tagBDSMThe Bachelorette Party Toy Ch. 01

The Bachelorette Party Toy Ch. 01


by jeanx2storm and bone251

Part 1

I began the day a little apprehensive and a little excited. It was time for my regular check-up for my impotence meds and I was thinking about the Nurse Practitioner at the Doctor's office. She has cute curves, a smiling face and considerable knowledge, both sexual and medical, that she uses with her array of injection drugs to harden my dick. Her name is Gail Lynne and when she's in the room, I'm not thinking about my exam. I'm thinking about her hands, the softest hands I've ever felt, exploring every spot from the weight of my testes, to the texture of the skin running the length of my penis, to the condition and suppleness of what's beneath my skin. Gail Lynne's run of questions about my sexual desires and capabilities during this fondling exam often leave me beyond excited and after she is finished, I can't help but dream about her. On my last visit after a few extra strokes in her soft hands and a few extra questions from her pretty smiling mouth, I shared with Gail Lynne my preference for giving oral sex over intercourse. I did want to impress her, so I told her about my gig where I played horn all night and how that translated into a talented set of lips and tongue.

"And what good is a tongue that can last all night if the guy can't?" Gail Lynne asked.

"I think a guy should wait," I said a little nervous talking to this Goddess.

Gail Lynne smiled one of those incredible smiles and the twinkle in her eyes let me know something was up.

"There's this bachelorette party coming up, and I'm in charge of providing a little entertainment, more specifically, a toy," Gail Lynne said. "If you are interested, I want you to meet me at my house tonight." She gave me a card with her address on it.

"I want to do a little research on you first," she said. She left the office for a minute and came back with a small black bag, asked me to relax, and injected my penis. Then to my surprise she locked me in a curved chastity tube. At first what she'd done didn't register and I just sat there. I was staring at her ass while she put some equipment away and washed up. I looked back down at my cock locked into the chastity tube and a surge of excitement shot through me and the thought of meeting Gail Lynne at her place, even if it was for research, was almost more than I could take. I regained control staring at the fluorescent bulb above me until I was practically blind.

"It's a date," I volunteered as I started to put my clothes back on.

"We'll have to see just what it is," Gail Lynne offered. "I'm not sure if you are what I need, but your willingness to put off your pleasure makes me think you might be the right guy for this opportunity." Her words sent a shiver through me. I hoped I could find something to take my mind off of her until this evening. It was going to be a long day.


I was showered and fresh when I met Gail Lynne at her home that evening. I still didn't know what she had in mind, but the mystery just made it that much more appealing. As the day went on, I'd realized that whatever Gail Lynne had injected me with wasn't the regular shot that normally only lasted a few hours. I was still going strong. The injections had me hard and pushing against the tube.

Gail Lynne answered her door wearing a red sundress with little straps on her shoulders and a form fitting bodice. She didn't say a word to me, just motioned me with her finger to a guest bedroom. I followed along too enamored with Gail Lynne's ass in front of me to notice much of my surroundings.

"Strip," she ordered. "Then lay on the table."

The table didn't look like anything I'd seen before. It had to have been specially made. It had contours, benches and buckles. I took off my clothes and stared at my dick caught up in the chastity tube. She had the controls. Then I hopped up onto the table. She buckled my legs, arms and torso down and then removed the cage from my dick. It sprang out. Gail Lynne gently caressed my dick.

"One of my good friends from nursing school is getting married," she said. "And a bunch of us girls from nursing school are in the wedding party. We'll be staying at a suite at the Wilshire Hotel. What I've been asked to provide is entertainment in the form of sexual gratification. What I'd like to bring is... you. You'll be our toy. We will be able to cum and cum and cum again, but you will have to wait."

I was speechless. The thought of getting all those women off, the thought of prolonging my climax until they were all satiated, the thought of being their toy, was such a turn-on for me. I'd had fantasies like this, but hadn't ever in my wildest dreams thought one of them might become a reality. Gail Lynne was making it my reality.

"First though," Gail Lynne said, "I need to make sure you are the right toy for us". She smiled, climbed up on me 69 style and grabbed my nuts.

I didn't need any instruction here. I could see how wet she was and she smelled delicious. I was ready to taste her. I licked Gail Lynne's pussy lips and glazed the tip of my tongue over her clit.

"I'm going to hold on to your nuts very tightly," she said, "that way you can tell how good I cum. I hope you can handle it. It might hurt a little, but if you are a good toy, then you can handle it."

