tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Babysitter's Choice

The Babysitter's Choice


The choice- a fictional story

"If you behave like a kid you will be treated like one!" said Crystal as she brought the cane down on 18 year old David.

"You're supposed to baby sit my sister! Not me!" cried David

"I don't care! You spent the whole day watching TV, haven't done your homework and now you've dropped the remote control and broken it!" said the babysitter.

"Well you're not exactly treating me like a kid either..." complained David. "When Jessica spilt the milk and broke the glass all you did was spank her with your hand!"

Jessica was his four year old sister, who was now sound asleep.

"Ha ha, nice try. That's only because she's a girl. Anyway there were other aspects of her punishment that were more embarrassing so maybe it was less painful but it's all fair."

She let him go after she had caned him six times.

David looked around angrily for his 19 year old brother Josh. He found him at the computer. "Hey why didn't you help me??" he asked .

"I'm so sorry brother I was a little caught up but I think you will be quite happy with the fruits of my labor. Let's go see Miss Crystal."

"Hello! Miss Crystal! Guess what? Last week I thought my webcam was broken so I put it in my father's room for him to repair it. Well he hasn't got around to it yet but that's good. Because it isn't broken. Turns out it has been just saving the files in a different folder and better still the wireless function works too!" Josh's tone was triumphant.

David was getting bored of this seemingly pointless conversation but Crystal looked a little worried.

"Oh" was all she could say.

"I didn't switch the camera off and the battery only just ran out. There's an interesting clip from last week. Do you want to watch?"

"Not really" said Crystal, fearing the worst.

And the worst it was. Caught on candid camera was Crystal - taking the gold necklace from the dressing room table and putting it in her own handbag.

"My mother's necklace!!" exclaimed David. "We all hunted high and low for that and she finally decided that she must have lost it at the pool!!!"

"Oh, God." said Crystal. "Please let me explain" she began.

Josh didn't let her finish. "Doesn't matter. The point is we now have a choice. We could treat you like an adult who knew what she was doing and report you to the police or..."

"Anything you want guys. I'll let you stay up as late as you want. I will return the necklace. Anything!"

"Ha ha, nice try Crystal" said David, dropping the "Miss."

"I think the choice is; we could treat you like an adult or a kid." he said, now grinning widely.

The reality of the situation sunk in.

"You want to cane me?" she asked fearfully

"No, no, no" said Josh enjoying this situation very much "you're a girl and like you said it's different. We'll treat you just like you did Jessica."

"You little pervs! Fine! Whose knees do you want to go over?" said Crystal, a little sarcastically.

"Not so easy," said Josh. "Tell us exactly what Jessica did and how you punished her."

"Ok. I asked her to wait for me for a while. The instant I turned around she ran to the table and reached for the milk glass but dropped it. The glass thankfully broke but did not shatter and the milk was all over her dress and the floor."

"So what did you do?" asked David knowing full well that the fun part was coming.

"So I scolded her, cleaned up the glass, took her dress off to dry it and then spanked her. Only a few times..."

"I think you covered the most important point." said Josh. "You took her dress off."

"What!?! No way! She's four!!! I'm twenty three!! It's very different. And taking off her dress was not part of the punishment. It was only because it was soaked!!"

"You could have always let her wear another dress first" said David.

"She's four!!!!"

"If you want we could treat you like an adult" said Josh which effectively ended the argument.

Crystal protested for a while more but finally gave in.

"Ok but after this you guys better destroy the video and never tell anyone about this"

"Fair enough" said Josh

She started to unzip her dress.

"No, no" said Josh "let David do it ..Jessica didn't take off her own dress"

David could not believe his luck. His hands trembled a little and he mumbled something about it being convenient that the zip was at the back. When he pushed the dress off her shoulders it was like opening the best gift he could ever imagine.

Crystal was gorgeous in her dress but outside it, she was simply magnificent. All she wore beneath was a white bra and panties. She had a perfect figure and breasts that pushed her bra up high

Crystal was at least grateful that her underwear was fairly decent and they could not see more than if she was wearing a bikini. She would have never imagined parading in a bikini in front of these two guys.

Once they were done gawking, Josh and David decided that she would go over Josh's knees but David would spank.

The first hit took her by surprise. She had never been spanked in her life.

She let out a little yelp which entertained the two boys very much. Josh in particular was relishing the feel of her over his lap. Not to mention the view of her cute bottom in her knickers. Ever since he had seen her he had fantasized of his view of her being less obstructed and now he had a plan.

True to their word they only spanked her for five minutes.

"There. No more than Jessica" said David.

Despite that it was not painful, Crystal still felt the tears coming. She felt it was probably from the humiliation of being spanked by two kids. Damn. Why did she take the stupid necklace? she thought .It was just lying there outside the jewelry box, ever so tempting. Still she was glad it was over.

"Ok so that's it then. We never speak of this again." She told the boys as she walked towards her dress.

"Oh, no." said Josh. "That's not all you did to Jessica."

Crystal glared at him "Yes it was!"

Even David looked confused. Then he suddenly remembered what happened and realized what his brother was trying to push for. He was excited beyond belief.

"No, it wasn't" said David.

"After that, while she was crying, you took her to the bathroom and gave her a bath!"

"NO WAY!!!!!" cried Crystal in horror.

This time the arguments lasted much longer with Crystal threatening to call their parents several times. However she finally realized that, she being the older adult, would look more guilty. Furthermore she was so far steeped in.... it was easier to go forward than turn back.

"Ok let's all go the bathroom" announced Josh.

By now Crystal was completely subdued. She was not the babysitter in charge anymore. She was a naughty little girl in her underwear and had just been spanked.

She meekly followed David and Josh to the bathroom still wearing only her underwear.

They started the water into the bathtub. They adjusted the temperature until it felt comfortable.

"Ok lets get off your bra and panties so you can get into the bath" said Josh

"I really don't mind them getting wet" countered Crystal weakly.

"Oh, but we do. We most certainly mind" said David, a happy man, as he pulled down the babysitters panties ."

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