tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bad Doctor's Sweet Tooth Pt. 02

The Bad Doctor's Sweet Tooth Pt. 02



Dr. Virgil had made all the arrangements and Candi's father was quickly wheeled into a private room. After examining him and running some tests, they determined that he was too weak for any surgery and would need plenty of rest and treatment to build his strength. It was going to be a long road.

While he was telling us this, Virgil kept looking Candi up and down. Of course, she knew the deal and wasn't surprised by his leering. Candi had initially put on a pair of sensible jeans and a comfortable sweatshirt, but when I had struck the deal with Virgil, I had made her change into a mini-skirt, thong and halter top with no bra. It was far from scandalous, but certainly showed enough to let Virgil know what he was getting out of the deal. Her dark nipples were partially erect through her white halter top and her long legs were well displayed by the skirt and heels combination.

Virgil was about my age with the rugged body of a former amateur boxer, which he was. He was tall – about 6-2 – with dark hair, steely blue eyes and a constant 5 o'clock shadow. He always looked either cocky, angry or serious when I saw him. Right now, he was cocky, trying to sound smart as he condescendingly explained the situation to Candi.

"I understand, Doctor," Candi said. "Thank you so much for helping my father."

"You're welcome," Dr. Virgil said, glancing toward me. I nodded slightly. "And I understand you're extremely interested in our financial assistance plan. Your father is in good hands now, so why don't you come with me to my office and I'll explain it further."

I told Candi that I was going to go home and get some rest before my first patients of the day. I told her to go home after she was through with Dr. Virgil and get some sleep. "You'll start working for me tomorrow morning at 9," I said. "I think you know what to wear, don't you?"

"Yes sir," Candi said.

She left with Dr. Virgil and I headed straight to Frankie's apartment. I snuck in with me key, listening for any noises or indications that she was awake. Hearing none, I stripped off my clothes and padded quietly toward her bedroom. She was laying on her back, eyes closed, mouth slightly opened. I approached and gently pulled down the sheets, exposing her breasts. She stirred, but did not awaken.

Holding my cock in my hand, I started jacking off, studying her tits and thinking about what Candi was likely doing to Virgil right now. I took aim and fired away, shooting a big wad right into Frankie's mouth. She awoke with a start, sitting up just in time to catch my next shot on the chin. Gaining her senses, she scrambled toward me opening her mouth to catch the next three shots before covering my cock with her mouth and taking the last half of my load directly down her throat.

After she swallowed and cleaned me, I pushed her back on the bed, put her legs over her head and played two-hole, alternating my cock between her ass and pussy, drilling both with a power and intensity that Frankie was now accustomed to and craved. She came repeatedly, as she often did, begging me to do it harder, deeper, to split her open and fuck her all day. I did my best to accommodate her requests, stretching those tight holes to their limits with a furious pounding that few women would have been able to take. But Frankie loved it. She was made for it and I gave it to her. I doused her big tits with cum and watched her lick it all off while I told her about Candi and Dr. Virgil.

I told Frankie to take the day off and left her all sticky and happy as I went home. I saw two regular patients, then prepared for Amber, a new Hooters girl who was going to be stopping by at 4. Just about 3 p.m., I was surprised by a messenger dropping off a disk. There was a note attached: "Took the liberty of recording this. Thought you might enjoy the show. She's even better than the twins! Thanks for the tasty treat! Dr. Virgil."

I anxiously put the disk in and watched the video on my large-screen plasma TV. The camera was set in a corner of his office, apparently hidden since Candi never looked it. I decided there was no reason to tell her about it.

Virgil was very aware of the camera and made sure to keep Candi between it and himself as he stripped off her clothes. He made her bend over, her ass pointed at the camera, as he played with her thong and slapped her ass before pulling the panties off her long legs. He turned her away from him and cupped her tits, squeezing those big nipples, aiming them straight at the hidden camera while he made excited faces behind her back.

He turned her back around and pushed her to her knees, presenting his cock – a full six inches shorter than mine – to her. She gobbled it up easily, deep-throating him easily, employing the many techniques we had refined during our all-night session. I thought about how exhausted she must be, yet she just kept sucking.

