tagGroup SexThe Ball Game

The Ball Game

byNorfolk Boy©

The years had passed quickly and I had enjoyed rapid promotion within my company to become its Sales and Marketing Director. As such, I travelled extensively, not least in North America where I visited clients in most states. Unfortunately, Massachusetts was not one of them and I was especially disappointed about this, since Carol and Sean, some friends that went back to my university days, had made Massachusetts their home some ten years previously. Although I had visited them on holiday, I had never been able to "drop in" for the odd weekend during a business trip - which I had hoped to do as one of the perks of company travel.

That changed when we netted the Patterson account. This was a ten million-dollar, three-year deal that required me to make regular visits to Boston - only a forty-minute car ride from their home. When the first opportunity to visit them arose, it had been over two years since we had seen each other and I arranged my trip so that I could spend an extended weekend with them landing at Logan airport on the Friday evening around seven p.m. I would normally have hired a car but Carol insisted that she collect me and then deliver me to my first appointment on Monday afternoon.

I passed immigration, collected my luggage and made my way to the main reception area to wait for her. She was late. Carol is always late, but when she arrived she looked stunning, sweeping in through the large glass doors like a film star with her long tousled brown hair and unbuttoned coat flying as if she were running against the wind.

She saw me at once and made a beeline towards me wearing a huge grin that spread widely across her lovely face. At only a pace away, she launched herself into my arms and clamped onto me forcing me to stagger backwards a couple of small paces. As I regained my balance, she hugged me tightly and planted her wet and welcoming lips hard against mine. I held her slim waist and drank in the subtle and expensive fragrance emanating from her warm body.

"God, it's good to see you," she gasped. "Let's get out of here, my car's across the street."

I picked up my bag and, guided by the arm she had thrust through mine, we swept out through the airport doors and through the parked taxicabs to her waiting car.

At that time of night the traffic was light and we were soon heading north exchanging family updates enthusiastically. I lay back in my seat, tired from the flight, but exhilarated from having met Carol again and watched her face as oncoming cars periodically illuminated it in their headlights. She really was a beautiful woman despite approaching her forties and I could see how I had always been attracted to her. She had removed her coat on entering the car to reveal her fitted powder blue blouse with its top three buttons undone and a thigh length, grey pencil skirt that afforded me tantalising glimpses of her Caribbean tanned thighs as she drove.

Occasionally she would cast a glance in my direction and smile and I would smile back, holding her gaze for just a little longer than I should, suspecting she knew what I was thinking. It had been a long time, but our exchanged looks said that we both still felt the same about each other.

"I left Sean sorting the barbecue out. Will steak and salad be OK?"

"Sounds great to me, and with a large glass of the Cognac I've brought you, I will sleep like a baby tonight."

She grinned once more, "It is nice to see you again, John."

As she spoke and leaned across to squeeze my upper thigh with those long sensitive fingers she let her blouse fall partly open presenting me with a mouth watering view of her lace covered breasts.

She had been watching my face as I looked at them and when I raised my eyes and saw the amusement in hers, I knew that she was well aware of the effect it was having on me. She resumed driving, a faint smile lingering on her lips and twinkling in her eyes.

I must have dozed off because the next thing that I remember was the car swinging around a tight bend and into her drive. Their house was a typical New England painted wooden building set low and secluded in a copse of trees. We drove straight into the garage and stopped. That hand was on my thigh again.

"We're here, safe and sound." She chuckled, " Let me help you with your bag."

"I'm fine," I protested, scrambling out of the car and retrieving my luggage from the rear seat.

It was dark beyond the garage lights and the heat of the sun had long gone, causing me to shiver in the cold air as I left the car. However, my chill lasted only the few brief seconds it took to walk to the house itself and into the wall of welcoming warmth that hit me as I entered.

Sean was waiting in the hallway with two glasses in his hands and received a peck on his cheek from Carol as she walked past him to hang her coat. He came forward, offering me one of the foaming beers and I dropped my bag to take it.

"Something to sip while you freshen up," he said, shaking my other hand firmly and picking up my discarded luggage. Turning, he led me to the guest bedroom where he dropped the bag on the king-sized bed.

