tagNonHumanThe Back of a Motorcycle Ch. 01

The Back of a Motorcycle Ch. 01


Lupus stood at the end of the bed watching Tala hold her father's hand.

He had been unconscious for hours, he was dying and she cried into his palm. She whispered, "Please... please..." Everyone so still and quiet. "stay with... me."

They knew it the instant he died. His breathing had gone heavy, Lupus watched Tala's face as she watched her father die. Then his breathing stopped completely.

Tala barred her teeth as the healer approached, "I need a moment. Alone."

Lupus said softly, "He is dead Tala."

"A moment." She glared up at him.

"Fine." He nodded. Command had shifted to Lupus the instant Tala's father died and he signaled for everyone to leave. At the door he turned, "I will take you as my mate."

"We are not true mates -"

"My mate died. I need a new one. You are

the strongest woman of the pack." He wasn't looking right at her. "Everyone expects it. You should too. Tonight is a full moon and we should not wait. It will happen tonight. It would be good for the pack to have an Alpha and a Madam in charge again and soon."

"I cannot talk about this now. I said I needed -"

"I know." He nodded again and backed out of the room.

She kissed her father's cheek and grabbed a collar bag. After undressing by the window she stuffed her clothes into the bag and then jumped out the window. She landed on all fours and ran. When she was far enough away she let out a gut wrenching howl. It was still early morning and she wondered with the strength she had now if she could run to the other side of the world. Through the forest her father owned she blazed down paths she and her pack had made over the years. She felt crazy. Alive, but dead all the same time. She wasn't paying attention to how fast she was going and didn't realize she'd come onto the highway so quickly and she cut off a motorcycle. The motorcyclist veered off fthe road, but had been going at high speeds too and so the human slid several hundred feet. In the bushes Tala fought within herself as to whether she should go to him and see if he were dead or not. From here, she could tell it was big and burly man.

Her decision was made when she saw him try and get up, but he let out a gasp of pain. Quickly, she shifted into human form and then put her clothes back on. She ran out to him and knelt down, "Are you okay?"

"Damn animal ran out in front me." He sat up this time and held his arm. He wore leather, but the crash had ripped the leather up his right arm and it hung useless at his side.

When he looked up at her she saw his eyes go wide. He looked her up and down, then back at her eyes. She wore tight skinny blue jeans, trendy pink flat shoes and a flowy top that dipped low. When she realized she was leaning forward and revealing her black lacy bra and decent sized chest, she sat up right.

"Can I help -"

"Where's your car?" He looked around now.

"I was taking a walk and I saw."

"There are wolves out here." He blinked at her. "You shouldn't be walking out here alone." Why the hell did he want to protect this perfect stranger? "It was a wolf, a red wolf."

She looked at her hands, "Um..." She swallowed. This guy was making her crazy and she didn't know why. Maybe it was because her father had just died? Probably. "I saw it too."

"That's what I am talking about. These woods are dangerous." He looked at his arm now. "I can get back on my bike if it's good to ride."

"Are you sure? I've driven a motorcycle before -"

He laughed and shook his head arrogantly, "I'd never let anyone drive my bike, let alone a little girl like you."

She eyed him, he wasn't much older than she was. He was just tall and broad shouldered and looked intimidating. Then she watched him stand up and she followed to his bike. For a human, he was strong and he left his bike up with just one good arm. He got onto the bike and when to turn it on, but something insane crossed his mind and he looked up at the girl, "What's your name?"

"Tala." She wrung her hands together in concern for him.

He eyed her, "My name is Max."

"Are you going to be okay Max? I feel really bad -"

"Why would you feel bad?"

"I..." She dropped her hands. "I don't know. I just do."

"Come with me." It sounded like a command rather than an invitation.

He was amazed at the way her eyes looked at the back of the bike. Max was certain she would have denied him flat-out. However she was biting her lip and it looked as if just a few more words from him would convince her. He didn't need a girl with him and she wasn't like him. On her wrist was a diamond bracelet and so that meant she was well taken care of. Somebody would come looking for her.

Finally, completely out of character for him, he said, "Let me just take you home. If there is a wolf around here I can't just leave you here. Can I?"

She almost laughed, she was the danger he was referring too, but something desperate was inside her and she actually wanted to go with this young man, "How about you drop me in town?"

