orgasm rushed out of her like moving water, her

body responding to him as she let out one final, deep moan. He continued to fuck her through orgasm, tightening the grip on her hair and pulled her head toward him so her back arched higher. He wanted to penetrate deeper into her pussy. He groaned as he felt her tightness.

All of a sudden, they were interrupted by the sound of the front door slamming loudly and they both heard "Damn, what a shitty day! Julia where are you?"

She started to panic. "Oh, my god, you have to get out of here! My husband is home!" He stayed in her and he thrust once more. She moaned, "God, you got to get out of here."

Right at the moment, the husband climbed up the stairs and opened the door. He found Julia laying on the bed naked breathing hard. "What's going on here?"

Julia looked at him and smiled, "Well, babe, it was kind of a boring day, so I decided to play with myself."

He frowned. "Babe, you know how I feel about that."

She frowned, "I know, I'm sorry, love, you wanna come take me?"

He sighed and headed into the bathroom. She jumped off the bed and opened the closet, "Will you get out of here before he realizes what's going on?"

He grabbed his clothes and gave her a long, hard kiss to remember him by. She moaned quietly and leaned into the kiss. As the bathroom door started to open, Dra's dashed out of the window. Her husband came out naked and she had to force herself to have a good time with him and stop thinking about the man who just left.

Later that night, when her hubby was sound asleep upstairs, Julia got out of bed and headed downstairs, completely restless. She stared out of the window and watched the night sky, smiling softly. She went into the kitchen to get some warm milk and nearly screamed when she saw Dra's staring at her through the kitchen window. She opened the door and whispered, "Dra's, what the hell are you doing out here?" He didn't answer, but grabbed her arm and dragged her outside with him. He took her to a dark part of the backyard under a big oak tree, pushing her face first into the tree and smacked her ass hard. She grunted and tried to stop him, but gave urges. She bent down and pleaded, "Please make me your fuck slave! I wanna cum so hard for you."

He smiled in appreciation and dropped his pants, and shoved into her tight pussy that was so wet already. He shoved so deep, she grunted and groaned. He moaned out that he loved being so deep inside of her and she was lost to the ecstasy. He commanded and controlled her body with every single thrust.

She moaned out, "Fuck, I wanna cum!"

He said nothing but smacked her ass so hard she gasped as the orgasm overwhelmed her senses, causing her knees to almost give out.

He grabbed her hips, and impaled her deep on his cock. She just groaned harder and leaned in, groaning in her ear, "I'm going to spill my cum inside you."

She moaned in bliss as he pulled back and came hard inside of her, shooting it deep and fast. She groaned and took it all, his body shuddering as he thrusted once more. Finally in exhaustion, they both collapsed and laid there for a moment, panting. "That... was exactly what I need," she panted out.

He smiled a mischievous grin and rose to his feet. "Well my sweet, I gotta go. I see your bedroom light is on."

she looked up in horror. "Oh god, I wonder if he caught us..."

He just smiled and replied, "Maybe, only time will tell..."

He watched her return back in her kitchen and walked back to his house, smiling contently.

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