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The Bachelorette Party


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It was my daughter's best friend's bachelorette party. I'd known Cherise since she was a little girl and had always enjoyed having her over. She and Susan had had their share of falling outs over the years but they always made up. They traded boyfriends once or twice in high school and had both gotten through college with their degrees and now were beginning their careers. It had been nice to watch them grow up together and now Cherise was getting married. It made me wonder when Susan would if ever. She seemed to enjoy playing the field or at least that's what it seemed to me since she rarely brought any boys over anymore, if ever.

She'd dated Eric off and on during college and I think he found a job after college close to our town just to be near her. Susan was a serial dater in college and for the past year has been seeing one of Eric's frat brothers. I hadn't seen or heard about that guy for at least a month so I'm not sure what's going on. They all seemed to get along fine and when Cherise announced the engagement she and Eric asked if they could hold the wedding on our property. How could I refuse my daughter's best friend?

I have 25 acres of horse farm with a pond and plenty of room to park cars. They planned on holding the reception in the riding arena which was fine by me. Susan is my only child and since losing my husband in a plane crash, she has been the focus of my life as much as a college graduate can be.

Susan was in charge of the bachelorette party and again since I had room they wanted to have it at my house. I didn't have a problem since I had room and since the wedding was going to be here it seemed to make sense. I just didn't want to be the one doing all the work; I have enough of my own.

I don't date much and since I have such a large place that tends to take quite a bit of my time. I only have a few horses now. Mostly boarding for others and they tend to them. I ride now and then just to get away from the world and talk to my beloved in a special part of the property we both loved.

When it was time for the party, I helped them decorate the family room, went to the store for sodas, mixers, chips, finger foods and booze. Any leftovers could be available for the wedding reception so there was no worry about buying too much.

To make a long story short I was home when the girls' party was going on that Saturday night. I figured they would have the usual silly games, watch movies, gossip or do whatever young women do at these days. I had thought they might get strippers it never occurred to me the ones they got wouldn't be the ones they expected. I was welcomed since I was an integral part of the wedding.

The party included a catered dinner, since I had refused to cook. They had plenty of drink and the girls were feeling very silly by the time the caterers left and the strippers showed up. They had played some games and were in the middle of a "truth or dare" thing when the doorbell rang. I got up and answered thinking I'd be greeted by a cop, firefighter, cowboy or who knows what male strippers dress up as these days.

I must have had a really dumbfounded expression when I opened the door and saw two girls, young women about Susan's age standing there. At first I thought they were friends or sorority sisters of the girls, they were dressed somewhat scantily in cowgirl outfits. One tall leggy brunette the other was a bit shorter and quite top heavy. It suddenly came to me they were the strippers, something that really didn't make sense to me for a bachelorette party when all the girls were straight, or at least I thought they were straight.

Upon getting my senses back I greeted them, "Hi, can I help you?"

"Hi, we're here for the bachelor party" the busty little blonde grinned as she shook her breasts giggling.

I focused on them as she jiggled which; thinking back was really odd for me since I'm straight. But they were there and they were very impressive.

Trying not to stammer I calmly told them, "I think you girls have the wrong address this is a bachelorette party."

"Huh, is this....blankety blank on blankety road?" The brunette questioned.

"Yes, it is but I doubt these girls wanted female strippers"

From inside the house I could hear the rumblings of the girls anticipating their male strippers. A few "who's there?" with giggles and laughs floated through the air as I tried to clarify the situation.

"Well, our dispatcher gave us this address so maybe we should call her."

"We have done all girl parties before." The blonde smiled looking me up and down.

"Oh god, not again this is the second time this month she's done that to me. I didn't get paid last time because the "birthday boy" wasn't at that house." The brunette was getting a bit agitated.

"You're welcome to come in and call, but you may have to deal with six very disappointed girls."

The blonde smirked again, "I've dealt with that situation before."

"Well, I'd rather do that than not get paid for driving all the way out here. Plus the tips we'll miss." Sighed the brunette.

The brunette seemed like she was going to cry at that point so I let them both in and guided them to the kitchen and the phone. On the way the partiers gasped and giggled at my little entourage. Susan came into the kitchen while they were calling and I told her the situation. She listened quietly looking them both over as I explained. After I'd finished and she thought about it for a few seconds she started laughing.

"Cherise is going to just die, let me talk with the dispatcher since I set this up."

The girl on the phone paused after a bit of a heated exchange and handed the phone to Susan. She turned her back to us and I made small talk with our guests. They explained about the other times and how they were only doing this because they figured it was safe and a good way to make extra college money. They seemed like nice girls so I listened and smiled as they told me. After a bit Susan hung up the phone, turned and smiled at us.

"You'll both get paid but the two guys who were supposed to be here are up a creek at a bachelor party on the other side of the county. They are too far away to get here in time. The dispatcher admitted her mistake so I got money off but you two are good for your normal fees. Sound okay?"

The two girls were ecstatic jumping up and down and not only hugging each other but Susan and I also. Susan's eyes widened as the blonde bounced up and down. I'm sure mine did too as I waited for her twins to pop out. Fortunately they didn't and we listened to what Susan had in mind.

