tagGroup SexThe Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette Party


Kelly, my best friend since grade school, didn't know what she was letting herself in for when she asked me to arrange her bachelorette party. I confess that I was a little jealous of the blonde bombshell. I sometimes wonder why a drop-dead gorgeous babe like her would want to hang out with me. I'm not exactly chopped liver, but I'm sure not in her league. The answer is obvious, of course - beautiful girls want to be the center of attention, and there is no better way to get it than to pal around with average-looking girls. I'm pleased with my appearance now. My complexion cleared up, I shed my puppy fat, my tits got bigger, and, thanks to my orthodontist, my teeth got straighter. I'm still not in Kelly's league, but I'm not too far out of it. I get my share of wolf whistles.

I decided to hold Kelly's party at my parent's luxurious apartment in the city. They were spending the summer at their cabin in the cool mountains of Virginia. Kelly and I share the same circle of friends, so making out the invitations was a piece of cake. The only other things I had to do were stock up on booze and arrange for a caterer. I also had to line up some men, but that was easy, too. I'll tell you how I did that a little later.

The big day finally arrived. Ten of Kelly's closest girlfriends showed up bearing two gifts - one practical and one for fun.

The caterers, a sexy married couple, arrived at the same time. I felt it was prudent to give them a warning.

"This party is going to get pretty wild," I said. "I'll let you know when things are going X-rated and you can decide then if you want to leave."

"Oh, don't worry about us," the wife said. "We're very broad-minded."

Kevin, the hunky husband, took over the bar while Karen, his tasty little wife, tended to the buffet table.

"Keep the booze flowing, Kevin," I said. "The sooner these bitches get good and drunk, the sooner the fun will start."

After I gave a toast to Kelly wishing her all the usual crap, she started opening her gifts. The practical gifts came first and were what you might expect - a toaster, a waffle-maker, a hair dryer. The sexual tension began to rise as she opened the gag gifts. There was a dildo so enormous that it couldn't possibly fit into any human cunt. Vibrators, dildos, Ben-wa balls, and other erotic toys soon cluttered the coffee table.

By the time the gifts had been opened, we were all a little giddy from a combination of Kevin's perfect Margaritas and the lust that was building in us. Some of the girls had had breast implants and were eager to show off their new tits. Soon we were all topless and making comparisons. I'm sure that any man lucky enough to have seen us flaunting our fun-bags would have sprouted an immediate hard-on. I turned to my friend Mary and dared her to rub her big tits against mine. She didn't hesitate to press up against me and stroke my hard nipples with her own. Rubbing our tits together soon gave way to other dares, such as pulling or kissing each other's nipples. Deciding to take things to the next level, I stripped off every article of clothing and proudly showed off my neatly-groomed cunt. Half of us were soon naked, and the shy ones were wrestled to the floor and stripped by force. I was very pleased at how things were going.

All of the girls knew what I had planned for Kelly, but I wasn't sure that all of them would cooperate. I needn't have worried. Everyone was so turned on by then that they didn't want to miss a thing. When I warned Kevin and Karen, the caterers, that the party was about to become X-rated, they asked if they could watch. I'm glad I agreed. They eventually joined in and added to the fun. After setting up a video camera in the bedroom to get all of the action on tape, I got the ball rolling.

"All right, everyone," I said. "It's time for our little friend Kelly to get some attention."

That was the signal for the real fun to begin. All of us descended on the bitch and dragged her into the bedroom. She put up a good fight, but she was no match for all ten of us, and we soon had her tied spread-eagled to the bed.

"UNTIE ME THIS MINUTE!" she demanded.

She was as pissed-off as I had ever seen her, but I had no intention of releasing her from bondage. Instead, I slapped a piece of tape across her mouth to shut her up, then I crawled between her flawless legs and lapped at her bikini-waxed pussy. She twisted and turned to avoid my long tongue, but there was nowhere to go. One of the girls sat on her belly to pin her down, and others helped hold her at the knees. As I tormented her clit with the tip of my tongue, her struggles gradually weakened. When the girl sitting on her belly moved aside, I was pleased to see that two other girls were nursing on her big tits. Each time my tongue slid up Kelly's slit, it scooped up more of her natural juices. That bitch was red hot! I asked the girls on her tits to move aside, then I yanked the tape from Kelly's mouth.

