tagBDSMThe Awakening Pt. 05

The Awakening Pt. 05


JJ looked down upon his new sub lying in his king sized bed completely satisfied from his recent oral ministrations. Her young body still splayed out exposing her puffy and red pussy. He had been amazed by the intensity of her orgasms and the amount of juices that flowed from her pussy. This was the first time the naive young wife had experienced oral sex and from the look on her face and the soft tears flowing down her cheeks JJ knew she would now do whatever he wanted of her.

"So, my little one did you enjoy that?" He knew the question was redundant but he wanted to make sure she appreciated what he had just given her.

"Oh my god Sir, I never knew I could ever feel like that. How can I ever repay you?" said Pam.

"Don't worry we will have lots of time to explore your gratefulness. First though we need to add a little pain to your pleasure. Have you ever had your ass spanked?"

The look on Pam's face was priceless, she was thinking of something else entirely.

"No sir," she said timidly.

"Today is going to be a first for many things, turn over and get on your knees...that's it, now lower your head and push your ass in the air."

JJ took in the view, enjoying the slight nervous tremors that Pam was trying so hard to control. His first touch on ass was a gentle one but it still made her jump. He slowly rubbed her ass running a finger down from her anal opening right into her pussy. He pushed his finger into her pussy then slid up to her ass and pushed it in easily as it was coated in her juices. Both of her holes would tighten when a finger entered and she would try to hold them in and not lose the feeling.

"Okay I am going to spank your ass now and I want you to feel the pain radiate to your pussy, every time I spank you it will get closer and closer to your pussy until you can feel it right inside. Are you ready?"

"Yes sir, I am ready." Pam's body was starting to shake a little in anticipation of the unknown.

The first slap came so sudden that Pam almost fell forward and JJ had to put a hand under her belly to keep her in position. Then a second, third and fourth slap with no break in between landed on both or her ass cheeks. The force of the slaps increasing in intensity as he landed them. Pam was crying softly but other than that making no attempts at stopping. When JJ reached a dozen he stopped and reached down and forced two fingers into Pam's soaking wet pussy, he thrust them in and out not in a loving way but with the intent of letting his new slut know her pussy, her cunt, now belonged to him. It didn't take long before Pam had a major orgasm that shook her little body and she sprayed out onto JJ's hand.

"Did you enjoy that my little slut? Did you feel the pain from the slaps in your pussy?" JJ was still fucking her pussy with his fingers slower now and not so forceful.

"Yes sir, at first it hurt real bad and then it did just like you said it started burning in my pussy like it was on fire. I never knew it could happen like that." Pam's ass cheeks were bright red and you could see the hand prints clearly visible.

JJ added another finger and forced them into her pussy once more. "Whose pussy is this?" he asked. "Whose cunt is this?"

"Oh sir...it's yours now! Oh fuck, it hurts so good!"

JJ grabbed the back of Pam's blonde pony tail and pulled her up so she was sitting on her heels, forcing his fingers deeper into her tight cunt. He kissed her mouth with passion and she sucked his tongue like it was his cock. JJ knew she was his from this moment on, nothing he did would ever break their bond.

Pam was in ecstasy, her whole body was ignited into a flame that just kept getting brighter and brighter. With each new experience she was consumed and wanting more. She knew that today was meant to be and was glad that JJ had taken the time to talk to her online. She felt her body was too boyish and that no one would ever want her, even her own husband would only make love to her once every month or so. Life was so lonely and she wanted so much more. More than a quick fuck that her husband provided, never caring if she came or not. And then along came JJ, thank god!

"Please sir, what can I do for you? You have given me so much pleasure and I feel so useless." Pam said, wanting to show JJ how much she was his.

"Now is the time my little fuck-toy to show your appreciation for all I have done for you and to you. I almost gave up on you when you emailed me your pictures and I saw your small tits and your ass is too small for a woman. Don't make me regret my decision!" JJ said in a harsh tone. "I want you to take your pretty little mouth and suck my cock. Give me a blow job that makes me want to keep you and train you more. If you don't then it's time for you to leave and go back to your boring life and wimpy husband in the suburbs."

Pam was fighting back the tears thinking this was it, she has never given a blow job or sucked on a cock in her life, how would she ever be good enough to stay in JJ's life. Oh god she thought, I need to make it special and maybe he will keep me.

JJ pulled his fingers from her tight cunt and laid down on the bed with his arms crossed under his head and an extra pillow to make sure he could see her actions. His large cock was semi-hard waiting in anticipation for Pam to start sucking him. He knew most women could not take his whole cock into their mouths and accepted this was just one of the disadvantages of being larger than most men.

Pam was so nervous she thought she was going to faint. Oh my god she thought I need to do this right, I need to make JJ proud of me, to make me his fuck-toy and slut. Slowly she crawled towards JJ's beautiful cock, her little ass wiggling in the air as she moved forward.

"Please sir may I suck your cock now? Pam asked "I need to feel you in my mouth and please you."

"Don't disappoint me my little slut, there are lots of other women out there who would love to be in your position right now."

Pam knew he was right, his cock was perfect and so was he. How could he know so much about her and what she needed so badly? Pam had watched some porn movies to see how other women sucked a man's cock so she did know a little but it was totally different to do it herself for the first time.

She started with his balls, so big and full, each one a handful. Licking them and sucking on them gently until it would pop into her mouth, her tongue teasing and tasting. She remembered how one woman in a porn movie would lick the man's asshole but the position JJ was in didn't allow it, maybe next time she thought.

She ran her tongue up and down the long length on the soft underside of his cock. She loved the taste of his cock and couldn't help but let out little whimpers of joy. Finally she wrapped her little hand around his thick cock and licked the slit at the top of cock, twirling her tongue round and round the head and drawing it into her mouth.

Pam was in heaven and nothing in the world felt as good as this moment. She was loving everything about JJ's cock, the thickness, the length, the taste, everything! Her mouth was engulfing more and more of his cock as she fucked her own face on his beautiful cock. Slowly and without any notice Pam never realized that she had bottomed out on JJ's cock. She was so lost in the pleasure she didn't even realize that his cock was deep in her throat.

JJ looked on in amazement, was this really her first time sucking a cock? Somehow he knew instinctively that she was not capable of lying so it must be. The fact Pam didn't have a gag reflex never even occurred to her, she probably thought it was normal to be able to take a thick long cock down her throat. JJ could see she was really trying hard to please him but she was missing the whole point of whose pleasure it was supposed to be.

"Pam stop!" JJ shouted. "What the fuck to you think you are doing? If all I wanted was some friction on my cock I could have a twenty five dollar whore do it."

Pam was devastated, she thought JJ was enjoying her sucking but she was obviously wrong.

""Look at this cock, my cock, the cock that is going to bring you out of your dreary dull life." JJ said, "Do you want me to send you back to your pathetic husband and his small dick?"

"No Master, I am sorry. I know I have a lot to learn, please teach me and I will be your willing fuck-toy." Pam was kneeling between JJ's legs looking at him pleading eyes.

"What were you thinking of when you were sucking me? It seemed like you were focused on your own pleasure and not mine. Did you even notice when I moaned or talked to you while you were sucking me? Could you tell when I liked something? You were supposed to be pleasing me not yourself!"

Pam knew JJ was right she was only thinking of herself and the sensations she was feeling. How could she have been so stupid.

"Sir please punish me, I deserve it. Your right." Pam was devastated and knew this was the end, surely JJ wouldn't want some one as terrible as me.

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