tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bad Doctor Ch. 02

The Bad Doctor Ch. 02


"How are you feeling, Bunny?" I asked. "I know it's an exhausting procedure. First the various physical tests, then the fluid test and then the first injection. It's a lot to take."

"Yeah," she nodded. "I'm pretty tired. I'm glad I keep in shape! So, we have seven more injections to go tonight still? I'm not sure I can handle that."

"Oh, of course you can. Remember, I'm a doctor. I know what your body can take. See, Bunny, it's not very popular to say these days, but this is what you were built for. I mean, look at your body. Huge tits, narrow waist, round ass, long legs: you're the prototype for fucking. You were given a body like this to please men, both visually and physically. Unfortunately, your body, despite its appearance, isn't perfect. You have this deficiency that we will correct. Because you're in such fabulous shape and designed specifically for what we're going to do, you will have no trouble taking all eight doses, I promise you."

"OK, if you say so," Bunny said. "Will it be so rough every time?"

"Frankly, it will be however rough I choose it to be," I said. "You must understand that what I'm doing for you borders on superhuman. It's not an easy feat and I expect you to be a little more considerate and appreciative. I would appreciate it if in the next seven sessions you did me the courtesy of not complaining and not questioning me. I will be fucking your ass and your pussy and yes, your mouth again. As you've noted, I'm rather well endowed. I can't guarantee it won't hurt you. But I can tell you that it's going to happen no matter what, so it will be easier on you if you relax and enjoy a cock that many girls would kill to have inside them. This is your lucky day, Bunny, and I think you need to start realizing that."

"I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't think of that way. You're very generous and I appreciate everything you're doing for me. I'll relax and I promise I won't complain."

"Very good," I said. "You're turning out to be a model patient. So, shall we proceed with your second dose?"

"You mean, you're ready to go again already?" she asked. I stood up, showing her my huge erection.

"I'm always ready," I said. "Tell you what, since you've been so good, I'll give you your choice -- pussy or ass?"

"Um, well, pussy, I guess," she stammered.

"Pussy it is," I said. "I bet it's still tingling from your orgasm earlier, isn't it? Just imagine how good this foot long schlong is going to fill, pounding away in there. You're going to love this,."

I'll admit that she didn't appear convinced as I pushed her back against the oversized chair she was sitting in. I grabbed her hips and pulled them forward so that she was sitting on the edge of the chair with her back all the way against the back of the chair. I then picked up her feet and, in one quick motion, lifted them above her head.

"To make sure we get the dose inside far enough, we need maximum penetration," I said. "So, this angle should let me get deep inside you and really direct the dose directly where you need it."

I pushed her legs back until her high heels were touching the wall behind her. "Now, hold them there," I said, reaching for her shorts while she put her arms against the backs of her thighs to hold her legs back. I grabbed the tiny strip of cloth splitting her pussy lips and yanked it to the side.

"Now, let's just see how wet this pussy still is," I leered. I held her pussy lips open with one hand entered her with two fingers. She was dripping wet, her hot cunt no doubt overstimulated by the finger fuck and blowjob. She actually moaned as I probed her twat and I knew she was ready.

"You little bitch," I said as I pointed my cock toward paydirt. "You'd crawl 10 miles on hands and knees for a hard cock right now, wouldn't you? I'm going to fuck you harder and better than you've ever had it before."

With that, I buried my cock into the hilt in one powerful, violent thrust that literally lifted her off the chair and knocked the wind out of her briefly. I immediately started hammering away, giving her exactly what I had just promised.

Every pussy feels tight to me because of my massive cock, but I'll have to admit that this one was tighter than most. It felt like velvet against my shaft and for a moment I felt pity for every man who had no doubt ached to fuck this babe and had never had the chance. They were missing out on a world class piece of ass.

I was fucking here with long, hard thrusts, pumping 11 inches out, then all the way back in again as fast as I could. Each thrust stopped only when my balls hit her ass cheeks and each thrust lifted her off the chair, drawing a grunt or moan from her. She had her eyes closed and was holding her legs, but it was obvious from the clutch of her pussy, the hardness of her nipples and the flaring of her nostrils that she was mightily aroused.

Now, as I've made clear, my satisfaction and pleasure come first, second and third in priority, but I'll admit that seeing a slut get off on my cock does add to the enjoyment at times. I wanted to make her cum and cum again, make her beg for my cock. I hammered away, using her hard nipples as handles, pulling and tweaking them as I pounded her cunt.

