tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Bad Professor Returns Ch. 01

The Bad Professor Returns Ch. 01


Nicole stifled a yawn. When she'd enrolled for the law degree, she had never realised that there existed anywhere in the world something as dull as the law of trusts. She hadn't, necessarily, expected the course to be non-stop courtroom-style excitement, but right now she was plumbing new depths of tedium. Looking around the lecture room, Nicole could see that almost everyone was having the same struggle to stay awake.

Nicole forced herself to concentrate, and turned to look at Dr Richardson: there was the problem. It was possible that a brilliant orator -- Nicole couldn't actually think of one right now, so numbed was her brain -- might manage to inject the law of trusts with a tiny element of fizz. But Dr Richardson was not, in any way shape or form, a brilliant orator: he was a dry dusty man for a dry dusty subject.

As the clock on the wall clicked slowly round, Nicole remembered with relief that, after this lecture, she had an appointment to see Dr Chambers. As an orator, Dr Chambers wasn't quite brilliant, but he had a real knack for bringing his subject -- torts -- to life, and Nicole always looked forward to his classes. The anticipation gave the final fifteen minutes of the trusts class a more lively feel than was likely to be felt by anyone else in the room.

Knocking on the door to Dr Chambers' office, Nicole felt some of her happy anticipation ebb away. She knew that the course hadn't been going as well as she hoped, and with competition for jobs more intense than ever, she worried that her grades wouldn't be good enough to get her anything, let alone the kind of position she'd originally hoped for.

Still, there was no use bringing a gloomy attitude to this meeting, so as she heard Dr Chambers call for her to come in, Nicole put on her brightest face.

As Nicole entered the room, Dr Chambers stood to greet her. That was the thing - he wasn't like his colleagues, he always seemed so friendly and nice. However, Nicole did feel a slight sense of regret that she'd chosen to wear one of her shorter skirts. It hadn't -- particularly -- been a conscious decision, just the result of it being close to hand, and suitable for the sultry weather. Although she had often been told that she had good legs -- "slim, firm, going on forever" as one ex had put it -- Nicole lacked the self-confidence of many of her peers, and generally didn't feel like flaunting her body in any way. As she sat she had to tug the skirt down to stop it being too revealing, particularly as Dr Chambers was -- quite appropriately -- sitting directly opposite and probably could, if he'd been so minded, see her panties.

But Dr Chambers was, of course, a gentleman, and his eyes never strayed from Nicole's face. He took the time for a little small talk, before asking her how the course was going.

"Okay, I think," replied Nicole. She knew it was a little vacuous, and not even true, but she didn't know how to broach her concerns.

"Okay won't be enough, Nicole," said Dr Chambers. "I think you know that."

"Yes." She looked down at her legs.

"I think you've given up a lot to take this course, even more than the others."

"Perhaps," Nicole replied. She didn't feel like comparing her situation with other students.

"But you gave up your career in nursing?" Nicole nodded. "So that suggests to me that we have to make this work for you. Failure -- and I'm afraid in the current climate 'okay' probably means failure -- isn't an option, is it?"

"No," replied Nicole, shaking her head. She liked the way that Dr Chambers had said that "we" had to make it work for her. It felt good that he was on her side.

"Sometimes," he continued, "I'm able to provide a little extra support for students." Nicole's heart leapt. She couldn't have dreamed that Dr Chambers might offer her some extra help. "For students who I consider merit it, that is. I'm sure you understand, Nicole, that offering extra help to some of my students, but not all of them, raises all sorts of difficult issues?"

Nicole nodded.

"If I am to help you -- and I do want to help -- then I have to be sure that I can completely rely on your submission to my rules. Can I?"

Nicole nodded again. "Yes." She knew that, as a budding lawyer, she should of course find out what the rules were before agreeing to them, what the express and implied terms of the contract were. But the prospect of Dr Chambers helping out, of lifting her grade enough to be in with a chance of getting a good job, swept all doubts out of her mind.

"Good." Dr Chambers smiled. "Welcome to the club. At the moment, I'm afraid you're only a probationary member, as it were. You have to demonstrate to me that I can completely depend on you. None of the students I've helped has ever let slip that I help, and I need to know that will carry on. I'd have a queue around the campus if word got out."