"Sounds good to me." He nodded. "I don't have a helmet -"

He heard her giggle as she slid onto the bike, "Then don't crash again."

"I'll be careful." He turned the motorcycle on and then said, "Although you're going to want to hang onto me."

"I have the handles behind you -"

"Sweetheart, you'll want to hang onto me."

She moved her arms around his middle and hung on loosely. He laughed when he pulled out, expertly jerking the bike into a high speed and he felt her completely hold now. She leaned into him and he quite enjoyed her softness across his back. They were half an hour out of town and about ten minutes into the drive he felt her lay her head on his back and rest her cheek against him.

At the first and only stop light in the town, Max was reluctant, but asked, "Where to, sweetheart?"

"Um..." She didn't know where. She only came into town with her father a couple times a year. She spent of her time back at the den or in the forest. "Here?"

He turned to look at her, he wasn't going to leave her here in the middle of the road, "How about we get some food? I am starving."

"Okay." She said with a small smile.

He could see a diner up ahead. He drove toward it and parked. His hand landed over one of hers and she stiffened, "Helping you off, sweetheart."

She slid off the motorcycle with his help. Max got off and didn't let go of her hand for a long moment. He tilted his head, "If you don't want to come with me you don't have too." He had to say it. He felt crazy about her and he didn't know why. Maybe it was too many miles down the road alone?

She looked down at his hand, "I want too."

"Good." But he couldn't bring himself to let go of her hand. Actually, all he wanted to do was pull her closer and see what she felt like. Her red hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and he wanted to let it loose and see what it looked like down. Then he wanted to kiss, then feel her and then - "Sorry." He let her hand go finally at the thought of wanting to bite her.

She smiled up at him softly, "What about your arm? Should you go to a doctor or something?"

His scrapes were dried, but he was kind of a bloody mess. He turned away and got black long sleeved shirt out of a bag. "I'll change and clean up in the bathroom. No, I don't need a doctor."

She followed him into the room. He was surprised when she followed him into the bathroom. It was for men and women and she shut the door behind them. He looked at her for moment, the girl didn't look afraid of him at all, but very concerned. He pulled his leather jacket off and his black tank went up over his shoulder. There was a soft gasp from the girl at the door.

"Ever seen a half naked man?" He laughed at her. She looked innocent.

"I've seen plenty of naked men." She raised a brow.

He raised a brow back, "Have you then?"

She giggled and approached him now, "Let me help."

He watched her get several paper towels and then got them wet. She turned, started to wipe the excess blood on his forearm and up to the points where it was actually injured. As she kept her eyes on his wounds, he kept his eyes on her face. There were freckles along her nose the tops of her cheeks. She had creamy skin that looked beautiful against the brilliant red hair in the long pony down her hair. There freckles too, along the top of her chest and she was leaning just right so that her black bra with lace peaked creamy breasts.

"Where are you going Max?" She said softly with a smile.

His eyes jerked up to hers, "What?"

Her smile was knowing, "I asked where you were going."

"I kind of live from motel to motel right now on my bike." He never told anyone these things about himself. He ignored the world and here he'd say anything to her if she'd just let him kiss her. "I guess I want to see the country. Do you live here in town? You have a dad that would get upset if I dropped you off at home?"

"He died." She said quickly.

"I am sorry." The girl was so young.

She shook her head, "We knew it was coming. A very aggressive cancer. He ignored it and let his pride think he'd be okay, but... when he realized it was serious it was too late." Something hard crossed over her face. "But it's all in the past. All we can do is face the future bravely. Don't you think?"

He touched her face, "Who are you?" What was she doing to him?

"Tala -"

That's not what he meant. He moved into to kiss her. There was just no control and he felt her surprise, but as his kissed insisted, he felt her respond and wrap her arms around his neck. Then his hand traveled down to cup her bottom and he placed her onto the counter next to the sink. She pushed forward until her legs were on either side of his hips and her body was flush with his. It this position his arms wrapped around her middle and locked around her middle and he swore he couldn't let this girl go. As they kissed her hands moved from his cheeks to his shoulders and down his chest and then back up again. Then around to grip his hair and then back again.

