tagChain StoriesThe Babysitter Ch. 02

The Babysitter Ch. 02


This story picks up where the last story ended, please read the first chapter, so that you can understand what has happened so far, Thank You.


Becky had just experienced the most powerful orgasm of her young life.

She still couldn't believe it, she had actually taken the entire length of the 12 inch dildo.

It had made her feel so full, so totally full, and when she came, she gushed, her cunt juices were all over her thighs.

She had to shower, she knew she had plenty of time, Mrs. Summers had told her she wouldn't be home until after 11:00.

Becky grabbed the vibrator and dildo from the bed and headed to the bathroom. She placed the vibrator and dildo in the sink and went over to start her shower.

She could smell her own juices, she would have to light a candle in the bedroom to cover up any scent she might have left behind.

Becky climbed into the shower, the water felt so nice, she let the showerhead wash over her body, when she reached her pussy she felt a familiar feeling start all over again.

Her fingers parted her pussylips, and the showerhead did the rest, oh god it felt good.

She started thinking about what she had just down, fucking that big dildo, her neighbor's dildo.

Ever since she found her neighbor's toybox, it was her third time babysitting for the Summers, so she was feeling a little bit brave about poking around, just being curious.

When she opened the box for the first time, she couldn't believe her eyes. She had never imagined so many different types, shapes, sizes, she reached in and grabbed one just to see what it felt like.

She had picked up a vibrator, about 4 inches long, it was silver, and when she turned the end it started to humm, and when she turned it more, boy did it really feel good, and it was only in her hand, what would it feel like between her legs, she couldn't, she put it back in the box and swore she wouldn't think about it again.

Becky finished her shower, and as she was stepping out, she heard the baby start crying, so she wrapped a towel around herself and walked to the nursery.

The baby needed changing, and before she had finished she looked up to see Mrs. Summers standing in the doorway holding the big, used dildo.

Becky didn't know what to say, she started crying, begging her forgiveness, please don't tell my Dad, he wouldn't understand.

Becky's Mom had passed away a few years ago, it was just her and her Dad now, and this he wouldn't know how to handle.

Becky wasn't sure how she could handle it, getting caught using your neighbors dildo while babysitting for them.

Sue could tell that Becky was very upset, she wasn't about to tell Becky's Dad.

She had other ideas, and she had to handle it the right way, she didn't want to frighten Becky away.

Sue walked over to Becky and put her arm around her.

She told her not to worry about her Dad, she wasn't going to tell him, this was only between her and Becky.

Once she was certain that Becky had calmed down, she told her to wash off the dildo and vibrator and put them back where she had found them.

Becky did as she was told and after she placed them back inside the toybox, Sue told her to sit down on the bed next to her.

Becky was still wearing only a towel, but she did what Sue asked.

Sue asked Becky to tell her what she had done, Becky just lowered her head and looked at the floor.

Sue said listen, you could be in a lot of trouble, I just want you to tell me what you did, the first thing I need to know is, have you done this before with my toys?

Becky, still looking at the floor shyly said, yes.

Sue asked if she owned her own vibrators or dildos?

No, I never even saw one until I saw your toybox full, I was just so curious, I'm so sorry.

Enough of that, I think what you need is a good spanking, yes, I've decided, that will be your punishment.

Becky started to complain, oh no, you can't.

Sue, would never do it, but she said, I'm sure your Dad would spank you if he found out, right.

Please don't tell him, you said you wouldn't.

You decide, should I spank you, or should your Dad spank you.

Becky gave in, I'll let you do whatever you want, please just don't tell my Dad.

Sue told Becky to lay down across her lap.

Becky laid down and Sue pulled the towel up, exposing Becky's sweet asscheeks.

She started to complain, but Sue only had to say, ah, that's enough of that, take your punishment like a good little girl.

Becky went silent, and Sue brought her hand down hard upon Becky's ass, she wasn't fooling around, it stung, again, smack, but this time she rubbed her hand on Becky's cheeks.

Again and again, she spanked the girls bare bottom, leaving hand prints on her behind.

Sue started rubbing Becky's cheeks some more, Becky started to squirm a little, so Sue told her to lay still until she told her that her punishment was finished.

Becky was starting to get nervous, she wanted to run and hide, but she knew that she had to do as she was told.

The more Sue rubbed her asscheeks the more Becky was feeling an odd sensation, her ass still stung from the spanking, but the rubbing was starting to feel good.

Becky couldn't understand what was going on.

Suddenly Becky heard a humming noise, she knew what it was, a vibrator, what are you doing, queit Sue told her, take your punishment.

Becky felt the vibrator touch her asscheeks, very lightly, it felt good.

Sue moved the vibrator around Becky's ass, she slipped it between Becky's ass crack, she thought Becky would say something, but to Sue's surprise she said nothing.

Sue's hand started rubbing Becky's ass more firmly, so she decided to try more, she slipped her hand down Becky's thighs, and Becky parted her legs ever so slightly.

