tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Awakening Pt. 01

The Awakening Pt. 01


JJ was expecting the doorbell to ring but still it made his heart race when he heard it. As he lifted his middle age 5' 10" body from the armchair he checked his profile in the hall mirror; not too bad he thought. His body was firm and muscled, he had not let himself go like so many of his friends. His hair was slowly disappearing but with today's trend off having a close cut you really couldn't tell too much. He was not into fashion but he did dress like he was much younger.

As he opened the door he knew whom to expect and was curious to see if she followed his instructions.

His eyes took her in from top to bottom.

"Your late!" he scolded.

Even though she wasn't he wanted to take control right from the start. No hello's or any other pleasantries, his face was in a scowl and his eyes had an angry glare.

She lowered her eyes and let out a little whimper, "I'm sorry" she said.

"Well don't stand there all day, get your skinny ass inside!"

JJ is an internet troll, he goes through all the dating sites looking for potential targets to use and abuse; at any given time he usually has 4 or 5 lonely women corresponding with him. Today Pamela, one of his online dating victims, has agreed to meet him. After several months of emailing back and forth and getting her to send him explicit photos this was their first face to face meeting. He had been pleasantly surprised to discover through the emails that she was very submissive and looking for someone to use and control her.

"Is that how I told you to address me?"

"No sir...I'm sorry sir, I promise to do better."

JJ looked her over again, her blonde hair was tied back in a pony-tail, she had no makeup on only some bright red lipstick. She had tight blue jeans on, a white halter-top with no bra and open toes sandals. Everything was exactly as he ordered her to wear; well at least on the outside. At best she weighed in at 115 pounds and her small tits didn't make much of an impression on her 5 foot 3 body. Still at 23 she was a looker and he did find her very attractive.

He reached out and pinched her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger squeezing hard. Pam let out a moan but didn't look up at JJ. That's a good little sub he thought.

"So bitch did you do exactly what I told you to?"

"Yes sir, my pussy is shaved and ready for you to abuse."

He gave her nipple another squeeze, "And?"

"And there is a plug up my ass," she said softly.

JJ had introduced this to Pam; having something up her ass. She had told him that in the three years of marriage her husband had never touched her there. That changed when she met JJ online; he forced her to send him pictures of her finger up her ass, pencils, carrots and finally he had made her go to a sex shop and buy a butt plug. He still laughed at that one, Miss prim and proper Pam in a sex shop. She was horrified that someone would recognize her going in or coming out, JJ didn't give a rat's ass about that.

JJ reached behind Pam with his other hand and grabbed her ass, pushing the butt plug up harder. She shuddered and gave another moan.

"You like that don't you!" he said, "it will feel even better when it's my cock up your ass."

"Look at me," JJ said, "Tell me what you want."

Her blue eyes were misty and full of anticipation. "Please sir, I want you to do whatever you want with me."

"That's not good enough, tell me what you want." he pinched her nipple harder and slapped her ass.

"Oh fuck," she said as she squirmed in his hands. "I want it all, I want to be a slut, your slut, your fuck-toy, I want you to use me any way you want, make me do all kinds of nasty things. Please sir, I am ready to obey and be taught."

JJ looked deep into her eyes, seeing the desperation there echoed from her words. Her beautiful face belying her inner sexual demons. Pam was realizing that this was a reality, her "new life" was about to begin.

"Okay baby, I believe you," he said softly, "I am going to teach you things you never knew existed or thought you would do."

"Thank you sir, I am so lucky you found me."

JJ lightly stroked her cheek with the back of his left hand, his other hand still grabbing her ass and forcing the butt plug up higher. He leaned in and their lips touched for the first time, gently, a lovers kiss. JJ knew from past experience that the first kiss would bind them together and she would be his; well at least until he got tired of her.

Pam could feel herself melting into JJ, her whole being was energized with sexual anticipation. Was she ready? Could she really do this? Fuck it she thought, and fuck my husband and his small dick who doesn't even try to satisfy me.

JJ broke off the sensual kiss, "Are you ready for your first lesson Pam?"

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