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The Bad Boy


Brandon walked down the pathway to his dormitory, his head hung low. He had just been through a 3 hour lecture on Shakespeare and at this moment he was trying to figure out why he choose English to be his major. He walked into the main foyer and stared at the mailboxes that lined one side of the wall. He stood there motionless, part of him wanted to check his mail but the other part of him didn't. He knew there was his credit card bill but he tried to reason with himself that if he didn't check his mail he wouldn't get the bill and thus would not have to pay it. Rolling his eyes he decided the inevitable had to occur. He got his mail, a stack of junk mail plus 3 white envelopes, all bills.

Brandon walked the 2 flights of stairs to his dorm room. The hallway was bright and airy, a welcome change from the older dormitory buildings on campus with dark wood paneling and tiny rooms with no air circulation. He entered his spacious room and was thankful that his roommate was gone. He liked Aidan, really he did. There was just something about him that made Brandon uneasy. Maybe it was how he hinted at sleeping with his professors so as to not write the long mid term essays. Maybe it was how he partied from Thursday night until Monday morning yet seemed to always pull off A's and B's. Either way, Brandon knew that he had only 2 more months and would hopefully get a single room. As a senior student he was told he had a better chance of being assigned to the coveted single rooms.

Brandon sat on his bed and opened up his mail. The first 2 envelopes were bank statements. January's statement showed how much money had been taken out for his support payments, as well as his dorm fees and his small allowance. That's what he called the $30 a week he budgeted himself to attempt to enjoy his time as a university student. The February bill was similar, with more money being taken out to pay the dreaded credit card bill. Opening up the last envelope he smiled, and then frowned. He smiled at the list of purchases he had made from December onward, wondering if she had enjoyed the toys he bought her. On the other hand he frowned, realizing he really didn't have the money to spend on things like that and wondered if the toys were even opened. Brandon assumed that since his name was on the return address the boxes might just have been thrown out.

"Hey buddy!" Aidan stomped into the room and threw himself onto his bed. "How was class?" Before Brandon had a chance to open his mouth Aidan starting going on about his day. "....and she was so cute... Oh and that creepy poly sci prof kept giving me the evil eye..." Aiden was always going on about the girls and women he met as well as ranting about how much he hated his male Profs. Brandon knew it was because he couldn't, or more like, wouldn't, fuck them for higher grades. After a few minutes Aidan finished his rant. Getting up he slapped Brandon on the arm and took off, mumbling something about this cute red hair with perky breasts.

Brandon lay back on his bed. His 6 foot 6 inch frame hung off the bed but he didn't mind. He had tried sleeping on the floor but it was worse. His blonde hair was straight and always hung in his eyes. He liked it that way and got annoyed when his friends, trying to practice out their 3rd year psychology on him attempted to explain how he wanted to hide from the world. Hell yeah he wanted to hide from the world. With all that had been happening the last 3 years he wished he could go back in time and fix everything.

Later that evening he was sitting in the library studying. His large frame was stuck awkwardly in the chair as he read over research papers and large dusty books. He hated writing essays on Shakespeare and was trying to think of exactly what to say regarding the theme of dark and light in the play "Romeo and Juliet". Just as he read the same line over for the third time he felt a warm breath on his ear. Turning around he saw his girlfriend Lizzie. She was dressed in a short tight jean skirt and white sweater. Her raven black hair was down around her shoulders and she had that look in her eyes. Before Brandon had a chance to say anything she slid into his lap and was unzipping his jeans with one hand while the other hand slid inside her panties to rub her clit. Brandon closed his eyes and moaned. He knew that the library on a Friday night was probably not that busy, and they had done it in more daring places but he still felt nervous when she was in one of her moods.

Lizzie and Brandon had met only a few months ago. They had the same Wednesday night Philosophy class and had flirted constantly the first few classes. After the 5th class they had made their way back to her place and had fucked like bunnies. It had been 3 years since he had kissed a girl, let alone had hot passionate, steamy sex. They both needed the hot sweaty sex and they lay panting afterwards, trying to recover for the next round.

