tagBDSMThe Awakening of Mallory Ch. 03

The Awakening of Mallory Ch. 03


As she struggled to breathe, Mallory recalled that initial fantasy she'd had about her stud. Bemused, she smiled sweetly to herself. Reality was so much more amazing than fantasy!

There she was, on all fours, her face pushed deeply into a pillow that oozed the scent of sweat and sex, while a man she hardly knew worked the 2nd inch of his tongue up her sweet, perfect little ass.

She'd found her stud, or rather he'd found her. And WOW, was he incredible!

Her mind wandered just a little. She was thinking that it seemed almost like he was servicing her, that he was her slave. And again she smiled inwardly: the first inklings of the meaning of submission and its power began to take shape.

Her wandering mind was brought back to the present. For, she had to admit: having her ass deeply tongued by this dark and handsome man was incredibly hot and satisfying.

Fact was, sweet Mallory knew that even if she wasn't breathing mostly cotton pillow case, she'd have a hard time catching her breath. He was that good at eating her ass.

The tip of his tongue was as hard as a tongue can be, cork-screwing up her hole like a very very naughty snake. And it was making itself familiar with her most intimate places. Goodness yes indeed, she thought, I could get used to this!

While tonguing her ass and moaning the lustful growling wordless gibberish of an animal in heat, the stud started to explore her dripping pussy too.

Working first one and then another stiff finger up into her, he'd briefly bring his fingers to his mouth to taste her and sniff her intoxicating ambrosia, then return to her opened flower and move them in and out of her quickly, fucking her cunt with his fingers.

"You're fucking beautiful, you are..." he whispered hoarsely between licks and probes of her tight hole. "You're an angel."

She couldn't see him but she heard a rustling and knew instinctively that he had taken his cock in his other hand and was working it, jacking off frantically while he ate her ass and explored her pussy.

"You have such beautiful pale skin, and a perfect, sweet ass. I could eat you like this for ever..."

He added a third finger and was using his thumb -- somehow twisted around the wrong way -- to rub her swollen pink button.

She had cum so many times in those first few little moments, as he gave her the very first butt licks of her life, that she'd lost count by the time he'd actually touched her clit. And she liked how he talked to her.

"I want to slide my cock into your tight little pussy, baby. I'm gonna fuck you like crazy, pretty girl."

Her back was impossibly arched to maximize his access. She found the almost contorted accommodation arousing in itself.

She was facing away and felt the urge to take on more pleasure, to involve even more of herself in the act, and was thrilled to recognize her freedom to be a little selfish - to take her pleasure as her stud serviced her..... So her slender feminine hands moved up her tummy and up past her ribs and and came to her breasts.

She rubbed her smallish tits, pinched her tender little nipples, which longed for his gruff whiskered hungry bites, sucks and kisses.

In a moment of inspiration and needful desire, she pulled her hardened nipple up through her pinched fingers, Stretching her smallish breast to its maximum, she somehow reached her own pretty mouth with it, and gave it a sweet suck and a lick. The thought of him "catching" her chewing on her own nipples brought her another gushing orgasm.

She'd once seen a picture of a very pretty girl licking her own nipple in a Penthouse her brother had hid under his bed, and she was surprised to recall that it had aroused her so much she masturbated over that picture.

Now she was literally dripping from her studs fingers, and all the while his tongue slid up into and back out of her sweet, virgin ass. His contented groans sounded not unlike an animal at trough.

Then, by the time his fourth finger eased into her dripping lubricated sheath, and he began fisting her young, tight pussy, she was delirious, her eyes rolled up into her head and her warm saliva pooling on the pillow.

She'd done everything she could to open herself to him. Her knees could not be farther apart. She felt magnificently debauched: so sluttishly open to him, so perfectly under his power.

She reached back, encouraged by his animal moans, and clutched her ass cheeks to spread them farther apart, and if possible, arch her back even more.

Her sweet ass was so tight and slim. And her stud was eating it. Her hands found his hair and she grabbed it, pulling his mouth even closer to her, pushing his tongue farther up into her. She rocked against his butt-sucking mouth and his half-clenched fist that filled her tight little co-ed pussy.

She felt as if he was fucking her sweet ass with his tongue.

She was almost passed out when she felt him ease up and move into position beside her, his face meeting hers down by the pillow. He kissed her deeply and she tasted pussy and sweet musk.

As he tongued her mouth, she sucked it like it was a cock. He brought her hands together and up to him. She knew instinctively that he was going to give her his cock.

She felt his shaft in both of her hands at once, enormous, hard, and throbbing. The thing was breathtaking.

As he kissed her, he whispered, "Jack me off, beautiful. I want to feel my pretty girl's hands on me. There's a good girl."

He immediately moved against her hands, like he was fucking her sweet lady fingers.... it thrilled her to hold such a powerful cock in her pretty hands. She felt like the most desirable, beautiful woman in the world, knowing that she was responsible for this enormous arousal.

She saw it now -- the way he'd taken her out of her own revery gently. It was skillful, and knowing, and sweet. He'd changed positions now, kneeling before her. There it was: the legendary cock she had gushed just by thinking about every day for the last week. It was not altogether beautiful, but it had an undeniable power about it. It loomed large in her vision, close to her face.

She felt his firm hand behind her head, bringing her face to it. She loved being so controlled and under his spell. He had both hands on her head now and brought her up to but not onto his massive member. He wanted her to look at it, to adore and appreciate it. She complied as submissively as she could, gazing shyly with doe eyes up at his dark face.

He seemed like a sorcerer, a dangerous, sexual entity. He was using her for his own ends, for his pleasure, for his dark and primitive desires. For his sexual ritual.

But yet she felt safe, loved and incredibly turned on. She also felt pride: she was the adored object of this amazing, sexual animal's desire. That was a feeling she knew she'd have a hard time living without from here on out.

She knew clearly what people meant by "life changing experience." Being ordered to service this stud's massively powerful cock was just such a moment.

She breathed in his scent and was pleasantly surprised. His cock, it smelled good, especially up where the clear liquid oozed. She licked his bulging cock head, tasting the pre cum, and thought it was a little dry but salty.

She imagined for a moment what it must look like, to someone else, to have seen her there and then, with this stud's cock in her mouth, and her hands wrapped around it, she kneeling before him submissively. These thoughts, and the sensation of his enormous balls in her hand as she reached for his full, cum-heavy sack, caused her to cum immediately, again.

Her pelvis flexed as if she were being fucked by an unseen lover. 
 He clearly knew what had happened. "Good girl," he praised while stroking her hair and kissing her forehead. "That's so beautiful. Can you cum again for me, sweetheart?" He encouraged while gently moving his own hips back and forth, fucking her pretty, tight little mouth and hands too. She complied with another pelvis-flexing cry.

Her mind wandered a little, again, as she took a moment to reflect on her luck. She held both of his balls in her petite young hands, hefting them. At the same time, she worked her pretty mouth onto the bulbous mushroom cap of his cock head and began to suck on it.

And those steady hands of his guided her mouth, and demanded she take him into it. He kissed her on the top of her head as he began bucking his hips again, and she thrilled at the realization that he was fucking her mouth.

She was his slave, and she loved him for it. She was, he'd said, his good girl. And quite a lucky girl, she thought.

His fingers ran through her pretty hair, which he grabbed and roped to get better control of her hot little mouth. With the thrilling anticipation that only sexual foreplay can bring, she thought, "There's only one thing that can follow this."

to be continued...

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