tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Babysitter Ch. 01: Awakening

The Babysitter Ch. 01: Awakening


[Author's Note: Regards to DBF. You know who you are! There is a distinctive possibility I might turn this into a series too. We shall see.]


The Babysitter Chapter 1: The Babysitter, Awakening

To Mikhail 'Mikky' DeHans, Tuesdays were the best nights of the week. Between both himself and his kids they could eat whatever they wanted. His wife couldn't harp on them for this, her own nightly work schedule keeping her from protesting any more strongly. He himself would be home early enough for this brief shared meal. Then, because it was a school night the boys would be off to bed early, and Mikhail could catch up on the TV programs he had to give up when they were far younger and less prone to sleeping soundly.

But best of all, with how his shift ended those Tuesdays at five they'd have Melanie, their babysitter, over to watch the boys. He did appreciate it greatly, what with all three of them being a handful as they were. They did only seem more prone to mind their Mama DeHans and Melanie herself, meaning watching them by himself was quite the challenge. It was because of that she had agreed to stay awhile even after he got back, at least to get them to bed, though she oft asked to stay for the entirety of her shift so she could get her homework done and even catch some TV with him.

After all, to Melanie, Mikhail was no one else but "Mr. D," the powerful man who used to babysit her between his jobs. She had grown with the family after, even when they had started getting kids of their own, and now little Melanie Moore was all grown up, 18 and a senior in high school. That was the major issue if you asked him, what had riled her old minder the most was just how much she had blossomed growing up. Big pillowy breasts, flaunting, flared hips with long legs that drew his eyes along teenage curves. All crowned with a bright-eyed smile, flowing locks of gold, and a penchant for wearing the smallest, tightest damn clothes he ever saw a woman wear, much less girls in his high school years.

He did find it uncomfortable at times, the yearning he felt for a young girl barely half his age. But she did have a way with defusing even that when she caught him catching himself staring, the flirty little thing teasing him for it before they both laughed it all off. Then on he found it far easier to shrug off those darker desires of his. "Not proper," he always told himself. But he was still a man. And from then on, though she did continue to tease him about it when she caught him staring she never outright called him out on it.

That would all change one Tuesday evening.

The Tuesday he came home to find the poor girl ragged, exhausted, as tuckered out as could be. Still somehow keeping the boys in line, but clearly she was bushed, leading to Mikhail setting about helping her for the rest of the evening. "What happened?" he had asked through dinner.

"A concert," she had replied with a smile.

"What's a concert?" one of the boys had asked then, and thereafter the two were stuck answering countless questions from a trio of inquisitive little boys. It was a mercy to get them all to bed shortly after. A greater mercy still when he shooed her to the master bath to wash up, even telling her to take it easy for the rest of the evening.

It had seemed right at the time. She had bathed at the household before.

What he hadn't expected was her to come back while he was watching TV while merely being draped in a large towel just barely falling past her mid-thighs before being tied up between those massive, pillowy breasts. Long gold hair already dried she was a vision that he only caught when she came down beside him with a soft sigh.

"I can't tell you how much I needed that, Mr. D," she said as she curled up beside him, for once unaware of the eyes on her long, bare legs. "Just really incredibly tired right now," she added with a soft yawn as she pulled the coltish limbs up underneath her to curl in close and bring her head to rest on his lap, small, delicate hands folded up neatly underneath her head. This much wasn't new. She had done this before.

However she had never been this close to naked before as Mikhail had ever known her, and by whatever deity he cared to name he was already feeling the heat, first in his chest, then in his pelvis. It was everything he could do to gulp down his misgivings to address the girl. "Figured as much, sweetheart but it's the least I could do, seeing the boys to bed as dead tired as you looked," he managed to drawl in his typical low, rumbling tone as she settled, catching those dozy doe-browns as they slowly slid shut. "Well now...you just rest up awhile, alright?"

"Mmf..." There were no further responses from the young woman, the towel slowly loosening with her breathing now as she dozed away. She could never have pictured such a sweet man as Mikhail thinking this: these lustful, needy thoughts that now broiled and sizzled at the surface of his mind at the sight of such a picturesque girl before him. Young, yes, despite how mature her body might have been, her innocent tendency here could only be her further undoing as she nestled in closer to the man's crotch.