"But, I want you to do me a favor." Susan had an evil grin on her face as she said that and I had a feeling I knew what she was up to.

"I want you to do your thing with the redhead out there. You may even get a tip since I got a discount if it goes like I want it to."

The girls looked at each other and nodded; wanting to be sure they got their money, they agreed.

"What's her name?" the brunette asked.

"Cherise, and don't hold back, by the way I'm Susan, this is my mom Linda."

The blonde smiled as she shook my hand making sure her boobs were vibrating as she did. I couldn't help but look down and caught myself almost staring once again. She knew how to work those babies that's for sure. We exchanged hand shakes and the girls got their things together to begin the show.

The blonde was Debbie and the brunette was Vicki we discovered when all the hugs and hand shakes were over and their thanking Susan for making sure their trip wasn't wasted.

I hadn't really thought I'd stay to watch the "planned" show but this was getting good so I decided to stick around and see what happened. I snuck down the hall and took a seat off to the side of the sofa so I could see Cherise. Susan came out first and coughed to get their attention since they were all huddled talking in whispers wondering what was going on.

"Ladies, we have a slight change in plans for the entertainment. I hope you all enjoy and look at this in the spirit it was intended. Cherise, don't hate me but, there's a couple of cowgirls here who know you want to learn cutting and reining and they are here to show you the proper way of doing just that."

She did her best to keep a straight face as she was making up the intro. It did sound a bit lame but what can you do at the last minute when you're playing an unplanned joke. As we sat and waited we heard a song start. "Back in the saddle again" by Aerosmith came on and the two girls came out swishing and strutting. The blonde was twirling a little lariat and the brunette had two little six-shooters. I have to admit they did look cute doing that. I laughed but a couple of the girls just sat there staring wondering what was going on. Cherise looked at Susan and nearly coughed her drink out her nose as the two "entertainers" strutted towards her doing just what they would have done had the audience been men.

I guess I should describe their outfits even though they didn't stay on too long. Debbie wore a small cowboy hat vintage 1950's pink fringed in white, a matching vest on that was too tiny to be of much practical use. Under her vest her bra was red with white stripes on one breast the other was blue with little white stars. The two triangular pieces of shiny cloth barely covered her aureolas, I guess she wanted to be patriotic. Her pink chaps matched her hat and vest, the tiny fringes looked a bit frayed as she strutted about. She wore a pair of 6" clear mules that nobody in their right mind would ride a horse in. But dressed like that I doubt riding a horse isn't what you had in mind anyway. Her outfit couldn't help but bring one's eyes to her bust and tight ass. I would guess that's why she wore what she did, maximum titillation.

Vicki was dressed in white satin, vest and shorts that clung to her like a second skin. Her shoes were a bit more like boots while still having the 6" elevation. Her tanned legs were taut and definitely her main focal point. Her too small white hat contrasted with her hair color and dark olive complexion which just had the outfit that much more appealing on her. Her little six shooters slung low on her waist had matching plastic pearled handles and were definitely not being used for their intended purpose.

They reminded me of outfits Cherise and Susan had worn as little girls at Halloween. Only back then they didn't fill out the costumes quite like these two did, thank goodness.

The two girls walked around the room showing off their bodies and smiling at each of the six girls. Their movements meant for enticement; clutching themselves and contorting their bodies to taunt and tease the usual male client seemed to have the opposite effect on the girls. Their focus eventually turned to Cherise, each sauntering up to her and displaying their wares. Vicki took Cherise's hand and pulled her somewhat reluctantly to a chair that Susan had managed to sneak out to the middle of the room while all eyes focused on the dancers. The two girls swayed and bobbed up and down in front and to her sides as she sat there turning a bright crimson. She looked at Susan and with eyes that could have pierced steel with their focus told her she was going to get her. Susan just doubled over laughing as Debbie began removing her chaps and shaking her ass in front of Cherise.

When Debbie began removing clothes two girls stood up and began their goodbyes. They apologized for being so abrupt but the idea was funny they just didn't want to see it actually happen. Debbie and Vicki apologized and the girls told them not to worry about it. It wasn't anyone's fault and that it was a cute idea. Susan and Cherise walked them to the door while Vicki and Debbie stood around waiting. The room seemed eerily quiet so I walked over to our dancers to thaw some of the ice.

"I'm being a bad hostess, would you two like something to drink?"

"Whatever is easy." Vicki said and Debbie nodded. I felt bad for them, it wasn't their fault the girls were prudes and they couldn't stand a joke. Susan and Cherise walked back in commenting on their friends' behavior apologizing when they saw Vicki and Debbie sipping some bottled water I had brought them.

"We can continue if you want, Susan. We made a deal and I have no problem living up to it." Debbie smiled as she looked at the rest of us.

"Well, why don't we change it a bit?" Cherise commented.

"How about instead of focusing on me, give us all little individual shows; maybe we can learn something to keep our men folk home nights." She added with a smirk and a slight twang.

"Sure, we can do that and when we're done if you want our business cards we could do like a class or something. We get a few married guys calling for private shows when their wives are gone. And I wouldn't mind cutting those down. Not that your boyfriends or husbands would do that. They give me the creeps at times." Vicki mentioned wincing a bit.