Nicole smiled, and nodded again. She understood the risk he was taking for her.

Dr Chambers leaned back in his chair. "So, I like to fit my tests to the student. Let's have a think what would work for you, to test your reliability, and bind you into the club." He closed his eyes, and while he sat there like that Nicole's mind raced. Perhaps she should have been scared, but the whole opportunity seemed so amazing that she couldn't help but enjoy the idea of being set a test.

Eventually Dr Chambers opened his eyes again, and leaned forward. "You're in the swimming squad, right?" Nicole nodded. "Who are the other team members?"

Slightly confused, Nicole began listing her teammates, until Dr Chambers stopped her. "Christine Fenwick. She's tall, blonde, and also on the law faculty, right?" he asked.


"Do you know her well?"

"Not at all. Apart from the swimming, we don't...well we don't have much in common." Christine was gorgeous and a stuck up bitch, and clearly not going to waste time with someone like Nicole.

Suddenly, Dr Chambers leaned across his desk. "Okay, Nicole, we're now at the key point. If you want to, you can leave now, and we can both forget about this conversation, and I will treat you the same as all my other students -- no better and no worse. Now is the time to do that. If you stay, then first I may say some shocking things, and then I may ask you to do some things you'd find surprising, and also shocking. That's the way I work. If you do stay, you won't be under any obligation, other than to be completely discreet, but you may hear things you wouldn't expect. Please don't answer straight away, sit there and think about it."

Dr Chambers picked up a legal journal, and appeared to concentrate on reading it. Nicole sat there in a daze. She knew she should think very carefully, and consider whether or not to carry on. But the whole thing was such a shock; to think that just half an hour ago she'd been falling asleep in Dr Richardson's trusts lecture! And now here she was being invited into some kind of secret initiation by Dr Chambers.

"I'm staying," she said. She hadn't even begun to consider the possible interpretations of what Dr Chambers meant, but it was done now.

Dr Chambers put the journal down. "Good, I'm pleased. And, for what it's worth, I thought you'd stick with it. I wouldn't have offered to help if I hadn't thought you had staying power, Nicole."

Nicole smiled, basking in the immediate glow of being part of Dr Chambers' secret club.

"Okay," he continued, "the question. Or rather, the preliminary question." Dr Chambers paused. It didn't seem to be something he found easy to say. "But before the preliminary question," -- he smiled again -- "a reminder that you don't have to answer, you're free to leave, under no obligation other than complete discretion."

It was Nicole's turn to smile. She quite liked Dr Chambers being tongue-tied about something. "I understand," she said. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Good. Okay, have you ever seen Christine naked?"

Nicole found herself blushing, deeply. She might have expected that it would be something sexual: with men, it always seemed to be something sexual. It did seem strange, and slightly distasteful, to be asked about another woman like this; but Dr Chambers still didn't creep her out, and Christine was such a bitch that it made it feel fun.

"Sort of, we've changed together, but it's not like I've really noticed or anything."

"Okay, so let's imagine that you were a witness in court, and you were asked to describe Christine's body, would you be able to provide any detail at all?"

Nicole sat and thought. Her heart was pounding, sitting here in Dr Chambers' office, thinking how to describe Christine Fenwick's naked body. It felt a little gross, but also quite wicked, too! "I couldn't say anything. I've just been aware that she was naked in the changing room with me, that's all. That's all, your honour," she added, suddenly feeling emboldened by the naughtiness of the conversation to play on Dr Chambers' suggestion of giving evidence in court.

Dr Chambers smiled, and then laughed, pleased by the joke. "Exactly," he said. "To make sure we're one hundred per cent accurate on this, you couldn't tell me what Christine's nipples look like, the colour of her pubic hair or even whether she shaves it?"

Nicole thought briefly, and then shook her head. "No," she said. "I guess she's not my type." She was thrilled to see Dr Chambers laughing for the second time.