I waited until she was ready to cum, then I pulled out, leaving her humping her battered pussy against the chair. She opened her eyes, trying not to show the desperation she obviously felt. "Are you done?" she asked, looking first at me, then my rock-hard cock.

"No," I said. "I just think we need to go deeper. And here's how we do it." Putting my arms around her waist, I picked her up easily -- aside from her hefty tits, she was light as a feather -- and pulled her against me. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms and legs around me as her pussy sought out my throbbing cock. They found each other quickly and I literally dropped her -- completely letting go of her -- onto my cock. She impaled herself on me. I just whispered in her ear, "Now fuck yourself."

Her pussy was in control now and she simply closed her eyes, tightened her grip around my neck and pulled herself up about 6 inches before once again dropping down and taking me balls deep. I kept my hands at my side, not helping her one bit. I wanted to make it clear to her that she was doing this to herself, that she was the one using me.

She kept lifting herself up and dropping down, grinding her hips, trying to get herself off. But she wanted more and she was getting frustrated because I wasn't pumping into her as hard as before. "Put your hands on my shoulders," I whispered again, "and push yourself up as high as you can, then just fall on it." Without a word, she did as I suggested, raising herself nearly all the way off my cock before falling back down on it. She moaned, "Oh, damn, yes!" and then did it again and again. But she needed it faster to get off and she finally looked at me, on the verge of tears, tired and frustrated, "please."

"Please what?" I asked.

"Please fuck me, please!"

I smiled at her. We both knew she had turned the corner. Her mind was no longer in control. Her pussy was, and it was demanding satisfaction. I gave it to her, putting my hands on her ass and lifting her up and down on my cock, slamming into her repeatedly. She moaned, screamed and bit my shoulder as she came and came and came. I joined her a few minutes later, flooding her cunt with another torrent of jism. When she started to overflow, I pulled out, told her to open her mouth and filled her throat and belly with another load.

"Suck it dry and clean if off," I demanded. There wasn't even a moment's hesitation. Her tongue worked expertly on me. After a few minutes, she pulled back and looked up at me, questioningly, "why is it still hard?" she asked.

"Because it hasn't been in your ass yet," I smiled.

"You're kidding. My ass. Now?"

"That's right. I'm not tired, are you?"

"Yes, but, well, whatever you say."

"That's right. And I say, bend over, Bunny!"

My cock was slippery wet from her pussy and saliva and my own cum, so it slid easily past her tight opening. From there, it was slow going. She was tight and tense about her first anal experience. Probably not the best way to start out -- with a foot long up your back door. But that's what she was going to get anyway.

I reached around and massaged her clit with one hand and her tits with the other, having found that this stimulation helps to relax most sluts who are in the process of getting ass-fucked. It worked and my cock made slow but steady progress, opening up her anal shoot. Once I was in all the way, I didn't move for a few seconds. You might think I was being nice and letting her get used to it, but the truth is that I've found if you let your cock stay still for a few seconds, it helps stretch her ass out a little bit and gives you some room to really rock her. And that's just what I did. As soon as I sensed her ass could take it, I started slamming into her with the same force and frequency as I had her pussy only minutes earlier.

This was clearly less enjoyable for her, but I didn't care. It was sure working for me. "That's it," I taunted. "Take that big cock right up your little ass. See, I told you this is what you were made for. Even your little ass can take this big cock. You're just a walking cock and cum receptacle. Take that big cock. Take it!"

I started smacking her ass with my right hand and grabbed a handful of her pretty hair with my left as I literally rode her ass. Man, what a ride!

But once again, I wanted more. I pulled out and told her to lay on the floor and roll back so her legs were behind her head. She did, leaving her asshole, which was still gaping open from my brutal fucking, open and pointed straight up in the air. Standing over her, I pointed my cock straight down and literally drilled down into her ass. Her ass cheeks, red from being spanked, quivered as I bounced up and down on her, driving my cock balls deep into her time and time again.

Finally, I came, shooting two shots into her ass. Then I pulled out and kneeled over her face and drove my cock straight down her throat, spilling the rest of my seed. She gagged and swallowed and choked until I finished.

"Lick it clean," I again instructed. She did, occasionally gagging, no doubt thinking about the fact that I had taken my cock straight out of her ass and put it in her mouth.