It was enough to bring a fresh wave of heat to Mikhail's face as he watched her. "Damn..." He couldn't help it; his breathing hitching as warm breath wafted over his cock. The monster within his trousers stirring as wicked thoughts shifted inside him. It'd been ages since he had last seen his wife. Longer still since they last made love, so very apparent with how hard Melanie was getting him just by breathing on him.

The TV was soon blaring forgotten as the older man began to explore, rubbing slowly along the teen's shoulder, then down along slender arm. Pausing when she stirred, just long enough for her to settle back into slumber even when he hitched as she wriggled ever closer to his glowing erection. Truly, there was trusting, then there was just the oddest decisions a young woman like Melanie could possibly make as she snuggled in closer against him.

Her towel slowly working loose as he began to rub down along her upturned hip next, Melanie only shifting slightly before drifting back again. Cradling that hip in one big hand Mikhail could only watch through bated breath, eying her carefully until he was satisfied she wasn't stirring before he began to rub and knead all along that warm hip, worked the towel ever looser as he slid down along bare milky thigh to cradle firm round ass.

Still she didn't do much more then sigh softly in her sleep. Emboldening that man to go down a path she'd never foresee him taking even if she dared to dream it, big fingers gently tugging that towel around until it was merely draped over Melanie's nubile form, just shy of her ass while letting him gently rub along inner thighs to her pretty teen pink. Rubbing around with his fingers until he could just feel the soft vulvae before he began rubbing along those plump, warm, lips. Her breathing hitching the longer he rubbed.

"Sweet little thing," Mikhail murmured. "Ahn...ahh ahhhh..." A soft groan was his only reply, that tight teen fuckhole flaring with the delightful friction as hot breath gave further life to that big, heavy cock mere inches from her lips. Larger, meatier than any boy she had previously laid with. Were she conscious she'd have no idea of what was in store for her.

Right now though Melanie could only moan, softly, as he stroked slowly along those twitching petals, drawing them further apart with each stroke. His breathing becoming ever heavier as he drew the digits apart to rub soft circles into soft, round mount, to coax her clit out into the open air. "Ohh...ooh..." Emboldened he twisted, trying to keep his lap still as he reached, tentatively, tenderly rubbing short circles into the base of her breasts. As if still fearing reprisal, even as she continued to slumber on, her soft sighs only broken by her quiet moans as he coaxed forth her arousal.

Then, while slowly spreading her apart, began to push deeper into that molten pink. "Mm-mmm...ohhhhh..." Soft, whimpering moans wafted from her lips as he slowly dragged his fingers back and forth along that inner pink, expert fingers slipping under the towel to deftly tease and knead firm, pinkish teats. Drawing the towel apart with his touch until it finally slid forth from her nubile form, leaving her bare to his hungry eyes as he desperately kept himself from twisting further, from pushing the hard-on at his waist into her cheeks.

Yet, even as he was teasing this young woman mercilessly he was watching her wakefulness, and struggling with his trousers' attempts at holstering his hard-on even as her squirming, her soft cries of pleasure breaking the deep breaths of slumber made the offending garments all the more restraining. Flickering amber eyes on Melanie's slumbering form, making sure she stayed asleep as he pushed his fingers in tight fuckhole once more, hooked up, then drew back. Sandwiching her tiny teen pearl between his palm and the fingers pressing into her inner pink as he began to gently pat and rub at a moist, spongy spot inside her.

"Ahh...?...ohhhh...mmmmmm..." She rewarded him with more soft moans, young teen shivering under those expert, devilish fingers as Mikhail continued to rake along that spot. "Mm...ahhh..." Soft sounds that were music to the older man's ears, even through the haze of sound from the TV. Rhythm guided him then, one moment rubbing short, teasing circles into what had to have been this squirming girl's most tantalizingly wet spot inside that young cunt. The next he was lightly tapping against it, squeezing and pinching at pinkish teats as she shuddered, as she moaned under the attention Mikhail was paying to her tight little fuckhole.