When they needed air, Max pulled back and they locked eyes. Neither of them said anything, Max should feel bad about doing this to a girl he'd only just met, but he didn't. In any case he said, "I am sorry."

"I could have made you stop."

He laughed and shook his head, "I wasn't sure I could stop myself."

She only smiled at him, "You do realize we are in a bathroom."

"I do realize that. Yes." It would be painful to let her go and he knew it.

"Just so that you realize it." She leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder.

Ugh! Why couldn't he move? He didn't let anyone into his life. Not even gorgeous sweet redheads he knew nothing about. When he'd spoken to her, even he was surprising himself. Finally they heard a knock on the door.

"I don't know what's happening." He whispered into her ear. "Just don't... just don't leave me suddenly." He took a step back. His hand trailed down her arm and he helped her off the counter. When they opened the door an elderly lady gasped.

Max had to smiled at her look, Tala giggled, "It's open now."

"I'd say..." The elderly woman when into the one person bathroom and shut the door.

They sat at a booth. Max chose to sit next to her so he could put his arm around her shoulders. They shared a menu and decided together. Tala snuggled under his arm and into his side. She didn't really know what she was doing. She was just doing what felt overwhelmingly natural.

Max looked up to see two big guys approaching the table, "You know these guys?"

She didn't look up, "Yes."

"Tala we are surprised you are here." The tall blonde man said. "Lupus -"

"Is not my owner nor is he is my mate." She looked up and glared at them. "Be on your way boys."

"Who's he?" The darker one pointed at Max.

"Play toy Tala? I thought you and your family was above that." The blonde said.

She bent the spoon in her hand, "Not the best time to talk about my family."

The blonde bent over, "We are your family."

Max didn't like him that close and stood up, "Hey man back off -"

The blonde one took Max's throat, "You don't mean anything, human."

The manager of the diner came, "Please take this outside or into your woods. Not my diner."

"Stop it." She pushed the blonde back.

Max was surprised the blonde let up.

"I have to go." She had tears in her eyes. "I didn't think... I wasn't thinking."

He watched her in shock get up. He grabbed her arm as she was headed to the door, "Where are you going?"

"Home." She wiped away tears. "I am not who you think I am. I am not -" She realized the entire restaurant was watching them. She pulled him outside. "I am sort of engaged."

"Engaged?" He was so confused and looked down at her hand.

"There's no ring. We don't wear them."

"What are you part of? Some sort of cult?" He took her into his arms.

She let him hug her tightly and shook her head, "You would never understand. If you knew, you'd run."

"I can't run. I would never run." He looked up and glared at the two big guys watching them. "Get on my bike and let's go. I'll protect you, I'll keep you safe and we can live however you want. I just want you."

Finally she sighed and looked at the two guys, "What do you think?"

"He's definitely your mate." The blonde shook his head and laughed.

"He doesn't look like the kind of guy to just say those things out of the blue. When I found Kate I said stupid stuff I'd never say before." The darker haired one said. "What are you going to do Tala?"

"Yeah Tala," Lupus was there now, he came from the trees. They were in the parking lot behind the diner alone. "What will you do now?"

Tala moved quickly between Max and Lupus, "Stay away from him."

"Clever timing the Lunas offered us." He tilted his head. "You do realized I will have to kill him."

"After you kill me."

"Who is this guy?" Max's arm came around her middle and he tried to pull her behind him.

She was a little unsteady for second, but she turned around and pushed him, "Get on your bike and go!"

"Never." He shook his head, completely confused. Sure, he might not be able to take all three of these guys, but he was sure as hell going to try for her.

Lupus laughed, "At least he doesn't know what you are, Tala. That helps, right? You just met him, it'll be quick and easy."

"Lupus, it's her mate." The blonde one said, torn at what was happening.

Fangs bared, Lupus glared at the blonde one, "Rupert, you'll do well to know your place."

Rupert bowed his head, "She outranks you unless you mate her. I will defend Tala before I obey you."

"I am stronger than you. You know what I will be tonight." Lupus glared at Rupert.

Again Rupert bowed his head, "Very well, but you understand that I will die before you hurt Tala."

"I am not here to hurt Tala!" Lupus took several steps toward Tala and Max. "I am here to kill you."