"Good. Now, here's the task. You have swimming squad practice this afternoon." Nicole wondered briefly how Dr Chambers knew about their training schedule, before figuring that the world had definitely become way more mysterious than it had been half an hour ago. "I want you to make sure that you get a good look at Christine's body. Her nipples, any tan lines, the colour of her pubic hair, how she trims it. You can't miss out any detail, or you'll fail." Nicole didn't dare ask what "failing" would entail. "This evening," Dr Chambers continued, "you will send me an email. You must word the email in such a way that there is no suggestion that it is part of a task set by me. You will describe Christine's body to me, as if you've had this crazy impulse to share your dirty thoughts with your favourite law professor. I'm sure you understand the reason for sending me that email."

Nicole nodded -- she understood. She would be handing Dr Chambers perfect evidence to use to discredit her should he ever want to, and she could never credibly challenge him. Given the speed with which reputations could be trashed online, she would effectively be handing over her entire future into his control.

Nicole nodded. "Yes. I definitely understand."

Sitting at her laptop later that evening, Nicole found that her fingers were trembling. She wasn't sure if it was fear, or nerves, or excitement, or most likely a weird combination of all three. She knew that, as she typed the email that Dr Chambers had demanded of her, if she clicked "send" she would be altering her life completely, and in ways that that she couldn't fully comprehend. She believed that -- although she had no reliable evidence for it -- Dr Chambers was basically a decent guy, and wouldn't use the email to ruin her gratuitously. So although Nicole knew she shouldn't risk so much with a man she knew so little, she was actually well on the way to persuading herself that getting Dr Chambers' help, and so getting on with her career, was worth the gamble.

That calculation was also affected by another factor, which shocked and puzzled Nicole. She was excited, very excited; and not just in a "normal" way, but also sexually. When Dr Chambers had made his proposition, it hadn't occurred to Nicole that it would make her horny. She considered herself completely straight, and although she had a couple of times enjoyed looking at women's bodies when she'd watched porn, she'd never been turned on at the thought of sex with another woman. She didn't, in fact, think that she was turned on by that particular thought now. But she was, undoubtedly, turned on, as the heat and dampness between her legs proved. And going back over the events of the afternoon definitely made her feel hot.

She began typing the mail: "Dear Dr Chambers, I thought you might like to know what I did this afternoon, and that you might like to hear what I saw. I think you know Christine Fenwick. She's in the swimming squad with me, she's also taking law. She's got lovely blonde hair, hasn't she, and I think she's really fit." Reading back over the first few sentences, Nicole was surprised how quickly she'd got into the character of a rather naïve and vacuous student with a crush. "I know a lot of the men in the faculty find Christine attractive, and so I'm sure you'll be interested to read about what I could see. It's quite an advantage being in the swimming squad with her!"

As she'd left Dr Chambers' office, worried that she wouldn't be able to go through with it, Nicole had considered the possibility of faking her report. She had quickly rejected the idea -- he'd thought the whole thing through, and surely already knew what Christine looked like if it was to be a meaningful test. The possibility that Christine was already a member of "the club" shocked Nicole; but then she persuaded herself that someone else must already have completed the same task. Her mind was racing at all the conspiracy theories that could apply to Dr Chambers' club; she realised that maybe she had been checked out herself by someone sent by Dr Chambers, although her self-doubt quickly decided not.

She continued with the email: "I watched Christine get changed after swim-squad, and I got to see all of her naked body! She is so beautiful. You know how she has a nice suntan? Well her breasts and her bum are nice and creamy white. Do you like that? Her breasts are maybe a B-cup, and her nipples are pale and pink; they blend in nicely with the creaminess of her breasts." Nicole was getting hot again writing out the details. It was crazy, she'd never thought of Christine sexually before, and they'd been naked near each other plenty of times, yet here she was getting turned on. Her hand slipped briefly inside her panties, and sure enough she was wet.

"Best of all, Dr Chambers, I think what all you guys like to know about blondes is whether they're "real", if you know what I mean? I hope it's a real treat for me to tell you that Christine has lovely blonde pubic hair; I think she trims it quite a lot, but she has a nice neat V-shape. Now I hope that when you see Christine again you'll enjoy knowing what she looks like under those clothes! Kisses, Nicole."

As she re-read the email, deliberating whether to send it, Nicole wished she could tell Dr Chambers exactly how she had seen Christine's naked body. The others had already changed when Nicole had arrived in the changing room, so her only chance was after training. She had deliberately kept some way away from Christine when they were getting changed out of their wet costumes, but as soon as she saw Christine slipping the straps off her shoulders, Nicole had wandered over to her.