Lizzie undid his jeans and before he knew it she had slid his cock deep inside her pussy. She waxed regularly and had the cutest little clit ring that rubbed his cock in just the right spot. He kept his eyes closed, feeling her grind and bounce on his cock. She came quickly, leaning over to bite his shoulder to muffle her cries. She was loud when she came and even she knew she had to be quiet in the library. Brandon felt her cum and started thrusting hard and fast, using his vivid imagination to bring him to orgasm. As he came he bit his bottom lip, trying to stay quiet while at the same time remembering that it was this black haired beauty riding his cock like a cowboy.

"Thanks baby. I have homework to do but that is exactly what I needed." She slid off him, adjusting his jeans and her skirt, checking to make sure there were no wet spots. She kissed his cheek lightly and then bounced off towards the exit. Brandon knew she wasn't going to study. Lizzie was the kind of girl who thought the world revolved around her and didn't think it was bad that she used Brandon for sex. He never complained and thus it was an unspoken topic in their short but passionate relationship.

Just as he turned to get back to work his cell phone rang. Reaching over to grab the phone he didn't even notice the number on the call display. "Brandon, it's Sophia. Don't hang up its important. " Brandon sat up and thought in his head a million reasons to hang up. Being the nice guy he was he let her speak. "You need to come home now. Addison is gone."

Brandon yawned as he looked at the road. It was 2am and his body was cramped in his mid size SUV. He had been driving for 5 hours and knew that in a few minutes he would see the cutesy sign that welcomed him to his hometown. As he passed the sign he tried to remember that coming home was the right thing to do. He hadn't been home in 2 years and that last visit was so dreadful that he had literally run out of the house screaming and drove back to campus.

Brandon pulled into Sophia's laneway. The small red brick home had a large picture window in the front. He was not sure what to expect as drove up to the home. He saw the kitchen light on and only Sophia's car in the laneway. He was surprised that no one else was over but then again they probably had all gone home to sleep. Sophia had called him around 9pm and Brandon had arrived as fast as he could. He knocked lightly on the side door and heard movement from inside. Sophia answered the door wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Her blonde hair was in a tight bun and she looked much older then she really was. "Hi, come in." Sophie let Brandon in and went back to sit at the kitchen table, wrapping her hands around a purple coffee mug that knowing Sophia had green tea with 2 spoonfuls of sugar.

"So what happened?" Brandon leaned against the counter, looking at Sophia. He really felt sorry for her, even though he was partly to blame for her situation.

"Addison left around 4pm, saying she had errands to run. At 8pm she still wasn't home so I called her cell phone. I put Daniella to sleep since she was getting fussy. At 8:30pm I called her cell phone again and she answered. She said she had had enough and was gone and not to try to find her."

Sophia stared at Brandon, waiting for a reaction. There was 2 whole minutes of silence as he tried to figure out why she would have done that. Finally Brandon spoke.

"So are you going to keep Daniella or does that mean I get custody of her."

The statement was so without feeling or emotion. Brandon looked at Sophia and she nodded. "Whatever you want," she whispered. Brandon reached over and squeezed Sophia's hand. He then turned and walked down the hall into the second bedroom on the left. He entered and saw the darkened room, the shadows outlining the crib, change table, and rocking chair. He could tell the walls were bright pink and he could smell baby powder and aloe wipes. Walking over to the crib he watched her sleep soundly. She was curled up in a ball in the corner of the crib. Her curly blonde hair covered her face and she was wearing a purple sleeper. Brandon leaned over and kissed her forehead. He then crept slowly out of the bedroom and into the living room. Sophia had already placed a pillow and blankets on the couch and since the kitchen light was off he assumed she had gone to bed. Removing his jeans and sweater he slipped under the wool blankets and fell asleep immediately.

Brandon was awoken at 6am by giggling and laughing. He sat up straight and then stumbled towards the sound. Walking into the nursery he saw his daughter, Daniella, playing in her crib with her stuffed animals. She looked up and smiled, putting her arms up to be picked up. Brandon picked her up and carried her into the kitchen. She grabbed at his hair and giggled.