"You know your way around, John. I'll leave you to freshen up. What time do you want to eat?"

"Half an hour too soon? I'm starving," I ventured.

"That's perfect. I'll just go and see to the grill."

It took a good twenty minutes to wash the grime and stress of travelling away and, despite my body clock saying it was two a.m., I felt remarkably fresh as I joined the others in the dining room. It was a pleasant room made intimate by the flickering light from a pair of candles set in the middle of a dinner table laid with three places.

The smoke from the cooking steaks wafted in through the patio door and made me feel even hungrier, so I began to pick morsels from the salad. Carol, who had changed into jeans and a tight top with another eye-catching, plunging neckline, came through from the kitchen and thrust another beer into my hand. She caught me looking at her cleavage again and raised an eyebrow to ask the unspoken question, " Like what you see?"

I nodded imperceptibly and she giggled, before disappearing outside with plates only to re-appear seconds later with Sean and the sizzling steaks. We sat at the table and ate the steaks rapaciously and then slumped back contented, to enjoy glasses of the brandy I had brought. Throughout the meal, Carol had flirted with me shamefully in front of Sean but he just smiled and occasionally winked at me. Eventually, despite the stimulating company, fatigue and the alcohol prevailed and I excused myself and retired to bed.

I dreamed of Carol; of our long ago, but not forgotten previous encounter and woke with the mother of all erections at around ten a.m. The shower, set to cold, helped somewhat, to relieve my sexual torment and I was, at least, able to get into my tight blue jeans and appear at breakfast looking rested and relaxed. Sean was buried in his paper and Carol was making fresh coffee when I made my entrance and sat at the table, which was now spread with fruit and bagels.

"I thought we would go to Luke's old high school football game later, if that's OK?" said Sean, putting down his paper and helping himself to the fresh coffee.

I had been to a number of American football games previously with Sean, particularly to High School senior league games when his son had been playing and I new that football was a passion with him.

I, like many an Englishman, found American Football more of a ritual activity than a sport. I was intrigued about the part played by every one of the members of the enormous team, the coaching staff, the game officials and not least the cheerleaders. A part for all: it reminded me of the annual shows given by the dance school that my daughter had attended when she was seven. There was only one objective - to ensure that every single child appeared in virtually every scene.

However, despite my cynicism, I generally enjoyed watching and usually became caught up in the sheer enthusiasm displayed by everyone present.

"Sounds great, " I answered

"Carol has some shopping to do while we are at the game, so I thought we would see the game, grab a beer and then meet up here around five for a sandwich. We could rest up, get changed and then hit the theatre. I have got some tickets for a new show in town - it's supposed to be a great."

It all sounded good to me so I said "yes" and tucked into my breakfast.

As those who live there know, Massachusetts's autumn weather can swing dramatically from being a warm Indian summer's day to being a sharp and frosty winter's day. We enjoyed the former as we watched his son's old High School knock seven bells out of another High School from another town with and English name. Sean was pleased and I was pleased that Sean was pleased - it made him so much better company as we headed for a local bar.

It took Sean about twenty minutes - the time it took him to drink a chilled glass of beer, to realise that I was humouring his enthusiasm.

"I'm sorry, John. I know sport is not your thing, but I get a real kick out of it as you know. Yep! Sport and sex are what makes the world go round."

" Well, I half agree with you," I laughed. He laughed as well and we ordered another beer.

Thinking back Sean and I had been close friends for a long time. We had always been easy in each other's company and open in our conversations. He was a little older than I was - as was Carol, and they had been married only eighteen months less than my late wife and I had been. From my point of view, they always seemed to have a much more cosmopolitan life than we had and I have to confess to being a little jealous.

As the glow from the second beer set in, Sean confided that he and Carol had started to experiment with their love life in the last few years. They had tried virtually everything a couple could do together and had got to the stage where they had even discussed inviting other people to join them, but so far they had not made any move towards that end.