"Sounds good, finish your drinks and we'll learn something." Susan smiled.

Everyone sat back down and Debbie started their little c.d. player once more. This time the music was slower and softer. She turned the volume down so they could answer questions and describe why they were doing something in particular. All four remaining girls sat back and watched; sipping their drinks that I refreshed while they were focusing on their instructors. Debbie would look up and smile at me as I wandered around them trying not to bump into them or spill the margarita mix.

The girls bodies were amazing, Vicki's legs were taut and seemed like they went on forever, I'm guessing her shoes had a lot to do with it. Debbie's breasts were large and she made them the focus of her dance. She'd massage and cup them telling us regardless of a woman's body there are moves they can do to accentuate and really turn a man on and some women she giggled. They remained in their bikinis telling the girls there was no point dancing nude since they weren't going to get any tips from it.

After the first dance with Debbie and Vicki dancing as individuals the girls got up asking questions then trying some of the moves. I watched as each girl took her turn with an instructor, slowing moving while the others corrected and commented on how she moved. I sat there mesmerized watching their hands gently touch each other; a smile here and there as each seemed to delight in caressing. Their bodies so close together and the blushes confirming that there were delving in intimate areas. Not only in talk but with some of their actions. Vickie and Debbie would stand in front then guide their hands up and down the girls body. Making sure they touched and highlighted each and every curve. Excuses of being overly dressed made for a few laughs with Vickie suggesting they all strip down to bras and panties if they wanted it to be a bit more realistic. The girls politely declined although it seemed like they were hesitant in doing so. I think if it had been just four of them and a bit more liquor the lessons would have gone further.

The whole thing lasted maybe another hour until Vicki looked at her watch and realized it was beyond their allotted time. She had a date in town and couldn't stay any longer.

After a few more questions the girls thanked the dancers and began saying their good-byes. Susan and Cherise walked their friends to the door and then came back in to start cleaning up.

Debbie approached me and asked if there was a room she and Vicki could change into the regular clothes in since their day was done. I told them of course and Vicki went out to get their bags. I led Debbie down the hall showing her the guest room and adjoining bath. She thanked me as she slowly slid past me; her breasts almost brushing mine as she slipping through the doorway.

"Linda, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Debbie. What?"

"I was noticing you tend to look at my breasts more than anyone else here, not that I'm complaining. I paid good money for these. I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to touch them or if you were curious about them."

I blushed deeply when she said that, wondering in my own mind if I had been staring at them more than normal."

"They are amazing, Debbie but I'm not curious about them. I love my own and I'm not into women if that's what you were wondering."

"That was another question if you had a different answer." She said with a devilish grin.

Just then Vicki walked into the hallway and I left them to change. Her words echoed in my ears about my lingering looks. I really began to wonder if I had looked at them more than anyone else. I hadn't thought I did but then I was busy and she seemed to pop up when ever my head turned. Maybe it was both our imaginations, I don't know. When I got back out to the living room the girls had the place practically spotless. I told them not to worry about it and that I'd finish cleaning up. They hadn't drank much in the way of alcohol, I had made three pitchers of margaritas and only one was gone. Normally I would have insisted on keys but since they all seemed sober I let them drive home.

They thanked me for the drinks and hospitality while we stood around talking until Debbie and Vicki came out clutching their bags. Hugs all around as both Susan and Cherise thanked their dancers. The thanks were mutual since Susan gave them a big tip which is what she would have spent if the guys had shown up. I told them all goodbye and watched the four walk out to their three cars. Closing the door I turned around and headed to the kitchen to finish cleaning and drinking some of the margarita mix. Debbie's words regarding my attention to her breasts came back to me as I spilled a bit of the margarita mix on my blouse. Silly me, I stood there looking down at my own boobs wondering what life would be or have been like having double D's instead of the single "D" they have become due to nursing and gravity. They looked good, when I was younger and single they looked damn good I thought to myself. Even when I was married they looked good. I giggled to myself wondering why they wouldn't look good married or single. The earlier drinks and the current ones were having their effect I was beginning to think silly thoughts.

I put the last glass in the dish washer I heard the doorbell. Wondering who might be out here this time of evening. It was about 9 p.m. when the girls all left. I headed out and peeked through the spy port. It was Debbie; I asked her through the door what she wanted. She asked if she could use the phone, Vicki had gone with Susan since she lived in the same direction and her car had been making funny noises and wanted to call AAA before it broke down completely. She had been about a mile away parked debating what to do. I looked again trying to make sure she was actually alone and then I slowly opened the door.

I opened it expecting the worse and was pleased to see she was at least alone. I invited her in and told her to go ahead and use the kitchen phone. After locking the door in case someone was hiding where I couldn't see them I followed her to the kitchen while she explained she's had this problem before and they just do something under the hood and it works good for a few weeks. She doesn't have money to fix it or get a new car so she has to suffer.

I waited as she dialed and talked to an operator who didn't seem to know which end was up. She sounded frustrated and when she hung up I offered her a drink.

"Thanks, I hate that car. But what can I do?"

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