Virgil was looking at the camera most of the time, pointing down at Candi or giving a thumbs up, in general acting like a frat boy showing off his prize Porsche that his rich daddy had bought for him. He was too excited and Candi was too talented for him to last long and he came quickly in her mouth. She swallowed his load, no doubt noticing the drastic difference in volume from mine.

He kissed on her and played with her tits and pussy for a while until he got hard again, then bent her over his desk and fucked her pussy. He lasted much longer this time and gave her pussy a good ride. I noticed she didn't cum, though. Finally, he pulled out and shot his load on her ass. Then, glancing at the clock, he sent her off to clean up. He walked proudly toward the camera once she was out of the room, wagging his now soft cock and holding up two fingers, indicating the number of times he had just fucked hot Candi. The camera switched off and that was it.

Just watching Candi in action made me hard and I was anxious for my next appointment to show up. She never did for some reason, so at 4:30, I jumped in my car and went to Candi's house. She answered the door after a couple of knocks – I made a mental note to get a key from her so this delay wouldn't be necessary and I could enjoy 24-hour access such as I had with Frankie. She was wearing a long white t-shirt that came down to her mid-thighs and had obviously just woken up.

"Couldn't wait until tomorrow," I said, pulling open my pants to show her my cock. I pushed her back into the house and followed, locking the door behind me. I pulled her shirt off her then tugged down her white cotton panties. I picked her up and carried her to the couch, throwing her down on her back. I was so hot that I fucked even harder and faster than usual. Her pussy was barely wet when I pulled out and fed her a load of hot, sticky cum that dwarfed Virgil's pathetic output.

"So, how was Dr. Virgil?" I asked.

"He was OK, I guess," Candi said. "He's not very nice, but I guess I can't complain since he's doing me such a big favor."

"That's right," I said. "But I don't like him much either."

"Did you get enough sleep?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so," she said.

"Good. Then why don't you go take a shower and let's go out and have some fun. I bet you could use a nice dinner."

"Sounds great!" Candi said.

I took the liberty of looking around in her closet while she was showering. She was woefully low on slutty attire and I made a mental note to give her some money to go shopping. In the meantime, I had ample clothing at the house she could wear. But as far as tonight was concerned, I was going to have to be a little more creative.

I found a business suit with a skirt, blouse and vest. I wasn't interested in the skirt or the blouse, but the vest would work nicely. It was a cream color and had just two buttons near the bottom. It wasn't designed to cover her breasts, which were supposed to be covered by a bra and the blouse. Since she would be wearing neither, the idea of the vest intrigued me.

I also found a pair of gray athletic shorts. They probably fit her perfectly and wouldn't be considered particularly sexy or revealing under normal circumstances, but a little work, I thought they would be quite appealing.

I had these items for her when she came out of the shower. She put on red thong first, then the shorts. As expected, they fit her perfectly normally, come to mid-thigh, not overly tight. So, I pulled them up as far as I could until her camel toe was revealed and the shorts covered only a few inches of her thighs. Then, I rolled down the tops of the shorts until the t-back of her thong came into view. Her regular shorts were now modified hot pants. I made them even hotter by slicing a slit up both sides to within an inch of the waistband at the top of the shorts.

Then she put on the vest. As expected, it took quite a bit of tucking and tugging to get her breasts inside and keep them there. A large portion of her cleavage was visible and the pull of her big breasts made the vest ride up so that it fell short of her belly button. One false move and one or both breasts would spill out.

She still had her heels from the night before and she put those back on to complete the picture. "You look great," I said, looking her up and down. "Definitely ready for a night on the town."

I took her to a nice restaurant where she drew judging stares from some and ogling from others, including our happy waiter. During dinner, I reminded Candi about my brother and how he could probably get her a part-time job if she needed it.

"I'm going to try to get by with just one job for now so I have time to see my dad and repay you and Dr. Virgil," Candi said, "but I appreciate it and will definitely keep it in mind."

"Yeah, I'll take you to meet him after we leave," I said.

"Oh, is his house near here?" Candi asked.

"No, but one of his clubs is," I said. "You see, he owns strip clubs in town. Do you want to be a stripper for him?"

"Not really," Candi said. "But I suppose I could if I had to make more money."

"Sure you could," I said. "Let's go meet him, just so he'll know who you are if you ever need a job."