"Good morning Brandon. I see you found the blonde giggly monster." Sophia smiled as she put Daniella in her high chair to feed her breakfast. Brandon moved easily through the kitchen, making breakfast for Sophia and him. He was amazed at how normal this all felt. He wished that he could go back 3 years and make the right decision.

Brandon had met Sophia and Addison the summer between high school and college. They all worked together at the country club and since the other staff was the full time year round staff they were older and so the three of them, all being the same age, hung out. Sophia was the quiet sister. Her blonde hair was always in French braids and she took her job as a lifeguard seriously. She had never dated and was happy when half way through the summer Addison and Brandon got together. Brandon and Addison were inseparable. They were always cuddling and kissing.

Right before the end of the summer Brandon and Addison decided to go on a canoe trip together. They had packed up all their things and driven out to the lake. After a day of canoeing they arrived at their site. Once unpacked they swam and cooked dinner. After dinner they got into the tent and started making out. Brandon kissed Addison softly, pulling at her shorts. She willingly lifted her hips and parted her legs, feeling his large hand push hard against her pussy. She squirmed and moaned, it felt so good. Flipping them over she straddled his legs, pulling off his shorts and boxers and then wrapping her small hand around his member. It was so hard and throbbing and she stroked it hard and fast. Brandon arched his back, trying to tell her to stop but he couldn't speak or think or act. Suddenly Addison lifted her hips and thrust his cock inside her. She cried out. "Oh fuck that hurt." She was whimpering but at the same time was trying to grind her hips to make it feel good.

"You sure about this baby?" Brandon moaned. His large hands were firmly on her hips, grinding her against his cock. He was breathing hard, trying to hold back, wanting to make her first time as good as possible. Addison was holding her breath, her eyes shut tight as she held on to his shoulders. Her nails dug into his skin as she came. She cried out loudly, whimpering as her whole body shook. She collapsed on top of him, trying to catch her breath. Brandon couldn't hold back and screamed as he came. His hot fertile cum flooded her pussy and he held her tight. After a few minutes their breathing was back to normal and they looked into each other's eyes. "I love you Brandon." Brandon held her close, biting his lip, knowing he could not say those words. He always wondered what she was thinking as they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Brandon glanced up from the toast he was buttering. He had been daydreaming about Addison and realized for the first time that he knew exactly what she had been thinking. She knew he didn't love her. She knew that he would never love her. No matter what she would do she would never be her sister. Brandon looked over at Sophia and smiled.

"What" Sophia glared at Brandon as he stared at her. "Nothing" Brandon mumbled. He couldn't and wouldn't tell her the truth. Brandon stood in the kitchen watching his daughter's aunt feed her breakfast. Sophia really had been the one taking care of Daniella for the past 2 years since her sister, Addison, decided she had better things to do. Brandon sighed. He had been staring at Sophia's curvy figure and long blonde hair that was in a cute braid. She had caught him staring at her and although he was blushing, she was angry.

"Can we talk alone?" Brandon bit his lip nervously as he said that. He sounded like a nervous teenager asking out the girl of his dreams, not asking to speak to Sophia regarding his child's welfare.

Sophia spun around and hissed under her breath

"You have some nerve asking that and acting all nice and sweet. I have not forgotten what you did 3 years ago nor have I forgotten what my life has been like since you left her pregnant and alone."

Raising her voice a bit she continued.

"Mom is taking Daniella for the next 2 days. When I told her you were coming she took time off work to take care of Daniella. She didn't think you'd leave the moment I called you so pardon her mood when she finds out you've already seen Daniella."

Brandon stood dazed and confused. It wasn't until that moment that he realizes how much he had hurt the whole Martin family. He walked out of the kitchen and sat on the couch in the living room. He had always through of himself as the good guy in this situation. He always assumed that it was Addison's fault that he was told he would never get custody of Daniella. He had just gone along when she had demanded that Sophia and her raise the child with the help of their widowed mother.

Brandon hid out in the basement once Mrs. Martin arrived to pick up Daniella. He could hear the two of them talking and knew that she was not impressed. She was a very loud and forceful woman and had not reacted well when she was told 3 years ago that the town's bad boy had knocked up her youngest daughter. Brandon had never lived down that label and was happy to leave for university; only returning the day that Daniella was born.