Her heart had been pounding crazily; it was so unlike her to even approach Christine at all, let alone as she was getting naked. But Nicole found herself impelled forward. It wasn't simply the opportunity of Dr Chambers' help; it was something she positively wanted to do, to take herself out of her normally quiet and mousey life and do something wicked like check out Christine Fenwick's tits and pussy.

"I like the new order for the relay," Nicole said. She'd wondered if her voice would work at all, but in fact it came out loud and clear, confident even. Christine had looked at her, slightly puzzled at the unexpected approach, but she carried on undressing, exposing two creamy white breasts just inches away. "Having you on the final leg gives us a real edge," Nicole finished.

Christine smiled, sliding her costume further down. It was a slightly less condescending smile than Nicole had been expecting. "Thanks," Christine had replied. "I love the way you start us off. You've developed some real power recently in the first few metres." With that Christine had innocently slid the costume to the floor. Even looking Christine in the eye, Nicole had been able, out of her peripheral vision, to take in all the details that she would describe to Dr Chambers. But she couldn't resist a quick peek down, catching the slight stiffening of Christine's pink nipples, and the pale straw of her pubic hair.

Re-reading the email, and thinking back to what had actually happened, Nicole found her hand busy inside her panties, teasing around her throbbing clitoris. She wondered what it would be like to kiss Christine's pink nipples, or maybe even bring her lips down through Christine's pubes to taste her pussy. But it didn't feel right; she still didn't find the thought of actually making out with another woman -- even Christine -- a turn-on.

But then a different version of the scene appeared in Nicole's imagination: Dr Chambers standing there, directing them both. "Nicole, kiss Christine's nipples." Then she imagined feeling his hand guiding her head to the beautiful blonde girl's tits. Widening her legs, her fingers busy on her increasingly wet pussy, Nicole imagined Dr Chambers gently pressing Christine down onto her knees, encouraging and telling her to kiss Nicole's pussy. As Nicole imagined that pretty face and that luxuriant blonde hair between her thighs, and Dr Chambers standing just beside, she slid one finger inside her soaking cunt, while she stroked her clit with the other hand.

Back in the changing room, the last thing that Christine had done -- possibly knowingly -- was to turn away from Nicole, completely naked, and walk to her locker. The sight of her lean tanned body and creamy white bum- so firm and pert -- had taken Nicole's breath away, and now she imagined being told by Dr Chambers to plant kisses all over it, and then run her tongue up and down the line of Christine's bum-crack. The image overpowered Nicole, and she came hard, the sensations rocking through her way more exciting than any masturbation before.

As she slowly recovered, Nicole reached over, and weakly clicked to send the email.

Next day, as good as his word, in a café discreetly away from the campus, Dr Chambers gave Nicole thirty minutes of private tuition. Having identified the areas she was struggling with, he explained some of the key concepts, and more importantly offered some useful techniques for solving most legal problems. Sipping her coffee, it was as if Nicole could feel her grade average rising, and the possibility of many further such sessions gave her greater confidence about the course than she had ever felt before.

But thoughts about her future career were not the main thing on her mind in the café. Waking up that morning, much of the previous night's excitement had dissipated, with Nicole only too well aware that what can seem impossibly exciting in the hot frenzy of the moment may feel grubby and sordid in the cold light of morning. So she had fretted that when she met Dr Chambers, far from finding herself in the presence of someone she wanted to guide her into sexual thoughts she'd never considered before, she would actually find him sordid, and even disgusting.

Her worries had immediately been proven misplaced. He was polite, and slightly reserved, much as usual. Within only a minute or two of sitting down, she had briefly allowed herself to think back to what she had imagined last night. Far from feeling uncomfortable, it actually thrilled her to be close to him, to be near the presence that she had discovered she needed to take her to fabulous new sexual experiences.

As the session ended, Nicole was unclear what would come next, or whether there would be any more tasks. Would Dr Chambers occasionally demand that she check out other members of the swimming squad? She would do whatever he wanted, but the sudden need in her was urgent, and impatience overrode her normally cautious nature.

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