I took her to the Sugar Shack, probably his nicest club and the one I knew he'd be at tonight. We went in and sat at one of the VIP tables. A waitress who I had fucked several times brought us our drinks and I told her we were there to see my brother, Bart. He's three years younger than me and is the only person I've shared my inventions with. He stopped growing his cock at 10 inches and uses the cum producer and libido inducer regularly.

Candi and I watched a few of the girls on stage and I even bought a table dance, letting Candi get a closeup view of how this all worked. She didn't seem shocked or offended, just interested, taking it all in. I didn't bother to tell her that there wasn't a girl in this building that I hadn't fucked. She'd learn all that soon enough.

After about 20 minutes, Bart stopped by and I introduced him to Candi, explaining her situation and how she might need a job in the future.

"Well, you certainly have the right credentials," Bart said, nodding toward her tits and legs. "Anytime you need a job, you just give me a call."

"Thank you, sir," Candi said. "You've all been so nice to me."

"No problem," Bart said. "I hope your dad feels better. Drinks are on me tonight, so you two have fun."

After an hour of lap dances, shots and more, Candi was trashed and I was pretty horny. Bart came by to see how we were doing. I was doing just fine. I had Candi's top open and was playing with her tits. She was half-awake, giggling and stroking my cock through my pants. "Take me home and fuck me," Candi giggled.

"Looks like you're going to have a fun night," Bart said. He had his share of hot pussy at his disposal, but he couldn't help but salivate at Candi's hard body.

"Sure am," I said. "Care to join me?"


"Oh yeah," I said. "I think she's up for it, don't you?"


We left and took Candi to my house where George was diligently watching the place. Candi staggered into the house, drunk, her tits jiggling out of her vest. "George, meet Candi," I said. George had seen this sort of thing many times before and wasn't surprised by Candi's appearance. But he was surprised when I added, "Candi's our new receptionist starting tomorrow morning. Tonight's sort of an orientation. Care to join us?"

Now, George was a portly, older man, in his early 60s, but thanks to Frankie, he had an outstanding sex life and a taste for fine pussy. "Sure! Are you sure it's OK?"

"Oh yeah," I said. "I think we're safe tonight and, besides, as an employee, one of your perks is sex with the female staff. Your options just doubled!"

"She looks like a fine choice, sir," George nodded, checking out Candi's ass as she stumbled over the first stair to my upstairs living accommodations.

"She is," I assured him. "I fucked her all last night and she's still horny, so I figure the only way to put out this fire is with more cocks. She loves it any way she can get it. What do you feel like, George, mouth, ass or pussy?"

George studied her for a moment and declared, "Pussy."

"Pussy it is," I said. "Bart, what's your pleasure?"

"Gotta be ass," he said.

"Then I'll just enjoy a fine blowjob," I said. "Of course, we don't have to stop at one. I think there's plenty of time and opportunity for us each to enjoy all the major attractions."

I ripped Candi's clothes off and handed her to Bart to feel up while George lay on the floor, his hard cock pointing straight up. Bart and I carefully lowered the drunk slut on to his cock. Then, Bart pushed her forward and inserted his cock into her ass. I then knelt next to George and pulled Candi's mouth toward my cock. We quickly worked up a good rhythm, filling her body with approximately two and a half feet of cock.

Her exhausted, drunk body was half-limp as we squeezed and rubbed and felt all over her, pushing and twisting her in all directions as we derived pure pleasure from the amazing gifts Candi's body provided.

George came first in her pussy, then held on for the ride as Bart and I pounded away. I pulled out and sprayed her face and then stepped back as Bart pushed her to the floor and rolled her on her back, also dousing her face with a load comparable to mine. She was literally blanketed by a sheet of cum, her face unrecognizable beneath our prodigious serving of man sauce. She was nearly passed out in her fucked, drunken stupor, but I pinched her nipple lightly and got her attention, telling her to open her mouth while I used a spoon to shovel large helpings of cum into her waiting gullet.