"Oh, please don't stop," she begged. "Please finish me off. If you leave me like this I will just die."

I had her right where I wanted her and the real fun could begin. While we prepared Kelly with foreplay in the bedroom, one of the girls went to the front door to greet the men. It had been easy to line up ten men to fuck Kelly. I went to a fraternity house at the University and hand-picked ten well-endowed studs. By the time Kelly demanded that we make her cum, the men had stripped and were waiting to do their part. You should have seen the look on that bitch's face when I led those horny bastards into the bedroom with their hard pricks in their grasps.


I gave her a little peck on the forehead and said, "You won't be unfaithful to him. You really have no choice. These ten guys are going to fuck you silly, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it." After taping her mouth, I lined the men up and studied their cocks. I decided to have them fuck her in order of cock size, with the smallest first and the largest last.

After I lined them up in the proper order, I called the first man forward and sucked his plump, six-inch cock. After I put the finishing touches on his erection, I rolled a rubber onto it and told him to have his way with Kelly.

As Kelly's first lover mounted her, I reached in to guide his pickle into her. We had Kelly stretched so tightly that her struggles were in vain. Nevertheless, she put up as much fight as she could. The girls were kneeling on the floor around the bed, and I could tell by the concerned looks on their faces that they were worried. That first fuck certainly amounted to rape, and I hadn't expected that. I thought the foreplay I had given her would make her want a cock more than anything in the world.

Kelly's first lover lasted less than a minute. I watched his ass clench as he shot his load. After he dismounted, I slipped the rubber off of his cock, tied a knot in it, and tossed it onto the bureau. Deciding that Kelly needed more foreplay, I crawled between her legs and lapped at her dilated pussy. Then I noticed that she was considerably wetter than she had been before the fucking. I was very relieved to see that she was responding.

After giving Kelly a few minutes of cunny, I called the second man forward. After sucking his dick for a few seconds, I rolled a rubber on him and guided him into Kelly's waiting quim. Kelly resisted the second man, too, but I was convinced by then that she was putting on an act. He shot his load prematurely and dismounted with a sheepish look on his face.

Kelly stopped resisting with the third man, and began responding with the fourth. I decided it was safe to take the tape off of her mouth, and, as soon as I did, she unleashed a stream of obscenities.


We all applauded as our girlfriend had her first orgasm. From then on, it was one after the other. In between men, I crawled between her legs to lap at her pussy. Between my tongue and those ten tireless cocks, Kelly was having the time of her life.

I finally guided the tenth man into Kelly's snatch. I think it was fitting that the length of his cock equaled his position in the lineup. Kelly went absolutely ballistic when that enormous prong stretched her cunt wider than it had ever been stretched before.

While all of this was going on, the girls were having a little party of their own. I was pleased to see Sally and Rhonda locked in a passionate sixty-nine a few feet away, and Peggy with her legs spread wide to allow Spring access to her cunt. I pushed pretty Connie back onto the floor and stuffed my tongue up her creamy snatch.

What a sight it must have been! One horny bitch in bondage getting a glorious ten-man gang-bang on the bed while ten horny sluts indulged in a lesbian orgy on the floor. Kelly was making so much racket that I grabbed a gift ball-gag from the coffee table and strapped it to her head. That bitch was so out of her mind with lust that she chewed that rubber ball to pieces before we were finished with her.

After all of the men had had a turn with Kelly, I sent them on their way. Kelly's eyes widened as she watched me strap on an enormous dildo. It was bigger than any of the real cocks she had taken, and I wasn't sure she could handle it, but I intended to try. I mounted her and lined my cock up with her thoroughly tenderized cunt. A hard thrust and half of my cock was buried in her. She wailed around the ball-gag as her body was racked by an intense orgasm. The little rubber spikes in the base of the dildo pulled my trigger, and I got my gun at the same time.

After I rolled free, some of the other girls came forward to take their turns. By then, Kelly was so passive that I felt it was safe to untie her. For the next couple of hours we alternately fucked and sucked our little bride-to-be. I'm sure she will never forget her kinky bachelorette party. I know that I won't.

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