He became conspiratorial, talking quietly across the table to me, "Actually, Carol has a fantasy of a three some - you know -her doing two guys. I don't mind telling you it gives me the hots as well."

I protested, "Are you telling me, Sean that you wouldn't mind watching Carol getting screwed by another man?"

"She says she loves me and it wouldn't affect that, so why not?"

Then, out of the blue Sean looked me in the eye and said, "You fancy Carol, don't you John?"

"Really subtle Sean!" I countered sarcastically, but my guard was up. "She is a lovely woman and any red blooded male would find difficulty in refusing her, but ...."

" I know John. I'm not trying to trap you, but I've seen how you look at her and how she looks at you, so I know that there is some sexual chemistry there."

The beer was affecting me as well by this time and the thought of what was being suggested, excited me.

"Have you and Carol talked about me?" I asked

"Well ......"

"You have, haven't you. And what did she say?"

"She wants to fuck you."

That was simple enough to understand and I did and after a few moments, asked,

"What have you got in mind?" as my line of surrender.

"You agree then?" Sean replied excitedly.

"I would be a fool to refuse."

"Great! Leave it to me."


The warm day had turned into a chilly evening and we all carried topcoats as we left for the theatre in Sean's car. I was in the back with Carol since Sean was driving and he had filled the front passenger seat with a large parcel that he said he needed to deliver to one of his customers en route.

The car warmed quickly but Carol shivered.

"Are you cold?" I asked.

"Yes." She replied taking my hand in hers saying," feel my hands."

She was right, they were freezing cold, but once she had hold of my hand she held on to it for rather longer than necessary and then placed it, palm down, at the top of her thigh and held it in place with her own hand. I pulled my coat across our laps to cover us.

We sat silently, facing forward and looking at nothing in particular for a few miles but I was far from quiet inside as I felt the warmth of her body through my fingertips. These lay gently touching the nylon clad skin of her inner thigh made possible by the gap that had opened up in her dress - an elegant but simple garment that buttoned all the way down the front.

Eventually she removed her hand from mine and slid it along the seat, under the coat, to rest it, high up on my thigh where, after an initial squeeze, it remained still.

It was impossible for me to keep my own hand still and I started to traced little circles on the sheer nylon which covered her slender thigh. Her legs parted slightly in response and she shuffled forward a little causing my fingers to move up her leg to the junction of her stockings and the bare flesh above. I tingled as my senses recorded the cool softness of her gossamer skin. By now, I had pushed more of my hand under her dress and was able to caress her inner thigh with a full palm. Her legs parted a little further and I felt the heat from her sex on the side of my hand. Like the touch of a feather, I brushed nervous fingertips over her silk covered mound and down into the crease below. Again her legs opened to help me and, as if to make me aware of what she had done and give me permission to proceed, she closed her hand firmly around the hardness in my pants.

I glanced sideways to see her beautiful face. Her eyes were closed and her generous mouth hung partly open, releasing tiny gasps as I fondled her moist lips through the fine material of her brief panties. Despite her arousal, she had managed to concentrate long enough to lower my zip and was searching out my rigid pole which, unfortunately, had become entangled in my underwear as it grew. Her administrations were causing the surface of our lap covering to erupt intermittently, but in the dark, no one else saw. Finally she succeeded in freeing my cock and encircled it tightly with her long slim fingers.

I, meanwhile, had insinuated an index finger inside her scant underwear and was trawling deliberately between her, now very wet, vulva lips in search of that little sentinel standing to attention at the mouth of her opening. When I found it, I twirled it between my thumb and forefinger and, inserting my longest finger deep inside her, I started to vibrate it rapidly against the walls of her vagina. She came silently within twenty seconds and was only betrayed by a deep intake of breath and a series of vaginal contractions around my finger.

Whilst she was regaining her composure, the car stopped in a dark street on the outskirts of Boston. Sean grabbed his parcel and jumped out saying, "I won't be a minute," before disappearing down the driveway of a small factory.

" I wish he would be an hour so we could finish what we have started here." Carol squeezed my dick and threw her head back. I leaned over and kissed her, "Please don't make me mess my pants," I begged. She laughed and jerked her hand up and down, playfully, a couple of times on my cock.