When I was finally done, I told her to go clean up. I gave her a new outfit to wear and told her to come upstairs when she was done. It was late in the day now, work hours were over and it was time to bring her home for the night. Besides, she needed a break and I was hungry.

About 15 minutes later, her hair combed, fresh makeup on and all the cum washed from her various body parts, Bunny opened the door from the stairs which led directly from my office to my living room. As instructed, she had put on the outfit I had given her and she looked amazing.

She was wearing a neon green, fishnet top like the strippers wear, only this had nothing underneath, so her nipples were plainly visible. She wore a matching neon green thong which split both her pussy lips and her ass. She also had on a pair of neon green, thigh-high fishnet stockings and a pair of clear stiletto heels. She was sex personified.

"Very nice," I said, admiring the view. "That will make a great stripper outfit and will be very helpful to me tonight. The more stimulation the better, you know. Plus, it's easy access to every place we need to administer the doses. Do you like it?"

"Yes, it's nice," she said, unconvincingly.

"Good. Are you hungry?"

"Oh yes!" she said. "Starved!"

"OK. Well, I took the liberty of ordering some food. There's a little restaurant not far from here that delivers. I order from them all the time. They should be here soon. I ordered you a grilled chicken salad. I hope that's all right."

"That's perfect," she said. "I like Ranch dressing, if they have it."

"Oh, I've got dressing here," I said. "Come here and sit with me." I pulled her onto my lap and let my hands run all over her body, grabbing tits, ass and pussy whenever I felt like it. She put up no resistance.

I had music on in the background and we just sat and listened to that as I played with her until the food finally came. When it did, I put the money in her thong, right over her pussy and told her to answer the door.

"Dressed like this?" she asked.

"Of course," I said, sternly enough that she knew I was serious. "You're going to be a stripper, remember. Guys are going to see all this all the time. Get used to it. And don't touch that money!"

She went to the door and opened it. Gus, a chubby man in his 40s, was there, as usual. Gus had learned long ago that there were benefits to delivering to my house and he almost always made sure he got my orders.

"Order for Dr. Pound," he said, making no effort to hide his gaze as he took in all the girl had to show.

"Yes, I'll take it," Bunny said.

"That will be $24.72, miss," Gus said, staring straight at her tits. He had already handed her the bags of food, so Bunny took his cue and mine and played along.

"Oh, my hands are full," she said. "The money's right down there. Would you mind?"

"Of course, miss," Gus said. He knew, of course, that I wanted it this way and that he had the liberty to enjoy himself a bit. He reached inside the thong and made it seem like he was fumbling around for the money as he stroked her clit and even dipped a finger into her pussy. Finally, he pulled out a $100 bill and smiled. "Where would you like the change?"

"Keep $10 for yourself and put the rest inside her top," I yelled to him.

"As you wish, sir," Gus smiled at me, winking. He counted out the correct change and slid his hand inside her top, massaging her tits as he carefully placed the bills under right boob and the coins under her left.

"Have a great evening," he smiled, stepping back slowly and staring at Bunny again.

"Thank you, Gus," I shouted. Bunny smiled too and closed the door. She brought the food over and we sat at the dining room table. I already had two glasses of wine poured and we sat down to eat. Bunny opened her salad and saw that there was no dressing. I had a steak.

"Did you say you had dressing?" she asked.

"Thought you'd never ask," I grinned. I stood up, pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts and pointed it at her face.

"Now?" she asked. "Can we eat first?"

"Not if you want dressing," I said.

Without another word, but still unaware of what I was up to, she opened her mouth and sucked my cock. I made her deep throat for a minute or two, then pulled out and sprayed a gigantic load all over her salad. When I was done, every piece of lettuce, every tomato, every piece of chicken was covered in my own special sauce.

She looked at me for an explanation, but I simply started cutting my steak. So, she picked up her fork and started eating. I guarantee there was a teaspoon of cum with every bite. She was chewing and swallowing and I was getting hard, just thinking about my cum squishing in between her teeth as she ate. Few things make me hornier than watching a girl eat my cum.

"How's it taste?" I smiled.

"Great," she said. Then, laughing, she added, "you should bottle this stuff."

I laughed too and told her I was glad she was enjoying this, because we still had several more doses to go. We ate leisurely, talking about where she was from, her family, all those things. She ate every bite and then I instructed her to lick the plate. Man, what a sight!

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