Tala lunged at Lupus and bared her fangs. Lupus shield himself and threw her off him. She flew and when she hit the pavement she let out a yelp. Max let out a shout and charged Lupus. The dark haired guy pushed Max all the way to the brick wall, "Lupus will kill you. Tala can survive the attack, but you won't' be able too."

"Tala!" Max looked over to see her sitting half up already.

Rupert was holding Lupus back and they each had a lock on each other. Tala stood up and brushed herself off. Her jeans were ripped up the side, but otherwise she looked just fine. Max struggled against the dark hair guy.

"Enough of this!" Tala shouted at Lupus and Rupert.

They both stopped and looked at her.

She said, "We don't fight among ourselves like this. Lupus, he is my mate and even your powers of persuasion and strength cannot change that. Let Max go and I'll... I'll forget he exists."

"He'll come looking for you." Lupus raised a brow. "That's unrealistic."

"Your demands of her to chose you over her mate is unrealistic." Rupert said. "If my father gets wind of this -"

"Yeah, yeah he'll chew me up. We battled in front of the Alpha and I won to everyone's surprise. I am going to be the Alpha now." Lupus pointed at Tala. "Come here and prove your loyalty to me."

She met Max's eyes and softly he heard, 'Please trust me.'

He could only give her a little nod. He had no idea how he'd heard that wihtout her lips moving. But he watched her walk over to Lupus and stand before him, "What do you want?"

Lupus gave her a cruel smile, "Kiss me and prove that what you say is true. We can keep him away without killing him. I promise I won't harm him if you'll mate with me."

"What the hell does mate mean?" Max shouted.

Lupus laughed, "He's adorable. How does that make you feel Tala? A little human man as your mate? He looks so confused and helpless."

She put her hand on his cheek, "A kiss?"

"That's all." He smiled at her.

Max couldn't watch. She was going to let the guy kiss her. He shoved harshly at the dark guy holding him. Max could probably push through the brick wall before he could shoved this guy. Max had never met his match in strength. He was not an adorable little human, by all appearances he was as big as Lupus.

Tala let Lupus ring her waist, but as soon as his lips came down transformed into her half-wolf and bit him hard.

"Damn you!" Lupus hit her to the ground and blood spewed from around his fingers.

Tala ran to Max, "Let him go, Alex." She commanded the dark guy.

He did so, and said, "What are you going to do Tala?"

"Be back soon. I promise I'll be back by midnight." She took Max's hand and they ran to the bike.

Max jumped on and she straddle his bike behind him.

"Where are we going Tala?"

"Anywhere. Drive." She said.

The image of her changing into the wolf woman should scare the hell out of him. However, for some reason, it only helped him understand her. In high school he had secretly been fascinated by wolf legends. He hadn't told anyone, but he'd been driven toward the topic for some reason. Max felt her arms wind tightly around him this time and he didn't konw what was next, but for some reason he knew it would be with this girl.

They drove for hours and hours. They drove out of the forest and into a mid-sized city. They drove down the main road until Tala tapped his shoulder and pointed to a hotel. He nodded and pulled in.

"We just need a place to talk." She said over his shoulder. "I mean... or you could just go from here."

He pulled her around so that she straddled him suddenly, he shook his head, "I have no idea what just happened, but I want to know everything."

She bit her lip.

"Everything, Tala." He kissed her cheek. "I am not afraid of very much."

"Okay then." She nodded. "Let's get a room."

His smile was a little wicked, "Are you sure you don't want to just find a place to sit at a table? I am telling you right now we won't make it out of there without me attacking you."

"Either your going to attack me or your going to run." She moved off the bike. "I am okay with either."

They got a room. Tala had tried to pull out a credit card, but Max pushed her hand away and paid with his own credit card. When they got into the room Max felt like he was out of control. Every instinct in him wanted to push her onto the bed and take her, but he forced himself to a chair. It was tough to see her sit on the edge of the bed without him.

"What are you?" He asked first.

She looked out the window past him, "I am so scared to tell you. I want you to like me... to not be disgusted with me -"

Ah! He couldn't handle it, he pushed her back onto the bed and kissed her. He let his weight settle on her just right and felt her arms come around to hold him. His hands had a mind of their own and he pushed them up her sides to touch her skin under her shirt. When he broke the kiss he kissed her neck and bit at her skin lightly.

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