The Babysitter


Gently, John sat up in the bed and swung his legs over the side. He was sitting up directly in front of Maria now, his rock hard cock visible as the covers slid away from his waist. If Maria reacted to the sight of his manhood, I could not tell. All I could see was the back of her head. Next, John spread his knees slightly pulling Maria, still standing, towards him. He took her into his embrace, knees to either side of her waist and his arms encircling her back. He kissed her hard upon her lips. She took his mouth passionately throwing her arms about his neck and head. Though the kiss lasted only a few seconds, it seemed to go on for an eternity.

While they kissed, John's hands gently searched for and found the clasp of her bra. One at a time his fingers released each of the three hooks whose job it had been to stand sentinel over the release of Maria's nipples and breasts. As the third hook gave way, the band at the back parted and the tension released from the shoulder straps. Then, one at a time, John slid the straps off each of Maria's shoulders and over her arms. The now useless garment was tossed away.

While I had missed Maria's reaction to the sight of John's cock, I had a front row seat to witness John's reaction to the sight of Maria's breasts. His eyes showed the undeniable passion and excitement that the release of these orbs so obviously engendered. John's hands slid from Maria's back around to the sides of each of her cups. Ever so gently he raised one orb and than the other to his mouth so that he could take in the taste and the texture of her young, pert nipples. I heard a low moan escape from Maria as my husband alternatively sucked and tongued her chest.

As she moaned, I noticed that her hands had moved from John's neck to his lap. While her body blocked my direct view, the motion of her arms and the location of her hands suggest that she was now touching and jacking John's cock while he nibbled at her chest.

The sight of my nearly Thirty-five-year-old husband being jacked in this fashion by our twenty-year-old babysitter sent me over the edge. As I fingered my pussy harder and harder, the waves of the first climax of the evening passed over my body. I have never been a quiet fuck, and I certainly wasn't about to change my vocal ways this evening. As the passion spread over my body, I began moaning gently at first, then louder and louder.


With that, my body went into complete convulsions. My toes cured to the point that I thought my toe nails would dig clear through the under sides of my feet. My arms shuddered, my back arched. My pussy vibrated hard and fast to a beat reminiscent of a Jamaican nightclub band. I hadn't yet removed my panties, but they were by now completely drenched as tough I had worn them in the shower.

My orgasm must have provided its own spectacle. As I slowly regained my senses in my post orgasmic bliss, I realized that the spectator had become the attraction. Maria had turned slightly in John's embrace so that both she and John were looking in my direction. John, of course, had his normal Cheshire cat type grin. Maria, too, was looking at me with a smile.

"Gawd, Sara, do you always cum that hard?" She asked.

"No," I acknowledged, "that was very, very special, indeed."

"Jeeze, just watching you has made me even hornier."

With that she turned back to John. "I wish I had thought of this earlier, but I hope you have a condom. I simply cannot risk getting pregnant again, and I really do want to fuck this cock." Her hand gently squeezed the base of John's dick.

"Oh he has something much better than a condom for birth control," I spoke up. "He's had a vasectomy. He shoots blanks. You don't have to worry about pregnancy with John at all."

"Oh WOW, that's GREAT!" She exclaimed as her thumbs quickly slid under the elastic band of her panties whipping them off in one quick motion. "I've only had sex bareback that one time with Rachael's father. And, I had to worry about getting pregnant the whole time. So I wasn't able to fully enjoy the sensations."

With that, she placed her hand squarely on John's chest and pushed him back down onto the bed. She swung his legs up and over the edge of the bed and then started climbing onto the bed herself.

"John, the foreplay has been nice, but I really need to fuck. If you don't mind, I'd like to take you into me right now."

She had, at this point, manoeuvred herself so as to be sitting astride his legs on the bed. She was clearly ready and eager to take him in the female dominate position if he'd only give her the word. I knew that the word she was looking for was coming. I also knew that I wanted to be more than a mere spectator to this event. So I moved over to the bed and joined them.

"Please take me however you'd like, Maria," John replied. "This moment is about pleasing you. I just hope that I can hold out long enough to give you the pleasure you deserve."

"Don't worry. I am so fucking horny right now; I may cum before I am actually able to get you in. You are so much thicker than either of the guys I've fucked before."

"Maria, do you mind if I hold his shaft while you start to sit on him?" I asked.

"Not at all," she replied, "that is, after all, your cock that I am borrowing."

With that, Maria scooted herself up John's torso so that her pelvis was directly over his cock. In repositioning herself, she exposed her vagina to my view for the very first time. Her public hair was not shaved, although it clearly had been closely trimmed as by a set of scissors. I assumed that she little opportunity at her parent's house and no real reason to do more. Her outer lips were ruby red and obviously fully engorged with blood. The outer portions of her lips were parted and very obviously wet. The smell of her sex was both pungent and sweet. I thought to myself that watching this young and eager pussy impale my man's love rod may be the most erotic thing I would ever witness. As best I could, I prepared myself to remember in detail every moment of the experience.

I took John's cock into my hand. It was extremely hard and very warm to the touch. I could almost imagine soft whiffs of steam coming off his head—the type you see spewing from manhole covers in alleys in low budget mysteries. The very tip of his penis head glistened from the near steady stream of pre-cum trickling from his eye. I aimed this eye directly toward Maria's slit as she began to slowly lower her hips down to come into the most intimate contact possible with my husband.