When she was mostly cleaned up, I let Bart and George tag team her ass and pussy – George in her ass and Bart in her pussy, while I watched. They fucked her hard, tossing her lithe body around as they pounded her holes and filled them with more wads of thick cream. By the time they finished, she was nearly unconscious, so I sent them home and carried her to my bed. I let her sleep until the alarm went off at 7. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was my hard cock, which I tapped lightly against her check before rolling onto my back and pulling her on top of me. I made those tits jiggle so hard they nearly poked her eye out as I tossed her up and down on my cock.

"I don't even remember coming over here," she said when I was done.

"Well, you were a little out of it," I said. "But it's time to gather your senses. Go clean up and I'll find you something to wear for your first day on the job."


By DL Sloan


Despite being emotionally drained by her father's illness, physically exhausted from 36 hours of virtually non-stop fucking and dealing with a hangover, Candi looked fantastic for her first day of work. I dressed her in an all white leather catsuit. It was skin tight, hugging close to her braless tits and prominently displaying her puffy cameltoe. She wore high heels with red lipstick and her hair in a ponytail.

I was glad to see that Frankie seemed genuinely happy to see Candi. Of course, if she knew Candi had spent a second night in a row with me, she might not have been so pleased. No real need to tell her that, though.

"Welcome aboard," Frankie said. "If you have any questions about anything, just ask."

While Frankie showed her around the office, I saw my first patient who was complaining of a sore knee. When I was done with him, I saw that my next patient had cancelled. I had a 45-minute window, so I called Candi back into my office. Now, it takes a lot to wear me out, but the last two days had even worn me down a little. I was in the rare mood for a long, slow fuck. Or in this case, suck.

I sat on my couch and had Frankie sit next to me. I pulled her tits out and started sucking on them while I had Candi kneel down and start sucking my cock. "We're in no rush this time," I told her. "Long and slow, like an all-day sucker. Got it?"

"Yes sir." Instead of deep-throating me and bobbing her head up and down as she fought back the urge to gag, this time she teased and licked my cock a few inches at a time, spending a lot of time and attention on the head, of course. She licked and nibbled at my balls and ran her tongue up and down the entire length of my shaft. She sucked on just the head, then stuffed it into her cheek and rubbed it along her gums.

All the while, I played with Frankie's tits and let her stick her tongue down my throat. I just relaxed and enjoyed the female attention for a while, finally noting that the next patient was due in about five minutes. I let loose with my load, sending it streaming down Candi's throat. As it started to spill out, Frankie quickly dropped to the floor to lap up the overflow. They both used their talented mouths to clean me off, then licked the cum off each other's faces. I just watched, enjoying the show and thinking what a great addition Candi was to the staff.

I enjoyed that relaxed three-way so much, I decided to do the same thing at lunch. Candi once again put her overworked jaws to use, sucking my cock for 55 minutes straight. Never once did she stop or complain. She just kept using her tongue, lips, cheeks, throat and anything else she could think of to please me. I've had great blowjobs before, but never had I experienced a girl with such remarkable talent AND stamina. Even Frankie was impressed, offering to switch at one point.

"No," I said. "Candi's doing great. I think she could suck me 8 hours a day if I asked her to. Couldn't you?"

"Mmm-hmm," was the muffled response as she continued her fine work.

"But I bet she could use some support," I said. "Frankie, why don't you cheer her on?"

Frankie hopped off the couch, tossing her top aside so that her bouncy tits could fly free for me. Making like a cheerleader, she jumped and twirled as she formed a cheer in her head.

"Yeah, Candi, she's so hot,

She eats cock and cum a lot.

If she can't suck it no one can

She can please any man!

Go Candi!"

Then she went right into another one:

"Six inches, eight inches, 12 inches or more.

Wave your cock and she'll drop to the floor!"

Frankie bounced around, kicking her legs as her long dark hair flew around and her tits jiggled invitingly. I applauded her efforts, then told her to go ahead and help Candi. "You lick my balls and shaft," I instructed, "let her take care of the head."

I lay my head back, closed my eyes and just absorbed that pleasure brought about by two very talented mouths. They worked very well in tandem, matching pacing and techniques, complementing one another as they hummed a virtual symphony on my cock. I held out for 55 minutes total before bathing their tonsils in another creamy gusher. As Candi headed back to her desk, I wondered if her jaws would allow to her speak and answer the phone. I chuckled at the thought of giving her lock jaw through extended blowjobs. Explain that one to the dentist.

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