Sue took the vibrator, and let it slide down between Becky's legs, again Becky spread her legs a little wider.

Becky was at a loss, she was starting to enjoy her punishment, but when she thought about what she had done, she did realize she had done something very, very wrong.

Sue suddenly broke the silence, I understand that we live in a really small town and that there aren't a lot of guys your age. I'm sure that it has been difficult for you since your Mother passed. I know your Dad is very nice, but a girl needs her Mom, to answer those questions that you just can't ask your Dad about.

That doesn't excuse you from coming into my room and using my toys.

Becky started to say something, but Sue cut her off mid-word. I want you to promise me that you won't use my toys agian, except when you are with me.

Wow, Becky didn't expect to hear that.

Sue told her she would answer any questions she has, about anything, especially boys. You can't tell anyone, not even your closest friends, and, I'll show you how to buy your own toys, the only thing is, we use the toys together.

Sue said well, what's your answer?

Becky thought about it for a few seconds, she did have questions, many of which she could never ask her Dad about.

She only had a few friends, and they were as inexperienced as she was.

She knew Sue could have made a lot of trouble for her, but instead she made her feel really good.

Becky said, what about your husband?

Don't worry about Jeff, he doesn't have to know.

Well, alright, but, one more thing.

What's that Sue asked.

Can you help me cum, your rubbing has me so hot, I need to cum.

You pick out a toy to use, I want to watch you, but I will join you by using a toy as well, will that be alright.

Becky reached into the toy box, she knew exactly what toy she wanted to try.

It was a glass dildo, with nubs all over it, she couldn't wait to find out how it felt.

When Sue saw what Becky picked out she asked, "so how do you want to use that."

Becky looked at Sue with a puzzled look on her face.

Sue told her, with the glass dildos, you can either put it in ice water, or you can put it in really hot water.

Now Becky knew that having Sue to help would really be helpful.

I think I want to try it on ice.

Sue left to get some icewater, and when she got back she was surprised to see Becky naked on the bed, her fingers between her legs.

Sue brought the icewater over to Becky, with the glass dildo already chilling.

Sue started to undress, Becky watched her every move. Becky had always thought that Sue was attractive, and she had got her shape back quickly after childbirth.

Sue is 5'4", 36C, long red hair down to her ass, and a sweet ass it is.

Becky watched as Sue removed her bra, when she saw her nipples, so long and very erect, after all she is breast feeding, Sue removed her panties, and Becky saw her red little patch of fuzz, as she calls it.

Becky looked at Sue and told her, you have such a beautiful body. "Thank You", Sue replied, you also have a very sexy body yourself Becky.

Sue watched as Becky took the dildo out of the ice, and parted her legs, as soon as it touched her pussy lips, Becky shivered, and moaned at the same time.

Sue told her to put it inside quick, to get the full sensation of the coldness.

Oh god, the coldness, and the nubbies, oh I like this.

Sue was starting to get hot herself watching this young hot 18 year old masturbate.

Becky was really putting on a show, she would slide it all the way inside, it was about 8 inches long, and about 1 1/2 inches thick, and Sue new how good it felt on ice.

Sue reached for the vibrator that she had chosen to use. It was somewhat plain, but it was powerful, she had never made it beyond the 6th setting, and it went up to 10.

Becky was really getting into this new experience, mutual maasturbation, seeing Sue slide her vibrator into her very wet pussy, Becky was really heating up.

She could hear as Sue turned up the speed, and she could also hear the squishing sound from her wet pussy.

Becky was ramming the dildo deep inside, she could tell she was getting close, she just kept watching Sue, a few more strokes in and out and she started cumming.

Sue watched and was so turned on by Becky. Sue turned the end of the vibrator higher, she had it up to 8, suddenly, Becky reached over and grabbed the vibrator and turned the knob to full speed.

Sue couldn't believe what had just happened, she also couldn't believe the feeling coming from her pussy, it was throbbing, she had never felt anything like it before.

Becky grabbed the vibrator from Sue and started fucking her with it, she was fucking her hard and fast.

Sue was over the top, her cunt juices started flowing, she was having her first multiple orgasm, one after the other, she gushed, and Becky just kept on fucking her cunt. Sue thought who is punishing who.

Sue brought Becky into the shower and got in with her and washed her all over, then Becky did Sue.

Becky was now glad she had been caught, because now she had even more to look forward to.

As Becky was getting dressed, Sue came over to her, gave her a kiss, which Becky didn't complain about, and then Sue handed her the glass dildo, here this is yours, just make sure you put it someplace where your Dad won't accidentally find it.

Becky hugged Sue, and thanked her for her for the dildo, and her punishment.

Sue put on a robe and they walked downstair just as Jeff was walking in the door.

Sue winked at Jeff, without Becky seeing, she would fill him in on what happened later, and then they would figure out how to proceed. The fun is only beginning.

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