The Babysitter's Secret Ch. 02

byWannabe Chick©

Around Shawna's waist was a strap-on dildo like the kind Jenny had scene in porno movies. It was made of black leather straps which held the apparatus to Shawna's body. The centerpiece was a long, thick, pink rubber dildo. Shawna stopped in the doorway, letting the girl admire the toy, then reached down and began to stroke the rubber dick slowly.

"Do you like it?" Shawna asked.

"It's amazing," Jenny said, admiringly.

"Would you like me to fuck you, sweetie?" the woman asked.

Jenny could only nod. Shawna moved back towards the mattress and reached into the top drawer of the nightstand. She removed a bottle of lubricant and liberally applied the liquid to the dildo. She stroked it again, spreading the jelly equally across its surface.

Jenny turned her back to Shawna and knelt on all fours on the mattress with her shapely, firm ass presented to her older lover. Shawna stood behind Jenny and lifted up the plaid skirt that the girl still wore. With the girl's butt fully visible, Shawna sighed in delight, and slowly massaged the soft flesh. Each time she spread the cheeks apart, she got a fleeting glimpse of the pink hole that awaited her entry.

Shawna knelt down on the floor so her face was level with the girl's rear end. She spread the cheeks apart and tentatively moved her mouth closer to her anus. Shawna flicked out her tongue and let it touch the robbery opening. Jenny's body trembled. Shawna licked again and Jenny moaned. Shawna wasn't sure how much she would enjoy this, since she had never done it before, but she found the taste of Jenny's tight butt hole to be exhilirating. She began licking up and down Jenny's crack, spreading her saliva all along the opening. She worked her tongue into the hole, wriggling it around, until Jenny's entire form was shaking.

Once the hole felt loose enough, Shawna rose to her feet again. She put the tip of the rubber cock against the girl's ass and began slowly pushing it inside. Jenny sucked in a breath, gasping at the familiar, beautiful pain she felt whenever Peter made love to her. She instinctively relaxed the muscles in her ass to allow the dildo inside her. Shawna continued applying pressure until the head passed the sphincter and then the rest of it slid in effortlessly.

Shawna moved her hips forward until there wasn't a centimeter of space between her thighs and Jenny's smooth, white ass cheeks. Looking down, she could see the base of the shaft as the rest of it disappeared inside the girl's crack.

Putting her hands on Jenny's waist, Shawna began to fuck the teenager. The dildo slid in and out of the girl's bowels, slowly first, and then more rapidly. Shawna had been quietly afraid of hurting the girl but Jenny's reaction soon showed how much she truly enjoyed the feeling of a dick inside her ass. Shawna began pumping her harder and faster, causing the girl to moan loudly and shamelessly like an animal.

Jenny could feel an electricity coursing through her entire body. She could feel the cock pressing against her prostate and her cock stiffened almost to a painful degree. She reached down and grabbed her cock and began to jerk it furiously. Within seconds, a gout of semen erupted from her balls, spilling all over the sheets. Jenny then moved forward, letting the cock slide out of her ass, and turned to face Shawna.

"I just came again," she said, smiling.

"Mmm, I'm so happy to hear that," said Shawna. "Have you had enough for now?"

"Not yet," she said, smiling. "Sit on the bed."

Shawna climbed on to the bed and sat with her back against the headboard. Jenny crawled towards her and threw a pale, freckled leg over Shawna's body. She was now straddling the older woman, facing her. Jenny lifted her body up and reached behind her with one hand to grab the pink dildo. She aimed it at her now wide hole and slowly lowered herself on to the fake cock, letting it slide effortlessly back into her.

Jenny bounced up and down on Shawna's dildo, her all natural cock bouncing along with her, slapping against her flat belly and then down against her ball sack. Shawna watched the cowgirl ride her in rapt enjoyment. She reached up and squeezed the girl's nipples tightly between her fingers. Jenny groaned and continued fucking the dildo with her ass, harder and harder.

Shawna watched Jenny's face as it contorted with pleasure and pain as the two spent a long, luxurious time fucking. When Jenny began slamming her ass harder and harder, Shawna knew the girl was close to cumming again. Jenny reached down behind herself, between Shawna's legs, and found the woman's pussy. She began fingering it skillfully as she continued to fuck herself. Shawna felt her orgasm approaching swiftly.

Then it happened. Without even touching herself, Jenny had brought herself to orgasm once again. A stream of cum launched itself from the tip of her cock and splattered across Shawna's large tits. A second stream followed, then a third. Shawna was amazed that this kid could have so much cum inside her even after all the orgasms she'd had already. But Shawna didn't have time to think about it. Within seconds following Jenny's climax, Shawna's hit, and the woman screamed in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body.

When it was all over, Jenny slumped over on top of Shawna, laying across her. Shawna brushed the hair from the girl's face and kissed her forehead as the teenager panted heavily, fighting to regain her breath. Shawna put her arms around Jenny and held her gently while the girl recovered. When Jenny caught her breath, the two women kissed for a long, long time, their previous raw passion now given over to sweet, sensual affection and closeness.

"Thank you so much, Shawna," said Jenny. "That was so wonderful."

"I was just glad to make you happy," said Shawna.

"You did . . . so what now?"

"I think we need to rest a bit before we do anything else, sweetie."

"That's not what I meant", Jenny said with a laugh. "I mean, what about you and me and Peter?"

Shawna thought long and hard before replying: "I can't blame Peter for being unfaithful to me with you. Now that I've experienced it, I know I never would have been able to resist you, either. But let's face it, he and I can't go back to a normal relationship. We'll both secretly be wanting you all the time."

"So what should I do?" Jenny asked, a little concerned.

"I think that you should consider yourself welcome in our home and in our bed whenever you want."

"Really?" Jenny asked, beaming.

"Of course, honey," said Shawna, smiling at the girl. "Peter and I both love you very much. We want to share that love with you as often as possible."

"Oh, I love you too!" Jenny said, kissing Shawna happily. "I love you both!"

To be continued . . .

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/15/19


Well written, so much for their proclaimed love for hubby. Happy that they found what they really needed from each other. Not much point in reading anymore because all that remains is the mercy threesomemore...

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by Anonymous07/28/19


Yeah. Its always a bout the woman, now that Shawna and Jenny have had their marathon romp in the sack neither woman actually needs Peter. With Shawna letting Jenny fuck her with no protection I can onlymore...

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by Anonymous07/17/19

more please

Very Hot.

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by Anonymous05/10/19


I would love to see another chapter

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