"Bull's-eye!" I thought to myself as the very tip of his head parted the outer folds of Maria's womanhood. I watched as first a quarter inch and then the first half inch of my husband's cock head were taken within Maria's slit. It was then that I could feel John's penis encounter some resistance.

"Wow, he is so THICK!" Maria exclaimed. Then, after thinking about it for a moment, she laughed, "and, it has been so long since I have had anything in there, too."

"Well, hopefully you won't have to suffer through another hiatus like that again," I offered.

"I couldn't agree more," offered John.

Throughout this banter, Maria continued to slowly work her way down John's shaft. As she took the second full inch into her, she observed, "It feels so different without the condom—the sensations are so much more intense and personal. I can actually feel the ridge of his head as it travels up my vagina. Oooohhhh, this is so, so hot."

With the final exclamation, she settled down on John's pelvis. My hand had flattened on John's public region so that Maria's clitoris was now in contact with the soft skin on the back of the hand in the curve between the thumb and first for finger. I slowly slid my hand from between their bodies and shifted myself around behind Maria so as to look at John's balls and cock.

Maria started rocking herself slowly back and forth on John's cock. I could tell from experience that she was concentrating on rubbing her clitoris against the base of John's dick allowing the gentle friction to slowly excite her. With every forward rock of her body, I could see the outline John's cock entering into her womanhood. I can honestly say that I cannot remember ever seeing John's scrotum appear as tight as it did that night. I could tell that he was working very hard to constrain his excitement and his cum. That she had elected to go with the female dominant position was a big plus. John has always found it easier to control his own orgasm in that position over any other. Still, I knew that he was fighting hard to hold back. I decided not to do anything to break his concentration.

Maria's own motion was starting to accelerate. I remember thinking, "good, she's almost ready to cum."

"Oh, John!" she exclaimed. "Oh, this is sooo, sooo naughty."

She was starting to do more than just rub against his cock now. Her ass was coming up slightly off John's legs with every cycle. I could envision John's head deep within her; moving slightly into then out of her vaginal shaft with each thrust. John's hands had grabbed hold of her hips so as to stabilize her ride.

"Oh, I never thought it could be like this," Maria continued. "So free. So natural. So naughty. Oh Sara, I love fucking!...I love fucking your husband!...Is that OK?"

By now, I had my hand deeply jammed into my own cunt. I knew that the question was completely rhetorical, but I had to answer it anyway.

"Oh Maria," I said, "I love watching you fuck my husband. Please fuck him, fuck him real good."

Her rhythm was near frantic now. I knew that the first waves of passion were starting to pass over her body. The convulsion-like contractions of a full body orgasm were only moments away. I could also tell that John was near his limit. He was doing his best to remain still and restrain his own release. But a battle was now raging in the base of his cock as his semen-less cum sought its own escape.

"Oh,..Oh,..Oh,..I love feeling the skin of his cock in me. Oh,..Oh,...I want to...I want to feel his cum explode into me... Oh, John, Oh, cum into me....I need you to fill my pussy with your cum."

John needed no more encouragement. Maria's words were the key to his floodgate and it burst open. He grabbed Maria's hips hard, arched his back, and drove his pelvis up to meet her next downward thrust. It was as though he was trying to drive his penis clean through Maria's pelvis and out the other side. Simultaneously, the muscles all around John's scrotum began to contract intensely,. Pulsing, pulsing, pulsing,. Like a heart on overdrive beating unto itself.

"OOOOhhhhh Gawddddd, here I CUM!" he exclaimed.

Now, Maria was arching her own back, writhing like an animal attempting to escape a hunter's snare.

"Aaauggghhhh! Ohhhhhhh! I feel your cum spurting into ME! OHhhh Ohhh GAAAWWWWD!!!" she exclaimed, throwing her head back, her toes curling and her body shaking.

Meanwhile, I was fixated on the source of all this raw expression of passion and pleasure. I could see the contractions delivering John's cum up his shaft. At the point where his shaft disappeared into Maria's vagina, Maria's muscles had clamped down. Her vaginal sphincter was desperately trying to keep John's man juice from escaping while simultaneously massaging out every last drop. Notwithstanding its best efforts, I could already see small globs of John's cum leaking out around the sphincter and onto the sheets.

Maria's body relaxed and fell forward onto my husband's chest. However, John's cock continued to twitch, no longer in a strong, consistent rhythm, but with enough force to still be delivering more of his cum into her womb.

As she lay further forward, John's cock slowly slid completely out of her. Though still semi-erect, John's rod was clearly deflating. The sight of Maria's gaping cunt filled with and leaking my husband's cum all over this leg drove me wild. The throws of my second orgasm of the night began to take hold of my body. I began feverishly fingering my clit once again in an effort to drive me over the orgasmic precipice that was approaching.

I again let out a vocal stream of sexual consciousness.

"Aaghaaaahgg.. ohh....your PUSSY is so FUCKING HOT....covered in My HUSBAND'S CUUUMMMM! AGHHAAAAAA!"

With that, I surrendered my body to the waves of contractions that had been building. Then, I collapsed onto the bed beside my husband and my babysitter. I rolled onto my side throwing my arm across them both. Together we enjoyed a collective moment or two of post orgasmic bliss.

After several minutes, Maria, turned to us both, asking "is it really OK if we do this again next week?"

"Next week?" John quipped, "I was thinking about doing it again in about ten minutes."

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