tagBDSMThe Bad Bed

The Bad Bed


She found herself curled up in the center of the bed, a sea of pristine white cotton surrounding her. It was a hotel bed after all and so the duvet cover was white, spotless and crisp. She was the one lone dimple in the landscape. Her point of view allowed an especially illustrative glimpse at the vastness of the canvas. She couldn't help but be reminded of her 7th grade science teacher's explanation of space. 'It's not flat,' he had said. 'The gravitational force of the solar systems makes it dip and rise, as if there were funnels or shallow bowls in the landscape. If you were to roll a ball across from one side to the other it would fall into one of the depressions and be lost.' She was that one depression, although her gravitational force seemed to be particularly weak. She shifted enough to glance over her shoulder at the other bed. He was there, back against the mountains of pillows and feet crossed at the ankles. He was wearing his favorite jeans and softest t-shirt. His was the good bed and it was a mess: blankets askew and sheets rumpled. Plus, it had all the pillows. All of them.

The only sound from the good bed was that of ice clinking around in his glass. His eyes were on her and she blushed and turned back away.

'May I have my book at least?' she asked.


'What if I have to pee?' she asked.

'Do you have to pee?'


'You're testing my patience,' he sighed.

She rolled her eyes. Although it should be noted that her back was to him at the time.

The sun had begin to set and she saw a small light turn on from the nightstand between the beds. She heard him stand and then saw him pass into her line of vision as he moved to the window. Hers was the bed closest to the window and she watched his body move to push both sides of the drapes open as wide as they went, allowing the last bit of sunlight to pour in. He stood in the center of the window and extended his arms straight up, stretching himself up and taking in the lackluster view. Lackluster for him anyway, her view was delicious. She could watch those shoulders and arms all day long.

She felt a whisper of remorse and quickly stifled it.

As if sensing her shifting emotions, he turned and looked down at her. Her body reacted as it always did by simultaneously expanding towards him and curling languidly in on itself. He responded by reaching down and running the back of his knuckles along her cheek. She closed her eyes.

'My beautiful little stubborn girl,' he whispered.

She responded by scowling and then snapping her teeth at his retreating fingertips.

An hour earlier they had burst into the room, mid argument. As soon as the door clicked shut he reached for her and she danced away. She threw herself down on the unmade bed.

'You're being ridiculous,' she retorted. Now that they were alone her voice began to rise. 'And, I never said that!'

She had no sooner settled into the down of the pillows than she found herself lifted and dumped on the empty bed beside the window.

'That's not your bed, that's my bed. You're being a very bad girl.' She hit the bed with a muffled thump and looked up at him in shock. 'You'll stay in this bed. The bad bed.'

'Excuse me?!' she stuttered. 'I'll lay down anywhere I damn well please.'

As he entered the bathroom he shot out, 'I'm sick of your mouth. You'll stay right where I put you.'

As if sensing her toe was making it's way from the bed down to the floor, he flew out of the bathroom. He gave her a hard look and she wisely moved her feet back onto the bed. She failed to look contrite.

'You're being a dick.'

The force of him moving across the room pushed her back against the headboard. He thrust his arms at her and she ducked low, but he was aiming for the pillows. He snatched each one from her bed and tossed it onto his own.

He was almost panting with anger. 'Anything else you'd like to say?' he spat.

She remained curled up at the head of the bed, but rolled her eyes. 'The Bad Bed, really?'

This time he did reach for her, dragging her to her feet on the bed and began to roughly pull at her dress. He tugged it unceremoniously up over her head, leaving her in nothing but tiny lace panties and matching bra. She opened her mouth to shout and instead he grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her down to the blanket, pushing her face into the soft cotton.

He brought his mouth down close to her ear and whispered, 'One more word out of the hot little mouth of yours and you'll spend the night on the floor.'

With that he held her down for a split second and then turned on his heel. Seconds later she heard the shower click on.

Returning to the present she followed him with her eyes as he made his way back down the the foot of her bed and stood looking down at her.

'I like the look of you all curled up there almost naked, little girl.'

He was leering at her. She stayed coiled like a snake.

'How long do I have to stay here?' she asked.

'Until you apologize.'

He only retort was to roll over and give him her back.

She heard the telltale sounds of his belt being unbuckled.

'Come over here. I want to use that little mouth of yours for something productive.'

She stayed put and sighed heavily.

'I'm going to give you a choice: get your mouth down here or take the belt,' he growled. 'Decide now.'

She slowly, almost absently, shifted her weight so that she was on her knees with her feet toward him at the end of the bed. She pressed her chest the duvet and pushed her ass up, presenting it for his view.

In two quick strides he moved up the bed and grabbed her by the hair at the nape of her neck. He pulled her hair back far enough for her to see the smile on his face.

'I was hoping you'd go with option 2,' he sneered.

He dropped 2 items in front of her.

'Put them both on,' he ordered.

The first was her favorite Tom Ford lipstick, Cherry Lush. She needed no mirror. She was a pro. Two thick swipes on the top lip and one long one to the lush bottom and she was painted bright red. She settled the cap on the lipstick with a satisfying click and reached for the second item: a small, black ball gag. She slipped it over her head and between her lips. She kept her eyes on the headboard as he pulled her hair again, arching her back to allow him the view of her sweet mouth.

'Let's see how well you apologize with that in your mouth,' he said calmly as he pulled her down the foot of the bed and forced her head to the side to allow him all the view he wanted. He picked up the belt and told her to pull her panties down over her round cheeks.

He brought the soft leather down with a resounding snap and his cock twitched at the muffled squeak that came from behind the gag.

'Bad girls don't get to rest in the bad bed. They only get to beg.'

She hissed loudly as he brought the belt down for another punishing pass.

'Beg me for forgiveness and I'll let you rest.' Chuckling darkly as another blow fell he said, 'But here's hoping that stubborn streak of yours holds out.'

June 2016

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