A few hours later he ventured upstairs. He saw Sophia sitting on the couch reading a novel.



Brandon sat down next to Sophia and stared out the window into the street. Sophia spoke first.

"I don't know why the hell I called you last night. My mom is furious and this stress isn't good for her heart. You need to go back to Bracebridge and enjoy your easy careful university life. I'll take care of Daniella. You're not even listed as the father so it's not like you ever have any responsibility, like always."

Those last two words hurt Brandon. He had been trying to stay calm and be nice but that hurt.

"Excuse me? O.k. look I have been trying to be nice and polite and try to figure out what the hell you expect me to do and it's not working. First off she told me it wasn't mine and told me to go off to university and never come back. Then she called me the day she went into labor to tell me she was lying and that I was the only guy she had ever had sex with. That was why I wasn't here for her. She wanted to have sex just as badly as I did so those little lies she spread were wrong. I've always been labeled the bad boy and I'm fucking sick of it."

By this time Brandon was yelling. He had stood up and his hands were on his hips as he spurted out 3 years worth of anger and resentment. Taking a deep breath he continued.

"I know she made you take care of Daniella and I know that your mom hates me. I made a big mistake 3 years ago and I'm sorry. I knew you liked me and I didn't realize how fucking jealous your sister can get. The moment she realized you liked me she wanted me. I went along for the ride and didn't realize how damaging it was going to be. And by the way after our first and only time she told me she loved me and I couldn't say it back. I had already fallen for you."

Sophia was also standing, her hands on her hips as she craned her neck to look up at Brandon. He was almost a foot and a half taller then she.

"What? What did you just say?"

"I love you. There I said it. Addison knew it too which is why when she conveniently fell pregnant she wanted to punish me."

Both of their hands fell to their sides as they looked at each other. The anger left their faces as they realized what both of them had said. Brandon desperately wanted to reach out and hug Sophia. He wanted to feel her soft breasts against his chest and pick her up and cuddle with her. He didn't' though. He was scared of doing any more damage.

"I'm going to go now."

Before Brandon had a chance to finish his sentence Sophia had jumped into his arms and was kissing him frantically. He wrapped his strong arms around her hips and kissed her back. It was a passionate kiss and he took the few steps and turned to sit on the couch. His hands were all over her as she moaned and panted hard. She moved her lips from his and nibbled her way from his jaw line down to his earlobe. He arched his back as her hot lips wrapped around the shell of his ear and sucked hard. He didn't even realize that her hands were undoing his jeans until he felt her soft hand wrap around his cock.

"Sophia. Tell me if you want to stop. We don't have to do this now."

Sophia didn't answer. Instead she stroked hard. Her eyes were filled with love and lust and Brandon just stared back. With every woman he had had sex with this was the first time he saw love in her eyes. He picked her up and carried her to her room. Placing her gently on the bed he undressed her slowly, finally seeing what he had been imaging for years. She was running her hands along her body, tweaking her nipples as she spread her legs, revealing her soaking wet pussy. Just as Brandon was about to slide down his jeans and boxers he heard a high pierce scream. Turning around there stood Addison in the doorway.

"Where the fuck is my daughter and what the hell are you doing with my sister?"

Brandon stood in the bedroom, his hands quickly fumbling to do up his jeans. Sophia, who had once lain naked on her bed, had scrambled to cover up with her duvet. There at the doorway stood Addison, anger in her eyes as her shifted from her ex boyfriend to her sister.

"Where the fuck is my daughter and what the hell are you doing with my sister?"

Before Brandon had a chance to say anything Sophia piped up.

"Your daughter is with mom for a few days. What Brandon and I do is our own business. You called to say you were leaving for good. I am not putting my life on hold for my little sister the drama queen."

She said those last words with such sarcasm and hate that Brandon shuddered. Once Brandon had his jeans done up he walked towards Addison and pushed her lightly out the bedroom so Sophia could dress. Addison hissed as she stomped into the living room.

"Don't Addison. Just don't. I know I hurt you and Sophia but you hurt me too. You spread nasty rumors about me and now Sophia knows the truth."

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