Sean returned to the car inside his minute and we continued our journey with her holding my penis and me, absent-mindedly, stroking her mound.


The show was probably one of the most entertaining and original shows that I had seen in a long time and we all left the theatre very well pleased with Sean's decision to go. Without 'the box' there was no longer an excuse for Carol and I to sit together in the back seat of the car on the way home, so I sat in the front with Sean and talked about the afternoon's game. There was little traffic and we reached the house quickly.

With all doors locked and curtains closed, Carol said she wanted to change for bed and went off upstairs. Sean and I went into the den where he poured us a night-cap.

Before we had left for the theatre, Sean had placed three thick logs on his open hearth fire and they had been slowly consumed and now, together with a few, thinner logs that he had just added, flared warmly and cast a delightful glow around this cosy room.

"There's a big game on TV tomorrow afternoon and I thought that you and I could have a few beers and watch it here in the den. Carol said that she would 'wait on tables' - as it were."

He handed me one of the glasses of Brandy that he had poured and slumped into a large, leather chair with the other. I was about to do the same when he surprised me.

"Well, did you like your foretaste in the car?" Then, before I could answer, he added, laughing,

" That's alright, John. Carol told me what she had planned. Why do you think I took that stupid box along tonight?"

I was still having reservations, not about fucking Carol, after all, I had done it before! It was really Sean's openness to the whole thing that bothered me, so I measured my reply,

"She's a very sexy lady, Sean, who knows what she wants."

"True, very true, and she usually gets what she wants as well."

The door opened and Carol's head appeared "Does anyone want supper?"

Sean turned to me enquiringly.

"Whatever," I answered.

"Great, we'll have coffee, cheese and biscuits, if you please, Miss."

Carol blew him a raspberry, closed the door and left.

We smirked at her insolence and continued our conversation.

Ten minutes later Carol appeared again and, for the first time I realised what she had meant when she said ' getting ready for bed'.

She entered the den carrying her tray and wearing a black, slip-like baby doll top.

Clearly, its designer had been limited to little more than a yard of material because he had made great savings both at the top and bottom of the garment. The few square inches of off-cut material had been used to make the tiny pair of panties that covered parts of her body barely concealed by the main garment. Her ensemble was completed with a pair of high fluffy mules that emphasised the shape of her long legs.

Sean looked across at me and winked. I sat mesmerised and became instantly hard.

Carol looked, first at Sean, then me and smiled seductively. She crossed to the large, solid wood coffee table in the centre of the room before us, turned, and with her back to Sean and I, set the tray down and began to unload its contents.

Both Sean and I sat watching her, mouths agape. She stood, feet apart and stooped forward causing the rear hem of her top to be drawn high up on her rump to expose the flimsy covering of her lower regions. The high cut legs of her panties allowed an uninterrupted view of her gloriously long tanned legs from their origin to the floor whilst leaving little of her splendid rear to the imagination. The dampened crotch material seemed to be doing sterling work, acting as a hammock for the engorged lips of her pussy, already drooling in anticipation.

"What are you having for supper, Carol?" Sean asked, winking at me again.

She remained in her position and replied naughtily, " I thought one of you boys might satisfy my hunger."

Sean gave me another wink and got up from his chair to take up a position in front of her on the other side of the coffee table.

He slowly undid his belt and then unzipped his pants, letting them, and his shorts, fall untidily around his ankles. Carol pushed the tray to one side and knelt on the edge of the table to bring her face to within inches of Sean's erect penis. She licked up the length of his erection a few times and then took several inches of it into her mouth. After several sucking cycles she let his penis spring free from her mouth so that she could call over her shoulder to me, "Hey there, is my tongue the only one that is going to see any action tonight?"

I didn't need any more encouragement. I leapt forward, landing on my knees behind that gorgeous rear and began to stroke the inside of her spread thighs with eager fingers. She moaned a moan that reverberated on Sean's cock and then she stuck her rear out even more. I placed the flat of my hand on the inside of her legs and gently massaged the upper thigh muscle.

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