Soon he had stopped kneading those firm nipples entirely, letting one sway in the air as the other was repeatedly pinched and rolled between his fingers, old Mikhail's eyes drinking in the sight of the squirming teen as her breathing came hotter and more frequently. "Nnh...mmmmm...!" She was starting to tighten with her moaning, her legs unconsciously spreading apart as she thrust her hips up towards his fingers. He barely caught it as the toes on her splayed foot curled inward, focused as he was on railing that naughty cunt ever faster with his fingers.

"Ohhh...! Mmm...!" He had to pull away from her breasts at that moment to attend to the TV, turn up the volume to muffle those sweet moans even as he considered turning toward her completely to keep her still. To keep Melanie from hurting herself as he played that tight fuckhole like a harp. "Ahh...ahhh!" He didn't have long to think on that, much less admire the effect he had on her however as soon she was doubling over, her hips, her pussy trembling and clenching as she came.

Then, and only then did he throw any remaining caution to the wind, soon arching over her, twisting around to clutch tight to her hips as she spasmed in his grasp. Mikhail never even noticed when his manhood finally twisted free from his pants and smacked against the teen's lips, muffling her cries with thick, hard meat as he held tight to her writhing form and milked her of her orgasm, the love juices spraying hot over the chair. "Ahh...! Aaah...mmmm! Nnnh!" Panting and moaning teen mouth pressing hot breath against that thick length, drawing forth a low moan from the old man as he shuddered over her.

Prompting Mikhail to glance back down at her as the last of her spasms left her; soft, muffled moans escaping her lips with his fingers still stroking her. Yet...with that hot little mouth pressed so close against his manhood he couldn't much for hold back any more, wicked thoughts enticing this old man further as he pulled away long enough to sit back beside her. Rest her head in his lap once again while turning her to her side; unaware that soft doe-eyes had long fluttered open and were watching him, intently.

It had been, for that brief period, the most pleasant, waking wet dream she had ever experienced, like she were being caressed by a silken touch she couldn't quite see, a soft, crooning voice she couldn't quite hear fully. Her dream lover slowly getting more daring, more bold in his ministrations in a way she had never known before, the young teen feeling heat build deep into her feminine core. Then, right when Melanie felt herself let go, enraptured by pleasure washing over her, she felt something slap her against her lips.

And then, then she was awake and staring, wide-eyed, at quite possibly the biggest, meatiest dick she had ever laid eyes on. Melanie's eyes snapping shut again, just long enough for her assailant to turn her onto her side before slipping open again; resting on that fat, heavy cock mere inches from her cheek, swollen, pulsing, with veins that rippled all along it's length. So much thicker than anything her exes had shown her, and from that brief moment on her lips so much harder and hotter too. Melanie could only look up, as best as she could without being seen, her eyes catching the ring on the big left hand brushing over her curves. Was that...yes, was this the same friendly Mr. DeHans she had known for all these years?

She wanted to see more. To feel more of him, especially with the heat Melanie felt in her tight young cunt. Just what had he done to her while she was asleep? She had never felt so horny before in her life. And she'd have plenty of time to act on it, her eyes slipping shut as he gently turned her head to the tip of that big, fat, cock and pressed her lips against it. Unsure, resistant at first; before she slowly let her lips part to take in that big, thick, monster. "Ahhhh..." She could feel his moaning right through that big dick, tongue instinctively lapping along pulsing veins as he worked her back and forth along it's length, her own warm moans sending shivers down the old man's spine.

It didn't take him long to start bucking with his hips; her eyes drawn upon the meaty length, fascinated by that big, thick cock as he pumped it back and forth inside her young throat. Poor Melanie gagging on it's sheer length and girth more than a few times as she tried to gulp it down, to massage all along that fat dick with her tongue. "Ahhhh...d-damn," she heard him moan, unable to stop a few groans herself. "Glkk..." Melanie couldn't believe how thick Mikhail was either, unable to stop herself from choking a moment before he pulled her back to let her breath. Did he still think she was asleep?

At that moment she found herself unable to care. Too hot, and too needy for the big married cock in front of her she tried to twist back towards his waist; feeling him tense a moment above her before he started bucking again. Small hands, her delicate, lithe, fingers slowly brushing down her tummy to rub at her mount, then teeny, quivering clit. "Oglkk..." Her moan vibrating against him, his breathing wavering, gasping over her as she played with herself right out of sight of the older man abusing her young throat for his own sake. It was too hot. She was too hot and trying to suck him off as best as she could despite the rough way he handled the back of her head, the way he bucked into plump young lips without a care for her comfort, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as he pumped her so messily as to splash her spittle all over her chest and chin. "Glhkkk...afhh...mmghhh..."

