tagErotic CouplingsThe Back Alley

The Back Alley


I left the bar hand in hand with my latest victim, leading him at a brisk pace. I was impatient, and he said his apartment was seven or eight block away, so I nearly ran as I dragged him along. I had slipped away from my friends at the bar; they were used to such disappearances, but had yet to discover why I snuck off so often. Of course... everyone reading this probably has an idea.

"Slow down babe, what's your rush?" said my guy in a rather annoying 'skater' tone. But I hadn't picked him for his 'popped collar' looks or his attempts at smooth pick-up lines. I had felt great big cock in those pants. Seems like its always the assholes who have the nice big dicks... or maybe they become assholes because of it? That was a thought for another day, as I was overcome by the urge to feel a pulsing cock in my mouth overwhelm me.

Seeing a dark alley between to houses, I pulled my trailing 'date' into it. "What are you doing babe?" he asked with confusion as I just barely rounded the corner of the house and pushed his back against vinyl siding. Just out of sight of the roadway where countless people were making their way home after last call, I dropped to a crouch on the gravel parking area in the back alley, and deftly undid his belt. I unzipped him and pulled his pants ant underwear to his knees and then my mouth leapt forward to take him to his root.

I was pleased with my choice. His cock was thick, and at least seven inches long. He hardened quickly in my mouth, so that I had to start taking him into my throat to reach his base. Annoyingly, he went totally silent as I sucked his cock, holding even his moans of pleasure. On the up side, he was leaking precum at a nearly alarming rate, and as I deepthroated him my mouth began to fill with thick sticky saliva, which began to leak from my bottom lip. A thin trail dangled downwards in the cool night air until the bobbing of my head caused it to swing inwards and leave a wet streak on my tube top and cleavage.

I took him out of my mouth, and sloppily moved to take his balls in my mouth, trailing a thick strand of saliva. I stroked him with my hand, my mouth on his balls and his shaft pressed against my forehead, the viscus liquid running down my hand and arm and even onto my face as hungrily licked and sucked one ball after the other. I moaned with pleasure, and it was at this point that we ceased to be alone in the alley.

Clearly looking for a place to relieve himself, a drunk stumbled around the corner of our sanctuary and nearly failed to notice us. When he did, he stopped in his tracks and stared, jaw dropped. I sensed my partner tense up, and so I reached up and placed his hand on the back of my head, guiding myself up and down on his cock without missing a beat. Looking up, I saw him give the drunk a sheepish grin and a shrug.

The drunken guy walked over and stood a few feet to my right, and undid his pants. As I sucked and slobbered all over a big cock in the back alley, two feet away I began to hear and smell the drunkard peeing all over the wall. I shuddered, not with disgust, but with a small orgasm of pleasure, derived from what a dirty slut I was being. I looked up at my partner and saw his eyes closed tightly, and his chest heaving. It was time.

I deepthroated him one last time for good measure, and then backed my head off so that only the tip of his cock remained in my mouth. Using my hand, I stroked him slowly up and down, moaning in anticipation of my reward. I didn't wait long, and soon his cum was surging onto my tongue, dropping a fair sized load into my mouth. I was overjoyed, and squeezed his shaft in time with his orgasm's pulses. As he finished, I wetly let his cock fall from my mouth, and opened wide with my head tiled back. In the low light, he could see his cum in my mouth, and smiled.

Putting one hand on his pelvis to hold him in place, I swivelled away from my partner and towards the drunk who has stopped pissing and was now stroking his cock, watching the show. I motioned him forward, my mouth still open and containing a good dollop of cum. He immediately accepted my invitation, and thrusted his cock into my mouth. He began to swiftly fuck my face, in time to my bobbing head. Although he was only five inches long, he had an extraordinarily big head, which still managed to gag me as it hit my throat. My mouth quickly filled with a soupy mixture of cum, saliva, and precum.

I began to swallow as I sucked, not willing to lose all the cum in my mouth along with the saliva that now coated my chin, hands, and chest thickly. My first partner had quite a view, up close of me gagging on a nice hard cock next to him. My new partner was much more vocal than he had been, offering moans and encouragement, along with a little verbal abuse. Just the way I like it. "Take it you filthy slut. You love my cock don't you, you little cocksucker. Oh yeah gag on my cock you little whore." he was nearly yelling now, and I briefly worried about someone catching us, before I forgot all about it as I rocked with an orgasm. I hadn't even had to touch myself, the situation was so hot that it drove me over the edge.

"Ohhhh yeah I'm gonna fill your mouth, slut" grunted the drunk with a slight slur. I knelt down onto the hard ground, and sat back onto my heels, tilting my head way back and opening my mouth wide. I stuck my long tongue all the way out and presented an inviting target for him. I fondled his large heavy balls as he stroked his cock, its huge head resting on my tongue. I looked up at his face as he strained to overcome his drunkeness enough to finish himself off. As I felt his balls tighten in their sack, I knew he had succeeded.

His cum didn't so much spurt, as it poured into my mouth. About six large streams rolled down my tongue to nearly fill my mouth up with semen. His taste was extremely acrid and sour, a testament to how much he drank that night. Something about the bad flavour actually turned me on more however, as it overpowered my senses and made me think of nothing except the giant load of cum in my mouth. With a smile, I swallowed it all down, my mouth sticky as I reopened it to show him my good work.

Shortly, my first partner and I were back on our way to his place. He sheepishly told me he wasn't sure how much cum he had left to give me. I was nonplussed. I just told him to pick up his cell phone... he must know some guys who'd love a free blowjob. He did, and they did. I had a long and rewarding night out, and it all started with that back alley.

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