I was determined to be a good toy and it was painful, but it was the kind of pain that I could tolerate. I didn't have much choice. After Gail Lynne reached her sixth orgasm, I was enjoying the feedback of her hands squeezing my nuts. I knew how good I was making her feel and that's important to a guy like me. In fact, at this point, despite the pain, I was coming close to climaxing.

Gail Lynne hopped off of me and still wearing that gorgeous smile on her face, she started to hook up several sensors to my body including one that was put in a dark place that gets very little sunshine. She was professional and I didn't even feel it until it was already in place. She had great hands.

"I'm going to explain this to you the best way I can," Gail Lynne said. "I think that a horny man gives the best oral sex. My friends are expecting the best. I don't believe that you will have any kind of real relief until after the wedding."

I think she could tell from the look in my eyes that I was on board.

"You won't be able to touch yourself until after the wedding, honey," Gail Lynne said, "but you are going to get hot and hard and want to cum over and over again. My friends and I like to have competitions like 'who can have the most orgasms?' and 'who can tease the toy the best?'"

She tapped her fingers on a machine next to the table. "This will show me how close you are to having an orgasm. My friends and I will be able to play with you and we will know when we have to stop. If you came, it would spoil the party. You understand that." Gail Lynne ran her fingers up and down my shaft. Her eyes looked right into mine. I squirmed a little beneath her gaze. "I think that you are up for this kind of fun, aren't you?"

"I am," I mumbled. I was really wondering if I was caught up in one of my hottest fantasies. Being here with Gail Lynne was such a turn-on and the thought of the Bachelorette party was almost more than I could take. I kept thinking, "I'm going to wake up", but I didn't. And Gail Lynne was still staring at me with that unflinching gaze that made me want to please her in anyway I could.

"I have to calibrate the machine first, though," Gail Lynne said. "That means I will have to bring you to the edge of orgasm about 50 times. I know that's a lot to ask, but I promise I will give you a few breaks. Doing this stuff with you gets me really hot and I have a feeling that I'm going to want to sit on your face a few times." Gail Lynne stuck her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing it and she was smiling. "Do you want to begin?" she asked.

I'd wanted to begin ten minutes ago. I nodded.

"Good toy," she said. Then she slid her mouth over my dick and swallowed it down until the tip was sliding on the back of her throat. Her mouth was so moist and warm and felt so good encasing my dick. She played with me. She teased me. Her tongue was an expert in this area. I felt like it was as close to Heaven as I would ever get. She tested me like this for almost eight hours, playing with me with her hands, her mouth, and her pussy. She had cum at least two dozen times. I had come close to orgasm more than fifty times. I was so hard and desperate by now, it was almost impossible to hold back.

"Not yet, honey," she'd say. "I need some more attention here," she said as she climbed up over my face again, pointing at her pretty clit. "You can wait, can't you?" she asked.

I knew that it was more important for me to please Gail Lynne than please myself, so I held on even longer. I didn't think I could do this, but I was. And I was feeling proud of myself too. I didn't know I had this much self-control. I was nearing orgasm again, when Gail Lynne hopped off of my face. She turned, picked up a shot and injected my dick several times. At first I wasn't sure what was happening, but I came to realize that I couldn't feel my dick any longer, my need to cum was still there, my desire for Gail Lynne was as raw as ever, but I couldn't feel my dick.

"It's lidocaine, darling," she said. "It will be at least five or six hours before you are able to feel anything down there." She said this while climbing on top of me. My dick was still rock hard and standing at attention. She placed the head of my dick next to the entrance to her pussy. Then I watched as my dick disappeared inside of her. She was watching me as she fucked me, that beautiful smile lighting her face.

"You won't be able to feel just how good this feels," she said, "until the lidocaine wears off. So, you'll have to trust me when I say that this feels very very good."

She was rocking on me and riding me. I was mesmerized watching my hard dick slide in and out of her wet pink pussy. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I was enjoying the fuck despite my lack of sensation. I was enjoying Gail Lynne's enthusiasm and determination. I was glad that I couldn't cum, because watching Gail Lynne fuck me was the high point of my entire life. Gail Lynne fucked me for over an hour. Then she fell back onto me totally exhausted. Her gorgeous smile was gone; just a small one tickled her mouth. She looked satiated. "You're good," she whispered to me as she snuggled up against my shoulder. "I think you are just the toy I was looking for".

I thought so too.

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Just research, don't you know...

OK, now I'm curious...

...even though I've got no real picture of characters here except nurse and dude in a cock cage, you've got an easy style and the story flows well; and now I'm intrigued for themore...

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