It came to the point where neither one of them could take it any more. He was too far invested in this; in her; to care. She, on the other hand, was too far intrigued by that big married cock to draw his attention to her wakefulness, her eyes snapping shut as the old man contorted, then sat up, pulling her soft lips away from his cock with a soft, wet, pop. Squirming only lightly in those big gentle arms she bid herself relax as he scooped her off the couch, still hot from her recent orgasm. "Hrmm..." One eye only slipping open as he sat back down with her, cradling her by the hips while laying her chest against his, a husky moan escaping his lips as plump, soaking-wet pussy dribbled down the length of his cock. All the while as she silently, quietly fretted, thrilled with it all: was he really going to do this? Could she take such a behemoth in her pussy? She felt herself getting even wetter at the thought, as she felt him draw her arms around his neck, soft doe-eyes on his own big strong arms before she curled around him just a bit tighter.

Bit her lower lip even as he ground tight little cunt against the length of his shaft, trembled like mad as he ground her clit into thick veins as she trembled. "Mmph...!" Shaking like a leaf she could naught but clamp down on a corner of this big daddy's shirt with her lips, trying to muffle her moans he coaxed from her just by rubbing against her. "Mmm...you like that babygirl?" she heard him whisper huskily; was he talking to her? "I bet you do," he continued, relief flooding her limbs at the realization he was talking to himself, heat flooding her clenching, trembling cunt at the dirty words all while making her wish she had stayed awake, had feigned her sleep during...well, whatever Mr. D had done to her before she had been made to suck him off.

And this old man, this sweet old man she had known for so long...why was he so big? Melanie could only bite at her lower lip ever harder as she spasmed over him, wriggled when he picked her up by her taut, teen ass. "Ahhh!...oooh..." Guttural moan escaping her lips at last as she felt him begin to split her with that big fat prick, trembling like mad over him as she tried to keep her head buried against him, keep him from being able to tell she was awake. Just by pushing in that big thick cock-head alone, just an inch or two of that fat length and she already felt so full. It was all she could do to keep from squirming in the older man's grasp as he ground back and forth inside her; her love juices flowing from that gentle attention to her pussy was not nearly enough lubrication to make getting this monster inside her any easier, not even with her sloppy blowjob lubing him up in turn.

Yet she couldn't help but feel like she was on Cloud 9 and going higher still as Mikhail sank her down deeper on that thick, turgid length, her eyes wavering on some distant starlight. The pressure on her ass almost painful as he pulled down on her, offset by the pleasant feeling deep in her cunt that he was filling in as he pushed up with his hips. "Ohhh...ohhhhh...mmm..." Her moans getting longer now; louder in the dark with every twist of his hips as he ground himself deep inside her pink. All as quiet, whispered oaths continued to escape his lips, soon giving way to muffled dirty talk as he got in even deeper inside her. "Fuck...bet you make a lot of boys real happy, don't you, slut...mmf...but now though...you're mine..." Without even noticing how she clenched, how her heart seemed to beat harder at her chest at the words he growled into her ear, the older man just moaned, as loud as her own moans all as he buried himself up to the hilt in her cunt.

Just a slow, blessed period as he let her pant against his shoulder; shivering with delight, with that feeling of absolute fullness from that married dick stuffing her so thoroughly. "Haa...ahh...ahhh..." Every vein, every ridge throbbing powerfully inside impossibly tight, teen cunt, the very pink drooling all over that monster of a cock. Before with another squeeze to her ass he began to buck, Melanie shaken down to her very core as he lanced and twisted that heavy dick all around her insides. "Ahh! Ahhh! Oooh...mmmm!" Loud, whimpering moans began to fill the room now, in time with the wet slaps of their unthinkable bond, Melanie flexing and slamming her hips down in time with Mikhail's thrusts, all pretense of sleeping out the window now as she ground herself into that thick, fat, dick.

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